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 Innovative Change

   Katina William

     EDD 520

University of Phoenix

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       River City Science Academy is a school full of Innovative changes. I believe that

it has a tremendous advantage over the conventional public school. Teachers at River

City Science Academy have a certain freedom in categorizing and developing our school.

Being a charter school, teachers have more independence in experimentation with

innovative methods. There is no mandated core curriculum, which allows teachers to help

students learn in every way possible and I have seen some creative assignments, projects,

and over curriculum at my school. All of the teachers who decided a charter school to be

a part of agree with its mission.
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                   Innovative Changes in River City Science Academy

       An innovative change that is happening in sixth and seventh grade English and

Reading classes in my school is increasing the reading and writing skills of many of the

students at River City Science. A 6th grade English Teacher, Sheila Mosley (personal

communication, December Day, 2009) [My Thoughts], incorporated something called

My Thoughts in search for innovative ways of using writing for learning. Every English

and Reading teacher would get the students to write down their thoughts about every

assignment given the last 15 minutes of class. We were not grading what they wrote they

could write anything they felt as long as it was not offensive. Students started to respond

to every activity done in the classroom. Teachers encouraged students to be more

inventive and artistic in their thoughts each week. Students did not have to write immense

thoughts to be successful. All we asked for was four sentences. We noticed that over the

course of a month students were expanding their writings up to two paragraphs without

us even asking them to. Teachers would go over their writing to find any indication of

engagement with class material. We wanted to see the students’ degree of dedication.

We looked for creativeness, humor with words, or an invigorating tone. Not only have

we seen what we have been looking for but also we found signs that students were

bringing together material from every subject area. Numerous of students actually

enjoyed writing down their thoughts as part of their daily activity.

       In the beginning, several teachers expected students to resist the extra work, but

students did the exact opposite. The reason of this program was to enhance students’

aptitude in writing and reading. Before we started implementing my thoughts, our middle

school could not even write a complete sentence. Elementary students could write better
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than these students could. Definitely, these students got lost in the shuffle of the public

school system. By implementing “My Thought”, I have learned that my students like to

write as long as they are not pushed to write or as long as I do not make it a graded

assignment. Maybe they are scared of failure or exposing their selves.

       I have found that students who practice writing usually do better in school

compared to students who do not. My students have picked up their grades in all of their

classes and they even write their thoughts down about everything they do sort of like

keeping a journal. Sometimes I give students the opportunity to share their thought with

the class. In life, I realize that good writing skills have an incredible impact on the way

we present ourselves to the world around us. The written language has an extraordinary

impact on our professional and personal accomplishments. I have found out so many

things about my students that I did not know before implementing this recommended


       Students want and need teachers that lets them to express their independence and

creativity, allowing them to realize who they are and who they desire to be. Sadly, the

ways schools customarily focus on creativeness in fact frustrate the aspiration toward

self-expression. For the most part a large number of schools frequently design programs

that does not allow for self-expression. I am a first year teacher who has never taught at a

public school but from my understanding from the others teachers at the school who have

taught at public schools before, there is no room for explorations, there is a strict

curriculum that teacher must follow precisely. I have had teachers tell me that public

school do not even require teachers to even think let alone discover different techniques
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or methods that will allow you to step outside the curriculum For this reason I am happy

my first year is at a charter school.
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Sheila Mosley (personal communication, December Day, 2009) [My Thoughts]

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