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					       A simple piece of technology can significantly revolutionize the way teachers’ present

information while enhancing student learning. The majority of our students come from families

who seldom have the time or economic resources to take their children to educational places

outside of the school. I have become aware of this more than ever when focusing on particular

areas under discussion in my reading class. Some of my students have never been to a museum,

have by no means seen the Statue of Liberty or even heard of it. I have students that do not have

a clue of what the white house looks like. When I am discussing particular topics, I attempt to

supply students with real direct experiences. Nevertheless, our school has difficulty coming up

with the money for fieldtrips to the museum or nature trails. Reading books is the best I can do to

give students some insights on these things. The problem is that books do not convey how

impressive the certain things truly are.

       Extraordinary videos and websites can present students with great illustrations and

understanding that will facilitate them in learning. During a lesson, a short overview on the smart

board can have an insightful effect on learning. Furthermore, a Smart Board can act as a

magnifying glass to assist students in learning better. Having a Smart Board in all classrooms,

would be a huge advantage when teaching our large classes because it involves all students by

gaining their attention and allowing every student to participate cooperatively. A Smart Board

will allow all 30 of my students to view what I am going over at the same time. It will be so

much more convenient to get my students involved in class activities. Encouraging students to

read online stories and novels would be triumphant. Exploring online reading including

interactive stories, articles, and books will teach students how to navigate the web and so much

more. I have experienced smart boards when doing a student-teacher assignment at Enterprise

Elementary as a college student. The students were more involve than in any of my prior student-
teaching assignments where there were no smart boards. . Students were creating stories

including adding to stories, creating new endings and illustrations, and aiding discussions.

Teachers can educate students about story writing or history by means of comic book software to

construct their own stories and show it for interactive discussion, or have students design a comic

book with their personal images and dialogue. Math teachers can solve mathematical equations

on the Smart board. Demonstrate each step and involve the students in the process of solving the

problems. Use Microsoft Paint on the board to demonstrate art and drawing methods.

        Smart Boards will make it promising for learning to occur in innovative ways in my

classroom. Having the Smart Board can be of assistance in bringing the world of information to

students who have not had any experiences outside of their environments. It will assist in making

my lessons more perceptible and more interactive. Present day classrooms of will incorporate

and utilize all technology obtainable.

The Smart Board interactive whiteboard has the flexibility to engage all learning styles. Visual

learners can effortlessly see bright and vibrant, movable images and diagrams that the interactive

whiteboard displays, even from the back of the classroom. Kinesthetic learners can intermingle

and investigate by moving letters, numbers, words, and pictures with the touch of a finger.

Smart Boards will immerse auditory learners in a comprehensive multimedia experience using

optional USB speakers or Smart Audio. It allows teachers and students to write notes using their

finger or stylus. I love the fact that I can save data to a file and distribute it by printout, CD, or

email. Smart boards make it easy to teach students on how to use computer software

applications. Teachers can use an attached PC to exhibit program features on the Smart board

even as students interact with the software. Smart Board help can help our new elementary
school students who have limited motor skills by having students use their fingers to interact

with text, images, and objects on-screen, which does not require compound agility. Geography

teachers will be able to utilize the Smart board's built-in map capability and use a stylus or finger

to zoom in on exact regions. Smart Boards can help improve a student's grammar skills by using

the board's highlighter tool to point out the adjectives, nouns, and verbs in a piece of writing. It is

also beneficial when using a Smart keyboard with the board for text-to-speech and handwriting

recognition. Teachers can save and print out the class assignments for their students.

Demonstrating the Internet will improve students’ research skills by interacting with the board.

Teachers can navigate to interactive websites to educate students in foreign languages, arts, and


       Teachers use interactive whiteboards are as alternatives for conventional whiteboards or

flipcharts. Smart Boards offer ways to demonstrate to students all the things that accessible on a

computer's desktop, such as learning software, web sites, etc. In addition, interactive whiteboards

permit teachers to document or record their lessons, and post the material for review by students

later. This can be an extremely valuable instructional approach for all those students who benefit

from repetition. Every school should incorporate smart boards for struggling students.

       With the assistance of interactive whiteboards, we ensure our students get the utmost

advantage from computers, net books, and additional classroom technology. Teachers can

professionally control our classrooms without difficulty. This will allow all educators to organize

and carryout lessons effortlessly. You can also instantly assess student understanding at any time

during a class. In addition, students can create and organize their own multimedia content, take

notes, collaborate with other students and share files.

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