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Project Management Certificates Online


Project Management Certificates Online document sample

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									The Capacity Building Accomplishments focus on impacting the following o utcomes:
- Increase number of Oregonians accessing postsecondary education.                                                                                                                  DRAFT
- Increase number of Oregonians who persist & attain postsecondary degrees and credentials.
- Decrease need for remediation at postsecondary level.
- Increase entry into employment and further education.
                                                                                                                                                                           Career Pathways
- Increase wage gain over time for completers of credentials, certificates, and degrees.
Funding Sources:
- IG = Incentive Grant 1, 2, 3 2004-2007
                                                                                                                                                                          Capacity Building
- OPA = Oregon Pathways Alliance 1, 2 Governor's Employer Workforce Fund 2005-2007
- SRF = Strategic Reserve Fund 2007                                                                                                                                       Accomplishments
- CP/IG4 = Incentive Grant 4 & Strategic Reserve Fund 2007-2009
- CTE Reg = Perkins Regional Grants 2005                                                                                                              July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2009
   Community                                                                                                                                Student
                     High School Connections              Pre-College Bridges            Pathways Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration              Leverage
    College                                                                                                                            Services/Marketing

Blue Mountain       Developed Career                                                    Create Early Childhood Education           Developed student          Development of          Title III and General Funds
IG1                Pathways advising packet                                             roadmap and Career Pathways certificate     orientation (Timberwolf     college-wide Action Plan used to leverage Career
OPA 2                                                                                    Create paraeducator pathways for ESL      Introduction)                Employer advisory      Pathways
CP/IG4                                                                                  and tribal students                          Developed Career and      committees actively
CTE Reg                                                                                  Create Diesel technology pathways and     Academic Planning class     involved in development
                                                                                        roadmap                                     and delivered to over 150   of Career Pathways
                                                                                         Create Educator pathway including         students
                                                                                        design of ECE Credit for Prior Learning;     Included Pathways in
                                                                                        Create VESL classes to enter multiple CTE   expanded marketing
                                                                                        programs                                    effort including Career
                                                                                         Develop Career Pathways Certificates in   Focus magazine, radio,
                                                                                        Welding                                     newspaper Integrated
                                                                                                                                    pathways into marketing,
                                                                                                                                    admissions, advising
                                                                                                                                     Created a Career
                                                                                                                                    Pathways section in their
                                                                                                                                    online catalog

                                                                                                            1                                                                                           DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                               Student
                  High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                     Increased Collaboration             Leverage
   College                                                                                                                           Services/Marketing

Central Oregon    Enroll 30 high school       Create bridge to college class       Developed a Career Pathway roadmap;          Created marketing          Development of          Carl Perkins funds leverage
IG1              students in culinary and 200  4 students completed; projected 6   Automotive Technology                         materials including CD's,   college-wide Action Plan Career Pathways
IG2              students in business         more to be enrolled Winter '09.        Developed roadmaps and career               videos, and brochures        Employer advisory
OPA2             courses                                                            certificates; Wildland Firefighter Type II,   Developed roadmaps,         committees actively
CP/IG4            608 high school students                                         Forest Ecology, Forest Measurements,          videos, curriculum, and     involved in development
                 took early college placement                                       Forest Protections, Mapping/Cartography       OLMIS links on career       of Career Pathways
                 test                                                                Restructured the Health Information         pathways website             Partnernship with
                                                                                    Technology Program including multi entry       Developed CIS mini CD     Adult Basic Skills in
                                                                                    and exit point, online delivery and hybrid     Created a marketing       Automotive and
                                                                                    and roadmap                                   video and brochure for      Computer Information
                                                                                     10 roadmaps completed                       Health Information          Systems to recruit and
                                                                                     Create Accounting and Culinary Arts         Technology                  provide tutoring
                                                                                    Career Pathways roadmaps and                   Create marketing
                                                                                    certificates                                  material for business and

                                                                                                         2                                                                                           DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                          Student
               High School Connections              Pre-College Bridges          Pathway Development & Implementation                                    Increased Collaboration              Leverage
   College                                                                                                                      Services/Marketing

Chemeketa      Partnered with Mid            Created Bridge class for ESL      Conducted needs assessment with             Created placement          Development of            Carl Perkins funds leverage
IG1           Willimette Education           Vocabulary for Medical Career      vineyard and nursery industries              preparation workshop        college-wide Action Plan   Career Pathways
IG2           Consortium to develop and       Created /implemented              Conducted Work Keys profile for Crane       Developed "Blueprint       Employer advisory         General funds and WIRED
IG3           deliver month high school      Supplemental Curricula "Welding    Operator                                     for a Pathways" guide for   committees actively        grant leverage Career Pathways
OPA1          teacher trainings focused on   for Development Education"          Created short-term training for            faculty and staff           involved in development
OPA2          literacy in CTE programs        Created contextualized math      Entrepreneurships with Small Business                                    of Career Pathways
CP/IG4        and Career Pathways            curricula for local agricultural   Development Center and approves as                                        Conducted college-
              connection                     workers/employers                  electives within Management AAS degree                                   wide Pathways event
               Coordinated high school       Developed and piloted OPABS       Created Welding Literacy Support Model                                  Career Pathways in
              Career Camp                    course for pre-bridge health        Completed Beverage Cluster Needs                                       college strategic plan
               Partnered with MWEC to       occupations                        Assessment
              incorporate pathways into       Create pre-bridge writing in      15 Staff received staff training in
              the MWEC website               manufacturing and hospitality      pathways
               44 high school planners                                          Develop core pathways components in
              completed                                                         Information Technology , Education
               Manufacturing                                                   Studies, Health Science and Natural
              Connections Project                                               Sciences
              provided three pathways                                            Develop Career Pathways certificates in:
              opportunities for high                                            Architectural Drafting, Mechanical
              school students including                                         Drafting, Tax Preparation, Accounting,
              industry tours, targeting                                         Database Development, Computer
              education and training                                            Support Specialist, Web Developer,
              credential How many                                               Computer Programmer, Computer
              students involved in each                                         Security, Computer Systems Admin.
              component - how many
              received credential?

                                                                                                    3                                                                                            DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                        Student
               High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges           Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration             Leverage
   College                                                                                                                    Services/Marketing

Clackamas      Developed customized         Developed and piloted OPABS        Developed CNA program for non-            Developed Career           Development of           WIRED grant leverages Career
IG1           planners for 3 high schools   course in Pre-bridge                traditional population                     Pathways roadmap on         college-wide Action Plan Pathways
IG2           in Health Care, Retail and    Manufacturing                        Create pathways and roadmaps in          website                      Employer advisory
IG3           Engineering                    Created ABS Pre-Bridge Wriiting   Manufacturing (CNC machinist technican),    Roadmaps completed        committees actively
OP2            Sponsored Career            2 class                             Human Resources Management,                are EMT-Basic, Nursing      involved in development
OPABS         Pathways Summit for high                                          Workforce Utility, and Project             Assistant, Clinical         of Career Pathways
CTE Reg       school staff                                                      Management                                 Laboratory Assistant,       Participate in additional
CP/IG4         Created Pre-engineering                                          Developed Career Pathways certificates   Dental Assistant, EMT-      grant to develop
              Career Pathways planning                                          in: Career Development Facilitation and    Intermediate, Medical       Sustainability High
              tool                                                              Utility Workforce Readiness                Assistant, Medical Office   School to Community
               Completed planners at 11                                                                                   Assistant, Human            College Pathways with
              high schools, one stop, and                                                                                  Services, Nursing,          area high schools
              WorkSkills in three demand                                                                                   Project Management,
              occupations; Nursing, EMT-                                                                                   Utility Workforce
              Basic, and Retail                                                                                            Readiness, Retail
              Management.                                                                                                  Management, and
               Create high school                                                                                         Integrated Media Studies
              planners for HR
              Management, Project
              Management, Workforce
              Utility Worker, and CNC

                                                                                                   4                                                                                          DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                              Student
               High School Connections                Pre-College Bridges                Pathway Development & Implementation                              Increased Collaboration    Leverage
   College                                                                                                                          Services/Marketing

Clatsop        Currently have 8 high          Developed bridge courses                 Conducted needs assessment for marine  Developed marketing       Development of
IG2           school students enrolled in      Three sequential Health                 industry occupations                    materials including a CD   college-wide Action Plan
SRF           CNA courses.                    Occupation courses have been               Developed Maritime Occupation
CP/G4          Initially projected 10        developed (NUR080A, B, C-                 roadmap and certificate
              students per year for first     Certified Nursing Assistant, Part A,       Create pathways and roadmaps in
              couple years of pilot           B, C, 3 credits per class) f or high      Seamanship I and II, Healthcare, Retail
              program but had a couple        school students, dual enrollment          and Business
              students drop from class;       and for Career Pathway-Health
              eventually hope to project 20   Occupation bridge courses.
              students per year                Courses also meet the
                                              requirements for the Oregon State
                                              Board of Nursing for nursing
                                              assistant certification.
                                               The course objectives include:
                                              1.) Students will acquire
                                              demonstrate & deliver routine
                                              patient care to residents of long
                                              term care and other facilities
                                              2.) Students will discuss the
                                              principles & role of CNA & other
                                              health care providers
                                              3.) Students will demonstrate
                                              communication and interpersonal
                                              skills effective with clients, families
                                              & other health care members

                                                                                                           5                                                                            DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                                Student
                   High School Connections                 Pre-College Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration             Leverage
   College                                                                                                                            Services/Marketing

Columbia Gorge    Sponsored a high school and       Developed and piloted OPABS         Developed CNA2 curriculum                Developed Health            Development of          Leveraged Carl Perkins funds
IG1              community college staff and        bridge to Healthcare                  Create roadmaps and Career Pathways     Occupations marketing        college-wide Action Plan for Career Pathways
IG2              faculty Summer Institute            OPABS career and college           in STEM, Early Childhood Education,       materials and video           Employer advisory
IG3               Conducted college                readiness component piloted in 08-   Business and Healthcare                    Developed Career           committees established
OPA2             placement testing for high         09 academic year                      Create Career Pathways certificate in   Focus magazine with a        in Health Occupations,
                 school students                     15 TANF clients visited campus     Early Childhood Education                 pathways theme               STEM, ECE and
                  Created a high school            for college tour and admissions/                                                Included certificates on   Business
                 students cohort for high risk,     career information                                                             the ETP list                 - Actively involved in
                 low performing students to                                                                                         Pathways emphasis in       Career Pathways
                 facilitate transition to Health,
                                                                                                                                   new student orientation      development
                 Business and STEM
                                                                                                                                    Redesign of CGCC            High school partners,
                  Developed Early Childhood
                                                                                                                                   catalog, schedule and        RWIB and Social Service
                 roadmap; 96 students
                                                                                                                                   new student handbook to      agencies regularly
                 participated in visits/tours
                  Financial aid workshops
                                                                                                                                   include Pathways             participate in CGCC
                 created for high school                                                                                           information                  Career Pathways
                 cohort; 33 students received                                                                                       CGCC Foundation            Committee
                 individual and 14 group                                                                                           scholarship designated
                 advising with Pathways to                                                                                         for one student in
                 Success cohort                                                                                                    Pathways cohort
                  Administered college
                 placement to 600 high school
                  Delivered Project Lead the
                 Way instruction to high school
                 students 07-08 academic year
                  Hosted a career conference
                 for 150 high school students

                                                                                                            6                                                                                         DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                          Student
               High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration            Leverage
   College                                                                                                                      Services/Marketing

Klamath        Developed high school/      Conducted "Career Caravan"; 25       Completed Early Childhood Education        Created roadmaps for      Carl Perkins Basic and Leverage Perkins funds
IG1           building trades              ABE students participated in four     Career Pathways Certificate (in progress)   Health Occupations,        Reserve Funds
IG2           apprenticeship program       events focusing on different career    Enhanced Medical Transcription            Industrial & Engineering
SRF            Developed CNA pathways     areas                                 certificate                                 and Education
CP/IG4        from area high schools to     Partnered with SIFE club to          Enhanced Medical Coding certificate        Actively involved
              KCC to OIT/OHSU              organize "Accelerate Your                                                         employer advisory
               Created Program of Study   Competitive Edge" for students                                                    committees in the
              High School Planner          participating in high school                                                      development of career
               Developed dual credit      Business & Management courses -                                                   pathways
              agreements for Business &    86 students attended the 1/2 day                                                   Involved WorkSource
              Management courses           long workshop held on KCC's                                                       Klamath (Employment
               Developed dual credit      campus                                                                            Department/WIA), high
              agreements for Natural        Partnered with WorkSource                                                       schools and OIT in the
              Resource courses             Oregon to organize Career & Job                                                   development of career
                                           Expo; approx. 200 students from                                                   pathways
                                           seven high schools attended

                                                                                                     7                                                                                        DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                                                  Student
                High School Connections              Pre-College Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                                          Increased Collaboration               Leverage
   College                                                                                                                                              Services/Marketing

Lane           Align high school to           Developed and piloted OPABS        Created Manufacturing roadmap                                     Created Career              Development of            Carl Perkins leverage for
                                                                                   Aligned curriculum for Baseline Technology Fundamentals
IG1           community college               bridge course for manufacturing     course                                         Created chunked    Pathways marketing           college-wide Action Plan   Career Pathways
IG2           curriculum using Oregon          Pilot OPABS career advising       curriculum in Business for short-term training                     materials including           Employer advisory         CCWD Sustainability grant for
                                                                                   Identified learning outcomes for Healthcare occupations and
OPA2          Skill Set in Healthcare,        course                              revised Healthcare curricula to integrate new outcomes
                                                                                                                                                     brochures, flyers, and       committees actively        secondary to post-secondary
CTE Reg       Drafting, and Early              Develop application process and    Developed Healthcare and Manufacturing roadmaps and put          posted on website.           involved in development    career pathway development
IG3           Childhood Education             implement tuition waivers for       on website
                                                                                                                                                      Created resource           of Career Pathways          General Fund contribution for
                                                                                   Created 35 roadmaps in: Accounting AAS, Administrative
OPABS1         Provide professional          ABSE/GED/ESL students beginning     Assistant, Apprenticeship, Automotive Technology, Business         manual that included          Developed Regional       tuition waivers
CP/IG4        development training in         entry-level Career Pathways         Assistant, Computer Network Operations: Network Security,          national research, the       Technical Consortium
                                                                                  Computer Programming, Computer Science Professions at
              curricular mapping in lieu of   courses                             Lane, Computer Simulation and Game Development,                    college's current plan and   (RTEC)
              summer academy.                                                     Construction Technology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts,          accomplishments, and          Held a Healthcare
                                                                                  Diesel Technology, Drafting, Early Childhood Education, EMT -
               Develop College Now                                               Basic Program at Cottage Grove High School, EMT-Paramedic,
                                                                                                                                                     best practices gleaned       Summit
              articulated courses in                                              Fabrication/Welding, Fast Track Automotive Courses, Flight         from national                 Participate in
              Sustainability, Energy                                              Technology, Food Preparation and Production, GIS -                 conferences.                 additional grant to
                                                                                  Geographic Information Science, Health Professions at Lane,
              Management, and Water                                               Health-Dental, Health Records Technology, Hospitality               Posted 26 roadmaps on      develop Sustainability
              Conservation and pilot test                                         Management, Human Services: Adult Development and Aging,           website                      High School to
                                                                                  Manufacturing Technology, Medical Office Assistant, Medical
              courses                                                             Transcriptionist, Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant,
                                                                                                                                                      Coordinate Career          Community College
                                                                                  Physical Therapist Assistant AAS Draft, Water Conservation,        Pathways Student             Pathways with area high
                                                                                  and Web Programming
                                                                                                                                                     Services training for        schools
                                                                                   Developed 15 Career Pathways certificates of completion for:
                                                                                  Payroll Clerk, Bookkeeper, Legal Office Assistant, Office          community college, ABE,
                                                                                  Software Specialist, Computer Network Security, Geographic         and high school
                                                                                  Information Science (GIS), Computer Game Programming in
                                                                                  C++, Web Programming, Baking and Pastry, Food Preparation          counselors and advisors
                                                                                  and Production, Medical Coding Associate, Medical
                                                                                  Transcriptionist, Adult Developing and Aging, Restaraunt
                                                                                  Ownership, and Retail Management
                                                                                   Create prototype Nursing program Career Pathway roadmaps
                                                                                   17 students graduated with Career Pathways certificate or less
                                                                                  than one year certificate in June
                                                                                   Develop and post roadmaps for all career technical programs
                                                                                  offered at Lane

                                                                                                                 8                                                                                                         DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                        Student
               High School Connections            Pre-College Bridges             Pathway Development & Implementation                                 Increased Collaboration            Leverage
   College                                                                                                                    Services/Marketing

Linn-Benton    Aligned high schools and    Developed and piloted OPABS          16 students completed pharamacy          Included Career            Development of          Carl Perkins and General
IG1           community college            course for career/college readiness   training and past certification           Pathways on ETP list (19)   college-wide Action Plan Funds used to leverage Career
IG2           curriculum for Early          Create ESOL bridge curriculum        Machine tool technology AAS degree                                   Employer advisory      Pathways
OPA1          Childhood Education          for Medical Assistant program         chunked into short-term job related                                   committees actively
OPA2          pathway                                                            certificates                                                          involved in development
CTE Reg                                                                           Developed roadmaps for Phlebodomy,                                  of Career Pathways
OPABS1                                                                           Pharmacy Technican, Vet Tech and                                       College President
CP/IG4                                                                           Radiological Tech                                                     hosted "Employers
                                                                                  Developed CNA2 roadmap and                                          Breakfasts"
                                                                                  Developed roadmaps and certificates for
                                                                                 Early Childhood Education and Diagnostic
                                                                                  Complete healthcare needs assessment
                                                                                  Integrate all roadmaps into the website
                                                                                  Complete Early Childhood Education
                                                                                  Create Assessing the Strength of
                                                                                 Partnerships (ASP) and Assessing
                                                                                 Student results and Experiences (ASRE)
                                                                                  Complete Manufacturing Needs

                                                                                                     9                                                                                       DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                         Student
               High School Connections            Pre-College Bridges         Pathway Development & Implementation                                    Increased Collaboration               Leverage
   College                                                                                                                     Services/Marketing

Mt. Hood       Create high school          Developed curriculum             Developed VSEL Welding curriculum             Included Career          Development of            WIA funding from Region 2
IG1           planners at 4 high schools   "Exploration of Allied Health      12 students completed VSEL Welding           Pathways on ETP list      college-wide Action Plan   Workforce Investment Board
IG2           for Dental Hygiene, Early    Professionals" and "English for   with 11 students in welding industry            Create marketing plan    Employer advisory        for Career Pathways staffing
OPA1          Childhood Education,         Health Professionals"             positions (Year 1)                              Developed and           committees actively        2004-2007
OPA2          Practical Nursing, and        Implemented VSEL CNA             15 students completed VESL Welding           disseminated marketing    involved in development     Carl Perkins funds support
CP/IG4        Surgical Tech.               including test preparation and    (Year 2)                                       materials                 of Career Pathways         career Pathways
                                           student support services           Developed and offered 3 Career                Conducted pathways
                                            11 students completed VSEL      Pathways training: Central Service             training for counselors
                                           CNA, 7 students completed VSEL    Technican, Office Specialist, and Unit         and advisors
                                           Medical Customer Service          Clerk                                           Developed pathways
                                            Current grant 12 students        Developed curriculum for English for         websites on the PCC
                                           completed CNA VESL with 12        Healthcare Professionals Class                 college website (MHCC
                                           currently enrolled                 Developed roadmaps in VSEL Welding,          roadmaps also listed )
                                                                             Central Service, Office Specialist, Hospital    Added Career Pathways
                                                                             Unit Clerk, Retail Management , VESL           to their website
                                                                             Direct Care Worker, VESL Institutional
                                                                             Food Service, and Certified Nursing
                                                                              9 students completed Office Specialist
                                                                             Career Pathways training
                                                                              Complete Nursing pathway by creating
                                                                             LPN with VSEL bridge curriculum and
                                                                             support classes

                                                                                                 10                                                                                            DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                            Student
                High School Connections      Pre-College Bridges    Pathway Development & Implementation                                   Increased Collaboration              Leverage
   College                                                                                                        Services/Marketing

Oregon Coast    300 students visited                               Pathways roadmaps for Nursing placed       Developed Healthcare       Development of            Leveraged Carl Perkins and
IG1            college for campus tour and                         on website                                  Academy                     college-wide Action Plan   Department of Labor grant
IG2            faculty introductions                                Created ESL Medical Teminology course      Created Pathways to        Employer advisory        funds for Career Pathways
OPA2            20 Club Med students                              - 15 students enrolled in Nursing           Nursing brochure, DVD       committees actively         OCCC foundations supported
CP/IG4         visited Nursing program                             Assistant Classes                           and added to the website    involved in development    efforts
                                                                   - All 15 received licenses                   Conducted CCSSE           of Career Pathways
                                                                   - 17 students completed Practical Nursing    Career Exploration
                                                                   - 2 students passed NCLEX-PN2               course developed and
                                                                   certification                               taught
                                                                   - 18 students completed Associates           Student recruitment
                                                                   Degree - Nursing (all passing               committee formed and is
                                                                   certiification)                             active; Committee is also
                                                                   - 9 students completed ESL Medical          working on new DVD and
                                                                   Terminology                                 Brochure for Career
                                                                    Develop Career Exploration Course         Pathways college wide
                                                                   - 13 completed Career Exploration course

                                                                                      11                                                                                          DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                                Student
               High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                        Increased Collaboration               Leverage
   College                                                                                                                            Services/Marketing

Portland       197 students participated    Career Planning Curriculum          2006-08 374 students identified as completers    Included Career           Development of            WIA funding from Region 2
IG1           in Student Career Days        developed                            of VESL and Career and Technical pathways.        Pathways on ETP list       college-wide Action Plan   Workforce Investment Board
IG2            Alignment of high school     Implemented a 20 student cohort    Students achieved a 90% completion rate and        Developed and             Employer advisory        for Career Pathways staffing
                                                                                 89% placement rate.
OPA1          and college CTE programs in   pilot in contextualized                                                                disseminated marketing     committees actively        2004-2007
                                                                                  Developed roadmaps and offered Career
OPA2          four Career Pathways with     developmental education                                                                materials                  involved in development     Charles Stewart Mott
                                                                                 Pathways trainings: Accounting/Bookeeping,
CP/IG4        Oregon Skills                 curriculum                           Criminal Justice/Corrections, Computer
                                                                                                                                    Conducted pathways       of Career Pathways         Foundation "Breaking Through
IG3            Expanded Pavtec Career       Developed and piloted OPABS        Technology Support Specialist, Emergency          training for counselors                               Initiative" funding for Career
OPBAS1        Pathways website with 22      course for advising and counseling   Telecommunicator, Medical Coding/Insurance        and advisors                                          Pathways Community
CTE Reg       plans of study                dept and one stop centers            Billing, Micro Electronics Technology,             Developed pathways                                   College general funds and
                                             Pilot and enhance ABE              Pharmacy Technican, Phlebotomy                    websites on the PCC                                   Carl Perkins funds for Career
                                            Healthcare and Manufacturing          As of January 08 have developed 27 pathways     college website which                                 Pathways       WIA ITA funds for
                                            bridge programs                      certificates                                      include a variety of                                  students in Career Pathways
                                             17 students completed the           Career Pathways Certificates developed in:      advising tools (i.e.                                  trainings
                                                                                 Accounting Clerk, Corrections Technician,
                                            Manufacturing bridge class and 16                                                      roadmaps, itemized cost
                                                                                 Gerontology, Manufacturing Technician, HVAC
                                            of those have entered credit-                                                          sheets, and detailed
                                                                                 Installation, Basic Computer Literacy, Office
                                            bearing classes                      Assistant, Web Assistant (others in               pathways schedules).
                                             Create credit-bearing Computer     development)                                      MHCC pathways and
                                            Applications/Office Systems           Developed roadmap and certificate for           roadmaps also posted on
                                            vocational ESL pathways              Activities Professional in Gerontology program    the web site.
                                                                                  Complete pathways in Manufacturing and           Enhance career
                                                                                 Healthcare                                        planning services around
                                                                                  Create roadmaps in Healthcare bridge, Solar     educational/career goal-
                                                                                 Cell Manufacturing, Bio Science, and Advanced     setting and VESL job
                                                                                 Manufacturing bridge
                                                                                                                                   search modules.

                                                                                                       12                                                                                              DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                         Student
               High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges          Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration                Leverage
   College                                                                                                                     Services/Marketing

Rogue          Sponsored/Developed a        Developed pre-college bridge for  Developed roadmaps and aligned the          Developed Career         Employer advisory          Manufacturing programs
IG1           Healthcare Career Academy     Business Technology as vocational coursework in Retail and                      Pathways section in new   committees actively         developed with SOREDI funds.
IG2            Hosted industry tours for   ESL                                Office/Accounting                            Rogue catalog             involved in development      Perkins grant supporting high
IG3           nearly 100 high school                                            Developed Common Career Pathways            Uploaded State Career   of Career Pathways          school to community college
CP/IG4        students and staff                                               template and developed roadmaps for          Pathways Webtool onto      Career Pathways in        pathway development
               Hosted industry tours for                                      Manufacturing, Early Childhood               Rogue's Website           college strategic plan       RVWFDC supported high
              ABS and Alternative                                              Education, Landscape, Welding,                                         Participate in additional   school industry tours
              Education students - 25                                          Construction Technology                                                grant to develop
              students                                                          Early Childhood Education,                                           Sustainability High
                                                                               Manufacturing and Apprenticeship                                       School to Community
                                                                               pathways developed, roadmap created,                                   College Pathways with
                                                                               and Career Pathways certificate created                                area high schools
                                                                                Developed Career Pathways certificate in
                                                                               CNC Operator
                                                                                Conducted English alignment meeting
                                                                               with HS, CC and OUS teachers
                                                                                Incorporate math concepts from
                                                                               Construction into Remedial Math classes
                                                                                Map Engineering, Architecture and
                                                                               Business into 4 year schools
                                                                                Create Green Building Construction
                                                                               Trades pathways in partnership with
                                                                               SOESD & Oregon Building Congress

                                                                                                   13                                                                                           DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                            Student
                High School Connections                Pre-college Bridges            Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration              Leverage
   College                                                                                                                        Services/Marketing

Southwestern    IT curriculum aligned and      Developed a Computer Tech            Developed roadmaps and Career            Marketing and               Development of            College and Career
Oregon         planner completed               Support pathways cohort and a         Pathways certificates within AAS in:      Communication Plan           college-wide Action Plan   Transitions Grant funding from
IG1             Welding curriculum            Software Support pathways cohort      Human Services, Medical Aide, Turf and    developed                     Employer advisory        League for Innovation for IT
IG2            aligned at 2 additional high    with 25 adult transitional students   Landscape, Early Childhood Education,      Included 27 certificates   committees actively        Career Pathways
IG3            schools - 4 Total.               Create an ABS course or bridge      Internet Fundamentals, Fire Science and   and degrees on ETP list      involved in development     Funding from Carl Perkins
OPA 1           Offered certificate classes   for Welding and Fabrication, IT,      Physical Education Athletic Training       Career Pathways            of Career Pathways         supported Career Pathways
OPA2           at two high schools             Pre-Medical Terminology/CNA and                                                 included in college           Created Career           efforts
CP/IG4          Developed a Summer            Early Childhood Education                                                       catalog                      Pathways                    Gear Up funds used to host
               Career Pathways                                                                                                  Career Pathways            Institutionalization       parent nights on campus and to
               Symposium                                                                                                       included in college          Matrix to guide future     provide high school students
                Plans of study and                                                                                            website                      sustainability Career      with summer experience
               advising tools on                                                                                                Delivered 4 trainings to   Pathways in college         Adult Basic Skills funds to
               Southwestern High School                                                                                        college advisors and         strategic plan             support Transitions to College
               webpage                                                                                                         counselors                                              and Construction Math class
                550 high school students                                                                                       Provided a training for
               took early college placement                                                                                    high school
               assessment                                                                                                      administrators and
                Align high school courses                                                                                     counselors
               and programs of study in                                                                                         Developed marketing
               Welding, Early Childhood                                                                                        materials for each
               and IT                                                                                                          pathway (brochures and
                                                                                                                                Based all career-
                                                                                                                               technical programs on
                                                                                                                               Pathways model and
                                                                                                                               marketed as Pathways
                                                                                                                                Created Enrollment
                                                                                                                               Management Plan and

                                                                                                        14                                                                                          DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                             Student
                 High School Connections              Pre-college Bridges           Pathway Development & Implementation                                   Increased Collaboration               Leverage
   College                                                                                                                         Services/Marketing

Tillamook Bay    Health Services Academy      Transition courses in Reading,      Conducted needs assessment for              Create Communication      Development of            Leveraged Carl Perkins funds
IG2             Pre-Apprenticeship            Writing, and Math                    Manufacturing                                plan                       college-wide Action Plan   to support Career Pathways
SRF             Industrial Maintenance         Integrated Healthcare vocabulary    Created Manufacturing roadmaps              Create Sustainability     Employer advisory         Leverage from General Funds
CP/IG4          Technology and Limited        for ABS                               Complete Industrial Maintenance            plan                       committees actively        to Support Career Pathways
                Maintenance Electrician        Creation of learning modules in    Technology pathways including ABS             Developed Career         involved in development     Department of Labor grant
                Program.                      Math in relation to measurement      bridge, Program of Study and Student         Pathways marketing tools   of Career Pathways         fund leveraged to support
                 Culinary Arts/Hospitality    Basic Computer Literacy modules    Support                                      and distributed at job      Pathways Action          Career Pathways.
                Tourism, Recreation           for GED, ABE and ESOL Learners        Create/Complete pathways in                fairs and other            Committee of Tillamook
                Program.                                                           Manufacturing including: Welding,            community events           actively involved in the
                                                                                   Machine Manufacturing, and Industrial                                   development,
                                                                                    Develop Career Pathways certificates in                               implementation and
                                                                                   Electrician Apprenticeship, Construction                                creation of Career
                                                                                   Trades Apprenticeship, Industrial                                       Pathways and
                                                                                   Maintenance Technology Apprenticeship,                                  collaboration between
                                                                                   Accounting Career Pathways Certificate,                                 industry, education and
                                                                                   Retail Management Career Pathways                                       students
                                                                                   Certificate, Marketing Career Pathways
                                                                                   Certificate, Computer Applications Career
                                                                                   Pathways Certificat, Web Design Career
                                                                                   Pathways Certificate, Criminal Justice
                                                                                   Career Pathways Certificate, Culinary Arts
                                                                                   Career Pathways Certificate

                                                                                                       15                                                                                          DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                             Student
                   High School Connections             Pre-College Bridges           Pathway Development & Implementation                                  Increased Collaboration    Leverage
   College                                                                                                                         Services/Marketing

Treasure Valley    Developed Career             Create ESL CNA class - 4           Conducted Needs Assessment of entry        Create Career Pathways    Development of
IG2               Pathways website that links   students completed                  level healthcare occupations and            marketing materials to     college-wide Action Plan
IG1               high school courses and        10 students registered for Pre-   developed CNA roadmap                       include brochures, and      Employer advisory
SRF               community college             CNA class                            Create Welding Production pathway         website                    committees actively
CP/IG4            programs                       8 Students enrolled in Home        Production Welding course begins           Create a student         involved in development
                   10 students attended        Healthcare course                   November 3rd, 2008                          ambassadors to promote     of Career Pathways
                  Health Career Camp            - November 19th, 2008 completion    - 29 students enrolled                      Career Pathways at their
                                                date                                 Revise/Create pathways in Healthcare      former high schools
                                                                                    and Agriculture
                                                                                    Enrolled students in Medical Assistant
                                                                                    Certificate program
                                                                                     Certificate still progressing through
                                                                                    approval process
                                                                                     Develop Career Pathways certificates in
                                                                                    Ranch Animal Technician and Retail

                                                                                                       16                                                                               DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                       Student
               High School Connections              Pre-College Bridges       Pathway Development & Implementation                                 Increased Collaboration    Leverage
   College                                                                                                                   Services/Marketing

Umpqua         Welding program               Create Building Trades Pre-    Developed roadmaps for two Allied           Developed marketing     Development of
IG1           articulated with Roseburg      Apprenticeship class            Health Occupations                           materials for Career     college-wide Action Plan
IG2           HS                                                              Medical Office Tech roadmap on webtool     Pathways                  Employer advisory
CP/IG4         Creating an Intro to                                          Drafted Pre-Apprenticeship in               Medical Office Tech.   committees actively
SRF           Emergency Medical Tech.                                        Manufacturing roadmap                        marketing materials      involved in development
               Designed Middle School                                        Create Lean Manufacturing and Drafting     created                  of Career Pathways
              Career Exploration Institute                                   Tech. pathways                                Conducted workshop      Career Pathways in
                                                                              Conducted DACUM with Roseburg              on Career Pathways for   college strategic plan
                                                                             Lumber                                       faculty
                                                                              Conducted needs assessment for Pre-
                                                                              Develop Career Pathways certificates in
                                                                             Communication Specialist in
                                                                             Organizations; Public Relations
                                                                             Communications Assistant; Drafting
                                                                             Technician; Statewide Certificates in
                                                                             Electrical and Millwright Apprenticeships.

                                                                                                17                                                                              DRAFT 04-09
  Community                                                                                                                          Student
                    High School Connections           Pre-College Bridges           Pathway Development & Implementation                                 Increased Collaboration               Leverage
   College                                                                                                                      Services/Marketing

Statewide Career    Development of Plan of     Development of Policy Option       Statewide Manufacturing Core Certifcate  Development of Career      Partnership CSSA in        Funding for Career Pathways
Pathways           Study template feature to   Package including pre-college and   development; to be completed Spring       Pathways 30-second          design of Career            Grants at 17 colleges and
Initiative         Career Pathways Roadmap     credit postsecondary pathway        2009                                     
                                                                                                                             radio & TV ad to be aired   Pathways Student            Statewide Initiative through
IG3/IG4            webtool; to be piloted in   strategy                            Worked with CCWD OCCURS staff on          through Oregon              Services Initiative         Incentive Grant and CCWD
                   Eugene and Portland;         Planning joint meeting with       coding for Career Pathways Certificates   Association of               Pathways "Charge" as      Strategic Reserve Fund
                   released Spring 2009        OPABS College (9) ABS Directors     Program approval completed for more       Broadcasters Feb/March      committee of Student
                    Participation in OACTE    and Pathways leaders for each of    than 100 Career Pathways Certificates at  2009                        Success Oversight
                   conferences                 the nine colleges to coordinate     11 colleges                                Facilitate and co-        Committee
                                               statewide roll-out in Spring 2009    Grant management and technical          organize Career              Statewide Steering
                                                                                   assistance for Career Pathways grants at Pathways Student             Committee oversight of
                                                                                   17 colleges                               Services Workshops at       Statewide Action Plan
                                                                                    Provide technical assistance for three  11 colleges through June     Oregon Pathways
                                                                                   Sustainability High School to Community 2009                          Alliance meets quarterly;
                                                                                   College Pathway grants (Clackamas, Lane,                              regional teams convene
                                                                                   Rogue)                                                                regularly to share and
                                                                                    Host & support Career Pathways                                      migrate strategies and
                                                                                   Roadmap Webtool including enhanced                                    key learning (northern,
                                                                                   features, user training; customized site                              middle, and southern
                                                                                   training for 17 colleges; online help                                 colleges)
                                                                                    Ongoing training and technical                                       Oregon Team
                                                                                   assistance (Webtool server and                                        participates with
                                                                                   training/technical assistance provided                                National Council for
                                                                                   through contract with Lane CC)                                        Workforce Education
                                                                                                                                                         and League of Education
                                                                                                                                                         to produce two reports:
                                                                                                                                                         Career Pathways as a
                                                                                                                                                         Systemic Framework
                                                                                                                                                         (2006) and Envisioning
                                                                                                                                                         Career Pathways Fully
                                                                                                                                                         Implemented in
                                                                                                                                                         Community College

                                                                                                      18                                                                                          DRAFT 04-09

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