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               President’s Message
                                                   LEAGUE OF WOMAN VOTERS

                                    We had a particularly daunting task       have worried. Intrepid League mem-
November                            this election season—to explain all       bers took them and fanned out across
                                    13 ballot propositions to the inter-      Burbank and Glendale, blanketing
  2006                              ested voters of Glendale and              the libraries and Glendale Commu-

Calendar                            Burbank. I was nervous about this
                                    prospect, but as usual, our members
                                    came through with aplomb.
                                                                              nity College with voter materials.
                                                                          Our second task required even more
                                                                          commitment from our League mem-
         Thursday                   Our first task was to distribute non- bers. Many groups around the com-
          Nov. 16
                                    partisan voter guides. There are two. munities wanted live presentations on
                                    The first is the Gen-                               the ballot measures.
         7:00 pm
                                    eral Election Info                                  We gave live presen-
   Local Campaign                   publication, also                                   tations to Glendale
    Finance Study                   known as the Pros                League             Community College,
         See flyer                  and Cons. These are            members              Delta Kappa Gamma,
                                    published by the State                              The Glendale Com-
                                    League. But, the Los
                                                                  fanned out            mission on the Status
                                    Angeles       County             across             of Women (they had
          Dec. 7
LWVGB Holiday Party
                                    League adds a “wrap-            Burbank             food), the Glendale
                                    around” with infor-                and              Chapter of the Cali-
 Look for your invitation in        mation about the Su-                                fornia Foundation of
          the mail                  perior Court judges.            Glendale            the Blind, the Break-
                                    We ordered 3000 of            blanketing            fast Club, and the
         Thursday                   them.                          [the area]           Burbank JayCees.
          Jan. 19                   The second publica-              with voter          And because this is
 State Program Planning             tion is the Easy Voter           materials           show biz territory, we
         Meeting                    Guide, which is                                      also did television.
                                    geared toward first                                  We presented a live
         Sunday                     time voters and non-native English pro con presentation on Burbank’s
         Jan. 27                    speakers. The Easy Voter Guide City Channel, which has been repeat-
                                    Project is a collaboration of the ing at various hours, often in the dead
   League Forum on
                                    League of Women Voters Education of night.
 Judicial Independence
                                    Fund, the California State Library
  at Loyola Law School              and the California Secretary of Special thanks goes to League
   Look for information             State’s office. Plus, it’s free. We or- members Tom Carson, Gwen
 coming soon about this             dered thousands of them in English, Cochran, Mary Dickson, Joan
      exciting event                Spanish, and Korean.                    Hardie, Dionisia Rodriguez, Anna
                                                                              Rundle and Georganne Thomsen,
                                    I had them all delivered to my living
                                                                              who made the live presentations.
                                    room, and wondered as I stared at the
                                    boxes how on earth we were going
                                                                                                 Monica Marquez
                                    to get them all distributed. I need not

    For program information and location directions, call the LEAGUE at (818) 247-2407. Or visit our website
                         LWVUS Immigration Study
Studies, Reports, News   News
                         THE LWVUS IMMIGRATION Study Com-
                         mittee has posted a resource list and brief
                         bios of the Immigration Study Committee on
                         the LWVUS web site. The resource list,
                         Immigration 101: the Basics, lists background
                         information on immigration. Subsequent
                         resource lists will include materials on specific
                         immigration issues. Contact Immigration
                         Study Committee Chair, Carolie Mullan with
                         any questions.

                         Who Doesn’t Vote?
                         THE PUBLIC                                          Local Study
                         Policy Insti-                                       OUR LOCAL STUDY OF CAMPAIGN finance at the
                         tute of                                             municipal level continued with a meeting on
                         California                                          October 9th. Our discussion focused on initial
                         recently                                            step in our study, to research the role of
                         released a                                          campaign finance in our two communities in
                         report,                                             order to determine if there are particular issues
                         Californians                                        or areas which might be addressed by changes
                         & the Future,                                       in local election laws. We discussed possible
                         which should                                        areas of concern such as the aggregate cost of
                         be required                                         municipal election campaigns, the source of
                         reading for all                                     campaign contributions, and whether women
                         League members. It analyzes the current             faced particular challenges in fund raising.
                         California electorate and the characteristics of    The Committee members took on particular
                         the adult population who are not voters. In         research assignments, including gathering
                         reaching out to our communities, we must            information regarding campaign expenditures
                         remember how many Californians are not              in recent elections in each city as well as
                         helping make the decisions that affect their        interviewing current and past officeholders
                         everyday lives. Simply talking to others like       about the experiences and perceptions in this
                         ourselves will not promote the mission of the       area.
                         League —to encourage active participation in
                         government—or be effective in building our          The Committee is putting together plans for a
                         own membership.                                     meeting of our League members on Thursday,
                                                                             November 16th. See the enclosed flyer and
                         The PPIC report is available on-line at             mark your calendars to attend!
                                                                             We would still like to have more of our
                                                                             members join us for this very interesting local
                                                                             study. If you would like to participate, please
                                                                             contact the committee chair, Tom Carson, at
                                                                             818-840-0417 or


   Join us for a discussion of
       Local Campaign
        Finance Issues
         November 16
          7 to 8:30 pm
              Community Room
           Glendale Fire Station 21
                421 Oak Street
          (across the street from the
              Glendale Galleria)

 Among the speakers is Shirley Spencer of the
Pasadena Area League who will talk about their
exciting campaign finance ordinance which is on
             the November ballot.

                                                                Program Planning
Voter Service   New Technology for Voter
                Service Coming Soon!
                                                                                   Program Planning
                THE LWVC IS CURRENTLY in the
                                                                                   EVERY TWO YEARS, local Leagues
                process of setting up a relationship with
                                                                                   participate in the program planning
                the Open Media Network
                                                                                   process to give direction to the issues
                (—a nonprofit whose
                                                                                   the League in California will emphasize
                purpose is to make high quality audio
                                                                                   through advocacy, community educa-
                and video material available to the
                                                                                   tion, or study in the next biennium.
                public at no charge via the Internet. As
                                                                                   Watch for the Program Planning Kit
                part of our work with the Center For
                                                                                   2007-2009 that you will receive soon. It
                Governmental Studies and the Califor-
                                                                                   will contain instructions, suggestions for
                nia Channel, video interviews with all
                candidates for statewide office and 90-
                second video spots on each of the 13
                state ballot measures have been pro-                                          Watch for the
                duced and will be placed on the OMN
                within the next week. Interested viewers
                will be able to download the material to                                      Planning Kit
                a computer or iPod using a free reader.                                        2007-2009
                The videos can be viewed immediately                                          that you will
                or copied to a DVD for use at another
                site. Links to the OMN site will be
                                                                                              receive soon
                placed on the Smart Voter and Easy
                Voter Web sites.
                The LWVC is very excited about this                                your program planning meeting, back-
                new technology, which will be useful                               ground material about current LWVC
                even in non-election years. Suppose that                           positions, and a report form. In addition
                your local League has held and video-                              to the information about the concurrence
                taped a great public forum on some                                 procedure included in recent kits, this
                topic of current interest. That material                           one will outline the newly-adopted
                can be converted to digital format and                             policies concerning the study and
                placed on the OMN for access by                                    consensus process. The kit will also be
                anyone anywhere in California—or even                              posted on the members-only LWVC
                the country!                                                       Web site.
                Details on exactly how to download the                             We will soon establish a program
                videos will be sent to local Leagues                               planning list-serve for interested mem-
                within the next couple of weeks. Keep                              bers to discuss League issues and share
                an eye out for the next communication                              their League’s program ideas. The
                and start thinking of how your local                               discussion will enrich our process by
                League can take advantage of this great                            helping Leagues know what others are
                opportunity.                                                       thinking and build networks that may
                                                                                   lead to more productive consideration of
                Sharon Wallace, Voter Service Director,
                                                                                   program at Convention 2007.
                                                                                   Program planning reports will be due
                                                                                   February 15, 2007.

Groups Call for Redistricting Reform

O                                                                       T
         N THE EVE OF CONGRESSIONAL elections                                  he new report carefully examines the ballot
         likely to be skewed by gerrymandering, the                            initiatives defeated last year in California and
         Campaign Legal Center, the Center for Excel-                          Ohio. Both drew strong, well-funded opposition
lence in Government and the League of Women Voters                      and suffered from being tied to other complex propos-
today released a report that calls for a national redis-                als and from being seen as partisan power-grabs.
tricting reform movement and offers guidance for
                                                                        The report recognizes that national redistricting reform
state-level redistricting reform efforts. “Building A
                                                                        will be a daunting task and urges careful attention to
National Redistricting Reform Movement” reports on
                                                                        content, timing, resources, research and message
the deliberations and conclusions of a diverse group of
                                                                        development, and coalition building and public out-
individuals from nonpartisan organizations at a confer-
                                                                        reach. The next step in the groups’ efforts will be to
ence held earlier this year in Salt Lake City .
                                                                        bring together a broad coalition to build public support
The report builds on broad principles for reforming                     for redistricting reform efforts.
congressional and legislative redistricting set out in the
                                                                        The report is available online at
2005 report, “The Shape of Representative Democ-
racy.” It also looks at lessons learned from unsuccess-

                                                                              he redistricting reform conference was orga
ful redistricting reform attempts in 2005 and suggests                         nized by the Campaign Legal Center, the Center
strategies to pursue and pitfalls to avoid in future                           for Democracy & Citizenship at the Council for
reform efforts.                                                         Excellence in Government and the League of Women
                                                                        Voters with generous support from the Rockefeller

        he sponsors of the report timed its release just a
                                                                        Brothers Fund, Carnegie Corporation of New York, the
         week before the mid-term election to underscore
                                                                        JEHT Foundation, and the Joyce Foundation.
         the distorting effects of the gerrymandering of
so many congressional districts after the 2000 census.
It is a reminder of how drawing district lines to insure
safe districts – often done on a bipartisan basis to serve
incumbents in both parties – is likely to insulate the U.
S. House of Representatives from fundamental demo-
cratic accountability.

                                          Membership Application
It is easy to join the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF GLENDALE/BURBANK. All Citizens of voting age are welcome.
                                    Associate Membership is open to all others.
YES! I want to add my voice to yours by joining the                     Name/Names ___________________________________
League of Women Voters as part of your voice for                        Address ________________________________________
citizens and force for change. I enclose: (please check
 one or more of the following)                                          City, State, Zip __________________________________
                                                                        Telephone ______________________________________
❏ $60.00 for a one-year individual membership
   (includes a copy of our VOTER, nine times per year)                  ❏ I would like to receive my VOTER by email.
❏ $100.00 for a one-year household membership for                           My email address is
    two members who share the same address
   (indlucde a copy of our VOTER, nine times per year)                  Make check payable to League of Women Voters
❏ $30.00 for a one-year student membership                              Mail to Vera Naylor, 7714 Via Capri, Burbank CA 91504

                           I am unable to join League at this time, but enclose a contribution of $ ______
                           Gifts made payable to “LWV Education Fund” are tax deductible.

  The Voter
  THE VOTER IS PUBLISHED nine times a year by
  the League of Women Voter of Glendale/Burbank,
  President: Monica Marquez
  Editor: Chris Carson
  Production: Carole Dougherty
  Circulation: Anna Rundle

  The League of Women Voters,a nonpartisan po-
  litical organization, encourages the informed and
  active participation in government, Seand influences
  public policy through education advocacy.

  The League never supports or opposes any politi-
  cal party or candidate. We advocate only on issues
  that members have studied and come to a consen-
  sus on. In an era of proliferating and powerful spe-   CATHY SELLITTO
  cial interests, the League’s advocacy in the public
  interest is increasingly recognized as an essential
                                                            NOTARY PUBLIC
  voice of democracy.
                                                                Mobile Service
                                                         Business Hospitals Residence
                                                              (818) 502-0661


7714 Via Capri
Burbank CA 91504
(818) 247-2407

League websites:
LWV Glendale/Burbank

LWV California

LWV United States

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