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									MetaPack Delivery
                  Company Overview

The Leading provider of Delivery Management Systems

 UK Company – Based in London
 Founded 1999
 Debt free company - Privately owned
 Delivery Management Specialists
 Unique MetaPack DMS software – 100% owned/developed
 People: mixture of carrier, operations and technical specialists
 High quality reference bank
 DM endorsed by IMRG (IDIS Delivery Manager)
This year over 30,000,000 parcels will be delivered
using MetaPack’s software

The MetaPack Delivery Management Solution (DM):

   Manage the delivery proposition at Point of Order
     – Offer a broader range of delivery services
          • Next day, evening, 2/3 day, Saturday, timed delivery slots
          • Alternative addresses, pick up locations

   Allocate the carrier and manage documentation at Point of Shipment
     – Intelligently optimise both cost and service without impacting carrier rates
     – Allocate carrier in accordance with the shipment: product type, weights / dimensions, service time, POD
         requirement, tracking, cost
     – Print carrier labels and automatically connect to carrier systems

   Provides visibility through to the Point of Delivery
     – Provide a single point of trace-ability, regardless of multiple carriers
     – Enable pro-active management of delivery expectations when things go wrong
                                                Batch: MetaPack On Demand (file import)

               Order                                                                Order to Label
                                                                                    •Manual PAF
                                                                                    •Address book

                                                       OMS            WMS                            Easy View Tracking
                                                                                                     •Status History

                                                                                  Customer Service


                      Carrier Management
                                                                                                     Customer Care
                      •Carrier selection                                                             •Email & SMS
                      •Label print                                                                   •Despatch & Track
                      •Manifests                                                                     •Carded

WFE   = Web Front End (or store, or contact centre)
OMS   = Order Management System

WMS   = Warehouse Management System

DM    = Delivery Manager
                                                Process: MetaPack on Demand (integrated through APIs)

               Order                                                                Order to Label
                                                                                    •Integration using publised

                                                       OMS            WMS                                         Easy View Tracking
                                                                                                                  •Status History
                                                                                                                  •Proactive reports

                                                                                  Customer Service

                                                         Delivery       DM

                      Carrier Management
                                                                                                                  Customer Care
                      •Carrier selection                                                                          •Email & SMS
                      •Label print                                                                                •Despatch & Track
                      •Manifests                                                                                  •Carded

WFE   = Web Front End (or store, or contact centre)
OMS   = Order Management System

WMS   = Warehouse Management System

DM    = Delivery Manager
Customers: SME
                   DM…..control, simplicity, service

MetaPack DM is a pay-as-you-go web based               Access, allocate, control and track any carrier
platform integrated to all major UK carriers.          service through one web screen
               Balancing capabilities vs requirements

                      Product           Hazardous, fragile, secure
                      characteristics   Mandatory POD
                                        Product / order value

                                        Urban, suburban, rural, remote
                      Delivery          Out-of-area
                      destination       BFPO, Overseas
Intelligent                             Personal, business, high street address
streaming to
                                        Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays
                                        Collection vs delivery day
                      Delivery          Order vs despatch vs delivery day
                      day & service
                                        Calendar: “special”/premium days
                                        2-man, installation, wet, swap-out

                                        Consignment size
                                        Number of source warehouses, multi-leg deliveries
Delivery options at the point of order
                         Delivery Option is the service that is called real time at the
                         point of order to provide the customer with a selection of
                         delivery options

                                                       Transforms delivery

                                                       Enhances customer choice

                                                       Improves first time delivery

                                                       Increases revenues through
                                                        premium services
                     Execution at the point of despatch

Execution enables the multi carrier approach by intelligently streaming shipments to a range of carriers and by
efficiently managing the despatch process.

                                                                                     Reduces delivery costs

                                                                                     Increases warehouse and
                                                                                      despatch area efficiency

                                                                                     Minimises failed deliveries

                                                                                     Manages shipment volumes
                                                                                      through peak

                                                                                     Mitigates carrier
                  Standard carrier label print and manifesting

Execution Service facilitates use of a common label printer, A4 printer and stationery set to meet the requirements
of all carriers.

                     Label printing

                                                                 Manifest printing
Reporting services total visibility in a single view

                           Reporting services generates parcel status and performance
                           reporting for multiple carriers.


                                                                Provides fast
                                                                 response times

                                                                Single screen

                                                                Enables proactive
                                                                 customer contact

                                                                Provides accurate
                                                                 SLA reporting
              Management of suppliers and store to store via ASP

Supplier delivery
   Specify the carriers your supplier uses

   Extend buying contracts to suppliers

   Track parcels from suppliers regardless of carriers

   Receive supplier tracking through same screens as own shipments

   Ensure consistency and quality of customer experience

Store to store

   Book ad-hoc movements

   System selects best carrier

   Print label locally

   Fully tracked
                    Key benefits for B2C

Nowhere is control and management of delivery as important as B2C. Internet customers are particularly demanding.
MetaPack DM provides the solution.

        Automatic system that takes away all the hassle of delivery

        A simple way of managing multi carriers

        Guarantees lowest cost:
           • Chooses best carrier rate
           • Reduces manual re-keying of information
           • Speeds up contact centre response

        Enables retailer to offer multiple delivery options at point of order that are convenient for the shopper:
           • Increases first time delivery success
           • Reduces contact centre cost
           • Increases customer loyalty

        Keeps all parties informed:
           • Timely tracking information through one webased screen
           • Ability for consumer to track through the website or online
           • Carrier performance data and pro-active delivery data

   Take control

   Improve service and delivery options

   Save money

   Be informed

   Use contingency

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