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Sample Recommendation Letter for Technology Center document sample

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									        Good News/Neutral – Sample 1

                                                      July 4, 20xx

                                                    Modified block w/ indented
Mr. Min-sup Kim, Director                           first lines format
Educational Media Department
Leeward Community College
96-045 Ala ‘Ike Street
Pearl City, HI 96783                                                  The direct approach
                                                                      means the good news –
                                                                      what the reader wants to
Aloha, Mr. Kim,                                                       know – comes first.
                                                                      Notice the absence of long
                                 Subject: Oracle 8i Workshop          introductions.

    Here is the information you requested on our upcoming Oracle workshop of August 11th
                     What:     Oracle 8i Database Workshop

                    When:      Friday, August 11, 20xx, from 2 – 4 p.m.

                    Where:     AIMS lab located (Kuykendall 301)

      The presenters are Brian Carr, database administrator, and Karen Anderson, Oracle
technician. They have just returned from an intensive two-week workshop at Oracle and have a
lot to share with us. The topics they plan to cover include:

            Oracle 8i Database Terminology      details the
            Installation and Maintenance        reader wants                  friendly close
            Oracle 8i Scalability               presented in an               and easy action
            Disaster recovery techniques        easy to read                  encourage
            New Oracle 9i Features              format                        further contact

        You and your staff are welcome to attend. Please RSVP by August 2nd by sending an
email to the AIMS Lab at

                                                      Paula Yoshimoto
                                                      AIMS Lab Manager
       Good News/Neutral – Sample 2

                 1102 Carrot Street, Honolulu, HI 96817 (808) 553-0082

                                  Simplified Letter Format
December 1, 20xx
                                                       Good news messages say "yes" to
Ms. Wilma Gorman                                       the reader and use the direct
                                                       approach. The letter start with
3392 Bedrock Drive                                     what the reader wants to know –
Aiea, HI 96701                                         the good news. The YOU-Attitude
                                                       focuses on reader benefit.


Thank you for considering Vegetarian Catering Services for your party needs. As you
requested, here are the menu items and approximate costs for a party of 25:
       Dinner menu includes vegetarian lasagna with French bread, fresh toss green            and
       salad, stuffed tofu in marinara sauce, cheese filled ravioli and fried ice cream for   numbered
       dessert.                                                                               lists make
                                                                                              it easy for
                                                                                              readers to
       Setup will commence 30 minutes before the start of your engagement and all             understand
       dining plates and utensils are included. Food warmers will be at your location         the info
       and will be picked up the following day.                                               the first

       Total cost for service of 25 people including tax is $330.00 to be paid in full upon

If you have any questions about the menu items or if we can help you in any other way,
please call me at 225-9936.

       Good News/Neutral – Sample 3

               Feline Friends Day Care Center

22 Catwalk Lane, Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 550-9782
                      Modified Block
                      Letter Format                      December 1, 20xx

Ms. Susan Day
34-886 Aiea Heights Drive             The direct approach means the good news – what the
Aiea, HI 96701                        reader wants to know – comes first. Notice the absence
                                      of long introductions.
Dear Ms. Day

Congratulations, Ms. Day! You have been selected to join our team at Feline Friends Day
Care Center as Activity Manager. Your prior work experience at Hawaiian Humane
Society and educational background will be a welcome asset to our team.

Please stop by our office before December 20, 20xx, to fill out all personnel employment
forms and pick up your employee handbook. Also the following is a list of items you will
need to bring with you:

   BLS Card                                             Details the reader wants
                                                        are presented in an easy to
   RMA Certification                                    read format
   Current TB clearance

We will setup a date for new employee orientation and can answer any questions you
may have about our company or policies.

Again, welcome aboard to Feline Friends Day Care Center. Please call me at (808) 550-
9782 if you have any questions or if I may help you in any way.


                                                         Diane Farwell
                                                         Program Director
       Good News/Neutral – Sample 4

                             300 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 321
                                  Honolulu, HI 96814

                                                      Block Letter Format

November 29, 20xx

Eric Yamamoto
2142 First Street
Honolulu, HI 96774
                                            The direct approach means the good news
                                            – what the reader wants to know – comes
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,                          first. Notice the absence of long

Congratulations! You have just been approved for a new Visa Platinum credit card with
a credit limit of up to $25,000.

You will be able to exercise and enjoy all the benefits of being a Visa Platinum member.
Your credit card and credit limit will arrive shortly after you receive this letter.

For your convenience this holiday season, enjoy an introductory interest rate of 0% until
June 20xx. If you have any questions, please call (917) 555-0018.

Thank you for your interest in Visa, and Happy Holidays!


Joyce Fowler
Customer Service Director
       Good News/Neutral – Sample 5

                       University of Hawaii at Manoa
                        Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies
                                 2645 Dole St. Rm. 211
                                Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822

April 24, 20xx
                                      Simplified Letter Format

Mr. Keahi Hurley
91-9087 Ho‘opili St.
Ewa Beach, HI 96706


Congratulations, Mr. Hurley! You have been accepted to the Hawaiian Studies program
at the University of Hawai'i. We are excited to meet you and begin the process of

Hawaiian Studies is a growing program with professional professors that have studied
and taught for many years about their subject. In the fall, a new course will be offered,
Lo'i Kalo: Taro Culture, and this may be a subject you are interested in studying. The
Center for Hawaiian Studies, working with the department of Asian and Pacific
languages, has recently expanded academic degrees to include a Master’s degree in
Hawaiian language.

Please call me at 955-2345 by May 1st to set up an appointment to complete your
enrollment packet and to select your courses for the upcoming summer session.

                                                  AMS Simplified Format
        Good News/Neutral – Sample 6

                                  L E T T E R H E A D

November 28, 20xx

Ms. Paula Wyatt, President                                                 Letter offers
Sun Software Corporation                                                   accomplishments
123 Hayes Street, Suite 366                                                as proof of the
Palo Alto, CA 90214                                                        subject's
LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR RAYLENE CHANG                                 and good work

It is a pleasure to provide you with information about Raylene Chang, who is a possible candidate
for the Systems Administration position with your company. Raylene has been employed with
Case Management Works since 2001. Her talents, skills, and dedication have helped the
company through the millennium without any complications.

During the first six months of Raylene’s employment, she developed and completed the
company’s policy and procedure manual. This manual has helped the company maintain
consistency and regulated company policies. Raylene’s strong attributes are her organizational
skills and attention to detail. These special qualities enabled the company to meet deadlines and
helped to detect omissions in statistical reports.

Raylene is constantly attending computer seminars and reading books to keep current with new
technology. She has graciously accepted the responsibility of managing two different computer
operating systems (Windows NT/Small Business Server and Linux Red Hat) and has successfully
maintained it without problems or failure. She has scheduled system maintenance around the
company’s hours of operation to ensure consistent workflow and minimize downtime. Raylene is
a good computer teacher and a patient and accommodating worker. Many of her co-workers have
remarked how easy she is to work with.

Raylene has unquestionable loyalty and devotion. She can be relied upon to deliver quality work
in a timely fashion. Her positive and professional disposition makes her a valuable and likeable
person. Raylene Chang will be a tremendous asset to your organization.

       Good News/Neutral – Sample 7

                                                     Veterinary Science Pet Foods, Inc.
                                          1234 Lela Ave.      Westborough, MA 01581

November 12, 20xx                                      Block Letter Format

Ms. Keisha Butler
We Care Animal Hospital
4321 Hare St.                     The direct approach means the good news
Westborough, MA 01581             – what the reader wants to know – comes
                                  first. Notice the absence of long
Dear. Ms. Butler                  introductions.

Thank you for contacting Veterinary Science Pet Foods, Inc. As you requested, here is
our price list for our prescription veterinary foods to We Care Animal Hospital.

We may be the newest veterinary food line, but we have the finest veterinarians in the
country on our staff to formulate our vast line of prescription veterinary foods. We have
the stock, shipping facilities, and the professionalism to meet your special food needs.
The following inventory list and prices are available to you to review.

Proposed Inventory and Prices                                    Details the reader wants are
                                                                 presented in an easy to read
The following foods are available for your canine patients.      format

      Intestinal Calm                5lb, 10lb, and 20lbs. dry bags; 24-12oz.cans
      Early Stage Kidney             5lb, 10lb, and 20lbs. dry bags; 24- 12oz.cans
      Late Stage Kidney              5lb, 10lb, and 20lbs. dry bags; 24-12oz. cans
      Diabetes Plus                  5lb and 10lb. dry bags; and 24-12oz. cans
      Anorexic Diet                  5lb and 10lb. dry bags; 24-12oz. cans
      Weight Loss Plus               10lb. and 20lbs. dry bags; 24-12oz. cans
      Liver life                     5lb. and 10 lb. dry bags; 24-12oz. cans

The following foods are available for your feline patients.

    Urinary Tract Moderate                  2lb, 6lb, and 12lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
    Urinary Tract Heavy                     2lb, 6lb, and 12 lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
Ms. Keisha Butler                    page 2                          November 12, 20xx

      Stone Work                             2lb, 6lb, and 12 lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
      Early Stage Kidney                     4lb. and 8lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
      Late Stage Kidney                      4lb. and 8lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
      Diabetes Plus                          4lb. and 8lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
      Anorexic Diet                          2lb and 6lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans
      Weight Loss Plus                       2lb, 6lb, and 12 lb. dry bags; 24-8oz. cans

Our pricing is known amongst the veterinary field to be the easiest to memorize! The
price is the same for all the different types of food based on weight. An example is
Diabetes Plus Feline 4lb. costs the same as 4lb. Early Stage Kidney Feline.

Prices (Cost)

2lb.                           $3.59
4lb.                           $4.90
5lb.                           $5.50
6lb.                           $5.99
8lb.                           $6.67
10lb.                          $7.77
12lb.                          $8.83
20lb.                          $10.30
8oz. cans (24 ct. case)        $12.50
12oz. cans (24 ct. case)       $14.50

Your retail cost will vary; most clinics mark up 25%.

Please call me at 508-366-7770 if you need any further assistance or have any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Christian Kanoe
Executive Sales Manager
       Good News/Neutral – Sample 8

                                          Burger King
                                Customer Service Department
                        1234 Hawaii Street  Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
                       Phone (808) 555-6789        Fax (808) 555-9090

       Modified Block
       Letter Format                                         November 28, 20xx

Ms. Betty Boone
987 Pensacola Street
Honolulu, HI 96813                                The direct approach means the good news – what the
                                                  reader wants to know – comes first. Notice the absence
Dear Ms. Boone:                                   of long introductions.

Thank you for bringing to our attention that the women’s restroom stalls in store #34 are too
narrow. As a result of your letter, the store manager has agreed to rectify the problem by
widening the women’s bathroom stalls. After assessing the problem, the inspector decided to This is good news
remove one of the stalls in order to widen the other stalls.                                  because the
                                                                                                   writer promises
The remodeling of the restroom will begin on December 1, 20xx, and is projected to be complete address the
before the end of the year.                                                                  customer's
As a token of our appreciation, enclosed you will find five (5) complimentary meal coupons to
any of our Burger King restaurants. Please call our customer service at (808) 555-6789 if you
have any questions.


                                                             Michael Bauer
               typist's notations (writer's and typist's initials)
        Good News/Neutral – Sample 9

I Mua Technologies
3567 Keoua Street  Honolulu, HI 96783             808.845.3345

March 3, 20xx

Ms. Amy Bernard, Technology Director                   Simplified Letter Format
Advanced Service Provider, Inc.
111 Hawai‘i Way
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819


Thank you for deciding to have I Mua Technologies (IMT) develop the intranet infrastructure
solution for your company.

I Mua Technologies will provide the following services, as provided in the negotiated contract:

        System Development. IMT will develop a solution based on in-house research of
        everyday business activities of Advanced Service Provider, Inc. The developmental
        process will be part of the implementation of Phase I.

        Installation and Deployment. After completion of research and a solution has been
        agreed upon, the custom system will be installed and enter the testing phase.

        Training. IMT will provide all necessary training through documents and workshops for
        all first level users, which includes managers and/or system administrators. Upon
        completion, trainees will become certified and will provide all necessary training to lower
        level users.

        System Maintenance. General maintenance and upgrades of software and hardware
        units will be provided as part of the service agreed between IMT and the client.

We look forward to creating a custom computing solution that will increase the effectiveness of
the day-to-day business transactions of Advanced Service Provider, Inc.

Ms. Keala Smith, new contracts manager, will call you in the next week. In the meantime, if you
have any, please call me at 555-9876 etc. 521.


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