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American Asthma Foundation Research Program *
* Formerly SPAR


Principal Investigator:                                              Grant Number:

Name of Institution:                                                 Fiscal Period:           From:      7/1/2009
                                                                                                To:     6/30/2010

Funds Authorized for Fiscal Period (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010)
   Annual Award Amount (typically $150,000 or $250,000. Consult Award Agreement)
   Carryover from Prior Fiscal Period
Total Available for Disbursement for Fiscal Period                                                0

Total Expended for Fiscal Period                                                                  0

Current Unliquidated Obligations (from Schedule H)                                                0

Free and Unobligated Balance                                                                      0

Amount to be returned to AAF (Contact AAF Research Office.)                                                    0

We hereby certify that this report is correct to the best of our knowledge and that all expenditures and
obligations reported herein have been made in accordance with AAF Award policies and for the purposes set
forth in the application and in the Award Agreement.


Fiscal Officer
             Name:                                        Signature of Fiscal Officer                 Date

Principal Investigator
                                                          Signature of Principal Investigator         Date

Send signed report:     US Postal Service:                           Courier:
                        UCSF - AAF Research Office                   UCSF - AAF Research Office
                        Box 0509                                     4 Koret Way, Room LR-216
                        San Francisco, CA 94143-0509                 San Francisco, CA 94143
                                                                     (415) 514-0730

                                                                                            AAF Expenditure Report
Supplemental Schedules

A. Salaries and Fringe Benefits
Salaries should be commensurate with percent effort. The sum of salaries for investigators, not including graduate
students, postdoctoral fellows or technicians, is limited to $50,000 per year, plus fringe benefits. Individuals are
generally considered to be investigators if they are appointed in a faculty series and/or are eligible to apply for unmentored
grant support. List salary for administrative personnel, if any, on Schedule E, Administrative Costs.

Name                    Degree              Title              Effort         Salary        Fringe Benefits
                                                             (cal. mos.)
Investigators: (See definition above.)

                                             Subtotal Investigators                     0                   0
Other Personnel:

                                         Subtotal Other Personnel                      0                0
                                                            Total                      0                0
                                                                                Total Salaries + Benefits                   0

B. Equipment
Items which generally have a useful life of 2 or more years and a value of $500 or more. Itemize all purchases of
$5,000 of more. Briefly justify in an attachment any purchase over $25,000 that was not included in the
approved budget for this period.

Manufacturer/Description                                                                    Actual Expense

                                                                                         Total Equipment                    0

                                                                                                    AAF Expenditure Report

C. Research Supplies and Services
List major supply and service categories. Examples of supplies are chemicals, radioisotopes, tissue culture supplies,
enzymes, animals. Examples of services are animal care, cell sorting, histology, DNA sequencing. Briefly explain in an
attachment any category that exceeds $20,000. List administrative supplies on Schedule E, Administrative Costs. List
repairs and service agreements on Schedule F, Other Expenditures.

Major Categories                                                                           Actual Expense

                                                               Total Research Supplies and Services                         0

D. Travel
Travel is limited to $4,000 per year, excluding travel to the AAF Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Name of Traveler       Date/Destination/Purpose                                            Actual Expense

                                                                                               Total Travel                 0

E. Administrative Costs
Administrative costs are limited to 10% of the annual budget, and to items under the direct signatory authority of the
investigator, such as office supplies for the laboratory and salary for administrative personnel under the direct supervision
of the investigator. Administrative costs may include up to $5,000 (over 3 years) for office computers to be used in
support of the project. List by major category.

Major Categories (List personnel by name, title)                                           Actual Expense

                                                                             Total Administrative Costs                     0

                                                                                                     AAF Expenditure Report

F. Other Expenditures
All other expenses must be in direct support of the project. List by major category, such as publication costs, tuition,
repairs or service contracts on laboratory equipment.

Subcontracts should be listed here. A detailed AAF Expenditure Report for the subcontract, signed by the
subcontracted institution, should be attached. No indirect costs are allowed.

Major Categories                                                                              Actual Expense

                                                                                 Total Other Expenditures                  0

G. TOTAL EXPENSES FOR FISCAL YEAR                                                                                          0

H. Obligations Incurred - Current
Itemize all commitments based on purchase orders, invoices or other evidence of liability consistent with the
practices of the grantee institution that are to be liquated in the following fiscal period. List by major category.

Item                                                                                               Amount

                                                                                 Total Current Obligations                 0

                                                                                                       AAF Expenditure Report

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