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					Resume Workshop

    FEBRUARY 12, 2008

          Your Resume: General Concerns

 What is a Resume?
   Specific descriptions
   Relevant information

 Why write a resume?
   to persuade your readers you are the best person for the job
   to construct a professional image of yourself and establish your
   to provide a sample of your written communication skills
   to convince prospective employers you deserve an interview
                    Kinds of Resumes

Approach                    When to Use
Generic Approach            - large number of applications
                            - placing a resume on the Internet or in
                            a job search database
                            - creating a resume for an employment

Tailored Approach           - whenever possible!
                            - for "top choice" positions
                            - for small number of applications
                            - With previous contacts or connections
                            with the organization

Combined Approach           - when you want to maximize your
                            chances for success
             Remember Your Audience

   Try to make such information easy to find "at a glance."
   Give your resume the 15-second test.

   After the initial impression, resume readers become more
   Now ask yourself:
      - Do you provide evidence and details for the careful reader?
      - How can you make your resume look convincing "under
      the microscope"?
           Developing Your Content

What qualities and/or      What the position
skills I have              requires/is looking for
             Use Journalistic Questions

 who?                             when?
 position titles, supervisors,     important dates, starting/ending,
 leaders                           promotions
 what?                            why?
 your responsibilities, duties,    goals (professional, personal,
 nature of your experience         for the organization, etc)
 where?                           how?
 organization, program,
                                   procedures, technologies, skills
 department, division, location
                                   you used to achieve those goals
          Putting PAD on you Resume

1) Who are you in PAD? Do you have a leadership

2) What qualities, skills and/or contributions do you
  make/gain from PAD?

3) Why are you in PAD (goals)?

4) How have you demonstrated leadership and skills or
  tried to achieve your goals?
            Using Action Words!

1) Use high-impact action words
2) Avoid passive tense

Example 1:
 “Completed” – definition: done/did
 Action words: accomplished, achieved, executed,
  attained, effected, managed, launched…etc.
                Organizing the Sections

To make your resume readers' job a little easier, you
 should consider developing a two-level text, using

    headings to help skimmers find what they are looking for, and
    details to convince skeptical readers you really have the
     qualifications you say you do.
                General Headings

 Objective Statement (or Career Goal, Professional
 Objective, etc.)

 Education (Degree, Institution, Location, etc.)

 Work Experience (or Work History, Professional
 History, Experience, etc.)

 Honors and Activities (or Activities, Hobbies,
                 Alternative Headings

   honors and awards         advanced career training
   publications              specialization
   language proficiency      special projects
   presentations             career-related skills
   in-house seminars         familiar computer applications
   achievements              technical training
   internships               licenses and certification
   military experience       accomplishments
   qualifications            skills summary
   career profile            volunteer work
   community service         memberships
   relevant coursework
   continuing education
      Page Design

 Create a visual hierarchy

 Use a consistent formula

   Use the whole page

 Choose the right paper!
Sample Image: Resume 1
Sample Image: Resume 2
                   Your Turn: Version 1

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                .
Bucca di Beppo Restaurant
Seattle, WA
Fall 2006-present
          Started as a hostess, became senior server in Winter 2007

          Substitute bartender

          Help wash dishes in the kitchen on slow nights
                             Version 2

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                  .
Bucca di Beppo Restaurant, Seattle, WA             Fall 2006-present
Senior server
         Began as a hostess, promoted to current server position
          overseeing 12-15 full-sized tables in Winter 2007
         Train newly hired staff in restaurant protocol and provide peer
         Assist coworkers with dish-washing and kitchen maintenance

         Receive and document patrons’ comments, questions and
         Act as a part-time bartender during peak hours, juggling the rush
          of patrons with cashier duties; also assisted in creation of
          unofficial bar-menu
                  My Resume

If you have further questions about resume building,
                 feel free to email me:


                    Thank you!

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