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Major     available            Paid/Unpaid   Location         Company

JOU       Summer               $3,000        Various KY       Kentucky Press Association

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid        Lexington, KY    WUKY-FM

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid        Lexington, KY    Business Lexington magazine

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   unknown       Louisville, KY   Louisville Eccentric Observer

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid        Lexington, KY    Hamburg Journal magazine

                                                              Chevy Chaser and Southsider
JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid        Lexington, KY    magazines
                                                         Chevy Chaser and Southsider
JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Lexington, KY   magazines

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Lexington, KY   WVLK Radio (590 AM)

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Lexington, KY   Lexington Family magazine

JOU       Fall/Spring          Unknown   Lexington, KY   KET

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown   Lexington, KY   Host Communications

JOU       Fall/Spring          Unpaid    Lexington, KY   UK Public Relations
JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Paid ($10/day)   Washington, DC Fox News

JOU   Fall                 Unknown          New York, NY    O, The Oprah Magazine

JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown          Cambridge, MA   Cultural Survival

JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   unknown          Varies          American Horse Publications

                           Paid ($210/week,
JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   housing included) Ft. Knox, KY   Department of the Army
ISC/JOU/TEL Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Versailles, KY   KY Methodist Children's Home

ISC/JOU/TEL Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Lexington, KY    TopsinLex

JOU/ISC     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Lexington, KY    UK HealthCare

JOU/ISC     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Lexington, KY    La Voz de Kentucky

JOU/TEL     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Lexington, KY    WKYT-TV (CBS)

JOU/TEL     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid   Lexington, KY    WLEX-TV (NBC)
JOU/ISC     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid            Lexington, KY   UK Applachian Center

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY   Blue Alien web site

JOU/ISC     Fall/Spring/Summer   Paid ($10/hour)   Lexington, KY   Lexmark Corporate Communications

JOU/ISC     Fall/Spring          Unpaid            Lexington, KY   UK College of Medicine

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Varies            Lexington, KY   KET
JOU/ISC     Fall/Spring          Unpaid    Lexington, KY    National Tour Association

JOU/TEL     Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Lexington, KY    WTVQ-TV (ABC Ch. 36)

JOU/TEL     Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown   Paducah, KY      WDDJ Radio

JOU/TEL     Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown   Louisville, KY   WLKY-TV

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown   Cincinnati, OH   WCPO-TV

ISC/JOU/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Versailles, KY   Vision Versailles 2000+

JOU/ISC     Fall, Spring, Summer Unpaid    Lexington, KY    UK HealthCare
JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid         Lexington, KY

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Paid           Cooperstown, NY Baseball Hall of Fame

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Paid ($8/hr)   Lexington, KY

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown        Lexington, KY    UK Medical Center

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid         Louisville, KY   WLKY-TV

                                 Unpaid (but
                                 lunch and
                                 other perks
JOU/ISC/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer   included)      Lexington, KY    Ramada Inn Conference Center
                                                          International Radio and
JOU/ISC/TEL Summer              Unknown   New York, NY    Society Foundation

JOU/ISC    Fall/Spring/Summer   Unknown   Lexington, KY   Kentucky Geological Survey

JOU/TEL    Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid    Lexington, KY   WTVQ-TV (ABC Ch. 36)

JOU/ISC/TEL Summer              Unknown   Washington, DC The Congressional Black Caucus

JOU/ISC    Summer/Fall          Unpaid    Lexington, KY   United States Dressage Federation
JOU       Summer                                   lodging
                               stipend, travel and Washington, DC Nat'l Association of Hispanic Journalists and Nation

JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   unpaid            Lexington, KY     The Horse magazine

JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY     American Saddlebred Horse Association

JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Louisville, KY    Kentucky Homes and Gardens magazine

ISC/JOU   varies               $10/hr            Louisville, KY    American Printing House for the Blind
ISC/JOU      Summer               paid              Lexington, KY     UK Public Relations/UK News

JOU          all                                    Lexington, KY       Lexington Herald-Leader
                                  full-time summer paid, all others unpaid

TEL/ISC/JOU all                   unpaid            Lexington, KY     Lexington Center

JOU/ISC/TEL Fall, Spring, Summer unpaid             Lexington, KY     Kentucky Future Leader's Foundation

                                                                     Athletic Dept, Temple
ISC/JOU      Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Philadelphia, PA University

ISC/JOU      Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY     Lexington Horsemen

ISC/JOU      Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY     TAO Agency

ISC/JOU/TEL Fall/Spring/Summer    Unpaid            Lexington, KY     TAO Agency
ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY

ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY

ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY   Kentucky Blood Center

ISC/JOU   fall/spring          Usually, Varies   Lexington, KY   UK Alumni Association

ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY   Tom Leach Productions

ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid            Lexington, KY   Promus Restaurants

ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   varies            Lexington, KY   Hamburg Journal
ISC/JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   unpaid   Lexington, KY   The Lane Report

JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid   Lexington, KY   WTVQ-TV

                                                        Lexington-Fayette Urban
                                                        County Human Rights
JOU/ISC   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid   Lexington, KY   Commission

JOU       Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid   Lexington, KY   United Way of the Bluegrass
JOU   Fall/Spring/Summer   Unpaid   Minneapolis, MN Tiger Oak
Skills                                                                           Contact                  Contact
needed                           Description                                     name                     telephone

                                 Summer internships with newspapers
Reporting, photography,          throughout Kentucky. February 2, 2007           None -- details at
online journalism                application deadline.                 
                                 UK's NPR-affiliated public radio station,
                                 needs 2-3 interns for the news
                                 department. Gather news, cover press
                                 conferences, interview newsmakers, write        E-mail resume and letter
                                 news copy, edit sound, voice copy if on-air     to:
News gathering, writing,         skills are sufficient. Must have                Alan Lytle, News Director
editing                          completed JOU 302.                              WUKY Radio                257-9859

                                 Two interns needed. Interns will report,  Tom Martin
Reporting, writing,              write and assist with production. Interns Editor in Chief
production                       should be interested in business.         Business Lexington             281-2317
                                                                           Send cover letter that
                                                                           explains your interest in
                                 Louisville alternative weekly newspaper   the internship, a resume,
                                 needs interns to work as reporters and    and 4-6 clips (for
                                 photographers. Reporters develop story    reporters) or 4 PDF
                                 ideas, assist with research, and perform  documents (for
                                 other duties. Photographers take pictures photographers) to:             502-895-
                                 and gather information for use in the     Elizabeth Kramer               9770, ext.
Reporting, photography           paper. (                Managing Editor                204

                                 Hamburg Journal needs one or two interns
                                 to research and write stories for various E-mail resume and cover
Research, writing,               features. Photography skills and          letter to:
photography                      design/layout experience are a plus.      Dana Lear               268-0945

                                 Smiley Pete Publishing, a locally-owned
                                 company in Lexington, needs one New
                                 Media intern to fulfill a variety of new
                                 media responsibilities. This is an ideal
                                 opportunity for any student looking to
                                 become an attractive candidate as the field
                                 of journalism begins to embrace the new
                                 frontier. This student will learn the
                                 fundamentals of web publishing, such as
                                 basic HTML coding, editorial content
                                 management, basic layout design,
                                 calendar listing compilation and e-
                                 newsletter generation, in a fun work
                                 environment. This student will also be
                                 afforded the opportunity to see other
                                 Internet projects of their own device, under    Contact editor, Robbie
                                 the director's guidance, through to fruition.   Clark, by e-mail first
                                 No experience is necessary, just an open        (
writing, editing, interviewing   and creative mind.                              .                       281-2317
                                 The Chevy Chaser and Southsider
                                 Magazines need one or two interns to work
                                 on a variety of writing projects. This isn't a
                                 "gopher" internship, students will gain
                                 invaluable firsthand experience about the
                                 publishing world while working closely with
                                 the editor of these two magazines at a
                                 prestigious locally-owned company, Smiley
                                 Pete Publishing. Along with fulfilling
                                 various writing assignments, students will
                                 take part in the story generating process
                                 and proofread stories prior to publication.
                                 They will also be afforded the opportunity
                                 to see their own projects, under the
                                 editor's guidance, through to fruition. Some
                                 writing experience is desired, but not
                                 required, so long as the student is willing       Contact editor, Robbie
                                 to learn and work hard. This would be an          Clark, by e-mail first
                                 excellent opportunity for a student to gain       (
writing, editing, interviewing   some very professional clips for their            .                       281-2317
                                 Internship in the news department. Work
                                 with the news director and other members
                                 of the staff in preparing news reports
                                 throughout the day. The station is flexible
Writing and reporting            about hours.                                      Kendra Steele               608-1097
                                 Lexington Family Magazine would like an
                                 intern to be involved in a variety of editorial
                                 projects, including writing, reporting,
                                 editing and the design and layout of
                                 editorial, promotional and marketing
Writing, reporting, editing,     proejcts. Learn more at
design and layout                                John Lynch, Editor          223-1765
                                 Intern needed to help with News Quiz, a
                                 weekly news program for elementary and            Luralyn Lahr
Writing and reporting            middle school students.                           News Quiz Producer          258-7293

                                 Pulse magazine, a magazine produced by
                                 Host Communications, seeks an intern to
                                 work with the editorial department in
                                 various phases of the publishing process.
                                 Students interested in the publishing             E-mail a cover letter and
                                 industry will receive a valuable experience.      resume to:
Publishing interest              The schedule is flexible.                         Julie Wilson                none
                                 UK PR needs 1-2 interns to work on the
                                 UK News Report and other projects and to
                                 help with the shooting of video, plus some
                                 editing and writing, reporting and other
                                 duties. Students should already know how
Reporting, writing, editing,     to shoot video and have strong writing
video                            skills.                                           Whitney Hale                257-1754
                             Fox News in Washington, DC needs
                             interns to log news conferences, transcribe
Interviewing and other news- soundbites, interview newsmakers, and            e-mail cover letter and
related duties. Must have    perform other duties. Students will learn        resume to:
strong broadcast news        the skills needed to create an audition tape     Mike Carpel               202-824-
interest.                    by the end of the internship.                    Assignment Manager        6481
                             O, The Oprah Magazine, is looking for
                             interns in the fashion and style
                             departments. The internship is available         Send resume and cover
                             to both currently enrolled students and          letter to:
                             recent graduates. Hours are 10:00 a.m.-           Ms. Cindy M. del Rosario 212-903-
Reporting and writing        6:00 p.m., five days a week.                     Associate Editor          5149

                              Cultural Survival, an international human
                              rights organization that promotes the
                              rights, voices, and visions of indigenous
                              peoples, seeks interns with journalism
                              experience to report for its online weekly
                              news digest ( They are
                              looking for journalists and journalism
                              students who can write news briefs and
                              longer features on deadline, who have
                              experience finding and developing
                              relationships with sources, and who enjoy
                              interviewing people over the phone or in
                              person. Interns are an integral part of the
                              organization and become involved in many        Send cover letter,
                              aspects of operations. This opportunity is      resume, and a couple of
                              perfect for students interested in the          news writing samples to
                              independent press or in journalism              Pia Maybury-Lewis, Intern 617-441-
Reporting and writing         opportunities in the nonprofit sector.          Coordinator               5403
                              American Horse Publications, an
                              organization based in Florida, arranges
                              internships at publications around the
                              country for students interested in horses
                              and equine publishing. More information
Reporting and writing         s/internship_program/                           none                      none

                              The Department of the Army needs interns
                              to help produce a weekly 8-page tabloid
                              newspaper, a multi-media show, and news
                              releases. Students should have                                            502-624-
                              experience in news and feature writing and                                1842
                              some experience in copyediting.                 Steve Arel, Internship    (Arel);
                              Photojournalists should be proficient in film   coordinator OR Joe        502-624-
Reporting, writing, multi-    and/or digital photography. Internships are     Bartley, Public Affairs   8149
media, photography            for 8 weeks.                                    Officer                   (Bartley)
Photography, writing,
InDesign,                      Take photos, develop print and web
Photoshop, Illustrator,        projects. Requires criminal background       Jeana Walter or
Dreamweaver                    check before beginning work.                 Melinda Ryles Smith   none
writing, still photography,    If you want first hand experience in day-to-
graphic design for print and   day operation with a successful on-line
web, video shooting and        and publishing company, this is for you.
editing, web design and        We have four outlets:,         Zach Czirr            270-9402
                                                                            E-mail letter and
                               Two interns needed each semester to          resume to:
                               conduct interviews and write articles for    Geoffrey Blair
                               print and electronic publications,           Manager, Internal
                               primarily the faculty/staff newsletter.      Communications
                               Interns will work closely with UK PR and     UK HealthCare -
                               news contacts through UK HealthCare          Marketing
Writing, interviewing,         including the six medical colleges.          Communications
photography                    Some photography may be included.            and Advertising       257-5361

                           Lexington's only Spanish/English
                           newspaper serving the Latino community
                           needs one or two interns to serve as
                           writers, one graphic designer and one to
                           work with public relations and marketing.
                           The writing interns would research and
                           write articles dealing specifically with the
                           Latino community and how that community
                           fits into the larger Lexington community.
                           The graphic design intern would help
                           design and construct each edition of the
                           paper. This intern would learn to use
                           InDesign 2.0, Illustrator adn Photoshop 7.0
                           and woudl collaborate in the creative
                           process, working with the design of the
                           paper and some advertisements. Public
                           relations students would work to create an
Graphic design, writing,   image for the paper in the non-Spanish
public relations. Spanish  speaking community as well as maintain       Contact Ms. Randi Ewing
language skills a plus.    contacts with advertisers.                   by e-mail or phone.     977-0123
                                                                        For production
                           WKYT-TV is a large Lexington TV station internships:
                           with a news department that offers           Mike Kanarek
                           internships in production and news. They Sr. VP for Operations
                           usually have 1 or 2 production interns,
                           while having up to 6 interns in the news     For news internships:
                           department. A few sports internships are Wes Finley
Broadcast news; production also available.                              Senior Producer         299-0411

                           WLEX-TV offers internships in news,            Send resume and cover
                           production and sports. They can usually        letter explaining interests
                           accommodate all internship applicants          to:
                           interested in news. They often have 5          Mike Taylor
Broadcast news; production interns in news and 1-2 in sports.             News Assignment Editor 259-1818
                           The UK Appalachian Center needs interns
                           to write articles and take pictures for their
                           quarterly newsletter, Web site, and various
                           publicity materials such as press releases
                           and broches. See
                  for more            Evelyn Knight,
Writing, photography, PR   information.                                  Director                     257-4852

                           A game site,, is looking
                           for an intern to make phone calls to
                           request products from various
                           game/media/PR firms. The student will
                           also help with buying, selling and
marketing, research        marketing.                                 Jack King                       509-3077

                           Lexmark Corporate Communications is
                           looking for a Junior Editor to assist the
                           communications team with writing internal
                           news articles, media monitoring, and            See
                           external worldwide news releases. Strong
                           writing skills a must. Ideal candidate          y under community
Writing; knowledge of AP   would work 20 hours a week and would            relations/corporate
Style                      know AP Style.                                  communications.       none

                           The Health Careers Opportunity Program
                           needs one intern to help with research and
                           writing of articles for a monthly newsletter
                           fro middle and high school students who         Paula Arnett
                           may be interested in health careers. The        Assistant HCOP Director
                           newsletter is also written for parents and      Health Careers
Research, writing          school administrators.                          Opportunity Program     323-8018

                           KET, the statewide public television
                           network, has multiple openings for interns,
                           including the following areas:
                           communications/editorial promotion
                           assistant; print graphics assistant; fund-
                           raising development assistant; sales and
                           marketing assistant; camera operator;
                           image assistant; Kentucky Life production
                           assistant; News Quiz production assistant;      If you meet the
                           On-Air graphics assistant; Where the River      qualifications listed on the
                           Bends research assistant; web/graphics          web site, apply on-line.
                           latin assistant. For specific qualifications,   For more info, contact
                           visit and click on                  Tricia Dunn, Volunteer
Multiple needs             "Jobs/Internships."                             Services Administrator.      258-7000
                              The National Tour Association needs one
                              inern. NTA has been around for 50 years
                              and works primarily with tour operators
                              who develop travel packages. The intern
                              will provide support in marketing projects
                              such as supplements, brochures, ads and
                              other projects. The intern takes part in
                              creative team and marketing department                                    1-800-
                              meetings and other activities.                Jennifer Allen, Driector of 682-8886,
Writing                                  Marketing                   ext. 4367
                              Interns needed for all areas of news
                              gathering. Students will work on the
                              assignment desk; with producers; in                                      294-6028
Writing, editing,             video editing; with reporters and             Dean Ray, Assignment       (after
videography                   videographers.                                Editor/Intern Supervisor   2:30 p.m.)

                              Paducah radio station needs news and                                     270-534-
news, production              production interns.                           Marc Summers               9690

                              Louisville TV station has internshps in the   David Callan, Operations 502-891-
news, production              newsroom and studio.                          Manager                  4880

                              Opportunities in sales, news, and             Brian Lawler, General      513-721-
news, production, sales       production at large TV station.               Sales Manager              900

                              Vision Versailles 2000+ is looking for
                              interns interested in public realtions, web
                              design, marketing, journalism, advertising,
                              grant writing, and government policy.
                              Interns will work on press releases, the
                              web site, brochures, newsletters, help with
Ad, PR, writing, web design   grants and perform other duties.            Mellissa Lippert, Manager 879-5033
                                                                          E-mail letter and
                              Two interns needed each semester to         resume to:
                              conduct interviews and write articles for   Geoffrey Blair
                              print and electronic publications,          Manager, Internal
                              primarily the faculty/staff newsletter.     Communications
                              Interns will work closely with UK PR and    UK HealthCare -
                              news contacts through UK HealthCare         Marketing
Writing, interviewing,        including the six medical colleges.         Communications
photography                   Some photography may be included.           and Advertising           257-5424

                 , an online forum for in-
                           depth reviews and discussion of the latest
Web design, PR, writing.   in electronic entertainment products,
Experience with web design needs three interns each semester.
and HTML knowledge         Interns will help with web design, public
required; experience with  relations, reviewing and preparing articles, e-mail resume to Nathan
Dreamweaver a plus.        and other duties.                            Stevens                 none
                 , an online forum for in-
                           depth reviews and discussion of the latest
Web design, PR, writing.   in electronic entertainment products,
Experience with web design needs three interns each semester.
and HTML knowledge         Interns will help with web design, public
required; experience with  relations, reviewing and preparing articles,    e-mail resume to Nathan
Dreamweaver a plus.        and other duties.                               Stevens                 none
                           10-12 week internships in Cooperstown,
                           NY at the Baseball Hall of Fame.
                           Opportunities include membership,
                           programming, communications, visitors'
                           services, library services, museum
                           services, accounting and retailing.
                           Program information available at
Multiple needs             n/internships/index.htm.                        none                      none
                  is a Lexington
                           company that provides a centralized web
                           location for over 70 interfaith
                           organizations. They would like someone
                           for 2-3 days a week for 15-20 hours a
                           week. The intern should have strong
                           communication and writing skills as well as
                           familiarity with the listed software. Please
Writing, Illustrator,      review their web site at
Photoshop, FrontPage, before contacting        Casey Cook, Content
Microsoft Office           them.                                           Account Manager           422-0448

                              Graphic design internship with UK medical James Rosendale, Senior
Graphic design                center.                                   Graphic Designer        323-2887

                              The WLKY-TV Creative Services
                              Department is looking for individuals to
                              assist in promoting station news,
                              programming and special events.
                              Candidates should be great
                              communicators, creative, computer literate
                              and deadline-oriented with a conceptual
                              knowledge of video editing. Duties indlue
                              assisting in preparing syndicated and
                              network promotional spots, writing and
                              producing news topicals, editing on Avid
Multiple needs; video editing media composer, writing/producing/editing
knowledge, class in           a PSA for aif, helping with set-up for
broadcast writing or          WLKY Celebrates, assisting producers                                   502-891-
production a plus.            with promo productions as needed.          Bruce Burns                 4978

                              The Ramada Inn Conference Center in
                              Lexington needs an intern to answer
                              phones, file, process mass mailing,          Call or e-mail Betty
                              perform general office duties, assist with   Fowler, Director of Sales.
                              event planning, and attend civic functions   Follow up with resume      299-1261,
Event planning, office work   as a representative of the hotel.            and cover letter.          ext. 158
                             The IRTS offers summer fellowships in
                             New York. Interns work in a variety of
                             broadcasting, public relations, and
                             advertising companies. This is a highly
                             competitive internship but well worth the
Broadcasting, PR,            effort of applying. For more information,
advertising                  see none                            none

                             The Kentucky Geological Survey would
                             like an intern to help communicate
                             information about earth sciences (geology,    Send cover letter,
                             energy resources, water, environmental        resume, writing samples
                             protection, natural hazards) to the public.   to Jackie Silvers, Head of
                             The intern would write press releases,        Administration OR Carol
                             newsletter articles, information brochures,   Ruthven, Manager,
                             content for web pages, and material for       Communications and         257-5500,
Writing, publicity           publicity and promotion.                      Technology Transfer        ext. 128

                             WTVQ-TV is looking for 1-3 interns.
                             Students would do studio work during
                             newscasts such as running cameras and
                             the teleprompter. Some opportunity for
                             observing in the control room will be         e-mail or phone Trey
                             available. Students will have other           Eckerle, Production
Video production             opportunities outside of the newscasts.       Manager                    294-6061
                             The Congressional Black Caucus offers an
                             internship program in the nation's capital.
                             This is an exciting opportunity to learn
                             about politics and government firsthand.
                             Go to
                             0Education/Internships/index.html for
Various                      information and an application.               none                       none
                             Intern will assist with the organization of
                             the Yearbook issue of our magazine that
                             lists all year end award winners with
                             photos. Must be able to use scanning
                             software and equipment, photo editing
Word, Excel, Quark,          ability a big plus. May also proof and
Photoshop – some training    copyedit. Needs to be organized and be
will be provided but basic   able to hit deadlines in a fast paced         Emily Koenig, Senior       859 271
proficiency is required.     environment.                                  Publications Coordinator   7883
                                 The National Association of Hispanic
                                 Journalists and the National Association of
                                 Hispanic Publications Foundation are
                                 offering four internships in which recent
                                 graduates and students currently studying
                                 journalism and communications will spend
                                 the summer of 2007 working at Spanish-
                                 language publications or English-language ews/articles/2007/march/
Major in JOU                     Hispanic publications.                      07ford.shtml           none
                                 The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health
                                 Care (owned by Blood-Horse
                                 Publications), Duties
                                 are flexible depending upon the student's
                                 interests and needs.

interest in equine publishing
industry and writing,
minimum 16 hrs/week                                                          Kimberly S. Brown, Editor none

                                 The intern will primarily be involved in
                                 assisting the editor of American
                                 Saddlebred magazine in gathering
Excellent writing skills.        information and writing/editing. Gain    Daniel Rieffer,             859 259
Familiarity with print           experience necessary to gain employment Communications               2742 ext.
journalism a plus.               as an editor of a publication.           Manager/Editor              333

                                 Assist with all aspects of magazine, from
Familiarity with magazine        sales to circulation to production and      Madison Culler, PhD,
process helpful.                 editorial involvement.                      Publisher                none

ability to write, do research,
make public presentations,
knowledge of business            Participate hands-on in day-to-day
grammar, computer literate.      workings of small public affairs office.
Photoshop/PowerPoint skills      Gain experience working with visually                                502 899
useful.                          impaired individuals.                       Roberta Williams         2357
                                  edit UK News issues, work in UK PR
                                  office, write and edit content for press
editing, writing                  releases and Web updates                     Tim Wiseman          none

                                  Reporting, layout/design, photography,
various, depends on               sports reporter, copy editor positions
assignment                        available--contact for more details          Dori Hjalmarson      none

                                  Complete graphic design projects, ad
working knowledge of page         layout, website maintenance, blog
layout software, Photoshop,       development. Learn a good understanding                           859.233.4
Dreamweaver                       of the venue entertainment business, too! Sheila Kenny            567

                                  Depending on student's major/interest,
Computer Skills, Phone            options include: PR/Marketing, Multimedia,
skills, others as determined      writing, event planning, major donor
by exact nature of                prospecting, foundation research and                              859 278
internship/student's interests    grant writing                              Cathy Lerza            5550
Ability to use web content
management tool, research
athletic statistics, various
publication software, work        Work with Associate Athletic Director on
under deadlines, strong           writing year-in reviews and bios,
communication and writing         researching athletic information for media   Larry Dougherty,
skills, undertanding of           guides, updating content on athletic         Associate Athletic   215 204
college athletics                 website                                      Director             2588

                            Assist in various departments during each
Good communication skills home game and/or during the week,
in person and on the phone, writing promotional literature and helping                              859 422
good writing skills         with marketing strategies.                 Nicole Cartier               7277

Proficient in Office XP+,         Web research, sit in on creative meetings
email client software, internet   for Fortune 500 brands, contribute ideas,                         859 381
research, presentation skills     manage calendars/email.                      Wes Keltner          9976
Proficient in Office XP+ and
CS3, email client software,
internet research,                Work on experimental projects including                           859 381
presentation skills               graphical layouts for emerging media.        Wes Keltner          9976
                             Preview/Review Video Games and write
                             the aforementioned reviews to be
Office XP + and              published online. Also needed are gifted
Firefox/Safari/IE. Must know writers to write script for video series that
and be proficient in writing appears within multiple media (online,                                     859 381
and speaking English.        OOH and Mobile).                                Ronnie Hobbs               9976
                             Intern will be host of HD video series
                             dedicated to Video Game News, Reviews
Student must be comfortable and Previews. Video appears on three
in front of camera and be    media: Mobile, Web and digital OOH in                                      859 381
able to read teleprompter.   Times Square, NYC.                              Ronnie Hobbs               9976

·      Writing,creativity, multi-
tasking, self-starter,            12 hrs/week (4/hrs/day, 3 days/week, web   Denise Fields, Marketing
customer service, organized, writing, event planning, new media              and Communications
web design skills a plus          promotion, recruitment                     Specialist
                                  Write for Kentucky Alumni magazine with
                                  responsibility for Class Notes and
                                  extended personality profiles and the In
                                  Memoriam departments and assist with
Experience in professional        other departments and features;
office expectations and           proofreading and copyediting, research
procedures; applying style        alumni and topics for future features;     Liz Demoran, Associate
guide to writing; exercising      participate in magazine production         Director of Alumni         859 257
professional judgment             meetings                                   Communications             7161

interest in sports, strong
computer and internet
research skills, database     2 opportunities: one in web sports
management, strong written    research/content updates, assist
and verbal communication      interviewing sports players. Other assists
skills, ability to use audio  Marketing Director, creates brochures and Trice Glass, Sales &            859 224
equipment                     marketing materials, uses mail merge       Marketing Director             1147
                              Assist in developing and designing
interest in pr and marketing, promotions for the restaurants’ various
graphic design, strong        target audiences. You will also help
written and verbal            coordinate and execute a marketing event.
communication skills, ability You will assist in developing flyers,
to use audio equipment        brochures and media advisories.            Amanda Prendergast

                          Editor’s position with the Hamburg Journal,
Journalism background and compose editorial content and copywriting                            859 268
education.                submitted articles for the Journal.         Teresa Murphy, Publisher 0945
Candidates should possess
strong interpersonal verbal
and written communication       Duties will include basic reporting, fact
skills, familiarity with AP     gathering and checking via telephone,
style, and standard computer    Internet, personal interviews and
literacy. You will gain         independent research; writing and
knowledge of all aspects of     rewriting; editing; provide input on print
the magazine production         and/or Web packaging and presentation.
process, business               Intern will be assigned specific tasks to be
journalism, marketing, office   performed with in-office supervision.
operation and culture, and      Occasional photography possible for
interaction with the public.    qualified persons.                           Mark Green, Editorial    859.244.3
                                                                             Director                 561

                                The intern will be responsible for
                                performing day to day tasks around the
                                marketing department, everything from
                                organizing programming posters, joining
                                team meetings and developing ideas and
                                working within the team as an additional
                                strategist. The intern will be specifically
                                responsible for updating website and
                                online applications to a minimal degree, as
Microsoft Office, Internet      well as helping write scripts for daily       Marketing Director,
knowledge, creativity           newscasts and promotions.                     Rebecca Price
                                All interns are exposed to both the
                                investigative and community relations
                                aspects of the HRC, then can choose from
                                the investigative track, community
interest in HRC, good           relations track (includes publications,
interpersonal and group         special events, workshops, etc), or media     William D. Wharton,
skills                          relations.                                    Executive Director      252-4931

                                The intern will be responsible for
                                researching, interviewing and writing
                                articles for local publications and United
                                Way materials. Examples include articles
                                to be published in the Herald-Leader,
                                Business Lexington and other community
                                publications; United Way's blog on
                      ; United Way's email
                                newsletter (subscription of 9,000+); stories David Kitchen, Director of 233-4461,
Talented writer                 in United Way printed materials and more. Communications                x 237
Ability to write engaging and
entertaining articles.
Basic knowledge of
journalism, including style
and format of articles,
interviewing and fact-
Familiarity with the AP Style
Basic knowledge of the PC
environment, including          Fact-check articles, mails complimentary
Word, email, photo software,    copies, research story ideas, writes short
etc.                            articles, brainstorm and pitch story ideas,
Ability to multitask and work   assist with photo shoots and other writing-
for a number of editors on a    related duties as assigned by editorial
number of assignments.          staff.                                      Laura Haraldson
Contact                    Contact                    Preferred
e-mail                     address                    contact

                                                      via web

                           WUKY Radio
                           340 McVey Hall            Lexington, KY 40506        e-mail

                           Business Lexington
                           P.O. Box 22731             e-mail or             Lexington, KY 40522        phone

                           Louisville Eccentric
                           640 S. Fourth Street, Suite
                           100      Louisville, KY 40202        e-mail

                           Hamburg Journal
                           2216 Young Drive, Suite 1   Lexington, KY 40505       e-mail

                                                      email. Be
                                                      to provide
                                                      a cover
                                                      samples (if
                                                      and five
                                                      story      Chevy Chaser/Southsider    ideas.
                                                        email. Be
                                                        to provide
                                                        a cover
                                                        samples (if
                                                        and five
                                                        story        Chevy Chaser/Southsider    ideas.

                             WVLK Radio
                             300 W. Vine, Floor #3
none                         Lexington, KY 40507        mail

                             Lexington Family Magazine
                             138 E. Reynolds Rd. Suite mail or e-     201                       mail
                             600 Cooper Drive
none                         Lexington, KY 40502       mail   N/A                        e-mail

                             UK Public Relations
                             103D Mathews Building         Campus 0047                e-mail
                            Fox News Edge DC
                            400 N. Capitol Street,
                            N.W., Suite 500      Washington, DC 20001     e-mail

none                        mail

                            Cultural Survival
                            215 Prospect Street      e-mail or                  Cambridge, MA 02139      mail

                                                     via web
none                        none                     site     none                     e-mail          P.O. Box 749        Versailles, KY 40383     e-mail

                         2891 Richmond Rd, Ste   208                      e-mail

                         2317 Alumni Park Plaza
                         Suite 500    Lexington, KY 40517      e-mail

                         La Voz de Kentucky
                         277 Midland Avenue       e-mail or      Lexington, KY 40508      phone

                         2851 Winchester Road
None                     Lexington, KY 40509      Mail

                         P.O. Box 1457            mail or e-       Lexington, KY 40588      mail
                         UK Appalachian Center
                         624 Maxwelton Court          Lexington, KY 40506-0347 e-mail

                c/o Jack King
                         312 Pleasant Pointe Dr.
                         Lexington, KY               e-mail or   40517                       phone

                                                     via web
none                     none                        site

                         Health Careers Opportunity
                         A301 Kentucky Clinic       e-mail or    Lexington, KY 40506-0284 phone

                         600 Cooper Drive            via web
none                     Lexington, KY 40502         site
                              National Tour Association
                              546 E. Main Street            e-mail or   Lexington, KY 40508           phone

                              6940 Man O'War Blvd.                 Lexington, KY 40509           e-mail
                              WDDJ Radio
                              6000 Kicks Road               mail or
none                          Paducah, KY 42003             phone
                              1918 Mellwood Avenue          mail or
none                          Louisville, KY 40206          phone
                              500 Central Avenue            mail or
none                          Cincinnati, OH 45202          phone

                             Vision Versailles 2000+ 101 N. Main Street             e-mail or
m                            Versailles, KY 40383           phone

                              2317 Alumni Park Plaza
                              Suite 500            Lexington, KY 40517           e-mail

                    , 49
                              Grehan Building, University
                              of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
                              40506-0042                                    e-mail                              e-mail

                           National Baseball Hall of
                           Fame and Museum
                           P.O. Box 590              via web
none                       Cooperstown, NY 133267 site

                           3470 Blazer Parkway, Suite
                           150                        e-mail or   Lexington, KY 40509        phone

                           2347 Sterlington Road      mail or
none                       Lexington, KY 40517        phone

                           1918 Mellwood Avenue       e-mail or          Louisville, KY 40206       mail

                           Ramada Inn Conference
                           2143 N. Broadway           e-mail or             Lexington, KY 40505        phone
                                           via web
none                none                   site    none                   e-mail

                    WTVQ-TV Action News 36
                    6940 Man O'War Blvd.   Lexington, KY 40509    e-mail

                                           via web
none                none                   site

                                           as well as
                                           resume/co    none                   ver letter
                                                    via web
none                      none                      site

                                                     email       none                       resume
                          4083 Iron Works Parkway samples,        Lexington, KY 40511        schedule
                          1347 S. Third St Suite 200 writing   Louisville, KY 40208       samples

                          1839 Frankfort Ave.       writing         Louisville, KY 40206      samples           none                        email
dhjalmarson@herald-            100 Midland Ave,           samples/cl                     Lexington, KY 40508        iips
                                                          email or
                               430 W. Vine St. Lexington, and cover KY 40502                       letter
                               1718 Alexandria Drive PO goals,
cathy.lerza@kyfutureleaders.or Box 8393, Lexington KY     writing
g                              40533-8393                 sample

                              1700 North Broad St.,      samples if           Philadelphia, PA 19122     available
                                                         samples if
                            410 W. Vine St, Ste. 103,    position is Lexington, KY 40507          desired
                              Tao Agency, 132 W. 3rd     @taoagen      St, Lexington KY 40509
                              Tao Agency, 132 W. 3rd     @taoagen      St, Lexington KY 40509
                , 132 internship
ronniehobbs@gamecinemahd. W. 3rd St, Lexington KY @taoagen
com                       40509         

                , 132 internship
ronniehobbs@gamecinemahd. W. 3rd St, Lexington KY   @taoagen
com                       40509           
                                                    letter and
                                                    resume to
                          Kentucky Blood Center,    dfields@k
                          3121 Beaumont Centre Cir, ybloodcent Lexington, KY 40513

                                                        email or
                                                        mail cover
                             UK Alumni Association,     resume
                             King Alumni House,         and writing        Campus 0119                samples

                             Tom Leach Productions,
tglass@tomleachproductions.c 1031 Wellington Way, Ste   email
om                           125, Lexington KY 40513    resume
                             Amanda Prendergast         fax
                             Marketing Representative   resume
                             Promus Restaurants         and cover
                             1795 Alysheba Way          letter to
amanda@promus-               Suite 6205                 859 263              Lexington, KY 40509        0628

                                                        call and
                                                        and writing
                                                        samples                              prepared
                                                    mail or
                                                    letter, and
                                                    work                            samples

                                                    Email with
                                                    and cover
                                                    why you
                                                    in a
                                                    station                                     internship.

                                                    mail cover
                                                    letter and       Promus Restaurants       resume

                                                    Email with
                                                    or with
                                                    resume to                              apply
                           1795 Alysheba Way, Ste 6205, Lexington KY 40509
                                                          samples 900 S. Third St., Minneapolis 55415

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