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									  OGLE COUNTY

  2009 - 2010

                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Office Telephone Numbers & Hours                   4
Ogle County Zip Codes                              5
Ogle County History                                6
State Officers                                    8
County Government                                 14
County Offices & Boards                           25
County Board Members                              32
Dates of County Board Meetings                    34
County Board Committees                           35
Duties of Various Committees                      38
Rules of Order                                    42
County Map                                        46
Township Officials                                48
City & Village Officials                          60
Information                                       67
Ogle County Polling Places                        68
Deputy Registrars                                 70
Precinct Committeemen & Women                     73
Newspapers & Recreation Licenses                  79
Liquor Licenses and Fees                          80
Valuations of Ogle County Municipalities          82

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                             2009 - 2010
                  OGLE COUNTY YEARBOOK
           With pleasure, the office of the Ogle County Clerk and
Recorder has compiled this yearbook. This yearbook was updated
and printed after the Spring Election of 2009. The next Yearbook
will be printed in late summer of 2011. Please contact my office or
e-mail any errors or omissions to countyclerk@oglecounty.org .

                                                       Rebecca Huntley
                                                      Ogle County Clerk

          Courthouse hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (M-F)
                         Area Code (815)

Administrator           732-1111   Judge Pemberton         732-1161
Animal Control          732-1185   Judge Mallon            732-1162
Assessments             732-1150   Judge Kauffmann         732-1163
Board Chairman          732-1195   Probation               732-1180
Circuit Clerk (Civil)   732-1130   Rochelle (# to          562-6334
Circuit Clerk           732-1135
(Traffic)                          Recorder of Deeds       732-1115

Circuit Clerk           732-1140   Sheriff’s Department    732-6666
Coroner                 732-1199   Solid Waste             732-4020

County Clerk            732-1110   State’s Attorney        732-1170
Health Department       732-7330   TB Nurse                732-1198
Highway                 732-2851   Treasurer / Collector   732-1100
                                   Zoning                  732-1190


Ashton                     61006
Baileyville                61007

Byron                      61010
Chana                      61015
Creston                    60113
Davis Junction             61020
Dixon                      61021
Esmond                     60129
Forreston                  61030
Holcomb                    61043

Kings                      61068
Leaf River                 61047
Lindenwood                 61049
Monroe Center              61052
Mt. Morris                 61054
Oregon                     61061
Polo                       61064
Rochelle                   61068
Rockford                   61101
Stillman Valley            61084
Woosung                    61091

                      OGLE COUNTY HISTORY

   What is now Ogle County was once a part of the Northwest Territory.
In 1809, the Territory of Illinois was formed and included Wisconsin and
Peninsular Michigan. In 1818, Illinois, in its present boundaries, became
the 21st State to join the Union.

   Ogle County was formed in 1836, from a part of Jo Daviess County.
The name, Ogle, was suggested by Thos. Ford in memory of Capt. Joseph
Ogle who distinguished himself for his courage and coolness in the early
days of the State's history.

       The first session of the Ogle County Commissioners' Court was held
at Oregon on January 3, 1837, and Oregon was chosen to be the County
seat. Because there was so much dissension, efforts were made to divide
the County and on February 27, 1839, the Legislature approved an act
creating Lee County out of the southern half of Ogle County, with Dixon
as its County seat.

       In December 1839, the County Board ordered the town of Oregon to
be called Florence; in 1843, however, it was renamed Oregon. Names of
other towns were once different than those used today. Rochelle was once
called Lane; Byron was called Bloomingville; Polo was called Buffalo
Grove and St. Mary's.

       Plans for a courthouse were adopted on December 4, 1838, and in
1841, the building was completed - only to be burned before it could be
occupied. The present courthouse was completed for occupancy in 1891,
at a total cost of $106,951.46 for building and equipment.

      On November 6, 1849, the electorate voted for township
organization and the Commissioners' Court appointed three men to
divide the County in towns. Their report, filed February 5, 1850, named
nineteen townships, comprising an area of 757 sq. mi. The first special
meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held November 11, 1850.

     In 1972, in compliance with the State Legislature's decision on
reapportionment, Ogle County held its first election to elect County Board
members. The county was divided into four districts, with six members
from each district. This replaced the system whereby the township
supervisors served as the County Board. A supervisor may also be a
County Board member but not necessarily.

                 Three State Parks located in Ogle County:
White Pines State Park is located on Pines Road between Polo and Oregon.

Lowden Memorial Park is one mile north of Oregon on the East Side of
Rock River; Lorado Taft's famous Blackhawk statue is located in this park.

Castle Rock State Park is on Illinois Route 2 South of Oregon.

                Other Places of Interest in Ogle County:
Lowden-Miller State Forest is located 5 miles South of Oregon on South
Lowden Road.

Weld Park, in Marion Twp, was given to the County to maintain as a County

Sinnissippi Farms southeast of Oregon in Oregon/Nashua Township is the
home of former Governor Frank O. Lowden.

Lowden Boy Scout Camp and Camp Medill McCormick for Girl Scouts

In 1962, the Ogle County Historical Society opened a museum in the Ruby
Nash home in Oregon. This is open to the public on weekends during the
summer months.

John Deere Historic Site located in Grand Detour south of Oregon.

      A renovation of the interior of the Old Courthouse was completed in
1984, at a cost of $1,500,000.00. The Old Courthouse was renovated again
in July of 2009, with the discovery of “Memorial Hall” on the third floor.

      The Ogle County Judicial Center was built in 2005 and dedicated on
August 20, 2005. The Judicial Center houses the Probation Department,
States Attorney Office, Circuit Clerk’s Office and all courts for Ogle

     In 2006, the Arts Alliance of Ogle County donated “Agriculture:
Mother of Civilization” statue which sits in front of the Judicial Center.

                         STATE OFFICERS
                       Governor - Pat Quinn (D)

James R. Thompson Center                       Springfield Office
100 W. Randolph Street, Ste. 16-100            207 State Capitol
Chicago, IL 60601                              Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 312-814-2121                            Phone: 217-782-0244
Fax: 312-814-5512                              TTY: 888-261-3336

                    Lieutenant Governor - Vacant (D)

James R. Thompson Center                        State Capitol
100 W. Randolph Street, Ste. 15-200             214 State House
Chicago, IL 60601                               Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 312-814-5220                             Phone: 217-782-7884
Fax: 312-814-4862                               Fax: 217-524-6262

                  Secretary of State - Jesse White (D)

Chicago Office                                Springfield Office
100 W. Randoplh—Suite 5-400                   213 State Capitol
Chicago, IL 60601                             Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 312-814-2262                           Phone: 217-782-2201

                 Attorney General - Lisa Madigan (D)

Springfield Main Office                   Northern Illinois Regional Office
500 South Second Street                   200 S Wyman St, Suite 307
Springfield, IL 62706                     Rockford, IL 61101
Phone: 217-782-1090                       Phone: 815-967-3883
TTY: 1-877-844-5461                       TTY: 815-967-3891

                  Comptroller - Daniel W. Hynes (D)

Chicago Office                              Springfield Executive Office
James R. Thompson Center                    201 Capitol
100 W. Randolph Street, Ste. 15-500         Springfield, IL 62706
Chicago, IL 60601                           Phone: 217-782-6000
Phone: 312-814-2451

                   Treasurer - Alexi Giannoulias (D)

Springfield - Executive Office            Chicago - General
Capitol Building                          James R. Thompson Center
219 State House                           100 W. Randolph Street, Ste. 15-600
Springfield, IL. 62706                    Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 217-782-2211                       Phone: 312-814-1700
Fax: 217-785-2777                         TDD: 312-814-6592

                    U.S. Senator - Roland Burris (D)

Washington DC Office                  Springfield Office
523 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg        607 E Adams, Suite 1520
Washington, DC 20510                  Springfield, IL 62701
Phone: 202-224-2854                   Phone: 217-492-5089

                 U.S. Senator - Richard J. Durbin (D)

Washington DC Office                        Springfield Office
309 Hart Senate Office Building             525 S Eighth St
Washington, DC 20510                        Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: 202-224-2152                         Phone: 217-492-4062
Fax: 202/228-0400

                 U.S. Representative, District 16
              Congressman - Donald A. Manzullo ( R )


2228 Rayburn HOB                           415 South Mulford Rd
Washington, DC 20515                       Rockford, IL 61108
Phone: 202-225-5676                        Phone: 815-394-1231
Fax: 202-225-5284                          Fax: 815-394-3930

                      5186 Northwest Hwy, Suite 130
                          Crystal Lake, IL 60014
                          Phone: 815-356-9800
                           Fax: 815-356-9803

                        State Senator, District 35
                        J. Bradley Burzynski ( R )


1101 DeKalb Avenue                          Springfield Office
P.O. Box 348                                309 Capitol Building
Sycamore, IL 60178                          Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 815-895-6318                         Phone: 217-782-1977
Fax: 815-895-2905

                       200 S. Wyman — Suite 301
                           Rockford, IL 61101
                          Phone: 815-987-7557
                           Fax: 815-987-7529

                         State Senator, District 45
                              Tim Bivins ( R )

M103B Capitol Building                      629 N Galena Ave
Springfield, IL 62706                       Dixon, IL 61021
Phone: 217-782-9586                         Phone: 815-284-0045
Fax: 217-782-4885                           Fax: 815-284-0207

                    State Representative, District 70
                         Robert Pritchard ( R )


200-3-N Stratton Building                   2600 DeKalb Ave., Suite C
Springfield, IL 62706                       Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone: 217-782-0425                         Phone: 815-748-3494
Fax: 217-782-1275                           Fax: 815-748-4630

                    State Representative, District 89
                             Jim Sacia (R)

210-N Stratton Building                   50 W Douglas - Suite 1001
Springfield, IL 62706                     Freeport, IL 61032
Phone: 217-782-8186                       Phone: 815-232-0774
Fax: 217-558-7016                         Fax: 815-232-0777

                    State Representative, District 90
                         Jerry L. Mitchell ( R )

632 State House                           100 East Fifth Street
Springfield, IL 62706                     Rock Falls, IL 61071
Phone: 217-782-0535                       Phone: 815-625-0820
Fax: 217-782-5757                         Fax: 815-625-0839

              Ogle County Department of Human Services
                   106 N. 2nd Street, Oregon, Illinois
                      Cynthia Squibb: 732-2166

        (Ogle, Lee, Stephenson, JoDaviess and Carroll Counties)

Hon. Val Gunnarsson            Mt Carroll
Hon. Ron Jacobson              Dixon
Hon. Michael Bald              Freeport
Hon. William Kelly             Galena
Hon. Michael T. Mallon         Oregon
Hon. Stephen C. Pemberton      Oregon
Hon. Theresa Ursin             Freeport
Hon. Daniel A. Fish            Dixon

                      Associate Circuit Judges

Hon. Jacquelyn D. Ackert       Dixon
Hon. James Hauser              Freeport
Hon. Charles Beckman           Dixon
Hon. David Jeffrey             Freeport
Hon. John Joyce                Mt. Carroll
Hon. Kathleen Kauffmann        Oregon
Hon. Kevin Ward                Galena
Hon. Robert T. Hanson          Oregon

                    PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR,
                   CONSERVATOR, GUARDIAN

                  Not appointed at time of publication


              MEGGON MCKINLEY - appointed 5/2009

mailing address:                          Phone……...815/732-1111
P.O. Box 357                              Fax………...815/732-2387
Oregon, IL 61061                    e-mail….ocadmin@oglecounty.org

                COUNTY CLERK & RECORDER
               REBECCA HUNTLEY (R) - elected 1998

Chief Deputy Clerk                         Julie Johnston
Chief Deputy Clerk                         Laura J. Cook
Deputy Clerk                               Tiffany O’Brien
Deputy Clerk                               Linda Walter
Chief Deputy Recorder                      Rebecca Bolthouse
Deputy Recorder                            Julie Thomas
Deputy Recorder                            Heather Barcai-Mowry

mailing address:                   County Clerk Phone…..815/732-1110
P.O. Box 357                       County Clerk Fax……...815/732-3477
Oregon, IL 61061                   Recorder Phone..............815/732-1115
                                   Recorder Fax ……….. ..815/732-1189

                   General Office questions e-mail:

                        Election questions e-mail:

                        Recorder questions e-mail:

                   JAMES HARRISON - appointed 1988

Chief Deputy Clerk                                     Karen Churney
Deputy Clerk                                           Carol Zellers
Deputy Clerk                                           Janice Birr
Deputy Clerk                                           Tricia Black

mailing address:
P.O. Box 40                                   Phone.......815/732-1150
Oregon, IL 61061                              Fax……...815/732-6273
                                    e-mail: jharrison@oglecounty.org

                   JOHN COFFMAN (R) - elected 2000

Chief Deputy Treasurer                                 Linda Beck
Chief Deputy Collector                                 Marilyn Cain
Deputy Treasurer                                       Sharon Klein
Deputy Treasurer                                       Diane Roos

mailing address:                        Phone.....................815/732-1100
P.O. Box 40                             Fax……………….815/732-1454
Oregon, IL 61061                        e-mail: treasurer@oglecounty.org

                   LOUIS G. FINCH IV (R) - elected 2004

Clerk/Deputy                                           Jeanette Bennett

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 383                               Phone.......815/732-1199
Oregon, IL 61061                           Fax……...815/732-2055
                                   e-mail: coroner@oglecounty.org

                          CIRCUIT CLERK
                       Judicial Center - Suite 300
                     MARTIN TYPER (R) - elected 1992

Chief Deputy Clerk                                    Sue Blumeyer
Chief Deputy Clerk                                    Tina Martin
Chief Deputy Clerk                                    Diana Lewis
Deputy Clerk                                          Karen Long
Deputy Clerk                                          Diane Shuman
Deputy Clerk                                          Jennifer Diehl
Deputy Clerk                                          Ginger Pearson
Deputy Clerk                                          Diane Sanders
Deputy Clerk                                          Sherry Drew
Deputy Clerk                                          Laurie Todd
Deputy Clerk                                          Marcia Preston
Deputy Clerk                                          Lynda Haas
Deputy Clerk                                          Tammy Burke

mailing address:                        Civil Div............815/732-1130
106 S. 5th St, - Ste 300                Criminal Div......815/732-1140
Oregon, IL 61061                        Support Div.......815/732-1145
                                        Traffic Div.........815/732-1135
                                   e-mail: circuitclerk@oglecounty.org

                           COURT SPECIALISTS

Court Specialist                                      Jill Parker
Court Specialist                                      Monica Pope
Court Specialist                                      Darlene Vock
Administrative Assistant                              Tonya Hendryx

                 Judicial Center - Suite 100
      GREG MARTIN - Director of Court Services - appointed 2006

Deputy Director                                       William F. Mallory
Juvenile Probation Officer                            Linda Keilman
Juvenile Probation Officer                            Christopher Pauley
Juvenile Probation Officer                            Beverly Chapman
Adult Probation Officer                               Brian Peterson
Adult Probation Officer                               Matthew Mekeel
Adult Probation Officer                               James P. Magnafici
Adult Probation Officer                               Joseph Shaw
Public Service Work Coordinator                       Donald Kinn
Secretary                                             Bobbi Crutcher
Secretary                                             Debra Bihlman
Secretary                                             Bunny Reints
Receptionist                                          Joyce Toms

mailing address:                       Phone........815/732-1180
106 S. 5th St—Suite 100
Oregon, IL 61061

                  FOCUS HOUSE—Rochelle
         MIKE DALE - Focus House Director - appointed 2006

Clinical Supervisor                                 Amanda Rankin
Aftercare Counselor                                 Jennifer Roser
Residential Counselor                               Samantha Buss
Residential Counselor                               Mike Jones
Residential Counselor                               Rebecca Moser
Juvenile Probation Officer                          Matt Schiltz
Juvenile Probation Officer                          Elizabeth Rickert
Juvenile Probation Officer                          Kelsey Typer
Administrative Assistant                            Tracy Elder
                       Website: www.focushouse.net

                     STATE'S ATTORNEY OFFICE
                       Judicial Center - Suite 110
                    JOHN B. ROE IV (R) - elected 2004

First Asst State’s Attorney                           Earl Peterson
Asst State’s Attorney                                 Scott Robinson
Asst State’s Attorney                                 Aaron Wiles
Asst State’s Attorney                                 Emily Siefert
Victim/Witness Advocate                               Sara Leisner
Office Manager                                        Susan Montavon
Secretary/Civil                                       Karen Dietrich
Secretary/Traffic-Misdemeanor                         Kelly Rohrer
Receptionist/Secretary                                Wendy Stone

mailing address:                        Phone.........815/732-1170
106 S. 5th St - Suite 110               e-mail: oglesa@oglecounty.org
Oregon, IL 61061

                       SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT
                         103 Jefferson St, Oregon

                GREGORY A. BEITEL (R) - elected 2006
Executive Secretary                 Ruth Shipman
Chief Deputy                        Clint Myers
Administration Commander            Lt. James Getzelman
Operations Commander                Lt. Gregory Kunce
Research/Development & Planning     Lt. Randy Hilliard
Corrections Commander               Capt. Wendy Kerwin
Ogle County Emergency Management
Agency Coordinator (OCEMA)          Ron McDermott
                      DETECTIVE DIVISION
Detective                           Sgt. Kenneth Wendt
Detective                           Sgt. Brian Ketter
Detective                           Jason Clark
Detective                           Danielle Hardesty
Detective                           Douglas Lockard

Telecommunicator Supervisor               Tracie Sill
Telecommunicator / 911 Coordinator        Sandy Beitel
Telecommunicator                          Patricia Blackburn
Telecommunicator                          Diana Day
Telecommunicator                          Mary DeHaan
Telecommunicator                          Stephanie Bailey
Telecommunicator                          Heather Brooks
Telecommunicator                          Lisa Bloom
Telecommunicator                          Kathleen Hardesty
Telecommunicator                          Susan Steeves
Telecommunicator                          Lori Wilcox
                        OFFICE PERSONNEL
Civil Process Clerk                       Melissa Hayes
Civil Process Server—Part-Time            Jimmy Combs
Accounts Payable                          Linda McNames
Receptionist/Typist                       Beth Fridley
Car Seat Tech/Evidence Tech               Paula Humphrey
                    MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT
Maintenance Supervisor                    Jim McBride
Maintenance                               Tim Mitchusson
Maintenance                               C. Gene Osborne
Maintenance                               Gary Schnorr
Janitorial                                Kathy Davidson
Janitorial                                Kim Bauer
Janitorial                                Jennifer Corcoran
Janitorial                                Steven Meyers
Janitorial                                Jessica Reed
                         PATROL DIVISION
Patrol Sergeant                           James Messer
Patrol Sergeant                           Mike Schabacker
Patrol Sergeant                           Danny White
Patrol Sergeant                           Jason Ketter
Patrol Deputy                             Joshua Anderson
Patrol Deputy                             Nicanor Anaya
Patrol Deputy/D.A.R.E.                    Cheri Brodzik
Patrol Deputy                             Kevin Colloton

Patrol Deputy                            Ross Dillon
Patrol Deputy                            Brent Fleming
Patrol Deputy                            Chad Gallick
Patrol Deputy                            David Garard
Patrol Deputy                            Robert Gemmell
Patrol Deputy/Motor Pool Officer         Michael Harn
Patrol Deputy                            Neil Minnis
Patrol Deputy                            Jeremy Pennington
Patrol Deputy                            Jason Plumb
Patrol Deputy                            David Rivera
Patrol Deputy                            Rodney Smith
Patrol Deputy/K-9 Officer                Scott Sodergren
Patrol Deputy                            Christopher Thiel
Corrections Sergeant                     Gerda Clark
Corrections Sergeant                     Jennifer Ashley
Corrections Sergeant                     Laura Armour
Corrections Sergeant                     Mildred Hose
Corrections Officer                      Anne Arneson
Corrections Officer                      Greg Bergin
Corrections Officer                      Carla Bulthaus
Corrections Officer                      Juan Carreno
Corrections Officer                      James Holder
Corrections Officer                      Richard Krug Jr
Corrections Officer                      Jason Lynn
Corrections Officer                      Kindra Plett
Corrections Officer                      William White
Corrections Officer                      Cathy Zitelman
Court Security                           Ron Vandergrift
Court Security                           David Clark
Court Security                           Daniel Daub
Court Security                           Kevin Dewey
Court Security-Part-time                 Duane Linscott
Corrections/Transportation               Thomas Preston
Corrections/Transportation               William Tracey
Bailiff-Part-time                        Barbara Hebron
Bailiff-Part-time                        Marlene Hobbs

Bailiff-Part-time                                 Norene Wendt
Jail Nurse                                        Cindy Mongan
Jail Cook                                         Jeannie Hennis
Jail Cook-Part-time                               Karen Kulas
Jail Cook-Part-time                               Penny Jones
Civilian Corrections Clerk                        Kari Aupperle
Civilian Corrections Clerk                        Judy Martin
Civilian Corrections Clerk                        Jackie Miller
Civilian Corrections Clerk                        Sharon Tucker

mailing address:
P.O. Box 217                             Phone....815/732-6666
Oregon, IL 61061             e-mail: oglesheriff@oglecounty.org

                      COUNTY HIGHWAY
                  1989 Il Route 2 South - Oregon
      CURTIS D. COOK, P.E.— County Engineer - Appointed 1992

Asst. County Engineer                           Nathan Schwartz, P.E.
Office Manager                                  Debbora Bulthaus
Foreman                                         Joe Palmer
Engineering Technician                          Terry Remhof
Engineering Technician                          Kevin Smetters
GIS Specialist                                  Larry Callant
GIS Mapper                                      Kristine Gilbert

mailing address:
1989 IL Rt 2 South                            Phone.....815/732-2851
Oregon, IL 61061                    e-mail: highway@oglecounty.org

                      HEALTH DEPARTMENT

           DOREEN O’BRIEN, Administrator - appointed 1998

Dir. of Health Education                             Carol Erickson
Nursing/CD Coordinator                               Linda S. Poole
Bookkeeper                                           Linda Warrner
WIC Coordinator                                      Kathy Lee
Family Case Management                               Pat Abbas
Public Health Nurse                                  Linda Jackson
Staff Nurse                                          Kelly Henert
Staff Nurse                                          Kathy Ingram
Staff Nurse                                          Heather Bonnell
TB Nurse                                             Sandy Janssen
Emergency Preparedness                               Grant Bullock
Administrative Assistant                             Debbie Solorzano
Secretary                                            Rose Modler
Secretary                                            Donna Harriett
Secretary/Translator                                 Maribel Nava
Associate Sanitarian                                 Linda Long
Environmental Health Inspector                       Gerry Hough
Health Educator                                      Cindy Gehrke
Translator                                           Edna Nave

mailing address: 907 W. Pines Rd.        Phone............815/732-7330
                Oregon, IL 61061

                           SOLID WASTE
                 Website: www.oglecountysolidwaste.org

            STEPHEN RYPKEMA, Director - appointed 1998

Solid Waste Specialist                                 Joy Bliton
Administrative Assistant                               Reita Nicholson

mailing address:                            Phone...........815/732-4020
909 W. Pines Rd.                            Fax………...815/732-3709
Oregon, IL 61061                    e-mail: srypkema@oglecounty.org


           MICHAEL REIBEL, Administrator - appointed 1994

Deputy Zoning Administrator                            Mark Miller
Administrative Assistant                               Shannon Landers
Administrative Assistant                               Michelle Halverson

mailing address: 911 W. Pines Rd.           Phone.........815/732-1190
                 Oregon, IL 61061           Fax.............815/732-2229

                     ANIMAL CONTROL
              THOMAS CHAMPLEY, DVM, Administrator

Animal Warden                                          Henry “Hank” Coy
Assistant Warden                                       Nathan Mattison
Registration Officer                                   Sharon De Arvil

mailing address: 913 W. Pines Rd.          Phone..........815/732-1185
                 Oregon, IL 61061          Fax..............815/732-3080

                    LEE and OGLE COUNTIES

                 AMY JO CLEMENS (R) - elected 2004
                  Regional Superintendent of Schools

Assistant Regional Superintendent                     Paul J. McMahon
Administrative Assistant                              Sharon McLane
Bookkeeper                                            Paula McCoy

mailing address: 7772 Clinton Street        Phone....815/652-2054
                 Dixon, IL 61021

                       COUNTY OFFICES & BOARDS


Kenny A. Maxwell                             German Valley
Donald DeWall                                Forreston
John Thompson                                Mount Morris
Fred Horner                                  Rochelle
Robert Brass                                 Stillman Valley
Bill Winebaugh                               Rochelle
Sandy J. Sullivan                            Rochelle
Edward O’Brien                                Oregon
Tracie Sill                                   Oregon

                          BOARD OF HEALTH

Bobbie Colbert, Co. Bd. Rep                  Rochelle
Mark Myers, MD                               Oregon
Dorothy R. Bowers                            Byron
Greg D. Reckamp, MD                          Oregon
Daniel R. Watson                             Stillman Valley
Charles J. Fisher                            Byron
Stephanie D. Seaworth                        Stillman Valley
Scott A. Scull                               Oregon
Estelle Ann Shippert                         Byron
Vacancy, DDS

                          BOARD OF REVIEW

Douglas Zuehl (R)                            Rochelle
Jerry J. Griffin (R)                         Forreston
Paul I. Lower (D)                            Rochelle

                     BYRON MUSEUM DISTRICT

Randall Stukenberg                           Byron
Kimberly Boyden                              Byron
Ronald Beem                                  Byron
Angela K. Bauer                              Byron
Harry F Adams, Sr                            Byron


Chet Olson                                   Rochelle
Marilyn J. Janssen                           Rochelle
Sally Sawicki                                Rochelle
Laura A. Pillen                              Rochelle
Fred J. Horner                               Rochelle
Ron Stonebraker                              Rochelle
Thomas K. Smith                              Rochelle
Douglas C. Kroupa                            Rochelle


DeWayne Adams                                Davis Junction
Ronald Lewis                                 Stillman Valley
Shirley J. Bartelt                           Polo

                  LOST NATION/NEW LANDING
                     100 Park Drive, Dixon, IL 61021
                             (815) 652-2006

Steven Larry, President
Glenn W. Baldwin, Vice-President
Betty Lou Finn, Secretary
Dennis M. Contrell, Member at Large
Timothy J. Spelde, Member at Large

                  MENTAL HEALTH "708" BOARD

Kathe Wilson, Chairman                                 Oregon
Susan L. Schroeder, Vice-Chairman                      Byron
Marcia Heuer                                           Oregon
Louise M. Hall, Treasurer                              Polo
Emory F. Harmon                                        Oregon
Wendy Howarter                                         Oregon
Laura Medlar                                           Oregon
Cecilia Zimmerman, Recording Secretary                 Oregon
Dorothy Bowers - County Board Rep.                     Byron

              1101 W. Pines Rd. - Oregon - 815/732-1301

Shelia Warner, Exec. Dir.                              Kings
Donald J. Finn                                         Dixon
Janet E. Stahlheber                                    Rochelle
Robert Falk                                            Oregon
Michael Davis                                          Polo


Ronald Colson                                       Oregon
Lloyd Funk                                          Byron
Paul White                                          Forreston
David Poole                                         Polo
Don Conn                                            Polo
Randy Ocken                                         Polo
Wayne Reising                                       Oregon
Mike Reibel, Ex-Officio                             Oregon
Brian Lundquist, Ex-Officio                         Oregon
Curtis D. Cook, Ex-Officio                          Oregon
Doreen O’Brien, Ex-Officio                          Oregon

            213 W. Pines Rd. - Oregon - 815/732-6127 - ext . 3
Phil Fossler, Chairman                              Polo
Cade Bushnell, Vice-Chairman                        Stillman Valley
Marcia Heuer, Sec. Treasurer                        Oregon
Mel Lloyd                                           Mt. Morris
Lynne Kilker                                        Oregon
     Associate Directors:
Keith Blackmore                                     Forreston
Sterling Taylor, Executive Director                 Mt. Morris
Brian Lundquist, Resource Conservation              Leaf River
                 Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dan Pierce, NRSC District Conservationist           Oregon
David Meisenheimer, Soil Conservation Technician    Oregon


Maria N. Berger                        Byron
Charlotte LeClerq                      Rockford
Henry S. Dixon                         Dixon
Mary Pat Dixon                         Dixon
Henry S. Dixon, Jr                     Dixon
Linda Giesen                           Dixon
Dana Considine                         Dixon
Rolfe Ehrmann                          Dixon
Gary Gehlbach                          Dixon
Megan Heeg                             Dixon
Paul Chadwick                          Rochelle
Robert T. Chadwick                     Rochelle
William P. Fearer, II                  Oregon
Phillip N. Nye, Jr                     Rochelle
David K. Guest                         Rochelle
Thomas D. Guest                        Rochelle
Amanda Adams                           Rockford
Kristine Youman                        Rockford
Hon. Alan Cargerman                    Oregon
James G. Ahlberg                       Rochelle
Brent Wagner                           Rochelle
Robin Minnis                           Oregon
Dennis Schumacher                      Mt Morris
Robert Thompson                        Dixon
Anna Sacco Miller                      Dixon
Marty Typer                            Oregon
Hon. Jacqueline D. Ackert              Dixon
Hon. Robert T. Hanson                  Oregon
Hon. Kathleen O. Kauffmann             Oregon
Hon. Michael T. Mallon                 Oregon
Hon. Stephen C. Pemberton              Oregon
Emily Siefert                          Oregon
Earl Peterson                          Oregon

John “Ben” Roe                           Oregon
Scott Robinson                           Oregon
Aaron Wiles                              Oregon
Douglas P. Floski                        Byron
Deborah Maas                             Oregon
Eric D. Morrow                           Oregon
David A. Smith                           Oregon
Christopher DeRango                      Rockford
Kathleen Lorenzen                        Rochelle
John C. Redington                        Rochelle
David Tess                               Rochelle
Timothy H. Jagleski                      Rockford
Wendy S. Howarter                        Oregon
Kim D. Krahenbuhl                        Oregon
Clayton L. Lindsay                       Oregon
Connie Augsburger                        Mt Morris
Brian Buzard                             Mt Morris
Charles Cole                             Rochelle
Alan H. Cooper                           Rochelle
James E. Dixon                           Dixon
Janet Buttron                            Chana
George Enstrom                           Oregon
Robert W. Gosdick                        Byron
Paul Hendley                             DeKalb
Dennis R. Hewitt                         Rochelle
Thomas H. James                          Forreston
Doris J. Kennay                          Ashton
Melanie A. Madsen                        Oregon
David Mandrgoc                           Dixon
Dennis Riley                             Oregon
Byron N. Sloan                           Rockford
M. Thomas Suits                          Polo


Lee Harris, Chairman                       Rochelle
James Peters                               Rochelle
Jerry Daws                                 Forreston
Andy Colbert (D)                           Oregon
Curt Timmer (D)                            Baileyville

                    ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS

Maurice Bronkema                           Forreston
Bruce McKinney                             Rochelle
Jason Sword                                Forreston
Randall Anderson                           Chana
Curtis R. Freeburg                         Byron
Maynard Stivers (Alternate)                Leaf River
John W. Finfrock II (2nd Alternate)        Mt Morris
Michael Reibel, Secretary                  Byron

               TERMS EXPIRE 2012

          District #1                     District #2

Bob DeArvil (R)                  Fred Horner (R)
5980 Route 64 E                  919 N. 9th St.
Oregon, IL 61061                 Rochelle, IL 61068
815/732-7621                     815/562-3710

Kim Stahl (R)                    John “Skip” Kenney (R)
904 Adams St.                    10376 Hickory Ridge Dr
Oregon, IL 61061                 Rochelle, IL 61068
815/732-2908                     815/562-7949

Ron Colson (R)                   Bobbie Colbert (D)
P.O. Box 451                     910 N. 10th St
Oregon, IL 61061                 Rochelle, IL 61068
815/973-0942                     815/562-6674

          District #3                     District #4

Dan Janes (R)                    Paul W. White (R)
3044 N. Meridian Rd              P.O. Box 92
Stillman Valley, IL 61084        Forreston, IL 61030
815/645-8388                     815/938-3392

Kim Gouker (R)                   Marcia Heuer (R)
P.O. Box 926                     589 S. Harmony Rd.
Byron, IL 61010                  Oregon, IL 61061
815/234-3235                     815/732-2747

Larry Boes (R)                   Patricia Saunders (R)
4235 E Countryview Dr            14738 W. Milledgeville Rd
Byron, IL 61010                  Polo, IL 61064
815/234-4850                     815/946-2637

              TERMS EXPIRE 2010

          District #1                 District #2

Donald Huntley (R)           W. Ed Rice (R)
5038 S. Chana Rd.            1049 North 8th Street
Chana, IL 61015              Rochelle, IL 61068
815/453-7340                 815/562-7993

Jim Barnes (R)               Mel Messer (R)
304 N Mix St                 720 Kelley Dr
Oregon, IL 61061             Rochelle, IL 61068
815/732-6564                 815/562-8585

Lynne Kilker (R)             Marguerite Nye (R)
P.O. Box 243                 1257 Tilton Park Dr.
Oregon, IL 61061             Rochelle, IL 61068
815/732-2040                 815/562-7564

          District #3                 District #4

Jason Bauer (R)              Lyle Hopkins (R)
1321 Joanne Terrace          7074 W. Penn Corner Rd
Byron, IL 61010              Polo, IL 61064
815/234-9965                 815/946-2660

Dorothy Bowers (R)           Ben Diehl (R )
8521 Olympia Dr              6844 N Mt Morris Rd
Byron, IL 61010              Leaf River, IL 61047
815/985-3264                 815/440-3679

Dennis Williams (R)          Richard Gronewold (R )
9550 Woodgate Lane           11155 W Coffman Rd
Byron, IL 61010              Forreston, IL 61030
815/234-7030                 815/938-2252


   January 20                     July 21
   February 17                    August 18
   March 17                       September 15
   April 21                       October 20
   May 19                         November 17
   June 23                        December 15

   January 19                     July 20
   February 16                    August 17
   March 16                       September 21
   April 20                       October 19
   May 18                         November 16
   June 15                        December 21

   January 18                     July 19
   February 15                    August 16
   March 15                       September 20
   April 19                       October 18
   May 17                         November 15
   June 21                        December 20

   January 17                     July 17
   February 21                    August 21
   March 20                       September 18
   April 17                       October 16
   May 15                         November 20
   June 19                        December 18

The County Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month
   in the County Board Room in Oregon, IL at 5:30 p.m.
        You can access County Board information at

         Chairman of the Ogle County Board - W. Ed Rice
      Vice-Chairman of the Ogle County Board - Lyle Hopkins

Kenney, Chairman Colbert, Vice-Chairman
Heuer    Boes    Bowers Gouker        Saunders

Horner, Chairman Colbert, Vice-Chairman
Huntley Hopkins DeArvil Saunders Janes

Hopkins, Chairman Gronewold, Vice-Chairman
Diehl     Kenney Rice      White      Saunders

Bauer, Chairman  Bowers, Vice-Chairman
Horner    Kilker Barnes    Williams Janes

Nye, Chairman  Stahl, Vice-Chairman
Kenney Gouker  Colbert    Messer    DeArvil

Huntley, Chairman Diehl, Vice-Chairman
Colson    Messer  Kilker     Barnes    White

Rice, Chairman   Hopkins, Vice-Chairman
Nye        Stahl Horner    Huntley
Kenney Bauer     Saunders

Hopkins, Chairman Heuer, Vice-Chairman
Boes      Barnes  Diehl     Messer    Williams

Horner, Chairman Rice      Colson
                        Department Heads:
Sheriff Gregory Beitel
OCEMA Coordinator Ron McDermott
Administrator Meggon McKinley
Health Dept Admin. Doreen O’Brien
Court Administration Leann Brandenburg

Rice, Chairman
Hopkins Gronewold

Hopkins, County Board Rep John Deuth         Leslie Hill
Roger McCauley            Patrick Riley

Rice, Chairman -
Lyle Hopkins - Pine Creek Twp Don Huntley - Pine Rock Twp
Phil Fossler - Buffalo Twp    Sharon Bowers - Oregon-Nashua Twp

Stahl, Chairman   Gronewold, Vice-Chairman
Nye        Gouker Hopkins Rice        Messer

Rice, Chairman      Hopkins Horner Gronewold
Administrator Meggon McKinley      Sheriff Greg Beitel

Rice       Hopkins
Administrator Meggon McKinley
Sheriff Greg Beitel


Blackhawk Hills RC&D                    Colson
Board of Health Rep                     Colbert
C.A.S.A.                                Nye
Co-Operative Extension Board            Hopkins - Gronewold - White
Exelon Intergovernmental Group          Rice - Coffman - Hopkins (Alt)
                                        Administrator McKinley
G.I.S.                                  Hopkins
G.R.E.D.C.O.                            Administrator McKinley
Mental Health Board Rep                 Bowers
N.I.T.T.                                Administrator McKinley
                                        Larry Callant -
                                        GIS Coordinator /IT
Parliamentarian                         Heuer
Planning Commission Rep                 Hopkins - Heuer (Alt)
RC&D County Chairman’s Committee        Rice
Regional Mayors and County Executives   Rice - Administrator McKinley
Tri-County Opportunities Rep            Barnes - Kilker (Alt)
U.C.C.I. / Ill Risk Mgmt Trust          Heuer
Work Force Investment Board             Rice

                    Personnel & Salary / County Clerk

    This Committee shall be the advisory committee for the office of the
County Clerk and Recorder. As such they shall meet and make known to
the County Board the needs of the office, recommending to the Board
changes, purchases, as they develop from the study of the needs. They shall
present a proposed budget for each fiscal year to the Finance & Insurance
Committee which covers the expenses of the office, including salaries,
equipment, supplies, publications, bonds, etc.
   This committee shall be the liaison between the County and the non-
union personnel during salary negotiations. They shall make recommenda-
tion to the County Board regarding non-union salary amounts. This com-
mittee shall also be considered the advocate for the non-union personnel.
   This committee will maintain an Employee Handbook, as a joint effort of
the committee and the supervisory personnel. This committee shall serve as
a “sounding board” for departmental supervisors, in an effort to cause com-
munication and develop understanding and cooperation.
  This committee shall act as mediator in personnel disputes, but only upon
written request from the department supervisor and also from the employee.
Further, this committee shall mediate personnel disputes involving depart-
ment heads and public complaint.

        Sheriff / Coroner / Buildings & Grounds / IT Committee

    This committee is to work with the Sheriff for the good of the citizens of
the County. They shall approve purchase of supplies and equipment for the
Sheriff's Office, the Ogle County Emergency Management Office and the
Coroner's Office. A proposed budget shall be submitted for each fiscal year
to the Finance & Insurance Committee.
   This committee shall see that the Courthouse, Jail, Annexes, Focus
Houses, Sheriff's Administrative Building and surrounding grounds are
maintained in good repair and condition, with suitable lighting, heating,
plumbing and other reasonable facilities; that the expenditures for these
purposes are proper; that a suitable flag is displayed at the Courthouse and
that proper courtesy is shown the flag in the raising, lowering and care of the
same. This committee shall approve and recommend to the County Board
any structural changes, replacement of common equipment and work with

other committees on the improvements needed in various offices.
    This committee shall also be responsible for overseeing the operation of
the county computer network. This includes maintaining network security as
well as upgrading the network to keep pace with advances in technology.

                          Finance and Insurance

    It shall be the duty of this committee to coordinate the various proposed
budgets by other committees and to recommend the annual County Appro-
priations and tax levies to the County Board for approval. They shall see
that the accounts of all funds are kept in an accurate and comprehensive
manner; to see that all financial reports of County Officers are made accord-
ing to Statute, to report to the County Board those accounts which are over-
drawn or likely to be overdrawn and make provision for the payment of all
bills approved by other committees or budgeted for annually.
    In addition this committee shall be responsible for the procurement of
supplies and equipment for the day to day operation of the offices of the
Treasurer and County Administrator. Approve the proposed budget for each
fiscal year.
   The committee shall also be responsible for contracting for an annual
audit by a Certified Public Accountant.
    This committee shall also be responsible for being certain that the
County has, at all times, reasonable protection against loss and liability by
insurance or surety and to contract for all liability, robbery and general
insurance and all surety bonds (including those pertaining to the individual
offices requiring surety) and to see that the policies and bonds are promptly
filed with the County Clerk for safe keeping and reference, except such
bonds as are required to be filed elsewhere according to Statute.

             Health, Education & Welfare and Solid Waste

   This committee shall have jurisdiction over landfill and related areas of
environmental control and shall serve as liaison committee on behalf of the
County Board with the Ogle County Board of Health and the Health Officer.
   They shall be the supervisory committee for the Regional Superintendent
of Schools, the TB Nurse, Animal Control and Solid Waste. They shall be
responsible for submitting of proposed budgets for each department under
their jurisdiction and the procuring of all needed supplies and equipment for
the proper conduct of the business of these departments.

             Judiciary, Circuit Clerk, Juvenile & Probation

   This committee shall be the liaison between the County Board and the
Judiciary, presenting on their behalf a proposed budget each fiscal year.
They shall make recommendations to the County Board as to supplies,
equipment and expenses.
   This committee shall be the liaison between the County Board and the
Circuit Clerk reviewing and presenting the Circuit Clerk's proposed budget
each fiscal year and reviewing monthly bills throughout the year.
   This committee shall be responsible for the operation of the Probation
Dept., dealing with dependent, neglected and delinquent children and adults.
Homes for children who are dependent, shall be provided on a temporary
basis at County supported facilities, or in specified homes. Duties also
include the preparation of an annual budget and reviewing the monthly bills
for the operation. The committee shall oversee the needs for the operation of
the Focus House facilities, approving the annual budget as presented and
reviewing and approving the monthly bills.

             Planning, Zoning & Supervisor of Assessments

            This committee shall be the liaison committee to the Zoning
Administrator and the Zoning Board of Appeals, for the Supervisor of As-
sessments, Board of Review and the Planning Commission. Claims of these
offices and Boards shall be approved by the committee and recommenda-
tions shall be made to the County Board as to their needs and requirements.
They shall act within the guidelines of the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdi-
vision Ordinance of Ogle County and the Plat Act of the State of Illinois.
They shall submit annually a proposed budget to cover the needs of these

                        Executive & State's Attorney

            The Executive Committee provides oversight of all Committee
Activities. The Committee is the last standing committee to meet each
month and based upon recommendations from other committees it sets the
County Board agenda.
        This Committee also makes recommendations to the County Board
on appointments to various commissions and Fire Districts.
         This committee is responsible for the budget of the State's Attor-
ney's Office. They shall review expenditures of that office. They shall
recommend to the County Board for their consideration any requests by the
State's Attorney.

                                Road & Bridge

            It shall be the duty of the committee to investigate and report its
recommendation concerning highway matters to the County Board, super-
vise all approved expenditures for road and bridge purposes made by the
County and present a proposed budget for each fiscal year to the Finance
Committee covering the funds under its jurisdiction.

                            Public Aid Committee

          This committee shall conduct hearings for those in need of assis-
tance where the responsibility could lie with the township or the state.

                             Liquor Commission

             It shall be the duty of this commission to investigate all applica-
tions for licenses, to make inspections from time to time of those operations
holding licenses and report to the County Board on the findings.

                              Rules of Order

1. The order of business for the County Board shall be as follows:
           a. Call to order present monthly meeting
           b. Roll Call
           c. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
           d. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
           e. Monthly reports of Treasurer, County Clerk/Recorder &
              Circuit Clerk
           f. Hearings
           g. Appointments and resignations
           h. Resolutions presented
           i. Claims presented
           j. Reports of committees
           k. Public comments; limited to five (5) minutes each. Subjects
              which have been covered in a prior public hearing shall not be
              presented here
           l. Communications
           m. Unfinished Business and New Business
           n. Adjourn

2. The Clerk shall call the names of the members in rotating alphabetical
order when calling the roll or in polling a vote except the County Board
Chairman’s name shall always be the final name called. Rotation shall be
continuous from meeting to meeting.

3. The Chairman shall prepare an agenda for each regular and special
meeting of the County Board, which shall be distributed to the members at
least one day before the meeting commences.

4. The Chairman shall preserve order and shall decide questions of order,
subject to an appeal to the Board, without debate.

5. Every Member shall address the Chairman before speaking on an issue.

6. The Chairman shall determine who shall speak first, if two or more
Members address the Chairman at the same time.

7. No member shall speak more than twice on the same question without
leave from the Board, and shall occupy not more than fifteen minutes the
first time or more than five minutes the second.

8. A member, or members, called to order by the Chairman shall
immediately take his/her seat and if there be no appeal, the decision of the
Chairman shall be final.

9. Any Member leaving a meeting shall notify the County Board Chairman
of their departure.

10. Every member present, on the putting of a question, shall vote thereon,
unless excused by the Board or he/she has a conflict of interest. A conflict
of interest shall be stated for the record. A member who abstains from
voting shall also refrain from joining debate. This same procedure shall be
followed for committee meetings.

11. There shall be no debate until there is a second. A motion shall be
restated or reduced to writing if required by the Chairman or any member of
the Board.

12. After presentation to the County Board, each Ordinance or Amendment
to an Ordinance shall lay over until the next meeting unless the rules are
suspended per Rule #25.

13. They Ogle County Board shall meet the third Tuesday of each month at
5:30 p.m. unless changed by the County Board because of a conflict.

14. Special Meetings of the County Board may be called by the request of at
least one-third of the Members of the County Board. The request shall be in
writing addressed to the County Clerk, and shall specify the time, place and
agenda of such meeting. The Clerk shall immediately transmit notice, in
writing of such meeting to the Members of the County Board, the news
media in the area, and post a notice in the Courthouse in an appropriate

15. County Board Members monthly salary is $150 ($1,800 per year) for up
to three meetings in any month with a per diem of $50 for the fourth and
each succeeding meeting attended in the month. The County Board
Chairman's salary shall include an additional $400 per month ($4,800 per
year) for serving as Chairman.

16. All meetings of the Ogle County Board and County Board committees
shall comply with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

17. Resolutions of sympathy shall be limited to present and former County
Officials, employees and their immediate families.

18. Resolutions shall be reduced to writing by the Member making the
motion and presented to the County Clerk before the end of the business

19. The County Board Chairman shall appoint, with the advice and consent
of the County Board, the members of all committees, commissions, boards
and districts under the jurisdiction of the County Board. Whenever such an
appointee misses three consecutive meetings without due cause, a vacancy
shall be declared and a replacement shall be named in the same manner as
the original appointment.

20. All committees shall make reports and state their opinion thereon. The
report shall reflect the opinion of the majority of the committee. A
committee chairman may speak against a motion he/she brings forth on
behalf of the committee.

21. Standing committees of the County Board shall be responsible for the
following for the department under their authority:

a. Conduct executive searches for the department head(s) under its authority
when a vacancy occurs. The selected candidate shall be presented to the
County Board for approval.

b. To ensure that no County Official under the jurisdiction of the respective
committee creates any new positions without prior approval of said
committee and the County Board.

c. To review the budget submitted by each department under the committee
and make recommendations to the Finance Committee, in accordance with
the budget calendar approved each year by the County Board.

22. All bids shall be a part of the County Board records.

23. Purchases made by an office or department, other than those of elected
County Officials, in excess of $3,000 (value of trade-ins to be included in
the purchase price) shall be by sealed bids. (NOTE FROM SA: State Law
says $10,000 FYI) Committees of the Board responsible for such purchases
or the Department Head, shall advertise or solicit bids, with at least two bids
on comparable items being requested. Announcement of the desire to seek
bids on a purchase may be made at any public meeting of the committee.
All bids shall be directed to the attention of the committee chairman and
shall remain sealed until the designated time for public opening of the bids.
All bids which exceed $3,000 shall be reviewed by the Board, even if
allowed in the budget.

24. All County Orders shall be signed by the officer or person in charge of
the office, and must be on file with the County Clerk on Wednesday before
each regular County Board meeting. Supporting bills from vendors or
service providers shall be included.

25. These rules may be suspended in any particular case by a roll call vote of
two-thirds of the members present.

26. All questions not covered by these rules shall be decided by the current
edition of "Roberts' Rules of Order," newly-revised.

(Rules of Order modified and amended at the March 18, 2004 Ogle County
Board Meeting)


                        Brookville Township
                       17804 Illinois Route 52
                           Polo, IL 61064

Supervisor Aileen Diehl, 15100 W Goosehollow Rd, Polo
Clerk Joanne Bott, 17992 Illinois Route 64 West, Polo
Assessor Angela Dieterman, 806 1st Ave, Forreston
Highway Comm. Christopher Diehl, 15548 W. Goosehollow Rd, Polo
D. Jack Bott, 17992 Illinois Route 64 West, Polo
Mary Crawford, 1986 N Mt Vernon Rd, Polo
Richard W Byers, 5726 N Fork Creek Rd, Forreston
Jason Sword, 16923 Center Hill Rd, Forreston

                  Buffalo Township - 815/946-2015
                          117 N. Franklin
                           Polo, IL 61064

        Meeting Day - 2nd Wednesday of the month - 7:30 p.m.

Supervisor Phillip Fossler, 10653 W. Henry Rd, Polo
Clerk Judith Norris, 12471 W Fairmount Rd, Polo
Assessor Gladys Fossler, 10547 W. Henry Rd, Polo
Highway Comm. William Clothier, 106 N. Cherry Ave, Polo
Richard Faivre, 11666 W. Fairmont, Polo
Brad Ford, 103 North Maple, Polo
Ronald Bartelt, 4985 S. Freeport Rd, Polo
Kevin Carroll, 2610 S Wagon Rd, Polo

                   Byron Township - 815/234-8438
                           507 Colfax St
                           P.O. Box 712
                          Byron, IL 61010
                        Fax - 815/234-4528

         Meeting Day - 2nd Thursday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Mike Lewis, 109 Fox Run Lane, Byron
Clerk Barbara Rundle, 10805 N Hoisington Rd, Byron
Assessor Gynel C. Orr, 118 Perene, Byron
Highway Comm. Ronald Gibson, P.O. Box 788, Byron
Gary Hassler, 8579 Verde Ct, Byron
Linn W. Weber, 2391 E. Montague Rd, Byron
Scott Fletcher, 8966 N. Barker Rd, Byron
Dave Johnson, 8590 N. Finch Lane, Byron

                   Dement Township - 815/384-3042
                        321 S Woodlawn Rd
                            P.O. Box 48
                         Creston, IL 60113

          Meeting Day - 2nd Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Ronald Janota, 204 S Grove St, Creston
Clerk Penelope Payton, 223 E Cedarholm St, Creston
Assessor John A. Pearson, 2624 Lynnville Ct, Lindenwood
Highway Comm. Allen Berg, 5614 Beck Rd, Rochelle
 James Davey, 301 W North St, Creston
Janice Cich, 304 E Cedarholm St, Creston
James Bachman, 123 N Prairie St, Creston
Cynthia Petry, 3503 S Mulford Rd, Rochelle

                        Eagle Point Township
                       3537 S. Brookville Rd.
                            Polo, IL 61064
                            (No mailbox )
          Meeting Day - 3rd Monday of the month - 7:30 p.m.

Supervisor Elizabeth Itnyre, 3553 S. Brookville Rd, Polo
Clerk Emilie P. Keller, 3925 S. Talbott Rd, Polo
Assessor Gladys Fossler, 10547 W. Henry Rd, Polo
Highway Comm. Richard Hose, 17132 W. Robin Rd, Polo
Keith Poole, 16541 W. Brick Church Rd, Polo
Allen Vickers, 16730 W Milledgeville Rd, Polo
Harriet M Hutchison, 3562 S Talbott Rd, Polo
Keith A Schryver, 16695 W Stewart Rd, Polo

                           Flagg Township
                           303 W Route 38
                          Rochelle, IL 61068

          Meeting Day - 2nd Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                  Website: www.flaggtownship.org

Supervisor Bob Withrow, 1200 Scott Ave, Rochelle - 815-562-7360
Clerk Joanna Patrick, 909 Lincoln Hwy, Rochelle
Assessor Robert Elliott, 1072 Westview Dr, Rochelle - 815/562-6862
Highway Comm. Scott Seebach, 125 Willis Ave, Rochelle - 815-562-7881
Kent Chidley, 4340 S. Kings Rd, Rochelle
James Kenney, 6873 Joanne Ave, Rochelle
Eric Gruben, 10665 E Kyte Rd, Rochelle
Diane Cecil, 921 N 7th Ave #1, Rochelle

                 Forreston Township - 815/938-2609
                         104 E State Street
                        Forreston, IL 61030
                (mail correspondence to Supervisor)

             Meeting Day - 2nd Wednesday of the month
                  March thru October - 7:30 p.m.
               November thru February - 6:30 p.m.

Supervisor Steven Greenfield, 8678 N. Mt Vernon Rd, Forreston
Clerk Jean Burton, 509 S. 4th Ave., Forreston
Assessor Angela Dieterman, 806 1st Ave, Forreston
Highway Comm. Robert L. Bowers, 13904 W. White Oak Rd, Forreston
David Vietmeier, 201 5th Ave, Forreston
Larry Edler, 14056 W. Pit Rd, Forreston
Maurice Bronkema, 204 W. Logan St, Forreston
Ronald Zumdahl, 308 3rd Ave, Forreston

               Grand Detour Township - 815/652-4543
                            8110 Main
                          Dixon, IL 61021
                         Fax - 815/652-4543
                  (mail correspondence to Clerk)

Supervisor Francis Drew, Jr, 6994 Il Rt 2 South, Oregon
Clerk Debbie Lowry, 4642 House Rd, Oregon
Assessor Rita Dauphin, 8848 W. Pines Rd, Polo
Highway Comm. Kenneth Lowry Sr, 4642 House Rd, Oregon
Connie Ross, 8065 S. Delaware, Dixon
John Foxley, 8233 Il Rt 2 S, Dixon
John McLane, 3574 W Rock St, Dixon
Dennis Coomes, 3708 W Illinois St, Dixon

                         Lafayette Township
                           7351 Chana Rd
                          Ashton, IL 61006

               Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Supervisor Sandra Fishel, 7088 Sudbury Rd, Ashton
Clerk Elizabeth Hahn, 7112 Gurler Rd, Ashton - 815/453-2655
Assessor Michelle Halverson
Highway Comm. Clifford Jones, 7972 S. Prairie Rd, Ashton 815/453-7764
Alan Albrecht, 8876 Gurler Rd, Ashton
John Reinke, 5356 S. Meridian Rd, Rochelle
Merle Meurer, 8127 Route 38 E, Ashton
Richard Kennay, 8991 S. Prairie Rd, Ashton

                 Leaf River Township - 815/291-9377
                             12 Main St
                            P.O. Box 113
                        Leaf River, IL 61047

                Meeting Day - 2nd Monday of the month
         7:00 p.m. Daylight Time & 7:30 p.m. Standard Time

Supervisor Leonard Hagemann, 8251 Quail Ridge Rd, LR - 815/291-9377
Clerk Sandra Theden, 4389 Otter Rd, Leaf River
Assessor Michael Flick, 210 E. Second St, Leaf River - 815/291-9357
Highway Comm. Francis Bral, 8517 N. Mulberry Rd, LR - 815/631-1386
Arnold Schelling, 2827 W. Montague, Leaf River
Kevin Wilson, 9794 N. Leaf River Rd, Leaf River
Steve Swanson, 4260 W. Lightsville Rd, Leaf River
Keith E Zellers, 1409 Il Rt 72 W, Leaf River

                    Lincoln Township - no phone
                        12319 W. Jefferson
                           Polo, IL 61064

         Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month - 7:30 a.m.

Supervisor Donald E. Nelson, 10807 IL RT 64 W, Polo
Clerk Kenneth Eichholz, 2461 N Summer Hill Rd, Polo
Assessor Brian Daws, 10308 W. Coffman Rd, Forreston
Highway Comm Mark Bocker, 10742 IL Route 64 W, Polo
 Lee Black, 10056 W. Lanark Rd, Forreston
William Meyers, 9600 W Grove Rd, Forreston
Randall Ocken, 3445 N. Union Rd, Polo
Gregory Broshous, 9840 W Apple Rd, Forreston

                 Lynnville Township - 815/393-4998
                            108 1st Street
                            P.O. Box 104
                      Lindenwood, IL 61049

               Meeting Day - 3rd Monday of the month

Supervisor Marilyn Schlaf, 2641 Lynnville Ct, Lindenwood
Clerk Carolyn Grzywa, 536 N. Lynnville Rd, Lindenwood
Assessor John Pearson, 2624 Lynnville Ct, Lindenwood
Highway Comm. Richard Drendel, 17178 IL RT 64, Rochelle
 F. Wayne Dummer, P.O. Box 145, Lindenwood
Glenn Hansen, 18420 E. Gillis Road, Rochelle
Kathryn Korth, 2662 Lynnville Ct, Lindenwood
T. Walter Roush, 20895 IL Route 64 E, Esmond

                  Marion Township - 815/645-8383
                       400 W Roosevelt Rd
                    Stillman Valley, IL 61084

         Meeting Day - 4th Monday of the month - 7:30 p.m.

Supervisor Bryan R. Vandiver, 6196 E. McCormick Rd, Stillman Valley
Clerk Ronald Lewis, 3930 N. Stillman Rd, Stillman Valley
Assessor Robert Maas, 8289 E Holcomb Rd, Chana - 815-645-8383
Highway Comm. Brian Johnson, 4152 Merrill Rd, SV - 815-645-8138
Dan Kunce, 5957 E. Weld Park Rd, Stillman Valley
Bill Hagemann, 7786 N Kishwaukee Rd, Stillman Valley,
Arthur Smith, 2210 N Meridian Rd, Chana
Candy Coffey, 7205 E Holcomb Rd, Stillman Valley

                         Maryland Township
                       (Contact Township Clerk)

          Meeting Day - 4th Tuesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Fred Wiederholtz, 8707 W. Lightsville Rd, Leaf River
Clerk Marta Poppen, 10297 N. Columbine Rd, Forreston - 815-541-3542
Assessor Brian Daws, 10308 W. Coffman Rd, Forreston
Highway Comm. Stuart Meyers, 9748 Townline Road, Forreston
Arnold Heeren, 6942 W. Wagner Rd, German Valley
Robert Meyers, 11323 W Montague Rd, Baileyville
Loran Wilken, 9441 N. Adeline Rd, Leaf River
Shelby Cain, Jr, 6743 White Eagle Rd, Leaf River

                        Monroe Township
                           P.O. Box 21
                      Monroe Center, IL 61052

               Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month
                    7:30 p.m. at Firefighters Hall

Supervisor Thomas Lichty, P.O. Box 36, Monroe Center
Clerk Margaret Wills, 15862 Timberlane Dr, Davis Junction
Assessor Kathryn Kueking, 5313 N Kilbuck Rd, Monroe Center
Highway Comm. Wilbur A. Brass, 100 Main St, Monroe Center
Harley McCammond, 214 Clark St, Monroe Center
Andre B. Lundquist, 209 Clark St, Monroe Center
Scott Bearrows, 17311 N Edson Rd, Rockford
Lynn Warner, 207 South St, Monroe Center

                 Mt Morris Township - 815/734-4525
                          105 W Lincoln
                       Mt Morris, IL 61054

          Meeting Day - 2nd Friday of the month - 1:00 p.m.

Supervisor John Thompson, 202 E. Front St, Mt. Morris
Clerk Ewell Gardner, 306 Sunset Ln, Mt Morris
Assessor Paul Peterson, 409 W First St, Mt Morris
Highway Comm. Joel Lawrence, 2764 N. Willow Rd, Mt Morris
Clarence Lumsden, 507 E. Hitt, Mt Morris
John Finfrock, 409 E. Brayton, Mt Morris
Tom Snodgrass, 6618 W. Apple Rd, Mt Morris
Gene Ashton, 1883 N Weller Dr., Mt. Morris

               Oregon-Nashua Township - 815/732-2390
                        107 N. Etnyre Ave
                         Oregon, IL 61061
                        Fax - 815/732-2636

        Meeting Day - 1st Wednesday of the month - 6:30 p.m.

Supervisor Sharon Bowers, 609 S. 7th St, Oregon - 815/732-6685
Clerk Cecilia Zimmerman, 972 Marsh Rd, Oregon
Assessor Gary Bolthouse, 501 S 1st St, Oregon
Highway Comm. Tim Leary, 2290 S. Il Rt 2, Oregon
David Stenger, 2877 S. Daysville Rd, Oregon
Duane Moser, 923 Lafayette St, Oregon
Gary Schnorr, 409 S 6th St, Oregon
Edwin Wehmhoefer, 505 S 7th St, Oregon

                         Pine Creek Township
                           5505 W. Pines Rd
                           Oregon, IL 61061

              Meeting Day - 2nd Monday of the month
                      7074 W. Penn Corner Rd
   May thru October - 8:00 p.m. & November thru April - 7:30 p.m.

Supervisor Lyle Hopkins, 7074 W. Penn Corner Rd, Polo - 815-946-2660
Clerk Thomas Wiggins, 2676 S. Anterior Rd, Oregon - 815-946-2541
Assessor Rita Dauphin, 8848 W. Pines Rd, Polo - 815-946-2195
Highway Comm. Jody Yount, 5266 W. Pines Rd, Oregon - 815-732-2042
Dale Drexler, 2325 S. Columbian Rd, Oregon - 815-732-3348
Ray Schmidt, 6095 W. Pines Rd., Oregon - 815-732-7574
Marcia Heuer, 589 S. Harmony Rd, Oregon - 815-732-2747
Ron Baker, 1428 S Lowell Park Rd, Polo - 815-946-3346

                Pine Rock Township - 815/973-4218
                          206 School St
                        Chana, IL 61015

         Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month - 7:30 p.m.

Supervisor Donald Huntley, 5038 S. Chana Rd, Chana
Clerk Lindy Eckerd, 4794 S. Prairie Rd., Chana
Assessor Michelle Halverson
Highway Comm. Gary Clark, 6573 E Cottonwood Rd, Chana
Gary Myers, 6898 E. Brick Rd, Oregon
Gerald Beck, 2311 S. Chana Rd, Chana
Bob Mortimer, 3368 Sweeny Rd, Chana
Seth B Gelander, 4437 S Chana Rd, Chana

                 Rockvale Township - 815/234-7291
                    6057Illinois Route 2 North
                        Oregon, IL 61061

              Meeting Day - 3rd Monday of the month

Supervisor Jeff Tremble, 1514 W Mud Creek Rd, Oregon
Clerk Sandra DeVries, 2748 N Deer Path Cir, Oregon
Assessor Jennifer Meminger, 6429 N. Town Hall Rd, Oregon
Highway Comm. Timothy R. Wiltfang, 6061 N. Town Hall Rd, Oregon
Mike McNett, 3909 N. Town Hall Rd, Oregon
William Suneson, 1511 N. River Rd, Oregon
Ron Snodgrass, 3082 N Silver Creek Rd, Oregon
Sam Thomas, 1258 W Indian Heights Dr, Oregon

                   Scott Township - 815/645-2679
                          11993 E Hwy 72
                     Davis Junction, IL 61020

               Meeting Day - 3rd Monday of the month

Supervisor Robert L. Horn, 14991 Big Mound Rd, Davis Junction
Clerk Tamara J Glendenning, 13451 Big Mound Rd, Davis Junction
Assessor Michelle Knight, 11591 E Holcomb Rd, Davis Junction
Highway Comm. Paul Gibson, 11016 E Utility Rd, Stillman Valley
Francis Sanders, 11992 Scott Rd, Davis Junction
Douglas J. Glendenning, 10907 E High Rd, Davis Junction
Roger Hickey, 8717 N Rothwell Rd, Davis Junction
Terry Glendenning, 13451 Big Mound Rd, Davis Junction

                   Taylor Township - 815/677-5757
                          280 W Flagg Rd
                          Oregon, IL 61061

         Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor JoAnn Reynolds, 6058 S. Daysville Rd, Oregon
Clerk Marian Baker, 1401 E Flagg Rd, Oregon
Assessor Michelle Halverson
Highway Comm. Edwin Bettner, 6400 S. Lowden Rd, Oregon
Mel Jackovich, 708 Rock Court, Dixon
Richard Petitt, 708 Kaskaskia Dr, Dixon
Charles Reynolds, 6058 S Daysville Rd, Oregon
Herb O’Rourke, 518 St Francis Dr, Dixon

                White Rock Township - 815/562-2201
                            400 Third St
                          Kings, IL 61068
                (mail correspondence to Supervisor)

               Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Supervisor John Greenfield, 1516 S. White Rock Rd, Kings
Clerk Nicole Adamski, 10886 Lindenwood Rd, Chana
Assessor Michelle Knight, 11591 E Holcomb Rd, Davis Junction
Highway Comm. Gary Harleman, 10695 E Post Rd, Chana
 James Milligan, 481 Church Rd, Kings
Larry Blumeyer, 13290 E Dutch Rd, Kings
Clayton Fraley, 1980 Kent Rd, Kings
George Bigelow, 209 Cherry St, Kings

                         Woosung Township

Supervisor Matt Shore, 706 Cunningham St, Woosung
Clerk Sharon Harrison, 10598 W. Edgewood Rd, Polo
Assessor Gladys Fossler, 10547 W. Henry Rd, Polo
Highway Comm. Tom Hoak, 5902 IL RT 26, Polo
Ed Cox, 6978 S. China Road, Polo
Lorin Gatz, 14748 W. Buffalo Rd, Polo
Arthur Willstead, 1916 W. Woosung Rd, Polo
Jeff Scholl, 10948 W Sterling Rd, Polo


                          Village of Adeline
                    8763 N. Main St - Village Hall
                   (mail correspondence to Clerk)

         Meeting Day - 3rd Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Pres. Mike Dickinson, 9069 N. Main St, Leaf River
Clerk Karen Dickinson, 9069 N. Main St, Leaf River
Treas Sheila Robertson, 9090 N. Main St, Leaf River
Garry Grabins, 7870 W. Gem Rd, Leaf River
Brian Leake, 9008 W White Eagle Rd, Leaf River
Paulinda Hubbard, 8103 W White Eagle Rd, Leaf River
Linda Meyer, 8788 N Main St, Leaf River
Dorene Mulder, 8846 N Grove St, Leaf River
Roger Branscomb, 9035 N Cedar, Leaf River

                    City of Byron - 815/234-2762
                          232 W. Second St.
                            P.O. Box 916
                           Byron, IL 61010

     Meeting Day - 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month - 6:30 p.m.
                   Website: www.cityofbyron.com

Mayor Christopher R. Millard, 415 Ashelford Ct, Byron
Clerk Kim P. Gouker, P.O. Box 926, Byron
Treas Ralph Larson, 226 N. Franklin, Byron
Alderman #1 - Donna Coyne, 417 N Mineral St, Byron
Alderman #1 - Tom Palmgren, 653 Harvest Dr, Byron
Alderman #2 Caryn Huber, 815 Hampton Dr, Byron
Alderman #2 - John Rickard, 1002 Shadow Wood Dr, Byron
Alderman #3 - J. Todd Isaacs, 917 Kingsway Ln, Byron
Alderman #3 - Michael Gyorkos, 146 S Fox Run Ln, Byron
Alderman #4 - David Hillis, 211 S Colfax, Byron
Alderman #4 - Christy Hanlin, 933 Crest Ct, Byron

                   Village of Creston - 815/384-4140
                            110 N. Main St
                              P.O. Box 36
                           Creston, IL 60113

          Meeting Day - 1st Tuesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                 Website: www.villageofcreston.org

Pres Thomas Byro, 220 S. Transit, Creston
Clerk Deanne Haub, 220 S Grove, Creston
Treas Penelope C. Payton, 223 E. Cedarholm St, Creston
Curt Ward, 501 W. Cederholm, Creston
Mike Brodzik, 324 E Grant St, Creston
Cassandra Headon, 400 Kaye Lane Creston
Scott Garrison, 320 North St, Creson
Greg Hopkins, 522 South St, Creston
Steve Bohling, 121 W South St, Creston

                Village of Davis Junction - 815/645-8000
                             106 N. Elm St
                              P.O. Box 207
                        Davis Junction, IL 61020

          Meeting Day - 2nd Tuesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                  Website: www.davisjunction.com

Pres Ken Diehl, 119 Harvest Glenn Dr, Davis Junction
Clerk Linda Janes, 3044 N. Meridian Rd, Stillman Valley
Treas Jean Simons, P.O. Box 215, Stillman Valley
Brenda Ognibene, 144 Autumnwood Ln, Davis Junction
Robert Protz, 102 Harvest Glen Dr, Davis Junction
 Rick Wurm, 604 Willow Bend Dr, Davis Junction
John Talbot, 147 Harvest Glenn Dr, Davis Junction
Bill Motisi, 103 Autumnwood Lane, Davis Junction
Jason Grimes, 121 Dayflower Cir, Davis Junction

                  Village of Forreston - 815/938-2400
                             102 S. Walnut
                              P.O. Box 206
                          Forreston, IL 61030

        Meeting Days - 1st & 3rd Mondays of month - 7:00 p.m.

Pres Michael Harn, 810 First Ave, Forreston
Clerk Carol Gagliardi, 804 First Ave, Forreston
Treas Fred Schneiderman, P.O. Box 94, Forreston
Eric Erdmann, P.O. Box 691, Forreston
Marc L Stamm, P.O. Box 335, Forreston
Gary D. Buss, 506 5th Avenue, Forreston
Tim Drayton, P.O. Box 272, Forreston
Jeff Freeze, 704 S Walnut Ave, Forreston
Mark Metzger, P.O. Box 103, Forreston

                  Village of Hillcrest - 815/562-7770
                           204 Hillcrest Ave
                              P.O. Box 6
                          Rochelle, IL 61068
                           815/562-6902 - fax

        Meeting Day - 2nd Wednesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                    Website: www.hillcrestil.us

Pres Richard Hicks, 219 Wayne Rd, Rochelle
Clerk Teresa J. Adams, 318 Erickson Rd, Rochelle
Treas Sarah Kilmer, 107 Ramona Ave, Rochelle
James Mecklenburg, 313 Hillcrest Ave, Rochelle
Rich Elliott, 145 Wayne Rd, Rochelle
Randy Salsbury, 201 Leeward Ln, Rochelle
James C McMullin, 408 Linda Ave, Rochelle
Trevor Unger, 214 Ramona Ave, Rochelle
Vicki Stewart, 420 Wayne, Rochelle

                  Village of Leaf River - 815/738-2341
                              605 Main St
                              P.O. Box 278
                          Leaf River, IL 61047
                           815/738-2344 - fax

                  Meeting Day - 1st Tuesday of month

Pres Paul T. Bral, 104 E 2nd St, Leaf River
Clerk Tena L. Krueger, 11911 N. Leaf River Rd, Leaf River
Treas Janice Myers, P.O. Box 21, Leaf River
Jacklyn Flick, 210 E. Second St, Leaf River
Robert Wilcox, 412 Garfield St, Leaf River
Shirley Poggioli, 408 Garfield St, Leaf River
Judith Conkey, 207 W 4th St, Leaf River

               Village of Monroe Center - 815/393-3773
                             104 West St
                             P.O. Box 88
                       Monroe Center, IL 61052
                          815/393-4493 - fax

          Meeting Day - 4th Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.

Pres Steven Gronlund, 5667 N Carole Ct, Monroe Center
Clerk Sylvia Heidemann, 309 Main St, Monroe Center
Treas Darrell Ropp, 204 E. Pershing, Stillman Valley
Bruce Love Sr, 502 Pacific St, Monroe Center
Daniel Farlik, 206 Meadow Ln, Monroe Center
Anna Standard, 102 Monroe St, Monroe Center
Vicki Rainwater, 108 South St, Monroe Center
Shari Reagan, 207 Clark St, Monroe Center
Bob Garnhart, 17820 Hwy 72, Monroe Center

                 Village of Mt. Morris - 815/734-6425
                            105 W. Lincoln
                         Mt Morris, IL 61054

      Meeting Day - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                   Website: www.mtmorrisil.com

Pres Gregory Unger, 605 W 1st St, Mt Morris
Clerk Paula Diehl, 107 W First St, Mt Morris
Ronald K. Lessen, 313 W. Brayton Rd, Mt. Morris
Jon Murray, 107 E. Front St, Mt Morris
Tim Harvey, 409 W. Main St, Mt Morris
Leo P. Marshall, 111 W. 1st St, Mt Morris
Don Sorenson, 607 Clinton, Mt Morris
Mary Francis, 313 Emily St, Mt Morris

                    City of Oregon- 815/732-6321
                             115 N 3rd St
                          Oregon, IL 61061

      Meeting Day—2nd & 4th Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                 Website: www.cityoforegon.org

Mayor Thomas R. Stone Sr, 801 Clay St., Oregon
Clerk Charlene Ruthe, 406 S. 6th St, Oregon
Bob Rees, 311 N. Third St, Oregon
Tom Miller, 1206 N Illinois St, Oregon
Jim Lauer, 300 S 3rd St, Oregon
Ken Williams, 400 Mix St, Oregon

                      City of Polo - 815/946-3514
                            115 S. Franklin
                            Polo, IL 61064

    Meeting Day - 1st & 3rd Monday of the month - 7:00 p.m.
                       Website: www.poloil.org

Mayor Mark Scholl, 301 N Congress Ave, Polo
Clerk Susan Corbitt, 115 N. Franklin Ave, Polo
Treas Kristine Clothier, 430 E. Dixon St, Polo
Alderman Ward #1
Norman J. Carroll, 604 E Oregon St, Polo
Louise M. Hall, 802 E Buffalo St, Polo
Alderman Ward #2
David Ackeberg, 901 W Fulton St, Polo
Doug Knapp, 514 N Congress Ave, Polo
Alderman Ward #3
Jeff Van Oosten, 305 S Congress Ave, Polo
Cheryl Galor, 607 W Oregon St, Polo

                    City of Rochelle - 815/562-6161
                             420 N. 6th St
                             P.O. Box 601
                       Rochelle, IL 61068-0601

         Meeting Day - 2nd & 4th Monday of Month - 7:00 p.m.
                  Website: www.cityofrochelle.net

Mayor Chet Olson, 6th St & 5th Ave, Rochelle
Clerk Bruce McKinney, 6th St & 5th Ave, Rochelle
Treas Christine Frye, 6th St & 5th Ave, Rochelle
William “Bil” Hayes, 322 S 3rd Street, Rochelle
Dennis Berg, 950 N 10th St, Rochelle
Kathleen Hollonbeck, 1175 Clifton Terr, Rochelle
David Eckhardt, 1201 Clifton Terr, Rochelle
Dan McDermott, 917 Lincoln Hwy, Rochelle
Tom McDermott, 515 N 7th St, Rochelle

               Village of Stillman Valley - 815/645-2200
                            120 N. Walnut St
                              P.O. Box 127
                       Stillman Valley, IL 61084

          Meeting Days - 2nd & 4th Mondays of month - 7 p.m.
                   Website: www.stillmanvalley.us

Pres James “Jim” Mays, 136 S Maple St, Stillman Valley
Clerk Mary Scott, 108 E Main St, Stillman Valley
Treas Randy Fruin, 426 Second St, Stillman Valley
Nance’ Lorenz, 317 S. Hickory St, Stillman Valley
John Russell, 108 Splendor Court, Stillman Valley
Michael Musso, 234 S Rural, Stillman Valley
Becky Waltrip, 342 E Roosevelt St, Stillman Valley
Sue Carpenter, 201 E Pershing, Stillman Valley
Dan Watson, 212 Second St, Stillman Valley


                                Board of Review
           Meeting to organize on or before the third Monday of June. Final
adjournment on or before September 7th.

                                Levy Certification Dates
                                   To County Clerk

            The deadline for filing levies from the following districts is the last
Tuesday of December:
            Counties under 1 million                Museum Districts
            Forest Preserve Districts               Cities & Villages
            Park Districts                          Fire Protection Districts
            Library Districts                       Townships
            Road Districts                          School Districts
            Other Special Districts

                           County Clerk to Compute Rates

             The County Clerk will compute rates on the assessed valuation of
property, as equalized or confirmed by the Department of Revenue based upon the
assessed valuation established by the County Board of Review, and all property
assessed by the State Tax Commission for other taxes.

                        U.S. Census Bureau Information

                   Registrars of Vital Statistics with whom
                  Births, Stillbirths, and Deaths must be filed
                        Local Registration District 71.0

                           Ogle County Registrar
                    Bruce McKinney, City Clerk, Rochelle
                Judy Schermerhorn, Deputy City Clerk, Rochelle

                     OGLE COUNTY POLLING PLACES

Brookville     Town Hall, 17804 IL Route 52, Polo
Buffalo 1      Senior Services Center, 101 E. Mason, Polo
Buffalo 2      Senior Services Center, 101 E. Mason, Polo
Buffalo 3      Senior Services Center, 101 E. Mason, Polo
Byron 1        Byron City Hall, 232 W. Second St., Byron
Byron 2        Byron Fire Station, 123 N Franklin St, Byron
Byron 3        Byron City Hall, 232 W. Second St., Byron
Byron 4        Byron Fire Station, 123 N Franklin St, Byron
Dement         Municipal Building, 110 N Main St, Creston
Eagle Point    Township Building (Hazelhurst), 3537 S. Brookville Rd, Polo
Flagg 1        St. Patrick's Parish Center, 244 Kelley Dr., Rochelle
Flagg 2        St. Patrick's Parish Center, 244 Kelley Dr., Rochelle
Flagg 3        Spring Lake Marina, Avenue B & 8th St, Rochelle
Flagg 4        Flagg Center Fire Station, 5288 S. Center Rd., Rochelle
Flagg 5        Hickory Grove Civic Center, Hwy 251 N., Rochelle
Flagg 6        St. Patrick's Parish Center, 244 Kelley Dr., Rochelle
Flagg 7        Spring Lake Marina, Avenue B & 8th St, Rochelle
Flagg 8        Village Hall, 204 Hillcrest Ave, Rochelle
Flagg 9        Hickory Grove Civic Center, Hwy 251 N., Rochelle
Flagg 10       Hickory Grove Civic Center, Hwy 251 N., Rochelle
Flagg 11       Flagg Center Fire Station, 5288 S. Center Rd., Rochelle
Forreston 1    Township Building, 104 E State St., Forreston
Forreston 2    Township Building, 104 E State St., Forreston
Forreston 3    Township Building, 104 E State St, Forreston
Grand Detour   Township Building, 8110 Main, Grand Detour
Lafayette      Town Hall, 7351 Chana Rd, Ashton
Leaf River     Village Hall, 12 Main St., Leaf River
Lincoln        Town Hall, 12319 W. Jefferson, Polo
Lynnville      Township Building, 108 1st St., Lindenwood
Marion 1       SV Fire Dist. Bldg, 200 S. Rural Rd., Stillman Valley
Marion 2       SV Fire Dist. Bldg, 200 S. Rural Rd., Stillman Valley
Marion 3       SV Fire Dist. Bldg, 200 S. Rural Rd., Stillman Valley
Maryland       Old Stone School House, Adeline Vill Hall8763 N Main St, Leaf River
Monroe         Fire Station, 104 West St, Monroe Center
Mt. Morris 1   Village Hall, 105 W. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris
Mt. Morris 2   Village Hall, 105 W. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris
Mt. Morris 3   Village Hall, 105 W. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris
Mt. Morris 4   Village Hall, 105 W. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris

Oregon-Nashua 1   Nash Recreation Center, 304 S 5th St, Oregon
Oregon-Nashua 2   Nash Recreation Center, 304 S 5th St, Oregon
Oregon-Nashua 3   Nash Recreation Center, 304 S 5th St, Oregon
Oregon-Nashua 4   Oregon-Nashua Twp Bldg, 107 N Etnyre Ave, Oregon
Oregon-Nashua 5   Nash Recreation Center, 304 S 5th St, Oregon
Oregon-Nashua 6   Church of God, 860 W. Oregon Trail Rd, Oregon
Pine Creek        Town Hall, 5527 Pines Rd., Polo
Pine Rock         Township Garage, 206 School St., Chana
Rockvale 1        Township Building, 6057 Il. Rt. 2, Oregon
Rockvale 2        Township Building, 5393 River Rd, Byron
Scott             Davis Junction Fire Dept, 106 S Maple/Junction St,
Taylor            Township Building, 280 W. Flagg Rd., Oregon
White Rock        Township Building, 410 Third St., Kings
Woosung           Edwin & Mary Yingling Garage, 501 Il Rt 26, Woosung

                        Locations Are Subject to Change

                       Joylene K Roberts
                           Buffalo II
                      Patricia E. Saunders
                             Byron 3
                        Jeffrey Wilmarth
                             Byron 4
                          Becky Eytalis
                        Byron City Hall
                Melissa Baxter—Debra Johnson
                         Byron Library
        Marla McCoy - Penny O'Rourke - Penny Meeker
                 Joan Myroth - Fred Cederholm
                         DeKalb Bank
                         Michelle Janco
                             Flagg 1
                        Diane McNeilly
                             Flagg 2
               Marguerite Thomas - Merilyn May
                             Flagg 4
                      Carmen L. Scmardo
                             Flagg 5
          Barbara Guest - Gwen Hayes - Thomas Villa
     Janet Stahlheber - Roberta Hanson—Lynda McKibben
                             Flagg 6
                      Judith Schermerhorn
                             Flagg 7
                        Dave Schabacker
                    Flagg-Rochelle Library
Anne Ankney - Barbara Kopplin - Sarah Flanagan - Diane Metzger
 Juan Martinez - Debra Julifs - Kathryn Bettner - Carolyn Foster
                          Forreston 1
                        Michelle Drayton
                          Forreston 3
              Sandra Stukenberg - Carol Wubbena

              Forreston Public Library
                       Cindy Bahr
                 Forreston Village Hall
                    Carol Gagliardi
                     Grand Detour
                     Debbie Lowry
        Julia Hull Library - Stillman Valley
Marina Spitzer - Maria Haughton - Wanda Hendrickson -
  Mary Johnson - Joanna Kluever - Judith Koehler -
         Beatrice Peterson - Leta Woolbright
                  Kishwaukee College
                       Mary Haub
                       Leaf River
                        Dora Betz
                    Margaret Knight
                        Marion 2
                     Julianne Keller
                        Marion 3
                      Jerry Paulson
             James Bobo - Joel Linderoth
                      Mt Morris 3
                     Lynne Wilburn
                  Mt Morris Library
                       Mary Head
                   Oregon/Nashua 1
                      James Barnes
                   Oregon/Nashua 2
                   Joseph Ferrone Sr
                   Oregon/Nashua 6
            Timothy Jones - Andy Colbert
                    Oregon Library
  Susan Spychalski - Faith Head - Kathleen Wilson
                       Pine Creek
                      Donald Conn
                       Pine Rock
                      Phillis Heine

                         Polo City Hall
                  Susan Corbitt - Susan Waszak
                       Rochelle City Hall
                        Bruce McKinney
                 Rochelle Township High School
                       Vicki Snyder-Chura
                           Rockvale 1
                          Donald Reece
Richard Bangs - John Talbot - Kenneth Diehl - Tamara Glendenning
       Sheryl Hawley - Mitchell Majeske—William Motisi
                          Mary Raymer

                 Chairman Stacy Flanagan
               Vice Chairman Hollie Guist Jr
                Secretary Bonne O’Connell
                Treasurer Richard Hourigan

                          OGLE COUNTY
           Precinct Committeemen are Deputy Registrars
The number following the precinct indicates the number of Republican
        ballots cast in the February 2008 Primary Election.
             Total Republican Votes Cast 2008 - 7,815
                            Brookville - 53
        Darlene Brooks, 15919 W. Springdale Rd, Forreston
                            Buffalo 1 - 194
            Shirley Clayton, 409 E. Mason Street, Polo
                            Buffalo 2 –137
        Patricia Saunders, 14738 W Milledgeville Rd, Polo
                            Buffalo 3 - 146
             Nancy Cline, 701 West Mason Street, Polo
                            Byron 1 - 184
            Larry Boes, 4235 E Countryview Dr, Byron
                            Byron 2 - 328
                 Ron Boyer, 8979 Lemke Dr, Byron
                            Byron 3 - 145
                Kim P. Gouker, P.O. Box 926, Byron
                            Byron 4 - 179
               Doug Floski, 8643 Sequoia Dr, Byron
                             Dement - 85
               Todd Barrington, 239 Joanne, Rochelle
                           Eagle Point - 69
           Ken Obendorf, 17684 W. Eagle Point Rd, Polo
                             Flagg 1 - 111
         Steven Bingham, 400 ½ Cherry Avenue, Rochelle
                             Flagg 2 - 116
                W. Ed Rice, 1049 N 8th St, Rochelle
                             Flagg 3 - 125
              Rebecca Huntley, 5173 Bend Rd, Chana
                             Flagg 4 - 289
      John C. Kenney, Jr, 10376 Hickory Ridge Dr, Rochelle

                     Flagg 5 - 289
      Richard Hourigan, 1130 N 4th St, Rochelle
                     Flagg 6 - 160
         David Samp, 205 Linder Ln, Rochelle
                     Flagg 7 - 79
        Robert Kuroda, 128 S 6th St, Rochelle
                     Flagg 8 - 156
       Susan Plumley, 5315 S Harlan, Rochelle
                     Flagg 9 - 113
         Geri Henkel, 927 Missouri Ln, Dixon
                    Flagg 10 - 123
    Brad Burzynski, 10256 E Branch Rd, Rochelle
                     Flagg 11 - 90
        Lori Catron, 9373 Oak Ridge, Rochelle
                  Forreston 1 - 100
  Ken Diehl, 119 Harvest Glenn Dr, Davis Junction
                   Forreston 2 - 61
       Seth Gelander, 4437 S Chana Rd, Chana
                  Forreston 3 - 154
          Paul White, P.O. Box 92, Forreston
                 Grand Detour - 130
        John Foxley, 8233 IL Route 2 S, Dixon
                    Lafayette - 45
       Bob DeArvil, 5980 IL Route 64 E, Chana
                  Leaf River - 138
         Lou Finch, 312 E Brayton, Mt Morris
                     Lincoln - 100
        Michael Lingel, 6616 Friday Rd, Byron
                   Lynnville - 112
      Glenn Hansen, 18420 E Gillis Rd, Rochelle
                   Marion 1 - 151
James Reilley, 6141 E McCormick Rd, Stillman Valley
                   Marion 2 - 275
     Dan Janes, 3044 N Meridian, Stillman Valley
                   Marion 3 - 177
     Martin Typer, 126 S. Maple, Stillman Valley
                    Maryland - 92
   Jerry P. Daws, 10880 W. Coffman Rd, Forreston

                    Monroe - 237
 Timothy Hess, 15850 E Timberlane, Davis Junction
                  Mt Morris 1 - 91
      Harold Neave, 110 N. Hannah, Mt Morris
                  Mt Morris 2 - 108
       Marcia Heuer, 589 S Harmony, Oregon
                  Mt Morris 3 - 145
     Hollie Guist Jr, 502 W Center St, Mt Morris
                  Mt Morris 4 - 206
    John Finfrock, 409 E Brayton Rd, Mt Morris
              Oregon/Nashua 1 - 185
     Ralph Hoekstra, 424 1st St, Stillman Valley
              Oregon/Nashua 2 - 107
          Ron Colson, 131 S 3rd St, Oregon
               Oregon/Nashua 3 - 95
          Kim Stahl, 904 Adams St, Oregon
              Oregon/Nashua 4 - 169
        Lynne Kilker, P.O. Box 243, Oregon
               Oregon/Nashua 5 - 86
    Mary Gutfrucht, 756 Chinquapin Dr, , Oregon
              Oregon/Nashua 6 - 239
    Bonnie O’Connell, 1625 Burlington, Oregon
                  Pine Creek - 201
     Dale Hartle, 7740 W Penn Corner Rd, Polo
                   Pine Rock - 192
   Stacy Flanagan, 618 S Grandview Terr, Oregon
                  Rockvale 1 - 209
          Ed Suits, 708 Chinquapin, Oregon
                  Rockvale 2 - 125
Samuel Thomas, 1258 W Indian Heights Dr, Oregon
                      Scott - 278
 John Talbot, 147 Harvest Glenn Dr, Davis Junction
                     Taylor - 209
       Richard Petitt, 708 Kaskasia Dr, Dixon
                  White Rock - 150
Steven Pierce, 7892 E Berryview Dr, Stillman Valley
                    Woosung - 77
     Thomas Shore, 706 Cunningham, Woosung

                  Chairman Muriel Messer
                Vice Chairman Bobbie Colbert
             Second Vice Chairman Randy Ocken
                     Treasurer Avi Folk
                    Secretary Ron Erdman

                          OGLE COUNTY
               Democratic Precinct Committeemen
          Precinct Committeemen are Deputy Registrars
The number following the precinct indicates the number of Democratic
        ballots cast in the February 2008 Primary Election.
             Total Democratic Votes Cast 2008 - 5,446

                          Brookville - 23
                  Jule Bubois, 109 N Thomas, Polo
                           Buffalo 1 - 94
                           Buffalo 2 - 85
              Mary Lou Landis, 508 W. Locust, Polo
                          Buffalo 3 - 146
             Muriel Messer, 4268 IL Route 26 S, Polo
                           Byron 1 - 172
                Katherine Meyer, 221 S. 2nd, Byron
                           Byron 2 - 288
               Elaine Breck, 9002 Hedge Rd, Byron
                           Byron 3 - 126
             Jeffrey Bowman, 310 W Merchant, Byron
                           Byron 4 - 161
                           Dement - 130
              Ronald Janota, 204 S Grove St, Creston
                          Eagle Point - 24
            Ronald Erdman, 4362 S Lake Fern Rd, Polo
                           Flagg 1 - 103
              Luke Welch, 721 1/2 N 7th St, Rochelle
                           Flagg 2 - 123
         Eleanor “Bobbie” Colbert, 910 N 10th St, Rochelle

              Flagg 3 - 116
              Flagg 4 - 154
              Flagg 5 - 175
               Flagg 6 - 93
Ted Tilton, Jr., 1031 Parkview, Rochelle
              Flagg 7 - 103
              Flagg 8 - 137
               Flagg 9 - 92
              Flagg 10 - 49
              Flagg 11 - 67
            Forreston 1 - 50
            Forreston 2 - 26
            Forreston 3 - 89
          Grand Detour - 101
  Linda Wegner, 8135 S Green, Dixon
             Lafayette - 20
            Leaf River - 146
 Chris Remhof, 5119 E Brook Ct, Byron
               Lincoln - 40
 Randy Ocken, 3445 S Union Rd, Polo
             Lynnville - 72
             Marion 1 - 94
 Tom Slick, 4382 E Walden Rd, Byron
             Marion 2 - 200
Holly Johnson, 3496 Whitaker Rd, Byron
             Marion 3 - 98
  Curt Freeberg, 5754 Il Rt 72, Byron
             Maryland - 54
             Monroe - 186
           Mt Morris 1 - 91
           Mt Morris 2 - 42
           Mt Morris 3 - 119
           Mt Morris 4 - 127
        Oregon/Nashua 1 - 103
         Oregon/Nashua 2 - 72

           Oregon/Nashua 3 - 78
    Donald Tutor, 403 S. 10th St, Oregon
           Oregon/Nashua 4 - 74
   Larry Holland, 1146 Helle Dr, Oregon
           Oregon/Nashua 5 - 77
          Oregon/Nashua 6 - 124
    Andy Colbert, 106 N 14th St, Oregon
              Pine Creek - 59
  Avril Folk, 1160 S Harmony Rd, Oregon
              Pine Rock - 102
    Bob Pires, 4585 S Chana Rd, Chana
              Rockvale 1 - 137
               Rockvale 2 - 92
                 Scott - 233
Sandy LeFever, P.O. Box 305, Stillman Valley
                Taylor - 178
  Marianne Huber, 1012 Timber Dr, Dixon
              White Rock - 69
  Mike Lauer, 13491 E Bethel Rd, Rochelle
               Woosung - 32

                   OGLE COUNTY NEWSPAPERS
          Forreston Journal             Ogle County Newspapers:
          Ogle County Life              Oregon Republican Reporter
          Rochelle News Leader          Mt. Morris Times
          The Sentinel                  Tri-County Press
                 Rock Valley Community Press (Tempo)

                (Recreational License fee $25.00 per year)
               (Racing License fee is $25.00 per race date)

Byron Dragway
River Road, Byron: Byron Dragway, Inc.
DaNuke Paintball Games.com
3485 German Church Rd, Byron: Brad Joesten
Grand Detour Islands Retreat
8195 IL Route 2 S, Dixon: Grand Detour Islands Retreat, Inc
Hansen's Hideaway
2936 Harmony Rd, Oregon: Robert Hansen
Ki Tracks ATV Park
5097 W. Pines Rd, Oregon: Ed & Justine Messenger
Lake LaDonna
1302 Harmony Rd, Oregon: Lamont Gaston
Lake Louise
Route 2 North, Byron: Koritz Management Inc.
Motosports Enterprises
2525 E. Ash Rd, Byron: Motosports Enterprises, LTD
River Road Camping & Marina
3922 N. River Rd, Byron: Ada Overton
Rock River Riders MC Inc
P.O. Box 3, Polo: Larry Weaver, Pres.
Summer Fun Recreation
5067 W. Pines Rd, Oregon: Ed & Justine Messenger
Upland Hunt Club
1475 S. Edson Rd, Davis Jct: Ronald DaRosa, Secy/Treas
White Pines Ranch
3581 Pines Rd, Oregon: Little Sisters, Inc.
White Pines Skating Center
6929 West Pines Rd, Mt Morris: David Johnson

                          CLASS A-1
2190 S. Daysville Rd, Oregon: Taour Enterprises, Corp
Shakey Rooster
332 Rt 64 East, Kings: Shakey Rooster Corp.
14698 Il Rt 64 East, Rochelle: A&J Restaurant Enterprises, Inc.
Silver Ridge Golf Course
3069 N Hill Rd, Oregon: Silver Ridge Golf Course LLC
Chana Tap
104 East Center Street, Chana: Todd VanBriesen
Blackhawk Steak Pit
1429 Il Rt 2 North, Oregon: Black Hawk Steak Pit, Inc.
Catalina's Century Tavern
8288 Il Rt 2 S, Dixon: Dennis Catalina
Lost Nation Golf Club
6931 S. Lost Nation Road, Dixon: Lo-Nat, Inc.
Maxson Riverside Restaurant
1469 Il Rt 2 North, Oregon: Maxson Manor, Inc.

                     CLASS A-1 (PRO-RATED)
Edgewood Golf Course
10684 W Edgewood Rd, Polo: Edgewood Golf Club, Inc
Dixon Elks Page Park
7887 Lowell Park Rd, Dixon: Dixon Elks Lodge 779

                              CLASS A
St. Mary’s Church
881 N. Mongan Dr., Oregon: Father Richard R. Kramer

                         CLASS B-1 (7 - DAY)
Expresslane, Inc.
8120 IL Route 2 South, Grand Detour: Expresslane, Inc.

                              CLASS F
Oregon Country Club, Inc
250 S. Daysville, Oregon: Oregon Country Club, Inc

                        LIQUOR LICENSE FEES

Restricted License (R) allows the licensee to be open on Sunday from noon
to 10:00 pm from May 1 to October 31 only.

Pro-rated license is for seasonal licensees where they pay for only the
months they will be open for business.

 Class              Description                          Amount
A          6-day license                                $ 750.00
A-1 (R) 7-day license                                   $ 1125.00
A-1        7-day license                                $ 1500.00
B          Package license                              $ 500.00
B-1 (R) 7-day package license                           $ 750.00
B-1        7-day package license                        $ 1000.00
C          Beer & wine                                  $ 350.00
C-1 (R) 7-day beer & wine                               $ 525.00
C-1        7-day beer & wine                            $ 700.00
E          One-day license
           (Non-Profit Organizations)                   $    25.00
F          Club license                                 $ 1000.00
G          One-day license
           (For-Profit Organizations)                   $    62.50

               2008 TAX OGLE COUNTY

                Valuation           Rate       Tax Extended
               1,499,060,650        0.72660    10,892,174.69

Township        Valuation           Rate       Tax Extended
Brookville        4,508,112          0.93438       45,080.40
Buffalo          34,517,189         0.68985       270,150.60
Byron           118,114,185         0.53760       714,681.13
Dement           55,209,424         0.40212       256,521.77
Eagle Point       4,190,452         0.79310        38,587.29
Flagg           199,922,652         0.44844     1,021,667.65
Forreston        27,018,265         0.97527       285,387.05
Grand Detour     14,949,967         0.55108        89,040.16
Lafayette         4,745,104         0.77286        40,228.47
Leaf River       17,533,201         0.69529       135,041.78
Lincoln          11,494,300         0.70759        86,949.90
Lynnville        16,151,507         0.70012       127,903.95
Marion           73,105,539         0.53664       456,522.81
Maryland         11,504,312         1.33378       174,562.51
Monroe           31,914,517         0.62092       226,839.40
Mt. Morris       45,889,619         0.54532       267,598.91
                 82,341,436         0.50679       456,655.04
Pine Creek       15,311,590         0.73851       127,178.72
Pine Rock        16,828,555         1.03206       199,208.92
Rockvale        479,940,876         0.11263       563,486.95
Scott            47,384,472         0.52325       315,423.22
Taylor           25,402,610         0.33338       100,417.00
White Rock       14,069,811         0.77203       124,631.82
Woosung           6,945,696         0.52411        40,925.03
Totals         1,358,993,391                    6,164,690.48

             PARK DISTRICTS - 2008 Tax Valuation

District        Valuation            Rate      Tax Extended
Byron            167,948,928         0.31966       536,865.54
                  26,542,449         0.09049        24,018.26

                 264,889,512         0.69805    1,849,061.23
Oregon           593,639,537         0.41897    2,487,171.56
Totals          1,053,020,426                   4,897,116.59

        LIBRARY DISTRICTS - 2008 Tax Valuation

District        Valuation            Rate      Tax Extended
Bertolet          27,571,124         0.23927        65,969.42
Byron            619,007,889         0.16171    1,000,997.65
                  25,078,837         0.25361        63,602.43

                 266,275,912         0.17832       474,823.22

Julia Hull       166,898,185         0.15000       250,347.28

Oregon           123,607,183         0.23319       288,239.59
Polo              39,160,775         0.28563       111,854.92
Totals          1,267,599,905                   2,255,834.51

         CITIES & VILLAGES - 2008 Tax Valuation

                                                    Tax Ex-
District             Valuation     Rate
Adeline                959,620     0.20206          1,939.00

Byron                65,393,031    1.02491        670,219.72

Byron TIF             3,041,148                   179,487.58

Creston               9,327,768    0.12102         11,288.46

Davis Junction       39,942,296    0.05007         19,999.11

Forreston            16,468,494    0.87055        143,366.48

Hillcrest            18,961,011    0.18028         34,182.91

Leaf River            5,408,567    0.20689         11,189.78

Monroe Center         8,129,926    0.17220         13,999.73

Mt. Morris           34,991,305    1.15541        404,293.04

Mt. Morris TIF        3,657,374                     6,922.60

Oregon               56,285,557    0.87941        494,980.84

Polo                 27,084,303    0.97899        265,152.63

Polo TIF              3,122,811                    22,652.10

Rochelle            202,256,512    0.78730   1,592,365.51

Stillman Valley      17,966,051    0.68614        123,272.27

Totals              512,995,774              3,995,311.76

           FIRE DISTRICTS - 2008 Tax Valuation

                                                   Tax Ex-
District              Valuation      Rate
Ashton                   6,753,209   0.46835      31,628.66
Byron                  612,509,840   0.43559   2,668,031.61

Dixon                   38,155,336   0.45616     174,049.38

Forreston               43,035,209   0.32978     141,921.51

Franklin Grove           7,411,693   0.52075      38,596.39

German Valley            5,102,260   0.71304      36,381.15

Leaf River              21,624,664   0.58581     126,679.45

Lynnville               64,731,390   0.58595     379,293.58

Milledgeville             752,620    0.44979       3,385.21

Monroe                  35,271,200   0.92730     327,069.84

Mt. Morris              59,214,843   0.74196     439,953.79

New Milford             10,528,313   0.49303      51,907.75

Ogle-Lee               111,135,683   0.23771     264,180.63

Oregon                 136,914,316   0.25126     344,010.91

Polo                    67,339,249   0.63139     425,173.28

Shannon                  2,648,301   0.45847      12,141.66
Stillman Valley         86,968,159   0.63909     555,804.79
Totals               1,310,096,285             6,020,209.59


                     2008 Tax Valuation

District             Valuation       Rate      Tax Extended

HS-212 Rochelle       329,338,384    2.53239     8,340,132.29

GS-144 Kings           22,276,061    4.09192      911,518.60

GS-161 Creston         22,846,722    3.16108      722,203.16

GS-231 Rochelle       266,999,787    2.97457     7,942,095.57

GS-269 Eswood          17,215,814    3.39970      585,286.02

U-170 Dixon            38,860,814    4.49275     1,745,919.24

U-220 Oregon          208,268,810    4.63833     9,660,194.70

U-221 Forreston        69,580,399    5.20669     3,622,835.68

U-222 Polo             67,218,409    4.62813     3,110,955.35

U-223 Meridian        170,110,842    4.93671     8,397,878.95

U-226 Byron           604,190,334    3.70739    22,399,692.02

U-275 Ashton            8,210,440    5.25382      431,361.75

U-308 Eastland          1,965,088    3.25453       63,954.38

U-426 Hiawatha           1,317,130   5.33199       70,229.25

JC-506 Sauk Valley    114,278,124    0.44382      507,189.17

JC-511 Rock Valley    884,831,596    0.45723     4,045,715.51

JC-519 Highland       125,873,807    0.48543      611,029.23

JC-523 Kishwaukee     374,077,123    0.54521     2,039,505.88

Totals               3,327,459,684              75,207,696.75

           OTHER DISTRICTS - 2008 Tax Valuation

                                                      Tax Ex-
District                Valuation       Rate

Byron Museum             618,558,902    0.01640    101,443.66

Byron Forest Preserve    618,558,902    0.35303   2,183,698.50

River Conservancy         23,733,260    0.65872    156,335.73

Lost Lake Utility         23,243,396    0.00000           0.00

Totals                  1,284,094,460             2,441,477.89


                  2008 Tax Valuation

District          Valuation               Tax Extended
Brookville-        34,086,995   0.04987      16,999.18

Buffalo-           51,834,630    0.0354      18,349.46
Eagle Point-

Dement-            81,962,311   0.02054      16,835.06

Grand Detour-      33,225,965   0.04015      13,340.22

Pine Creek

Lafayette-         54,628,100   0.03341      18,251.25
Pine Rock-

Lincoln-           25,375,980   0.02759       7,001.23

Scott-             76,424,393    0.0275      21,016.71
White Rock
Totals            357,538,374               111,793.11


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