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									                Letter from the
                      President and CEO


              Dear Friend of MSCI:
                                                                                               ncial executives to atten
                                                                   r company’s senior fina
              I’m delighted      to invite you and all of you                                           au   mburg Hotel &
                                                                            at the Renaissance Sch
                                              l Executives’ Conference
              the 2006 MSCI Financia                                         mb   urg, Illinois.
                                                urban Chicago — Schau
               Convention Center in sub                                                          member companies to
                                                                   your colleagues at MSCI
               This year’s con     ference was designed by                                       t year while permitting
                                                                  l financial conference las
               build on the bes      t parts of our inaugura                                                 ve plenty of time
                                                                              issues. Presenters will ha
                                                tion of fewer important                                            cific answers.
                more in-depth considera                              of time to ask  questions and hear spe
                to provide det     ails, and you’ll have plenty
                                                ding general session spe
                We offer several outstan                                                               Banc Capital Markets,
                                                                          research analyst for Key
                  • Mark Parr, mana         ging director and equity                                     jor metals markets.
                                                                           of the outlook for all ma
                      will lead off the     conference with a review                                      metals since 1987.
                                                                          arter-century, focused on
                      Mark has been        an analyst for nearly a qu
                                                                                                            nt scholar and
                                                                               Kevin A. Hassett, reside
                   • Our Monday night           dinner speaker will be Dr.                                titute and one of the
                                                                            American Enterprise Ins
                      director of econo      mic policy studies at the                                  s a senior economist for
                                                                          ed economists. Kevin wa
                      nation’s best-kno       wn and highest-regard                                         paign in 2004, and
                                                                           c adviser to the Bush cam
                       the Fed’s Board of      Governors, an economi                                       blished frequently in
                                                                           tment. His research is pu
                       a policy consultan      t to the Treasury Depar                                        news and public
                                                                             s on a range of broadcast
                       scholarly journals,      and he regularly appear
                        affairs programs.                                                                         . of La Jolla,
                                                                                   of A.M. Oppenheimer, Inc
                     • Allen M. Oppenheim          er, founder and president                                   d the sales process.
                                                                                  business valuations an
                        California, will be the     speaker for a session on                                  positions with Peat,
                                                                                 rporation and has held
                        Allen is a former vic     e president of Geneva Co
                                                          . and Ernst & Ernst.
                         Marwick, Mitchell and Co                                                                       efficient
                                                                                           e breakout sessions on
                                                            the conference will featur                                                g
                   In add   ition to these speakers,                                ; managing em      ployee benefits; managin
                                                   blic  and private companies
                   capital structures for pu                                               rise risk management;
                                                              costing systems; enterp
                    credit   risk; managing inventory                           financial managem        ent tools.
                                                   d effective use of MSCI
                    insurance programs, an                                                                              . I look forward
                                                                                          with useful information
                                                       ative 24-hour period packed
                    It all adds up to an inform
                     to seeing    you there.

                    Best regards,

                     Bob Weidner
                                             cutive Officer
                     President and Chief Exe
                     Metals Service Center Inst
Conference Information
                                                               CONFERENCE REGISTRATION
The headquarters hotel for the Financial                       Complete the registration form and mail or fax it, along
Executives’ Conference is the new                              with your remittance or credit card information, to
                                                               MSCI. Or, if you prefer, register online at the Institute’s
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel &                                 website at www.msci.org. Visit the home page and
                                                               you’ll find a link directly to conference details and the
Convention Center. The hotel is 12 miles                       registration area.
northwest of Chicago O’Hare International                      Your registration fee covers lunch on Monday, refreshments,
                                                               Monday evening reception and dinner, and breakfast on
Airport. Please contact the hotel directly to                  Tuesday morning.
arrange for hotel accommodations.
                                                               Conference attire is business casual. This includes khaki
                                                               slacks and polo type shirts for the men; slacks, skirts,
                                                               polo-type shirts or blouses and sweaters for the women.
                                                               For the receptions and dinners, a sport coat is recommended
                                                               but not required.

                                                               CANCELLATION POLICY
                                                               A full refund will be issued on all cancellations received by
                                                               5:00 pm CDT on Friday, September 8, 2006. Cancellations
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center               received in writing by Friday, September 15, 2006 will
1551 Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173
                                                               receive a refund of 50% refund of all fees paid. No refunds
Website:                                                       will be issued for cancellations received after that date
http://marriott.com/property/propertypage/CHIRS                or for no shows. Substitutions may be made at any time.
                                                               All requests for cancellations or substitutions must be
Online Reservations may be made from a link on the MSCI        made in writing and emailed to info@msci.org.
Financial Executives’ Conference website page.
ei_new&eventID=28935)                                          TRANSPORTATION
                                                               The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention
Reservations: 1-800-266-9432                                   Center is approximately 20 minutes from O’Hare
Room Rates: $169 single/double                                 International Airport. Alpha Taxi and Limousine Service
Cut-off Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2006                       provides transportation from O’Hare Airport or Midway
Please note that it is recommended that you make hotel         Airport. Advance reservations are required; please call
reservations early to guarantee availability. MSCI cannot      1-800-2828-7098 at least 24 hours in advance. To make
guarantee availability or room rate after Wednesday,           arrangements, please have the exact arrival time, airline
August 23 or when the MSCI room block is filled – whichever     and flight number available.
occurs first.                                                   Taxi without advance reservations: If you will be traveling
Also note that hotel reservations made through a travel        to the hotel by taxi from O’Hare airport, make certain
agent may not appear within the MSCI room block. MSCI          to request a suburban cab company. A suburban cab will
will, therefore, not receive credit for your reservation. We   cost approximately $30 one way; Chicago cabs will be
prefer that you make hotel reservations by calling the hotel   about $60.
directly or though the hotel’s internet link on the MSCI       My Chauffeur Limousine Service also provides transportation
website and inside this brochure.                              from O’Hare International Airport. Advance reservations
                                                               are required; please call 1-800-244-6200 at least 24 hours
                                                               in advance. To make arrangements, have the exact arrival
                                                               time, airline and flight number available. Rates will be
                                                               quoted that that time.
AIRLINE & RENTAL CAR INFORMATION                                        ENTERTAINMENT POLICY
MSCI has negotiated special discount rates with two                     Entertainment and/or company meetings should never
airlines for the 2006 Financial Executives’ Conference.                 be scheduled at the same time as official MSCI business or
Discounts include up to 5-10% off applicable zone fares                 a social event. This includes breakfast sessions, business
(if reserved a minimum of 30 days in advance), as well                  sessions, and evening group functions. MSCI recommends
as additional discounts dependent upon various factors.                 that company entertainment be planned prior to the
For American Airlines, call AA Meeting Services at                      opening or following the conclusion of the conference.
1-800-433-1790 and refer to AN# 0396AB. For United                      Those companies wishing to plan any entertainment are
Airlines, call the Meeting Plus Reservation Center at                   asked to advise MSCI.
1-800-521-4041 (8:00 am-10:00 pm) and refer to Meeting
I.D. Code 530RR.
Avis Rent-a-Car is also offering reduced rates for all MSCI
meetings. Reservations may be made by calling Avis at
(800) 331-1600 and refer to AWD# B766631.

Paid registrations must be received no later than 5:00 pm
CST, Wednesday, September 13, 2006 to be included in the
final program.

Our Keynote Speakers

MARK L. PARR                                    DR. KEVIN A. HASSETT
                    Mark L. Parr is managing                       Dr. Kevin A. Hassett is    Dr. Hassett is the author, coauthor or editor
                    director and a metals                          one of the nation’s        of seven books on economics and economic
                    industry analyst, with                         leading economists.        policy, including his most recent, Toward
                    KeyBanc Capital Markets,                       A resident scholar and     Fundamental Tax Reform, which was
                    a division of McDonald                         director of economic       published in May of 2005, and is a weekly
                    Investments, Inc. He                           policy studies at the      columnist for Bloomberg. He has published
                    joined the company in                          renowned American          many scholarly articles, and his popular
                    1987. Previously, he                           Enterprise Institute,      writings have been published in the Wall
                    covered the specialty                          Dr. Hassett was a senior   Street Journal, the Atlantic Monthly, USA
                    chemical and electronics                       economist at the Board     Today, the Washington Post, and numerous
industries for McDonald Investments. Prior      of Governors of the Federal Reserve System    other outlets. He also provides economic
to that, he spent five years as vice president   and an associate professor of economics       commentaries for a variety of network
and an analyst with Roulston and Co.            and finance at the Graduate School of          broadcast programs.
                                                Business of Columbia University. He holds
Parr earned a B.S. degree in business from
                                                a B.A. from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D.
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and an
                                                from the University of Pennsylvania.
M.B.A. from Kent State University. He is a
chartered financial analyst. His coverage of     With expertise on all aspects of the
the metals industry has received broad          economy, Dr. Hassett was an economic
recognition for achievement, including the      advisor to the Bush campaign in the 2004
Wall Street Journal’s “Best on the Street”      presidential election and was the chief
awards for stock picking and estimate           economic advisor to John McCain during
accuracy, as well as the Reuters “Best of the   the 2000 primaries. He has also served as
Small and Mid Cap Analysts” awards.             a policy consultant to the U.S. Department
                                                of the Treasury during both the former Bush
                                                and Clinton administrations and provides
                                                advice regularly to numerous Fortune 500
                                                companies. Dr. Hassett is a member of the
                                                Joint Committee on Taxation’s Blue Ribbon
                                                Dynamic Scoring Advisory Panel and its
                                                Estimating Review Panel.
Schedule of Events

   M O N D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 5 , 2 0 0 6
   10:00 am – 6:00 pm Conference Registration

   11:30 am – 12:30 pm   Luncheon

   12:30 – 3:00 pm       General Session

   12:30 – 1:30 pm       General Industry Forecast
                         Mark L. Parr, managing director, KeyBanc Capital Markets, a division of McDonald Investments

   1:30 – 3:00 pm        Business Valuation and the Sale-of-Business Process
                         Allen M. Oppenheimer, president, A.M. Oppenheimer, Inc.

   3:00 – 3:15 pm        Refreshment Break

   3:15 – 4:15 pm        CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS:
                         Session A:                           Session B:                            Session C:

                         MSCI Financial Management            Efficient Capital Structures:          Managing Employee Benefits
                         Tools: Metals Activity Report        Public and Private                    Blain Bos, principal, Mercer
                         and Executive Chart Book –           Moderator:                            Human Resource Consulting
                         an in-depth session with             Stephen H. Fraser, president
                         case study                           & CEO, ADS Logistics LLC
                         Everett Chesley, executive           Panelists:
                         vice president & CFO, Integris       Gregory R. Eck, senior vice
                         Metals (retired)                     president, GE Corporate
                                                              Lending Group
                                                              Jonathan Rose, director, UBS
                                                              Metals & Mining
                                                              William G. Peluchiwski,
                                                              managing director, Houlihan,
                                                              Lokey, Howard & Zukin

   4:30 – 5:30 pm        CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS:
                         Session A:                           Session B:                            Session C:

                         MSCI Financial Management            Efficient Capital Structures:          Managing Credit Risk:
                         Tools: Metals Activity Report        Public and Private                    Bryan W. Squibb, managing
                         and Executive Chart Book – an        Moderator:                            director, AON Trade Credit Practice
                         in-depth session with case study     Stephen H. Fraser, president
                         Everett Chesley, executive           & CEO, ADS Logistics LLC
                         vice president & CFO, Integris       Panelists:
                         Metals (retired)                     Gregory R. Eck, senior vice
                                                              president, GE Corporate
                                                              Lending Group
                                                              Jonathan Rose, director, UBS
                                                              Metals & Mining
                                                              William G. Peluchiwski,
                                                              managing director, Houlihan,
                                                              Lokey, Howard & Zukin

   6:00 – 7:00 pm        Reception

   7:00 – 9:00 pm        Dinner
                         What’s Ahead for the Economy and the Market?
                         Kevin A. Hassett, Ph.D., resident scholar and director of economic policy studies, American
                         Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
         T U E S D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 6 , 2 0 0 6
         7:00 – 8:30 am         BREAKFAST AND KEYNOTE
                                Metal’s Futures Exchanges and Managing Inventory Risks
                                Neil Banks, director of exchange development, The London Metal Exchange (invited)

          8:45 – 10:00 am       CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS:
                                 Session A:                           Session B:                          Session C:

                                 Enterprise Risk Management           Managing Inventory                  Captive Insurance:
                                 Randy Nornes, senior                 Costing Systems                     Property and Casualty
                                 managing director, Strategic         Stan Sanders, vice president,       TBA
                                 Account Management,                  business development,
                                 Aon Risk Services, Inc.              LIFO Systems
                                                                      Chris Henderson, director
                                                                      of accounting, SOURCECORP
                                                                      Tax Benefits Group

          10:00 – 10:15 am      REFRESHMENT BREAK

          10:15 – 11:30 am      CONCURRENT BREAKOUT SESSIONS:
                                 Session A:                           Session B:

                                 Enterprise Risk Management           Managing Inventory
                                 Randy Nornes, senior                 Costing Systems
                                 managing director, Strategic         Stan Sanders, vice president,
                                 Account Management,                  business development,
                                 Aon Risk Services, Inc.              LIFO Systems
                                                                      Chris Henderson, director
                                                                      of accounting, SOURCECORP
                                                                      Tax Benefits Group

About Our Speakers
BLAINE BOS                            communities. He has been a            Integris. Prior to that he was       GREGORY ECK
                                      health care consultant since 1977.    vice president materials and
Blaine Bos is principal, Mercer                                                                                                       Gregory Eck
                                      Bos holds a beachelor’s degree        administration for RASCO and
Human Resource Consulting as                                                                                                          is senior vice
                                      from the University of Minnesota,     marketing director in Reynolds
well as the national spokesman                                                                                                        president
                                      a certificate from the Institute       Metals Extrusion Division. He was
and chief analyst for the Mercer/                                                                                                     and industry
                                      of Employee Benefits Training,         also in Corporate Planning and
Foster Higgins National Survey of                                                                                                     leader for
                                      and the Certified Employee             Corporate Industrial Engineering
Employer-sponsored Health Plans.                                                                                                      steel and
                                      Benefit Specialist Designation.        for Reynolds Metals. Mr. Chesley
His primary practice focuses on                                                                                                       diversified
                                                                            received his bachelor’s degree
large public and private employ-                                                                                                      metals at GE
                                      EVERETT CHESLEY                       with honors in mechanical
ers and “collectively bargained”                                                                                                      Commercial
                                      Ev Chesley, executive vice            engineering and a master’s degree
groups and purchasing coalitions.                                                                                Finance lending business, based
                                      president and chief financial          in economics from North Carolina
Among other things, Bos coordi-                                                                                  in Chicago. Since he joined GE in
                                      officer, retired, was a founding       State University. He also attended
nates large health and welfare                                                                                   2002, he held various positions in
                                      senior executive of Integris          executive education sessions at
projects; manages Medicare                                                                                       risk and sales in the metals sector
                                      Metals. Following Ryerson’s           the Wharton School at the
related projects; negotiates                                                                                     before being named to his current
                                      purchase of Integris Metals in        University of Pennsylvania, the
performance contracts with                                                                                       position in 2004. Prior to joining
                                      2005, he served on the                Darden School at the University of
claims payers, case review                                                                                       GE, Eck held positions in the
                                      Integration Steering Committee.       Virginia and Texas A&M University.
organizations, preferred providers,                                                                              business credit group at Bank of
and HMOs; manages strategic           Prior to the formation of Integris,   Mr. Chesley served on the MSCI       America, where he worked for 14
health care integration projects      Mr. Chesley was vice president for    Management Information               years. He holds a bachelor’s
using data analysis, and              finance, IT and quality business       Committee for many years and         degree from Northern Illinois
coordinates health care services      systems at Reynolds Aluminum          was Chairman of the Committee        University and an M.B.A. from the
for employers who have                Supply Company (RASCO),               and on the MSCI Board prior to       University of Chicago.
employees stationed in smaller        one of the predecessor entities to    his retirement.
About Our Speakers Continued...
STEPHEN H. FRASER                      Benefits Group. Henderson’s             including both sell side and buy       and mining industry. Recent steel
Stephen Fraser has served as           accounting career began in 1998        side transactions, private debt        transactions include advising
chairman, president and CEO of         with Ernst & Young LLP where he        and equity placements, and             on Klockner & Co.’s initial public
ADS Logistics, LLC, since 2000. ADS    served as a Tax Consulting             financial restructuring. In             offering, Reliance Steel’s
is the premier North American          Manager – Federal Specialty            addition, he advises clients on        acquisition of Earle Jorgensen,
metals integrated logistics            Services. The areas of his exper-      strategies to enhance shareholder      and Ryerson’s acquisition of
company, annually handling over        tise related to SOURCECORP’s           value through share repurchase         Integris Metals as well as
13.5 million tons of steel and         inventory services include the         programs, joint ventures and           Ryerson’s convertible and high-
aluminum through its continental       preparation and review of Form         leveraged buyouts. He consults on      yield financing. He also worked
network of warehouses and              3115, Application for Change in        a wide variety of financial matters,    on the financing of International
transload facilities, trucking         Accounting Method, for changes         including, fairness opinions and       Steel Group’s acquisition of
activities, proprietary rail/          related to sections 472 (inventory),   solvency analyses.                     Bethlehem Steel, and ISG’s
intermodal network, and                263A (UNICAP), 471 (cash and                                                  subsequent initial public offering
                                                                              Prior to joining Houlihan Lokey,
information services. ADS Logistics    trade discounts); research and                                                and high-yield financing. Prior
                                                                              Peluchiwski consulted on
is majority owned by Code              analysis of LIFO and UNICAP                                                   to that, Rose worked for three years
                                                                              intellectual property and joint
Hennessey and Simmons, a               methods and sub-methods under                                                 on behalf of the Harvard Institute
                                                                              venture transactions. Previously,
Chicago-based Private Equity firm.      Reg. sections 1.472-8 and 1.263-1,                                            of International Development
                                                                              he traded derivative equity
                                       respectively; research and analysis                                           in Poland.
Prior to ADS, Fraser was COO of                                               securities on the Chicago Board
                                       of qualifying cash and trade
GATX Chemical Logistics and CEO                                               Options Exchange and futures on        Rose holds a masters degree in
                                       discounts (vendor allowances)
of GATX Inventory Monitoring                                                  the Chicago Board of Trade.            international affairs and a
                                       programs; implementation and
Services. From 1994 to 1996, Mr.                                              Peluchiwski received a B.S. in         Certificate of the Institute of East
                                       review of IPIC LIFO conversions
Fraser was president/CEO of GATX                                              finance and accounting from the         Central Europe from Columbia
                                       and elections under Reg. section
EnviroLease Corporation, a joint                                              University of Illinois and a M.B.A.    University as well as a B.A. in
                                       1.472-8; implementation and
venture with GATX Capital and                                                 in finance and marketing from           economics from the University
                                       review of cash and trade discount
two start-up companies owned                                                  University of Chicago’s Graduate       of Virginia .
                                      “net method;” implementation
by Fraser specializing in the rail                                            School of Business.
                                       and review of simplified UNICAP                                                STAN SANDERS
logistics for environmental            methods under section 263A.            Peluchiwski is a Certified Public
products. From 1978 to 1987, Fraser    Henderson received his under-          Accountant, a Chartered Financial      Stan Sanders, vice president,
was with the company now               graduate and Master’s degrees in       Analyst and is licensed with           business development, has been
known as GE/Seaco serving in a         accounting from University of          the NASD as a General Securities       with LIFO Systems for nearly five
variety of executive capacities,       Texas in Austin.                       Registered Representative.             years. During his tenure, he has
both here and abroad. Fraser is a                                                                                    worked closely with Pricewater-
graduate of Columbia University       ALLEN M. OPPENHEIMER                    RANDY NORNES                           houseCoopers and other national
with degrees in Economics and                                                                                        and regional accounting firms to
                                      Allen M. Oppenheimer is founder         Nornes is senior managing
Political Science.                                                                                                   implement LIFO for more than
                                      and president responsible for           director of Aon’s Global Large
                                                                                                                     100 businesses. Clients include
                                      professional services of A.M.           Corporate Group. He has been
NEIL BANKS                                                                                                           Fortune 500 companies as well
                                      Oppenheimer, Inc. of La Jolla           with Aon for more than 18 years
Neil Banks is director of exchange                                                                                   as large- and small-privately held
                                      California, a mergers and acquisi-      in a variety of management and
development of the London                                                                                            businesses across the nation.
                                      tions and business consulting           client advisory capacities. He is
Metals Exchange (LME). Following      firm established in 1983. Prior to       considered one of Aon’s leading        Prior to joining LIFO Systems,
14 years working for a variety of     founding the company, Mr.               authorities on enterprise              Sanders spent 16 years in sales
London Metal Exchange member          Oppenheimer was vice president          risk management, corporate             development and marketing in
metals trading firms, he joined        of operations for Santa Ana,            governance and strategic               the technology industry.
the exchange in 1989, initially as    California based Geneva Corpora-        risk management.
                                                                                                                     Sanders received his bachelor’s
director of finance and company        tion. He also held positions with       Nornes is a member of the              degree in business from West
secretary and later as director of    Peat, Marwick, Mitchell &               Strategic Account Management           Texas A&M University and
compliance.                           Company as senior consultant of         leadership team, Aon’s Enterprise      his MBA from the University of
In 1999, he was appointed             the Management Consulting               Risk Practice Council and the          North Texas.
director of operations with           Department and with Ernst &             Operational Risk Advisory Board.
responsibility for all aspects of     Ernst in New York City.                                                        BRYAN WILLIAM SQUIBB
the management of the LME                                                     JONATHAN ROSE                          Bryan William Squibb is the
trading floor, and in January 2004,    WILLIAM PELUCHIWSKI
                                                                                                   Jonathan Rose     managing director of Aon’s trade
he was appointed the LME’s first                            William                                 is an executive   credit practice in the United
director of strategy focusing on                           Peluchiwski                             director in       States. The practice specializes in
the development and the                                    is a managing                           the Metals        protecting companies against the
implementation of new contracts,                           director in                             & Mining          many challenges and risks of
most recently leading the                                  Houlihan,                               Group at UBS      conducting business worldwide.
development of plastics futures                            Lokey, Howard                           Investment
contracts. He was appointed the                            & Zukin’s                                                 Prior to joining Aon, Squibb
                                                                                                   Bank. He
LME’s director of exchange                                 Chicago office.                                            served as the sales and marketing
                                                                                                   covers steel
development in May 2005. Banks                             He leads the                                              director of the London-based
                                                                              service centers, as well as certain
is a fellow of Britain’s              firm’s Basic Industrial Group, in                                               Credit Insurance Association (CIA),
                                                                              other metals industry sectors.
Association of Charted Certified       particular its efforts in the metal                                            which was acquired by Aon in
                                                                              Prior to joining UBS, he worked
Accountants and a member of its       sector (manufacturing and                                                      1996. Squibb transferred to the
                                                                              in a similar capacity at J.P. Morgan
Securities Institute.                 distribution), automotive parts,                                               United States in September 1997
                                                                              & Co. for five years.
                                      chemicals, plastics and packaging,                                             as managing director of Aon
CHRIS HENDERSON                       and other related areas. He             Rose has worked on numerous            Trade Credit U.S. Squibb has been
                                      specializes in advising clients on      financing projects and mergers          featured on CNBC and NPR as
Chris Henderson is the director of
                                      mergers and acquisitions,               and acquisitions within the metals     well as in several national and
accounting for SOURCECORP Tax
                                                                                                                     trade publications.

Financial Executives’ Conference                                    Schaumburg, IL

Please print your name exactly as it is to appear on your badge.   September 25-26, 2006
Photocopy form for additional participants:                        The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center

                                                                   IMPORTANT! Please indicate those sessions you are
                                                                   most likely to attend so that we are able to plan for your
Name for badge                                                     attendance appropriately:

Title                                                              MON DAY, SEPTEMB ER 25, 2006        TU ESDAY, SEPTE M B E R 26, 2 0 06

                                                                   11:30 am – 12:30 pm                 7:00 – 8:30 am
Company                                                               Luncheon                           Breakfast & Keynote
                                                                   12:30 – 3:00 pm                     8:45 – 10:00 am
Address                                                               General Session                  C H EC K ON E
                                                                                                          Session A: Enterprise Risk
City                                                               3:15 – 4:15 pm
                                                                   C H EC K ON E                          Session B: Managing
                                                                     Session A: MSCI Financial            Inventory Costing Systems
                                                                     Management Tools:                    Session C: Captive Insurance:
                                                                     MAR & ECB                            Property & Casualty
Zip/Postal Code                                                      Session B: Efficient Capital
                                                                     Structures: Public & Private      10:15 – 11:30 am
Phone                                                                Session C: Managing               C H EC K ON E
                                                                     Employee Benefits                    Session A: Enterprise Risk
Fax                                                                4:30 – 5:30 pm
                                                                                                          Session B: Managing
                                                                   C H EC K ON E                          Inventory Costing Systems
Email                                                                Session A: MSCI Financial
                                                                     Management Tools:
                                                                     MAR & ECB
Special dietary or physical needs:
                                                                     Session B: Efficient Capital
                                                                     Structures: Public & Private
                                                                     Session C: Managing
                                                                     Credit Risk
                                                                   6:00 – 7:00 pm
   Early Registration fee: on or before August 25: $1,095 each     7:00 – 9:00 pm
   Late Registration fee: on or after August 26: $1,195 each         Dinner & Keynote

F E E S – N O N-M E M B E RS
   Early Registration fee: on or before August 25: $1,595 each
   Late Registration fee: on or after August 26: $1,795 each


  CHECK ENCLOSED payable to the Metals Service Center Institute    Return Form & Payment to:
(must be in U.S. funds) along with this completed form.            I F USI NG R EGU L AR M AI L:       I F BY FAX:
                                                                   Metals Service Center Institute     Fax: 847-485-3001
                                     A MOU NT ENC LOSED $          75 Remittance Drive, Suite 3177
                                                                   Chicago, IL 60675-3177              OR R EGISTER O N L I N E !
Please charge my credit card:                                                                          www.msci.org
  Visa      Master Card       American Express                     I F USI NG OVER N IGHT DELIVERY:
                                                                   Metals Service Center Institute
                                                                   350 North Orleans St., Suite 3177
Number                                                      Exp    Chicago, IL 60654
Cardholder Name

Cardholder Signature
                                                                   FIRST-CLASS MAIL
                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
4201 Euclid Avenue                                                        PAID
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-2025                                     CAROL STREAM, IL
                                                                    PERMIT NO. 472
                                                 SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2006
     2006 Financial Executives’ Conference       The Renaissance Schaumburg
                                                 Hotel & Convention Center
                                                 Schaumburg, Illinois
2 0 0 6
Financial Executives’
The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel
& Convention Center
Schaumburg, Illinois
S E PTE M B E R             2 5 - 26 , 2 0 0 6

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