WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENTS 1 Read WEB Tutorial 10 in New Perspectives on the Internet 2 Read the Electronic Reserve Readings for this week located in aXcess http search ebscohost com login aspx dir by son15023


Information Technology Opportunities from E-Commerce document sample

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1. Read WEB Tutorial 10 in New Perspectives on the Internet.
2. Read the Electronic Reserve Readings for this week, located in


3. Discussion Question 1
· Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum
· Post your response to the following: Describe the benefits and risks
of doing business on the Internet from the perspective of both
business owner and consumer. Support your view with a minimum of
two examples.

4. Discussion Question 2
· Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum
· Locate information on technology trends or technology professions
from an online search or a library search. To locate information from
the University Library complete the following steps:
1. At the main, University Library page, click Choose Databases By
2. Next, choose Information Systems and Technology.
3. From there, scroll to find the database that best meets your search

· Post your response to the following: Research future trends and
professional opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) field.
What opportunities are being created in the IT field as a result of the
advancement of e-commerce?

· Include one reference in your response, properly formatted
according to APA guidelines.

Web Page Development
· Identify appropriate design features that successfully
impact Web page development.
· Create an HTML Web page.


1. Capstone CheckPoint
· Due Date: Day 2 [Individual] forum

· Post your response to the following: Locate two Web sites
that you feel exhibit exemplary design features. Explain why
you selected each site. What design features stand out on
each site? Are these features unique to the Web sites you
selected or are they used by their competitors or similar
sites? Are these design features used to be visual appealing
or promote usability? How can usability be determined?
Write a 200- to 300-word response.

2. Final Project: Basic Web Page
· Resources: Appendix A and HTML Lessons available at the
following Web site:
· Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
· Create an HTML document using Microsoft® Notepad by
following the steps listed in Appendix A.

· Post as an attachment.

                              Appendix A
Final Project Overview and Timeline
Final Project Timeline
You should budget your time wisely and work on your project throughout the course.
As outlined below, some readings and assignments in the course are designed to
assist you in creating your final project. If you complete your course activities and
use the feedback provided by your instructor, you will be on the right track to
successfully complete your project.

During Weeks Four through Nine, you develop a basic Web page. The content of the
Web page consists of a topic from class: information on the history of the Internet,
informational resources, wireless networks, Internet security, or HTML basics. The
HTML document should be created Microsoft® Notepad as an HTML file. After saving
the document as an HTML file, it can be viewed as it would appear on a Web page.
Note: This course does not require that students publish with an online hosting

Examples of basic Web pages can be found in the HTML tutorials of the text.

The final Web page must include the following HTML elements and formatting:

   Title
   Headings of three different sizes
   Two instances of bold text
   Two instances of italicized text
   Two instances of a horizontal rule
   One list: ordered, unordered, or definition
   Two graphics
   Three links to outside Web pages
   Four attributes affecting an HTML element
   One contact email link
   Four paragraphs of text, separated by line breaks
   Two comment tags
   Your name, course name, date, and instructor’s name

Font, structure, alignment, and color preferences are up to you, the student Web
developer, and may be used as attributes.

 Assignment in Week Four: Read HTML Tutorial 1 (pp. HTML 1-53).

 Due in Week Five: Code an HTML document in Microsoft® Notepad (Appendix D).

 Assignment in Week Six: Read HTML Tutorial 2 (pp. HTML 55-80).

 Due in Week Seven: Expand on Code HTML document (Appendix E) in
  Microsoft® Notepad by inserting attributes, graphics, and links. This document is
  part of your final project.

Due in Week Nine: Create a basic Web page.

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