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									                                                                                      Permit No. ________________

           New Hanover Township Stormwater Management
                    PERMIT APPLICATION
                    (Land Development projects and lots created in subdivisions
                                 less than 5 years old are exempt)

Property Owner ______________________________________                         Phone No. ____________________


Property Location _________________________________________________________________________

Subdivision / Development (if applicable) ______________________________________________________

Area Disturbed (square feet or acreage) _____________________

more than 1,000 square feet of new, additional or replaced impervious surface/cover, or in the case of earth
disturbance only, more than 5,000 square feet.

GENERAL PERMIT REQUIREMENTS for regulated earth disturbance:
Disturbance activities shall be implemented to meet the purpose of the Ordinance through two elements:
        1. Erosion and sediment control during earth disturbance activities.
        2. Water quality protection measures including operations and maintenance.

No Regulated Earth Disturbance activities shall commence until approved to be in compliance with New Hanover
Township’s Best Management Practices Operations and Maintenance Plan.

The application packet must be submitted to the Township and must include information to satisfy the requirements of
Ordinance 07-07, including but not limited to: a map of the project area showing the required details, a description of
how each permanent stormwater BMP will be operated and maintained, the name of the project site and a statement,
signed by the landowner, acknowledging that the stormwater BMP’s are fixtures that can be altered or removed only
after approval by the New Hanover Township. The BMP Operations and Maintenance Plan shall establish
responsibilities for continuing operation and maintenance, including inspection requirements. All approved BMP
Operations and Maintenance plans, Operations and Maintenance Agreements and Easements must be recorded in the
Office of the Recorder of Deeds office at Montgomery County within fifteen days of approval.

Fees include charges for administrative costs, BMP Operations and Maintenance Plan Review by New Hanover Township and the
Township Engineer, site inspections and any additional work required to enforce any permit provisions regulated by Ord. 07-07.
Inspections to be conducted at yearly intervals will be billed at the time of inspection.

Escrow Fee ______$2,000.00_____________                      Signature ____________________________

APPLICATION REVIEWED AND APPROVED ___________________ Date________
                                                                          Township Engineer

O:forms2006&2007/stormwater mgmt Ord. 07-07

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