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									                                                    MARS User Instruction Document

         Incident    Functional            Issue Description                                  User Instruction
          Number        Area
        10646       Approval      Routing sheets applied to           Routing sheets pertain to routing envelopes, not to objects
                    Routing       envelopes, not individual documents within those envelopes. To avoid confusion, user should not
                                                                      try to apply new routing sheet to objects within envelopes.

        456         Contracting   Printing of 900 lines in the extended Extended descriptions exceeding 100 lines do not print
                                  description                           correctly. Users should consider using attachments for
                                                                        lengthy descriptions.
        1451        Contracting   Funding % can exceed 100% on          Users should be aware that they can enter percentage
                                  line items on master agreement        funding on the line items that exceeds 100%. They should
                                                                        visually check this before processing the document. Users
                                                                        will receive error messages when the document is validated
                                                                        in Advantage.
        1501        Contracting   Vendor Tracking document does         Approvers for documents should put comments on an
                                  not support approvals                 attachment using Utilities>Word Processing (word
                                                                        processing documents can be created as read-only).
                                                                        Attachments associated with a purchase document are
                                                                        carried forward with the document as it moves along the
                                                                        approval/route path, or use, or use the Electronic notepad.

        1617        Contracting   PD user id required for Point of       Any valid PD user id may be used for this required data
                                  Contact person on Vendor               field on Vendor Point of Contact.
        1629        Contracting   Purchase Request description field     The data entered in the description field on the purchase
                                  can be changed on subsequent           request can be changed on subsequent documents.
        1699        Contracting   Printing of "order" amount for MA      When master agreement mods are printed, the last line
                                  mod, the amount should not be          reads "Total Order Amount" even though the master
                                  called "order", because according to   agreement is not an order. Users should ignore this label.
                                  the Commonwealth Business case,
                                  an MA is not an order.
        1793        Contracting   Defaulted fields from the Purchase     Fields that default from the purchase request to the master
                                  Request can be changed on              agreement are still editable, rather than read-only.
                                  subsequent documents

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                        1
                                                   MARS User Instruction Document

        1838      Contracting   Uniformity of funding entry on linesOn shipping requests, funding is recorded at the line item
                                of the Shipping Request document    level. Users should be aware that PD will not reject SRs
                                                                    that have funding on some lines and not on others.
        2118      Contracting   Electronic notepad may or may not Approvers for documents should put comments on an
                                allow subsequent users to           attachment using Utilities>Word Processing (word
                                delete/change notes                 processing documents can be created as read-only).
                                                                    Attachments associated with a purchase document are
                                                                    carried forward with the document as it moves along the
                                                                    approval/route path.
        2539      Contracting   Time zone used for solicitations on Users should specify time zone in the solicitation time and
                                the web                             date. Current assumption is that time is Eastern Standard
        2708      Contracting   Cradle-to-grave report does not     The Cradle to Grave Report does not pickup references to
                                include attached purchase requests multiple purchase requests that are attached to one
                                                                    solicitation. However, references to multiple purchase
                                                                    requests are displayed when viewing the solicitation.
        2778      Contracting   Addenda to solicitations do not     When creating an addendum to a solicitation, users should
                                automatically post new closing date indicate that the closing date has changed by using the
                                                                    "Reason for change" field.
        2822      Contracting   When creating a DO from MA          When creating a Delivery Order from a Master Agreement
                                miscellaneous totals do not show up with a miscellaneous price, the description and extended
                                                                    descriptions do appear on the Line Item Selection screen.
                                                                    Because a miscellaneous price was indicated on the
                                                                    Master Agreement, the unit price shows as $0 on the line
                                                                    item selection screen. Once the user selects the lines to
                                                                    carry over to the Delivery Order, the user can select the line
                                                                    item detail screen to view the cost of the item.

        2843      Contracting   MA Usage report is not working         The MA Usage report is not available to users at this time.
        2876      Contracting   Addition of new users to auto          Users should not add another person to the end of an
                                approval route may not work            automated approval route; rather they should send the
                                correctly                              document to another user and then resume the route.
        3019      Contracting   Cannot copy from a delivery order      In general, PD only allows copying from documents that do
                                                                       not reference other documents. Delivery orders reference
                                                                       other documents (e.g., master agreements) and, therefore,
                                                                       cannot be copied from.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                      2
                                                   MARS User Instruction Document

        3026      Contracting   Error window cannot be tiled or      For easier error correction, users may want to print out the
                                cascaded                             error messages so they can refer to them while correcting
                                                                     data on the screen.
        3110      Contracting   MA Selection list sorts in           The Master Agreement selection list displays all active and
                                descending order of creation date    inactive Master Agreements in descending order of creation
                                                                     date. Users may select an inactive Master Agreement when
                                                                     creating a Delivery Order. However, they will receive an
                                                                     error message when they try to select an expired Master
        3153      Contracting   Sub-total groups do not display on   Users may enter sub-total groups into a free form clause
                                web solicitation                     area and should make sure that the award assigns the
                                                                     correct items to the correct groups.
        3164      Contracting   Cited authority field on the catalog The cited authority field has been enlarged in the
                                order in PDWeb is not large enough client/server version of PD but not PDWeb.
                                to display the description.

        3185      Contracting   Use of tolerances on fluctuating and Invoices created from fluctuating Master Agreements do
                                non-fluctuating Master Agreements not invoke tolerances; however, invoices created from
                                                                     Delivery Orders (even when the DO's are against
                                                                     fluctuating Master Agreements) do invoke tolerances.
        3264      Contracting   NIGP commodity code descriptions An effort is currently underway to make these descriptions
                                are not fully descriptive at the 11- more useful at the 11-digit level. Users may refer to the
                                digit level.                         NIGP Commodity Code table to infer the full description
                                                                     from the 3, 5, and 11 digit levels.
        3269      Contracting   Invoice To address should not be     Within the PR line item detail address tab, an "invoice to"
                                required on Purchase Request         address is required; however, it is not required on the
                                                                     Master Agreement. "Invoice to" is the same as "Bill to".

        10159     Contracting   Logic used to release documents in    Systems assurance reports will be run regularly in MARS to
                                Advantage from PD should be           ensure that documents approved and released in
                                changed                               Procurement Desktop have updated Advantage as well.

        10369     Contracting   Vendor street address does not        Vendor street address does print out on solicitation mailing
                                appear on Solicitation Mailing List   labels. It does not appear online however on the solicitation
                                                                      mailing list. Only vendor name, city, state, and zip code
                                                                      appear in the online list.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                       3
                                                     MARS User Instruction Document

        10402     Contracting   Delivery Order error message may     Error message may indicate that vendor is missing on a
                                be incorrect                         delivery order that cites master agreement, even though
                                                                     vendor is indeed present. Report such instances to CRC so
                                                                     that MARS team can track this issue.
        10436     Contracting   Balance Sheet Account field should   Users should either not use the Balance Sheet Account
                                not be editable for non-warehouse    field or should establish a balance sheet number or account
                                awards.                              to enter and track purchases.
        10499     Contracting   Window cannot be minimized (I.e.,    Minimization is not available while using the browser to
                                made smaller) while using PD         access PDWeb.
        10534     Contracting   solicitation type- none selected     The system does not force the selection of a solicitation
                                                                     type at this time. Users should remember to enter
                                                                     solicitation type.
        10620     Contracting   Solicitation mailing list printing   Occasionally, when printing solicitation mailing lists, users
                                                                     may receive system level errors. They should click through
                                                                     these messages and continue system usage without further
        10625     Contracting   Administrative PR mod is not         Purchase Request mods must include a change (e.g., for
                                passed to Advantage                  $0) at the line level in order to be processed successfully in
        10627     Contracting   Funding percentage splits don't      Within the Funding Line percentage field, a user needs to
                                round correctly                      add different split percentages until the user comes up with
                                                                     the correct Total percent, quantity, and amount. For
                                                                     example, to do a 50/50 split on an item priced at $101.01,
                                                                     the percentages would have to be 49.99% and 50.01%.

        10629     Contracting   Buying entity on solicitation        The buying entity reflected on the solicitation and the award
                                                                     is that of the agency creating those documents. Buying
                                                                     entity does not currently default from the purchase request.

        10687     Contracting   Error message that expense           Error messages are not specific to line items
                                amount exceeds purchase order
        10693     Contracting   Purchase Request error messages      Error messages are correct but they are not related to the
                                are not correct                      specific line item on which the error occurred.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                       4
                                                    MARS User Instruction Document

        11925     Contracting   Modification down to zero               In order to terminate/cancel a document, users should
                                                                        create a modification and put in a negative quantity and unit
                                                                        price or miscellaneous cost until the new totals are set at $0.

        11927     Contracting   Milestone Inquiry not calculating all   Milestone dates for late events may not be calculating
                                status dates correctly                  correctly. Report documented problems to the MARS team.

        11930     Contracting   Fields defaulted from a purchase        The fields that are pulled over are editable. The user can
                                request to a delivery order             delete the fields and add the appropriate information. The
                                                                        Global Change button can be accessed when using one or
                                                                        more line items without having to enter the same address
                                                                        information on each line item (assuming the address
                                                                        information is the same for each line item).

        11942     Contracting   Bid evaluation spreadsheet do not       Currently, bid eval spreadsheet printouts do not include
                                include headings and bid number on      header information.
                                the printout
        11945     Contracting   Receiving report is not accepting       Receiving reports may not accept the quantities entered the
                                quantities                              first time. In this case, users should re-enter the quantities
                                                                        and attempt to process the document again. Please report
                                                                        these issues to the CRC so that they can be tracked and
        11947     Contracting   Reason E on a Contract Mod              Once the user prints the Contract Mod and is ready to send
                                Reasons Tab (Vendor Signature           it to the Vendor, they will have to manually add to the
                                required or not required) does not      document that a vendor signature is required. Users may
                                display on the printed form             use the comments field for this purpose.
        11949     Contracting   Date and time inconsistencies on        We have experienced occasional, intermittent problems
                                the solicitation document               with the time changing on the solicitation document when it
                                                                        is saved. When this happens, the time is changed to three
                                                                        hours earlier (e.g., 1 pm instead of 4 pm). To prevent
                                                                        confusion on the part of vendors responding to the
                                                                        solicitation, users should create an attachment stating the
                                                                        closing date and time for the solicitation. This also provides
                                                                        the opportunity for the user to specific the zone in which the
                                                                        solicitation will close, such as EST, PST, etc.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                           5
                                                  MARS User Instruction Document

        12094     Contracting   Can not receive on sub-line       The user can receive against sublines by marking the line
                                                                  as partial as subline items are delivered.
        10509     Electronic    Commodity code descriptions not   Commodity code descriptions displayed in registering
                  Commerce      fully displayed                   vendors via the web may not be fully displayed. They are,
                                                                  however, displayed in A to Z order with complete error
        10562     Electronic    Vendor registration               Vendors registering via the web are asked to enter a
                  Commerce                                        discount percentage between 0 and 1. Vendors should be
                                                                  aware that the payment terms percentage displays with a
                                                                  redundant decimal point. Simply ignore the decimal point
                                                                  and read the percentage as a whole number. (e.g., .15%
                                                                  will be read as 15%)
        11915     Electronic    Vendor web registration           Error messages are not specific to line items and are not
                  Commerce                                        displayed as each line is completed. They are only
                                                                  displayed upon summary or finalize.
        11916     Electronic    Misspelled error messages on      Error messages may contain misspellings that do not affect
                  Commerce      PDWeb                             the meaning of the message.
        12066     Electronic    Percentage field on web vendor    Vendors registering via the web should be aware that the
                  Commerce      registration                      payment terms percentage displays with a redundant
                                                                  decimal point. Simply ignore the decimal point and read the
                                                                  percentage as a whole number. (e.g., .15% should be read
                                                                  as 15%)
        506       General       Windows do not always display     Users may need to expand columns to read the entire error
                                entire error message              message.
        10590     General       System allows user to close       Users should close all documents before exiting the system
                                cabinets/inbox/outbox             to avoid losing work.
        10686     General       Cancel in PD does not cancel in   Cancel functionality will be disabled for all users for July 1
                                Advantage                         production roll-out for any documents nomally passed to
                                                                  Advantage (e.g., purchase requests, contracts, delivery
                                                                  orders) in order to eliminate any confusion about
                                                                  documents being cancelled in PD but not in Advantage.

        2029      Integration   Error message "Document in Use"   Users with Advantage access may find that, if they try to
                                                                  access documents in Advantage that were generated in
                                                                  PD, after repeatedly opening and closing the documents,
                                                                  they may receive an error message that the batch or
                                                                  document is in use.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                    6
                                                     MARS User Instruction Document

        2622      Integration    Incorrect document and batch          For PD documents sent to Advantage, the batch status is
                                 status in Advantage                   always marked as "Held", even though the document status
                                                                       accurately reflects the results of Advantage processing
                                                                       (e.g., Accepted, Rejected, or Held).
        10621     Integration    New field on purchase request for     Transaction dates on purchase requests are entered by the
                                 Advantage transaction date            user in PD. PD does not prevent the use of future dates;
                                                                       however, they will be rejected by Advantage.
        10684     Integration    PD approve/release not refreshing     Systems assurance reports will be run regularly in MARS to
                                                                       ensure that documents approved and released in
                                                                       Procurement Desktop have updated Advantage as well.

        11898     Internal       Purchase requests created in          Users should not select master agreement on purchase
                  Requisitions   Advantage allow selection of Master   requests passed from the financial system to the
                                 Agreement which does not, in turn,    procurement system in order to avoid problems updating
                                 update Advantage inventory tables     inventory tables. This problem exists for agencies having
                                                                       warehouses in MARS.
        10740     Milestones     Milestone Inquiry not reporting all   The Milestone query report may not list all late milestones.
        1839      Ordering       Shipping Request not requiring      User must enter quantities on shipping requests. SR orders
                                 basic information                   will not be rejected by the system due to lack of order
        3031      Ordering       Deleting attached lines on a DO mod PD does not prevent the user from deleting lines added to a
                                                                     DO mod. Lines that were on the original award should be
                                                                     zeroed out.
        10365     Ordering       Partial/Final flag on awards        Additional partial/final functionality has been requested for
                                                                     award documents.
        10366     Ordering       New field on awards to be mapped Users should be aware that previously the effective date on
                                 to Advantage transaction date       award was mapped to the PO/PC transaction date. In an
                                                                     upcoming build, a new field will be required to be mapped
                                                                     to the Advantage transaction date. This should be an
                                                                     optional field and should be populated when the transaction
                                                                     date is different than the current date.
        10385     Ordering       Error message- Advantage            The user needs to enter an "Agency Code" when they
                                 batch/doc failure                   receive the Advantage batch/doc failure edit.
        10388     Ordering       Data defaults from master           When a user cites a master agreement on a delivery order,
                                 agreement onto delivery order       the stock replenishment field defaults from the master
                                                                     agreement, not from the purchase request.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                       7
                                                  MARS User Instruction Document

        10622     Ordering      Drop down list box in PDWeb too     Because of the inherent restrictions of the underlying Java
                                small to display results            tool, drop down lists boxes may be too small to display the
                                                                    full results.
        11986     Ordering      Commodity on market baskets         Users are now able to override the price on the invoice by
                                                                    selecting the override button.
        10307     Ordering,    All lines on stock replenishment     For RX, PC, and PV documents, all lines on Modifications
                  Contracting, Purchase Request Mods, Award         documents are sent to Advantage.
                  and Payables Mods, and Invoice Mods are
                               currently being sent to Advantage.
        3128      Payables     Invoices from Total Cap Master       Ensure that all Total Cap Master Agreements are in Team
                               Agreement exceed allowed value       Cabinets so users can highlight the Master Agreement on
                               when user employs Find Match         their desktop and create the Delivery Orders without using
                               feature                              the Find Match capability.
        10344     Payables     Cannot change good to service        Certain information (e.g., good vs. service) defaults from
                               when adding line on invoice          the award to the invoice. When adding lines to an invoice,
                                                                    this information cannot be changed.
        10453     Payables      Duplicating documents…Recurring     Occasionally, "ghost" documents show up on the desktop.
                                issue                               These are harmless copies. The MARS Team is continuing
                                                                    to work on solving this issue.
        10467     Payables      New field on Invoice to be mapped   The system date from Procurement Desktop passes to
                                to Adv. PV date                     Advantage as the transaction date.
        10520     Payables      Routing not working in training     Occasionally, when multiple users are using the same route
                                region                              and making changes to that route, the document is
                                                                    returned to the original sender.
        10537     Payables      Miscellaneous Payment Document      Vendors marked on miscellaneous quick payment
                                                                    documents are validated in Advantage, not in PD. If the
                                                                    vendor is debarred, the payment document will reject in
                                                                    Advantage. NOTE: Currently, Miscellaneous Quick
                                                                    Payments are not being used in PD.
        10549     Payables      Recurring payment authorizations    Enter user id in recurring payment section of payment
                                require user id                     authorization document in order to establish recurring
                                                                    payment correctly.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                   8
                                                MARS User Instruction Document

        10567     Payables                                      For Procard documents that have no validation step, users
                             Closing Line Item detail tab without
                             errors                             should visually check that the total funding on the line items
                                                                tab and the total funding percentage equal 100%. The
                                                                system will only check this upon final approval and errors
                                                                found at that point would require re-routing through the
                                                                approval chain.
        10568     Payables   Vendor shows as active yet is      Invoices will rejected upon validation in Advantage if the
                             debarred                           vendor is debarred.
        10569     Payables   Error message does not reference a Error messages are not specific to line items
                             line number
        10572     Payables   Default lines option on payables   Because they reference other documents earlier in the
                             documents                          purchasing chain, invoices and miscellaneous quick
                                                                payments do not offer the default lines option.
        10580     Payables    Unit of Measure                   Unit of measure defaults to acre; user should choose
                                                                appropriate unit of measure from drop-down list box.
        10592     Payables   Quick pay and invoice - agency     The user needs to enter an "Agency Code" when they
                             code as required field             receive the Advantage batch/doc failure edit.
        10609     Payables   Invoice address not automatically  On non-warehouse invoices, user should check to make
                             defaulting from contract           sure that invoice address on line items is filled in correctly.
                                                                It does not automatically default from the contract.

        10632     Payables   Automatic generated invoices -         On automatic generated invoices, the description and title
                             description                            defaults to "New Form" rather than being pulled from the
        10704     Payables   Alert manager - invoices have been     Alert manager sends one alert for each commodity line
                             matched                                matched. Each alert must be highlighted and deleted. For
                                                                    an invoice with many commodity lines, this could become
                                                                    irritating. The MARS team is planning a more efficient,
                                                                    document level alert for a future release.
        10708     Payables   Desktop Award Pending Amount           When processing an invoice with retainage, the desktop
                             does not reflect retainage             award report pending amount reflects the entire amount of
                                                                    the invoice rather than the amount of the invoice minus the
                                                                    retainage amount.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                   9
                                                   MARS User Instruction Document

        10720     Payables      Vendor invoice number should not       The vendor invoice number (entered on the funding tab on
                                be case-sensitive                      the line item detail screen) is case sensitive. This means
                                                                       that an invoice number entered as ABC on one line and abc
                                                                       on another line will not roll up to one accounting line but
                                                                       rather will reflect two separate funding lines.

        10731     Payables      Approval sheet does not retain      Approvers for documents should put comments on an
                                comments.                           attachment using Utilities>Word Processing (word
                                                                    processing documents can be created as read-only).
                                                                    Attachments associated with a purchase document are
                                                                    carried forward with the document as it moves along the
                                                                    approval/route path.
        12127     Payables      Miscellaneous Quick Payment         Miscellaneous Quick Payments are disabled in PD. Users
                                Modification documents are not part should use the unreferenced Invoice document in PD or the
                                of the intergration design.         P1 document in Advantage to accomplish simple payments.

        10548     Payables and For a three way match when the          Alert messages must be handled when received, before
                  Receiving    Invoice is created before a receiving   clicking elsewhere on the desktop. If the Alert message is
                               report, if the alert message is         viewed and deleted prior to processing the Invoice the
                               deleted before the Invoice is           system error will be avoided.
                               processed, the user will receive an
                               error and get kicked out of the
        10619     PRO Card     Procard Find/Match Error                When doing multiple searches, user may receive a warning
                                                                       that search results will be reset followed by a data window
                                                                       error. User should click on "OK" to continue reviewing
                                                                       search results.
        10657     PRO Card      Pro Card check box is not carried      User is able to manually click on the ProCard checkbox on
                                from the contract to the contract      the mod.
        10658     PRO Card      Advantage errors when Pro Card         Users cannot select another payment method on a contract
                                box is not checked on the contract     mod where the original contract indicated a ProCard
                                mod                                    payment.
        10659     PRO Card      Contract mod sent to Advantage         Users cannot select ProCard payment on a contract mod
                                when payment field is changed to       where the original contract did not indicate ProCard
                                ProCard                                payment.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                      10
                                                  MARS User Instruction Document

        10660     PRO Card     User should be alerted that only one User must ensure that only the original payment type is
                               payment type can be chosen           selected. If the payment is to be made by ProCard, the
                                                                    original contract must be canceled and a new one created.

        10437     Purchasing   Commodity code should not be          Commodity codes ARE required on market baskets
                               required on market baskets            because these codes are required on downstream
        10440     Purchasing   Stock replenishment does not          Users should not assume that items ordered from
                               inform buyer that item is             warehouses are available and will be received quickly.
                               backordered and/or is not available. Items may not be immediately available and/or may need to
                                                                     be backordered.
        10711     Receiving    Alert manager error message           Users must NOT ignore the alert manager messages when
                                                                     they are received. Alert messages must be opened and
                                                                     deleted, otherwise there will be a critical error message and
                                                                     PD will shut down.
        2674      Reporting    Drop down lists in report generation Several reports don't allow selection of catalog-type
                               selections don't include catalog-type documents to be included in the reports. Affected reports
                               documents                             include Document Status report, Commodity Code report,
                                                                     Contract Activity report, Contract Expiration report, Cradle
                                                                     to Grave report, and Approval Chain report.

        10350     Reporting    Master Agreement Usage report         Using only one letter in a wild card search (e.g., r%) brings
                                                                     back all of the vendors with that letter in their name,
                                                                     regardless of position. Users may also search by the
                                                                     Master Agreement titled or the document number.

        10650     Reporting    Desktop Award Report lines tab        The Desktop Award Report includes the main tab
                               does not reflect miscellaneous fields information but the lines tabl does not reflect any
                                                                     miscellaneous fields coded on the invoice.
        10651     Reporting    Desktop Award Report pending field The Desktop Award Report may not include pending
                               not populating                        invoices for miscellaneous line item amounts.
        10662     Reporting    Display of phone number on            The first digit of the phone number is cut off on the Desktop
                               desktop award summary report          Award Summary report.
        12115     Reporting    Some of standard reports the words Labels on some reports do not neatly fit into the defined
                               run together                          columns.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                      11
                                                    MARS User Instruction Document

        10393     Solicitation   Enhancement for bid eval               Bid evals created from solicitations do not pull suggested
                                                                        vendors from the purchase request. Users should re-enter
                                                                        suggested vendors from the purchase request that they
                                                                        want included on the bid eval.
        10739     Solicitation   Defaulting received items data field   Received items data field is not defaulted on solicitations
                                                                        created from purchase requests on PDWeb. User must
                                                                        enter this field.
        1252      System         Evaluation criteria display windows    When selecting an Evaluation Criteria Maintenance
                  Administration too small                              Template under the Template Maintenance tab of the
                                                                        Evaluation Criteria Task in System Administration, the
                                                                        Available Criteria columns labeled code, description and
                                                                        commodity under the Criteria Selection tab are not fully
        10644     System         Account task in SysAdmin shows         The Account Template Security Maintenance Task under
                  Administration deleted users                          Account Template tab of the Account Task in System
                                                                        Administration is displaying deleted users.
        10664     System         Account task in SysAdmin shows         Deleted users still show up in the Account Template
                  Administration deleted users                          Security Maintenance task.

        10750     System         System Administration Milestone       Milestone Templates cannot be setup with free form text.
                  Administration templates do not allow free form text

        11944     System         Checklist creation does not reflect    Report any problems with checklist templates to the CRC
                  Administration drop down of templates                 for correction by the MARS team.

        11946     System         Cannot use System Administration       Users should be aware that if they delete a sys admin team
                  Administration team                                   they will not be able to reuse the name of that team for a
                                                                        new entry.
        11948     System         Sys Admin Milestone task field is      Lengthy phrases used in milestone tracking may not be
                  Administration not large enough for Action            able to be fully displayed.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                       12
                                                    MARS User Instruction Document

        10158     Vendor         Receipt of error messages on         The Commonwealth will have very few users authorized to
                                 Vendor Maintenance bounces user      maintain vendors. These authorized users should be aware
                                 back to Vendor Search                that, when updating vendor records, should they receive
                                                                      error messages upon transmission to Advantage, PD
                                                                      bounces them back to the Search window. They should
                                                                      simply search on the vendor record again and update the
                                                                      record and transmit it again.

        10571     Vendor       System level error when saving a       Encourage users to use the "X" in the right hand corner of
                               Vendor Request Mod document            the document and not the File menu option to close and
                               using the File menu option to save     save the Vendor Request Mod document.
        10383     Web Ordering catalog delivery order                 The user needs to correct each individual error message as
                                                                      they are displayed.
        10507     Web Ordering PDWeb Purchase Requests allow          When a user enters an item description that exceeds the
                               more data to be entered into fields    field's value length, an error appears, after the user saves
                               than can be saved                      the document, indicating that the field's value length is
                                                                      greater than the length that the column description allows.

        10710     Web Ordering The wildcard search functionality is In PDWeb use the ' * ' for wild-card searches. In the client-
                               different in PDWeb and Client Server server version of PD use ' % ' for wild-card searches.

        10712     Web Ordering losing suggested vendors --        When creating a Purchase Request through PDWeb that
                               purchase request pd web            only one suggested vendor can be added per request.
                                                                  Using the update buttons replaces the displayed vendor in
                                                                  this field. Authorized users requiring this functionality can
                                                                  create the Purchase Request using PD client/server.
                                                                  Additional suggested vendors can be listed in the
                                                                  Comments field.
        10719     Web Ordering Inability to add stops to an auto- Users cannot add stops to an auto-route in PDWeb. This
                               route in PDWeb                     functionality does exist for auto routes in the client/server
                                                                  version of PD.
        10726     Web Ordering Right mouse click does not work to In PDWeb use Control C to copy and Control V to paste
                               copy information in PDWeb          data into other fields.
        10729     Web Ordering Up and down arrows do not gray out Users should be aware that up and down arrows do not
                               when user reaches the end of the   gray out at the end of the document in PDWeb as they do
                               document in PDWeb                  in the client/server version.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                      13
                                                    MARS User Instruction Document

        11917     Web Ordering There needs to be a commodity          Until this field is added to the catalog, commodity codes will
                               code field associated with items in    have to entered manually on either the Market Basket or
                               the electronic catalog                 the Catalog Delivery Order document.
        11918     Web Ordering Must select "Add to Basket" at the     When adding items to market baskets using the electronic
                               end of every Electronic Catalog        catalog, users must add the items from each page
                               page of results                        individually. Items may not be selected on multiple pages
                                                                      for one consolidated add action.
        11957     Web Ordering Market Basket line items no "Type"     The user does have an option of selecting "Good" or
                               default.                               "Service" when creating a Market Basket. The appropriate
                                                                      radio button is located on the Line Item Detail tab.

        11980     Web Ordering There is no description for the unit   PDWeb does not include descriptions on the drop-down list
                               field on the Web                       box for units; however, the client/server version does
                                                                      include these descriptions.
        PDW -1    Web Ordering Wildcard search in the catalog         When performing a wildcard searchon "commodity code" in
                                                                      the catalog, it is recommended to search using at least
                                                                      three characters or to search by words.
        10324     All            Segmentation violation occurred      An "Error Window" will occasionally pop up with the
                                 while working in the system.         message, "EXCEPTION Segmentation Violation!" The
                                                                      user will have a choice between three buttons: "OK",
                                                                      "TraceBack", or "Abort". The user should choose the "OK"
                                                                      button. The user may have to click the "OK" button multiple
                                                                      times before the "Error Window" will disappear. The user
                                                                      should now be able to resume processing as normal. This
                                                                      desktop error does not affect the functionality of the desired
                                                                      task. For example, if a user encounters this error while
                                                                      editing a document, its status is unaffected by the
                                                                      segmentation violation window. There is no need to shut
                                                                      down the Advantage application. However, if a user is
                                                                      expelled from the application, the user should simply
                                                                      reconnect to Advantage by selecting the "Connections"
                                                                      option under the File menu.

As of 7/21/2010                                                                                                                        14

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