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					                                                                                CIESE Funding Opportunities
                                                                                   Updated July 21, 2010

      Organization        URL           Alt URL      Prelim        Final     Amount                                 Info
    Dept. of http://www2.e   Application   06/14/10 FY 2006 -      The Comprehensive Program is the central grant
    Education     /programs/fipseco Available              Appropriation: competition of the Fund for the Improvement of
    (FIPSE) -     mp/applicant.html on/FedRegiste                          $17,100,000 Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). The competition is
    Comprehensive                   r/announceme                                          designed to support innovative reform projects that hold
    Program                         nts/2010-                                             promise as models for the resolution of important issues
                                                                                          and problems in postsecondary education.
    NSF – CISE    http://www.nsf.go http://www.nsf.               08/04/10    Estimated     The Computer and Information Science and Engineering
    CISE Combined v/funding/pgm_su gov/pubs/200                               Number of     (CISE) Computing Research Infrastructure program
    Research and  mm.jsp?pims_id= 8/nsf08570/ns                              Awards: 6 to   supports the acquisition, development, enhancement,
    Curriculum    12810&org=CISE f08570.htm                                       9         and operation of research infrastructure that enables
    Development   &from=fund                                                 Anticipated    discovery, learning, and innovation in all computing fields
    and Educational                                                            Funding      supported by CISE. Supported infrastructure includes
    Innovation                                                                 Amount:      instrumentation needed by a few research or research
    Program (CRI)                                                            $3,000,000     and education projects, major experimental facilities for
                                                                                            an entire department or for multi-institutional projects,
    NSF - S-STEM       http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.        08/12/10     Est # of     and testbeds or data archives for an entireof higher of
                                                                                            This program makes grants to institutions subfield
    Scholarships in    v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                      Awards: 110     education to support scholarships for academically
    Science,           mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09567/ns                      Anticipated    talented, financially needy students, enabling them to
    Technology,        5257                f09567.htm                          Funding       enter the workforce following completion of an associate,
    Engineering, and                                                           Amount:       baccalaureate, or graduate level degree in science and
    Mathematics                                                              $50,000,000     engineering disciplines. Grantee institutions are
                                                                             for FY 2006     responsible for selecting scholarship recipients, reporting
                                                                                             demographic information about student scholars, and
R   NSF- REU           http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.        08/25/10   170-200 Awards. The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
    Research           v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                      $35,000,000     program supports active research participation by
    Experiences for    mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09598/ns                     including both  undergraduate students in any of the areas of research
    Undergraduates     5517&from=fund      f09598.htm                        Supplements and funded by the National Science Foundation. REU
                                                                             Sites, pending  projects involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing
                                                                             availability of research programs or in research projects designed
                                                                             funds           especially for the purpose. This solicitation features two
                                                                                             mechanisms for support of student research: (1) REU
                                                                                             Sites are based on independent proposals to initiate and
                                                                                             conduct projects that engage a number of students in
                                                                                             research. REU Sites may be based in a single discipline

      Organization             URL            Alt URL        Prelim     Final         Amount                                  Info
R   NSF – IOS          http://www.nsf.go                               09/03/10   10 to 30 -      The Innovation and Organizational Sciences (IOS)
    Innovation and     v/funding/pgm_su                                           estimated       program supports scientific research directed at
    Organizational     mm.jsp?pims_id=                                            number of new   advancing understanding of innovation and
    Sciences           5378                                                       awards per year organizational phenomena. Levels of analysis may
                                                                                                  include (but are not limited to) individuals, groups and/or
                                                                                                  institutional arrangements. Disciplinary perspectives may
                                                                                                  include (but are not limited to) organization theory,
    U.S. Dept. http://ies.ed.g   07/19/10 09/16/10    $100,000 to Through its Education Technology research grants
    of Education       unding/             ov/funding/fut                         $1,200,000      program, the Institute intends to support research on
    National Center                        ureComp.asp                                            education technology tools that are designed to provide
    for Educational                                                                               or support instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, or
    Research                                                                                      science (including pre-reading, pre-writing, early
                                                                                                  mathematics, and early science) or to provide
    NSF - STEP         http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.            09/28/10     $26,000,000 professional development for teachers related to
                                                                                                  The Science, Technology, Engineering, and
    Science,           v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                                           Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP) seeks
    Technology,        mm.jsp?pims_id=     8/nsf08569/ns                                          to increase the number of students (U.S. citizens or
    Engineering, and   5488                f08569.htm                                             permanent residents) receiving associate or
    Mathematics                                                                                   baccalaureate degrees in established or emerging fields
    Talent Expansion                                                                              within science, technology, engineering, and
    Program                                                                                       mathematics (STEM). Type 1 proposals are solicited that
                                                                                                  provide for full implementation efforts at academic
C   NSF - ATE          http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.            10/21/10      Estimated With an emphasis on two-year colleges, the Advanced
    Advanced           v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/201                             Number of Technological Education (ATE) program focuses on the
    Technological      mm.jsp?pims_id=     0/nsf10539/ns                           Awards: 60 - education of technicians for the high-technology fields
    Education          5464                f10539.htm                               Anticipated that drive our nation's economy. The program involves
                                                                                      Funding     partnerships between academic institutions and
                                                                                      Amount:     employers to promote improvement in the education of
                                                                                   $39,000,000 science and engineering technicians at the
                                                                                    in FY2006 undergraduate and secondary school levels. The ATE
                                                                                       and in     program supports curriculum development; professional
C   NSF – RET          http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.            11/15/10        FY2007
                                                                                    Estimated development of college faculty and secondary school
                                                                                                  The Directorate for Engineering (ENG), Research
    RESEARCH           v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                             Number of Experiences for Teachers (RET) in Engineering program
    EXPERIENCES        mm.jsp?pims_id=     7/nsf07557/ns                           Awards: 5 - supports the active involvement of K-12 teachers and
    FOR                5736                f07557.htm                                $500,000 community college faculty in engineering research in
    TEACHERS                                                                         maximum order to bring knowledge of engineering and
                                                                                     total for a technological innovation into their classrooms. The goal
                                                                                  duration of up is to help build long-term collaborative partnerships
                                                                                  to three years between K-12 science, technology, engineering, and
                                                                                                  mathematics (STEM) teachers, community college
                                                                                                  faculty, and the NSF university research community by
                                                                                                  involving the teachers in engineering research and
                                                                                                 2helping them translate their research experiences and
                                                                                                  new knowledge of engineering into classroom activities.
      Organization            URL               Alt URL        Prelim      Final      Amount                                     Info
    NSF-ISE                                 http://www.nsf.   06/24/10   11/18/10 50 awards. It      The ISE program invests in projects that develop and
    Informal Science                        gov/pubs/200                           is anticipated    implement informal learning experiences designed to
    Education                               9/nsf09553/ns                                that        increase interest, engagement, and understanding of
                                            f09553.htm?g                           approximately     science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
                                            ovDel=USNSF                              35 Project      (STEM) by individuals of all ages and backgrounds, as
                                                                                      grants, 5      well as projects that advance knowledge and practice of
                                                                                      Planning       informal science education. Projects may target either
                                                                                      grants, 5      public audiences or professionals whose work directly
R   NSF – MRI           http://www.nsf.go http://www.nsf.                 01/27/11    Estimated      The Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) is
    Major Research      v/od/oia/program gov/pubs/200                                 Number of      designed to increase access to scientific and
    Instrumentation     s/mri/start.htm   9/nsf09502/ns                             Awards: 300 -    engineering equipment for research and research
    Program                               f09502.htm                                  Anticipated    training in our Nation's organizations of higher education,
                                                                                   Funding Amount:   research museums and non-profit research
                                                                                     $75,000,000     organizations. This program seeks to improve the quality
                                                                                                     and expand the scope of research and research training
                                                                                                     in science and engineering, and to foster the integration
                                                                                                     of research and education by providing instrumentation
                                                                                                     for research-intensive learning environments. The MRI
    NSF – GSE           http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.   02/09/11   03/22/11    $6,000,000      program encourages the development and acquisition of
                                                                                                     The program seeks to broaden the participation of girls
    Gender in           v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/201                          for new grants     and women in all fields of science, technology,
    Science,            mm.jsp?pims_id=     0/nsf10516/ns                           in all tracks,   engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education by
    Technology,         5475                f10516.htm                                 pending       supporting research, dissemination of research, and
    Engineering &                                                                  availability of   extension services in education that will lead to a larger
    Mathematics                                                                      funds. 20 -     and more diverse domestic science and engineering
    Education                                                                      25 Grants will    workforce. Typical projects will contribute to the
    NSF-CCLI            http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.              05/27/11     be funded
                                                                                      71 to 99 -     knowledge base addressing gender-related differences
                                                                                                     The Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement
    Course,             v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                            including 55     (CCLI) program seeks to improve the quality of science,
    Curriculum, and     mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09529/ns                         to 70 Phase 1      technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
    Laboratory          5741                f09529.html                            awards, 15 to     education for all undergraduate students. The program
    Improvement                                                                      25 Phase 2      supports efforts to create new learning materials and
                                                                                  awards, and 1      teaching strategies, develop faculty expertise, implement
                                                                                   to 4 Phase 3      educational innovations, assess learning and evaluate
                                                                                       awards        innovations, and conduct research on STEM teaching
    NSF - BRIGE         http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                          Anticipated
                                                                                     $5,000,000      and learning. The program supports three types of
                                                                                                     With the goal of broadening participation to all engineers
    Broadening          v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                                             including members from groups underrepresented in the
    Participation       mm.jsp?pims_id=     7/nsf07589/ns                                            engineering disciplines, the Directorate for Engineering
    Research            503160&org=NS       f07589.htm                                               (ENG) at NSF offers a research initiation grant funding
    Initiation Grants   F&sel_org=NSF&                                                               opportunity.
    in Engineering
    (BRIGE)                                                                                          These grants are intended to increase the diversity of

      Organization            URL             Alt URL       Prelim   Final      Amount                                      Info
     NSF - DR-K12     http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                    Est. # of          Discovery Research K-12 funds research, development,
    Discovery         v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                       Awards: 48         and evaluation activities through knowledge generation
    Research K-12     mm.jsp?pims_id=     8/nsf08609/ns                      with appro 12      and application to improve K-12 learning and teaching.
    (DR-K12)          500047&org=NS       f08609.htm                         Conference,        The program addresses this mission by funding activities
                      F&sel_org=NSF&                                         21                 in three major areas:
    NSF - ITEST       from=fund                                              $15 million for    Information technologies are integral to both the
                      http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.
    Information       v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                       20-25 awards       workplace and everyday activities of most Americans.
    Technology        mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09506/ns                        over three       They are part of how people learn, how they interact with
    Experiences for   5467                f09506.htm                              years         each other and information, and how they represent and
    Students and                                                                                understand their world. Attaining a basic understanding
    Teachers                                                                                    of these technologies and mastery of essential technical
    NSF - Robert                                                               Estimated        The is a requirement for anyone to benefit from
                                                                                                skillsRobert Noyce Scholarship program seeks to
                      http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.
    Noyce             v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/201                         Number of        encourage talented science, technology, engineering,
    Scholarships      mm.jsp?pims_id=     0/nsf10514/ns                       Awards: 8 to      and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-
                      5733                f10514.htm                               10           12 mathematics and science teachers. The program
                                                                              Anticipated       provides funds to institutions of higher education to
                                                                                Funding         support scholarships, stipends, and programs for
    NSF - REESE       http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                       Amount:
                                                                             $30,000,000        The Division commit to teaching in high need K-12
                                                                                                students whoof Research on Learning in Formal and
    Research and      v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                       pending            Informal Settings (DRL) in the Directorate for Education
    Evaluation on                                                            availability of    and Human Resources (EHR) of the National Science
                      mm.jsp?pims_id=     8/nsf08585/ns                      funds.
    Education in      13667&org=NSF       f08585.htm                                            Foundation (NSF) supports basic and applied research
    Science and       &sel_org=NSF&fr                                                           and evaluation that enhances science, technology,
    Engineering                                                                                 engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning and
    (REESE) Math
    NSF - MSP         http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                     8 including up    teaching. and Science Partnership (MSP) program is ain
                                                                                                The Math The Research and Evaluation on Education
    and Science       v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                       to three RETA      major research and development effort that supports
    Partnership       mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09507/ns                           awards,       innovative partnerships to improve K-12 student
    Program           5756&org=NSF        f09507.htm                             pending        achievement in mathematics and science. MSP projects
                                                                              availability of   are expected to both raise the achievement levels of all
R   NSF -              http://www.nsf.go http://www.nsf.                     170 to 250
                                                                                   funds.       students and significantly reduce achievement gaps in
                                                                                                The SBIR/STTR Programs stimulate technological
    SBIR/STTR          v/eng/iip/sbir/   gov/pubs/200                        (pending           innovation in the private sector, by strengthening the role
    Small Business                       9/nsf09541/ns                       availability of    of small business concerns in meeting Federal research
    Innovation                           f09541.htm                          funds).            and development needs, increasing the commercial
    Research and                                                             Anticipated        application of federally supported research results, and
    Small Business                                                           Funding Amount:    fostering and encouraging participation by socially and
    Technology                                                               $25,000,000 for    economically disadvantaged persons and women-owned
    Transfer                                                                 SBIR Phase I       small businesses.
    Programs Phase                                                           (pending the
    I Solicitation FY-                                                       availability of

     Organization               URL             Alt URL        Prelim   Final        Amount                                          Info
R   NSF - ERC           http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                          Estimated       The new ERC will have a stronger focus on combining fundamental
    Engineering         v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                             Number of       research and research and education focused on innovation. The
    Research            mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09545/ns                            Awards: 5       innovation focus will support small firms engaged in translational
    Centers             5502                f09545.htm                          $16,250,000 is       research within the ERC's research program to speed innovation and
                                                                                  expected to be     expose students to the innovation process. Partnerships will include
                                                                                    available to     state, local government, or academic programs designed to stimulate
    NSF-NSDL            http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                     Est. # of Awards:    Building on work supported under the multi-agency
    National            v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                        16 to 22 - (1 to 2   Digital Libraries Initiative, this program aims to establish
    Science,            mm.jsp?pims_id=     9/nsf09531/ns                       Pathways; 15 to      a national digital library that will constitute an online
    Technology,         5487                f09531.html                                  20          network of learning environments and resources for
    Engineering, and                                                              Supplements).      science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
    Mathematics                                                                     Anticipated      (STEM) education at all levels. The program has three
    Education Digital                                                           Funding Amount:      tracks: (1) Pathways projects are expected to provide
    Library                                                                         $4,000,000       stewardship for the content and services needed by
                                                                                 (approximately)     major communities of learners. (2) Services projects are
                                                                                    in FY2006,       expected to develop services that support users,
                                                                                   subject to the    resource collection providers, and the Core Integration
    NSF - GK12          http://www.nsf.go   http://www.nsf.                          25 new          This program supports fellowships and associated
    GRADUATE            v/funding/pgm_su    gov/pubs/200                             awards,         training that enable graduate students in NSF- supported
    TEACHING            mm.jsp?pims_id=     8/nsf08556/ns                          depending         science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
    FELLOWS IN K-       5472&from=fund      f08556.htm                              upon the         (STEM) disciplines to acquire additional skills that will
    12 EDUCATION                                                                    quality of       broadly prepare them for professional and scientific
                                                                                proposals and        careers in the 21st century. Through interactions with
                                                                                 availability of     teachers in K-12 schools, graduate students can
                                                                                      funds.         improve communication and teaching skills while
                                                                                 $16,000,000         enriching STEM instruction in K-12 schools. In addition,
                                                                                approximately        the GK-12 program provides institutions of higher
                                                                                   in FY 2008        education with an opportunity to make a permanent
  Dept. of       http://www.ed.                          Est. # of        Purpose of Program: To provide grants or enter into
  Education             /programs/fipsen    gov/about/offic                       Awards: 10         cooperative agreements to improve postsecondary
  (FIPSE)               ortham/applicant.   es/list/ope/fips                        Estimated        education opportunities by focusing on problem areas or
  Program for           html                e/index.html                            Range of         improvement approaches in postsecondary education.
  North American                                                                     Awards:         Priority: Under this competition, we are particularly
  Mobility in Higher                                                                $25,000-         interested in applications that address the following
C USDOE - RTT    http://www.ed.                                           The Ready to Teach program supports two types of
  Ready To Teach        /programs/readyt    gov/programs/                                            competitive grants to nonprofit telecommunications
                        each/   readyteach/in                                            entities: (a) grants to carry out a national
                        ml                  dex.html                                                 telecommunications-based program to improve teaching
                                                                                                     in core curriculum areas; and (b) digital educational
                                                                                                     programming grants that enable eligible entities to

   Organization                URL                Alt URL        Prelim   Final     Amount                                  Info
C US-DOE                                                25 awards   The purpose of this program is to provide grants to
  Teacher Quality      /programs/heatqp                                            $500,000-   promote improvements in the quality of new teachers,
  Enhancement          /applicant.html                                             $2,000,000  with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement
  Grants                                                                                       in the nation's K-12 classrooms. Partnership grants are
  Office of                                                                                    designed to promote significant improvements in teacher
  Postsecondary                                                                                education by strengthening the vital role of K-12
  NSF - GEO            http://www.nsf.go       http://www.nsf.                    Est # of     Through its Geoscience Teacher Training (GEO-Teach)
  Teach                v/funding/pgm_su        gov/pubs/200                       Awards: 1 to program, the Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) at the
  Geoscience           mm.jsp?pims_id=         6/nsf06526/ns                      3-           National Science Foundation (NSF) will support projects
  Teacher Training     5188&org=NSF&f          f06526.htm                         $15,000,000 designed to improve the quality of geoscience
                       rom=fund                                                   (over a five instruction, primarily at middle and high school levels.
                                                                                  year period) GEO-Teach projects will provide teachers with easy
                                                                                               access to high-quality curricular materials as well as the
                                                                                               current state of knowledge, and will implement pre-
                                                                                               service teacher training and in-service professional
                                                                                               development programs designed to enhance middle and
                                                                                               high school students' understanding of and appreciation
   NSF- CI-TEAMS       http://www.nsf.go       http://www.nsf.                     $10,000,000 for the importance of the geosciences.computational
                                                                                               New information, communication, and
   Cyberinfrastructu   v/funding/pgm_su        gov/pubs/200                             to     technologies have had profound impacts on the practice
   re Training,        mm.jsp?pims_id=         7/nsf07564/ns                       $12,150,000 of science and engineering. Linked to create a
   Education,          12782&from=fun          f07564.htm                                      comprehensive cyberinfrastructure, the systems, tools,
   Advancement,        d                                                                       and services emerging from these new technologies are
   and Mentoring                                                                               enabling individuals, groups, and organizations to
   for Our 21st of
   Department          https://www.sbir.dhs.                                                   advance research and education in ways that
   Homeland            gov/deadlines.asp
   Security - SBIR
   Naval Research - http://www.navys

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Last competition: 5/5/08

Annual Competitions - First Tuesday in August,
Annually Thereafter

Full Proposal Deadline - August 12, 2010
August 11, 2011

August 25, 2010 & Fourth Wednesday in August
annually thereafter

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Annual Submissions Due February 2nd &
September 3rd

LOI: July 19, 2010

Proposal: September 16, 2010

Last Offered September 18, 2007
Full Proposal Deadline(s) (due by 5 p.m. proposer's
local time):

September 30, 2008
September 29, 2009
September 28, 2010
Full Proposal Deadline(s):
October 21, 2010
October 20, 2011
October 18, 2012

Annual Submissions Due on Third Monday in

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Preliminary Proposal Due - June 24, 2010

Full Proposal Deadline - November 18, 2010

Annual Submissions Pending the availability of
funds, it is anticipated that MRI program deadlines
will occur on the fourth Thursday in January
annually thereafter

Letter of Intent:
Second Wednesday in February, Annually

Full Proposal:
Fourth Tuesday in March, Annually

Full Proposal Deadline Date: May 27, 2011

For Type 1 submitting organizations located in
states N through W

Last offered February 25, 2010

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Last Offered January 7, 2010

Last offered 1/19/10

Last offered: March 10, 2010 - Teaching
Fellowship/Master Teaching Fellowship Proposals
April 07, 2010 - Innovation through Institutional

November 12, 2009

Last offered: August 8, 2009

Last offered: June 9, 2010

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Last offered: February 9, 2010

Last offered 5/26/10


Last offered January 27, 2010

Last offered April 15, 2010

Last Offered or Annual Submission
Last offered June 26, 2009

Last Offered - Required LoI 02/15/06 & Full
Proposal Due on 04/17/06

Last Offered April 27, 2010

Last offered: May 11, 2010 - June 24, 2010

Last offered: May 19, 2010 - June 23, 2010

                                                               Archived Funding Opportunities

       Organization            URL          Alt URL   Prelim   Final      Amount                                                           Info                                                  Last Offered or Annual
    NSF – BEE             http://www.nsf.                               30 planning The Bridges for Engineering Education (BEE) Planning Grants solicitation is a                                This has been archived
    Bridges for           gov/pubs/2003/                               grants of up to collaborative effort between the Directorate for Engineering (ENG) and the                                and will not be offered any
                          nsf03561/nsf03                               $100,000 each Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR). This program
    Engineering                                                                              provides an opportunity for institutions to compete for planning grants to                          longer
    Education             561.htm                                                            develop proposals that improve:
    No Longer Active                                                                         The engineering content in K-12 education.
    Marked for deletion                                                                      The pedagogy in undergraduate engineering.
                                                                                             Engineering technology degree programs.

R   NSF – DLR             http://www.nsf.                              Estimated Number      The Grants for the Department-Level Reform of Undergraduate Engineering Education                   Last offered March 11,
                          gov/funding/pg                                of Awards: 26 An     solicitation provides an opportunity for institutions to compete for planning and implementation
    Grants for the                                                                                                                                                                               2005
                                                                            estimated 20     grants to assist departmental and larger units in:
    Department-Level      m_summ.jsp?pi                                                                                                                                                          This is now Archieved as
                          ms_id=5462&or                                    planning and 6
    Reform of                                                            implementation.
                                                                                             Engaging faculty in the scholarship of learning and teaching on a department wide basis,            of 10-5-05
    Undergraduate         g=EEC                                                              Developing, implementing, assessing and disseminating comprehensive plans to reformulate,
                                                                                             streamline and update engineering degree programs,
    Engineering                                                         Funding Amount:      Developing, implementing, assessing department wide transformational change of student
    Education                                                             $8,000,000. 20     learning experiences,
    No Longer Active                                                   planning grants of    Incorporating Service Learning opportunities into engineering programs,
                                                                          $100,000 each      Meeting the emerging workforce and educational needs of U.S. industry, and
    Marked for deletion
                                                                                and 6        Incorporating methods for integration of research and teaching.
                                                                          implementation     This solicitation is a collaborative effort between the Directorate for Engineering (ENG) and the
                                                                           grants of up to   Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR).

R   NSF - NSEE            http://www.nsf.                                16 awards           This solicitation continues a comprehensive effort on the part of the National                      Last offered on April 6,
                                                                         $7,500,000          Science Foundation (NSF) to enhance formal and informal education in
    Nanoscale Science     gov/funding/pg                                                                                                                                                         2005
                                                                        total funding,       nanoscale science, engineering, and technology. Its goals are to develop
    and Engineering       m_summ.jsp?pi                                                      strong partnerships linking science educators with nanoscale science and
                                                                           per year,
    Education             ms_id=6669&or                                                      engineering researchers, and to increase knowledge of advances in
    Currently Funded,     g=NSF                                                              nanoscale research and technology and their impact on society.
                                                                        availability of
    but No Longer                                                         funds and
    Receiving                                                              quality of
       Organization            URL             Alt URL       Prelim   Final     Amount                                                         Info                                                    Last Offered or Annual
    NSF-ITR               http://www.nsf.                                     $90,000,000         In FY 2004, the Information Technology Research (ITR) Program is focusing                            Required LoI 1/14/04 &
                          gov/funding/pg                                                          on Information Technology Research in support of National Priorities, where
    Information                                                                                   National Priorities are defined as: Advances in Science and Engineering
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Full Proposal Due on
    Technology            m_summ.jsp?pi                                                           (ASE); Economic Prosperity and Vibrant Civil Society (ECS); and National and                         2/24/04
    Research for          ms_id=5524                                                              Homeland Security (NHS). Today, networks link people, software, hardware,
                                                                                                  computational resources and data archives, and they enable unprecedented
    National Priorities                                                                           communications, coordination and collaboration among them. Powerful
    Currently Funded,                                                                             distributed applications enable new forms of scientific research by collecting,
    but No Longer                                                                                 disseminating, and analyzing observational or experimental data, or data from
                                                                                                  models or simulations. Other powerful applications include the networked
    Receiving                                                                                     services essential to our daily lives, such as cell phones, email, banking
    Proposals                                                                                     systems, transportation systems, critical infrastructures, distributed inventory
                                                                                                  control systems, and modern environmental observing systems. New
                                                                                                  knowledge is needed to improve the design, use, behavior, and stability of
                                                                                                  these widely distributed systems.

R   NSF - AGEP            http://www.nsf.   http://www.nsf                      3 to 6 Awards     The Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program is intended to             Required LoI Due May 17,
                          gov/funding/pg    .gov/pubs/200                        $6,000,000       increase significantly the number of domestic students receiving doctoral degrees in the
    Alliances For                                                                                                                                                                                      2004       Full Due July
                                                                                   pending        sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with special emphasis on those
    Graduate              m_summ.jsp?pi     4/nsf04575/ns                                                                                                                                              26, 2004
                                                                                availability of   population groups underrepresented in these fields (i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, American
    Education And The     ms_id=5474        f04575.htm                                            Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders). In addition, AGEP is          Currently Funded, but No
                                                                              funds in FY 2004
    Professoriate                                                                                 particularly interested in increasing the number of minorities who will enter the professoriate in   Longer Receiving
                                                                                                  these disciplines. Specific objectives of the AGEP program are (1) to develop and implement
    *CURRENTLY                                                                                    innovative models for recruiting, mentoring, and retaining minority students in STEM doctoral
    LISTED AS                                                                                     programs, and (2) to develop effective strategies for identifying and supporting underrepresented
    ARCHIVED                                                                                      minorities who want to pursue academic careers.
       Organization            URL          Alt URL   Prelim   Final     Amount                                                 Info                                        Last Offered or Annual
C   NSF - IERI            http://www.nsf.                              Estimated           The Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) is a collaborative effort   Required LoI 3/1/06 & Full
                                                                       Number of           jointly sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Institute of
    Interagency           gov/funding/pg                                                                                                                                    Proposals Due on 4/7/06
                                                                       Awards: 11 to       Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education (see
    Education             m_summ.jsp?pi                                          , and the National
                                                                       13 - 1 scaling
    Research Initiative   ms_id=5486                                                       Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the National Institutes of
                                                                       award at up to
                                                                                           Health (see In FY 2004
    *CURRENTLY                                                         a total of $6       the IERI grant competition will be managed separately by each agency. The
    LISTED AS                                                          million for 5       National Science Foundation invites proposals for research projects that will
                                                                       years, and 10       investigate the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve student
                                                                       to 12               learning and achievement in preK-12 science and/or preK-12 mathematics
                                                                       Contextual          with an emphasis on middle and high school. Technology should be a part of
                                                                       Awards for up       the intervention or used in an essential manner in the analysis of the
                                                                       to a total of $2    intervention.
                                                                       million up to 5
    NSF-IMD               http://www.nsf.                                 Estimated        The Instructional Materials Development (IMD) program includes three             Last offered: Prelim -
                                                                          Number of        components: Instructional Materials for Students -- supports the creation and
    Instructional         gov/funding/pg                                                                                                                                    7/14/05 & Full - 3/13/06
                                                                         Awards: 10 to     substantial revision of comprehensive curricula and supplemental instructional
    Materials             m_summ.jsp?pi                                                    materials that are research-based; enhance classroom instruction, preK-12;
                                                                        15 Anticipated
    Development           ms_id=5468                                                       and reflect standards for science, mathematics, and technology education
                                                                                           developed by national professional organizations. Assessment -- supports the
    *CURRENTLY                                                             Amount:         creation of tools for assessing student learning that are tied to nationally
    LISTED AS                                                            $10,000,000       developed standards and reflect the most current thinking on how students
                                                                            pending        learn mathematics and science. Projects can also focus on assistance to
                                                                         availability of   schools and districts in implementing new assessments. Applied Research --
                                                                             funds,        supports the research for development of the IMD program and projects;
                                                                        including up to    provides evidence for the effectiveness of materials and feedback for
                                                                        $5,000,000 for     strengthening the portfolio; and identifies possible new directions in
                                                                            Applied        instructional materials and assessment.

C   NSF - TPC             http://www.nsf.                               Estimated          The Teacher Professional Continuum (TPC) program addresses critical issues       Preliminary Proposal Due
                                                                        Number of          and infrastructure needs regarding the recruitment, preparation, induction,
    Teacher               gov/funding/pg                                                                                                                                    Date(s) (required): May
                                                                       Awards: 25 to       retention, and life-long development of K-12 science, technology, engineering,
    Professional          m_summ.jsp?pi                                                    and mathematics (STEM) teachers. Its goals are to improve the quality and        31, 2005
                                                                           35 -
    Continuum             ms_id=12785                                                      coherence of teacher learning experiences across the continuum through           Full Proposal Deadline(s)
                                                                                           research that informs teaching practice and the development of innovative
    *CURRENTLY                                                           Funding           resources for the professional development of K-12 STEM teachers. The
                                                                                                                                                                            (due by 5 p.m. proposer's
    LISTED AS                                                            Amount:           program supports Research Studies, Resources for Professional                    local time):
                                                                       $28,000,000         Development, and Conferences and Symposia.                                       September 16, 2005
                                                                         FY 2005
       Organization            URL              Alt URL       Prelim      Final        Amount                                              Info                                          Last Offered or Annual
    NSF - Sensor and     http://www.nsf.                                            Anticipated        The National Science Foundation (NSF), through the Directorate for                Last offered March 03,
    Sensor Networks      gov/funding/pg                                             Funding Amount:    Engineering, the Directorate for Geosciences, and the Office of Polar
                                                                                    $25,000,000 - up   Programs, announces a broad interdisciplinary program of research and
    *CURRENTLY           m_summ.jsp?pi                                                                 education in the area of advanced sensor development. This solicitation seeks
                         ms_id=5394                                                 to 40 awards
    LISTED AS                                                                                          to advance fundamental knowledge in engineering of materials, concepts and
                                                                                                       designs for new sensors; networked sensor systems in a distributed
    ARCHIVED                                                                                           environment; terrestrial, atmospheric, and aquatic environmental analysis; the
                                                                                                       integration of sensors into engineered systems; and the interpretation and use
                                                                                                       of sensor data in decision-making processes. The Directorate for
                                                                                                       Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the Directorate for Education and
                                                                                                       Human Resources, and the Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic
                                                                                                       Sciences plan to participate in the reviews and identify proposals of mutual
                                                                                                       interest and may provide co-funding for programs of high quality that meet
                                                                                                       their programmatic requirements.

                                                                                                       Please note that this is a much narrower solicitation than its predecessor, NSF
                                                                                                       04-522. Proposals outside the scope of the topical areas described in this
                                                                                                       solicitation are subject to return without review.

    NSF - ROLE           http://www.nsf.                      12/11/07   01/10/08     Estimated        The ROLE program seeks to capitalize on important                                 Annual Submissions LoI
    Research on          gov/pubs/2005/                                              Number of         developments across a wide range of fields related to human                       due December 11th of
    Learning and         nsf05529/nsf05                                             Awards: 10 to      learning and to STEM education. It supports research across a                     each year and Proposal
    Education            529.htm                                                       20 $12          continuum that includes (1) the biological basis of human                         due January 10th
                                                                                    million for the    learning; (2) behavioral, cognitive, affective and social aspects
                                                                                         ROLE          of STEM learning; (3) STEM learning in formal and informal
                                                                                     competition       educational settings; (4) STEM Policy research; and (5) The
                                                                                                       diffusion of STEM innovations. The ROLE Program aims to
                                                                                                       advance the knowledge base within and across the intersections
                                                                                                       of these multidisciplinary areas. It encourages projects that
                                                                                                       reconcile and integrate basic research and educational practice,
                                                                                                       and generate hypotheses from one disciplinary area that can be
                                                                                                       tested and refined in another.

C   US-DOE               http://www.ed.g     http://www.ed.                         Est. Range:        The purpose of this program is to identify effective strategies for Last competition: 7/26/06
    IES - Institute of   ov/about/offices    gov/programs/                          $100,000 to        improving the performance of teachers in ways that lead to
    Education Sciences   /list/ies/program   tqmath/applica                         $1,200,000         increases in students' mathematics and science learning, and to
    Teacher Quality --   s.html              nt.html                                (These             develop practical assessments of teacher knowledge and
    Mathematics and                                                                 estimates are      validate these assessments against measures of student
    Science Research                                                                annual             performance. Through this program, the Institute will support
                                                                                    amounts.)          research on the development and evaluation of teacher
                                                                                                       preparation programs, teacher professional development
                                                                                                       programs, and assessments of teacher knowledge.
       Organization          URL             Alt URL       Prelim   Final     Amount                                       Info                                   Last Offered or Annual
    NSF - PFI                             http://www.nsf                     Estimated       The goals of the Partnerships for Innovation Program are to: 1) Last Offered on 8/3/06
    Partners for                          .gov/funding/p                     Number of       stimulate the transformation of knowledge created by the
    Innovation                            gm_summ.jsp                       Awards: 15 to    national research and education enterprise into innovations that
                                          ?pims_id=526                          25 -         create new wealth, build strong local, regional and national
                                          1                                  Anticipated     economies and improve the national well-being; 2) broaden the
                                                                              Funding        participation of all types of academic institutions and all citizens
                                                                              Amount:        in NSF activities to more fully meet the broad workforce needs
                                                                            $9,000,000 in    of the national innovation enterprise; and 3) catalyze or enhance
                                                                               FY2005        enabling infrastructure necessary to foster and sustain
                                                                                             innovation in the long-term. To develop a set of ideas for
                                                                                             pursuing these goals, this competition will support 15-25
                                                                                             promising partnerships among academe, state/local/federal
                                                                                             government and the private sector that will explore new
                                                                                             approaches to support and sustain innovation.

    NSF - AYS           http://www.nsf.                                        Est. # of     NSF seeks to support NSFAYS Projects that will create,               1st Competition: 5/31/06
    Academies for Young gov/funding/pg                                      Awards: 17 to    implement, evaluate, and disseminate effective models to attract     LoI $ 6/30/06 Full
    Scientists (NSFAYS) m_summ.jsp?pi                                       19 - including   K-8 students to, prepare them for, and retain them in science,       Proposal due
                        ms_id=13677&                                           16 to 18      technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines,
                        org=NSF&from                                          NSFAYS         leading to an increase in the pool of students continuing in
                        =fund                                               Projects (max    STEM coursework in high school and considering careers in
                                                                              $800,000       STEM fields. Models must be built on sustainable partnerships
                                                                              each) & 1      of formal and informal education providers, business/industry,
                                                                              NSFAYS         and Colleges of Education. The Foundation solicits highly
                                                                             Research &      innovative projects that expose students to innovative out-of-
                                                                             Eval Center     school time (OST) learning experiences that demonstrate
                                                                                 (max        effective synergies with in-school curricula, and take full
                                                                            $1,400,000).     advantage of the special attributes of each educational setting in
                                                                                             synergistic ways. Projects should structure highly motivational
                                                                                             experiences for students while providing essential STEM
                                                                                             preparation. Professional development for classroom teachers
                                                                                             and OST education providers will be critical to the success of
                                                                                             NSFAYS Projects. The portfolio of NSFAYS Projects is intended
                                                                                             to explore a variety of implementation models in urban, rural and
                                                                                             suburban settings representing diverse student populations.
C   Upward Bound Math- http://www.ed.                                                        The portfolio is projects, to strengthen the should inform NSF
                                                                                             This program of designed taken as a whole, math and science          ARCHIVED
    Science (USDOE)    gov/programs/                                                         skills of participating students. The goal of the program is to
                        triomathsci/ap                                                       help students recognize and develop their potential to excel in
                        plicant.html                                                         math and science and encourages them to pursue
                                                                                     Private Organizations

Organization              URL                                Preliminary Final                 Amount Info

*American Association                    Aug. 1, 2009 -      $5,000-   Community Action Grants provide seed money for a clearly defined
of University Women       wships_grants/community_ac                       Jan. 15, 2010       $10,000   activity that must be innovative, community-based and related to
                          tion.cfm                                                                       education and equity for women and girls. Deadline: January 15.
                                                                                                         Contact information: Telephone (310) 337-1716, ext. 192; URL

American Honda                                                     The American Honda Foundation provides grants in the fields of youth
Foundation                merica/philanthropy.aspx?id=                                                   education and scientific education to the following:
                          ahf                                                                            Educational institutions, K-12; accredited higher education institutions
                                                                                                         (colleges and universities); community colleges and vocational or trade
                                                                                                         schools; scholarship and fellowship programs at selected colleges
Annenberg Foundation http://www.annenbergfoundat letters of              There are no                    and/or universities or through selected national, non-profitwithin its grant-
                                                                                                         The Annenberg Foundation provides support for projects
                               inquiry at all          deadlines. After                making interests of education, culture, the arts, and community and
                                                 times during            review the                      civic life. It generally limits funding to programs likely to produce
                                                 the year                applicant will be               beneficent change on a large scale.
                                                                         contacted within
                                                                         four to six weeks
AT&T Foundation  The AT&T          as to the status of             AT&T Foundation funds are targeted toward specific projects that fit
                          n/guidelines.html            Foundation                                        within our program guidelines as outlined below. Our funds are typically
                                                       awards                                            distributed through invitational programs or through projects that we
                                                       grants by                                         proactively develop with nonprofit organizations.

Atlantic Philanthropies   http://www.atlanticphilanthrop                                                 We have decided to concentrate our grant investments in four
                                                               programme fields, in a limited number of locations, and in a very
                          _statistics.asp                                                                focused way. The four fields are:
Organization           URL                            Preliminary Final                 Amount Info

Author Vining Davis                                                  Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
                                                                                               Eligibility: Non-profits, including school districts
                                                                                               Purpose: Support education projects that strengthen teachers and their
                                                                                               teaching in grades 9-12
*Author Vining Davis                                            There are no deadlines for proposals. The Foundations accept
                       pply-projectpresentation.htm                                            proposals throughout the year. Grant applications may be submitted at
                                                                                               any time. However, the process of moving from proposal submission to
                                                                                               grant approval takes time. Therefore, it may not be feasible to meet
Burroughs Wellcome                                                  The Burroughs Wellcome Fund’s overall grantmaking strategy is to
Fund (BWF) Science                                                                             support biomedical scientists at the beginning of their careers and to
Education                                                                                      make grants in areas of science that are poised for significant advance
                                                                                               and but currently undervalued and underfunded. Within this overall
                                                                                               strategy, the Fund makes grants within five focus areas:
Bush Foundation        http://www.bushfoundation.or Letters of     The deadlines for           Developing Proposals
                       g/Apply/math_science.asp     Inquiry can    full proposals are          Proposals for mathematics and science education programs for girls
                                                    be submitted   March 1, July 1,            and minority students should:
                                                    anytime        and November 1.             be designed for elementary or junior high school students or teachers
                                                                                               and may operate in schools or in out-of-school settings;

                                                                                                reflect an understanding of national research on the causes of
                                                                                               differential performance in mathematics and science of school-aged

                                                                                                be based on programs that have been successful elsewhere;

                                                                                                include a financial plan for continuation if the program is expected to
                                                                                               continue beyond the end of the proposed grant; and
Organization            URL                              Preliminary Final                Amount Info

CitiGroup Foundation                                              Citigroup Foundation prefer to solicit proposals from prospective
                        roup/corporate/foundation/                                                  grantees with demonstrated successes in the areas they fund.
                                                                                                    Unsolicited proposals will be accepted, but a favorable decision is less

Coca-Cola Company       http://www2.coca-                5 Page                                     To improve the quality of life in the community and enhance individual
                  application                                opportunity through education. We support educational programs
                        on_guidelines.html               and Proposal                               primarily within three main areas: higher education, classroom teaching
*Dow Education       can be                                     and learning, and international education. benefit Dow communities
                                                                                                    fund national, state, or local programs that
Initiatives Grants      m/educational/index.htm                                                     and promote systemic education reform in math and science. Priority
                                                                                                    areas are math and science, teacher training, parental involvement.

EIF                               Feb 28, 2010     $5,000 to For the Women in Engineering - Projects Directed by Engineering
Engineering Information erts/48783                                       Aug 31, 2010      50,000 Educators field of interest, the foundation wishes to encourage women,
Foundation                                                                                          starting with girls, ninth grade and above, to pursue engineering
Ford Foundation Letters of          Throughout the             Supports policy, research and reform programs recruitment of women,
                                                                                                    degrees. Projects may focus on orientation and in both schools and
                        ut/guideline.cfm              intent are         year                       higher education institutions, with particular emphasis on enhancing the
                                                      considered                                    performance of educational systems through improving finance,
Gates Foundation        http://www.gatesfoundation.o throughout
                                                      If your                                       governance, accountability and training. letters of inquiry or unsolicited
                                                                                                    The Education program does not accept
                        rg/Grants/                       project falls                              proposals.
                                                         within one of
                                                         our program
Organization            URL                             Preliminary Final        Amount Info

Hewlett Foundation Letters of                  Total of     Provide support for research and development of innovative technology
                        eekers/edGuidelines.htm       Intent may                    31.6       to support K-12 classroom instruction and to teach reading and
                                                      be submitted               million for   mathematics, especially for non-English-speaking students in U.S.
                                                      at any time;                 2004        schools.
                                                      there is no
Hoffmann-LaRoche, Letters of                                 K-12 science and mathematics focusing on teacher enrichment
Inc.                    ut/apply.html                 intent are
HP                                                   This grant initiative is designed to support the innovative use of
                        grams.asp?agencyid=135                                             technology in K-16 education, and to help identify K-12 schools and
                                                                                           higher education institutions that HP might support with future grants.
Intel                                      $1,000.00 Programs targeting high-risk youth that specifically utilize the arts,
                        tion/index.asp                                               to    technology, and sports - will consider multiple-year grants for a period
*Jack Kent Cooke        http://www.jackkentcookefou      The                     $25,000.0 not to exceed three (3) years.
                                                                                           The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Innovation Fund provides grants to
Foundation     application                              nonprofit organizations to spark the creation or expansion of innovative
                        aspx?page=2414227&_redir deadline for                                  education programs in a particular field each year. The Foundation
                        =376                          2006 grants                              invited brief proposals for grants that will support new or existing
Keck Foundation              May 01, 2010                 The W. M. Keck Foundation seeks to enrich research and teaching
                        gi-bin/getRec?id=42604                    Nov 01, 2010                 through support for equipment, facilities, fellowships, and basic
                                                                                               research projects at the frontiers of science and engineering.
* Kellogg Foundation                                            As the W.K. Kellogg Foundation approaches its 75th anniversary, it has
Grants                                                                                         identified several projects for commemoratory grants. Unfortunately, the
                                                                                               Foundation is not accepting any new proposals for this purpose. It does
Merck Institute for                                           no grants for others listed
Science Education       ex.jsp

Microsoft Foundation                                           Partners in Learning Grants Program
                        cation/partnersinlearning.asp                                          Executive Summary
                        x                                                                      The Partners in Learning Grants Program provides government and
                                                                                               education leaders with the local resources to deliver information and
* National Geographic   http://www.nationalgeographi
Society Education
Foundation              her.html
Organization              URL                              Preliminary Final   Amount Info


NEC Foundation                                     focus now on tech asst. for disabilities
* National Endowment                                                           $30,000 Faculty Humanities Workshop grants provide up to $30,000 in outright
for the Humanities                                                                to   funds for projects serving a single institution; regional or multi-
(NEH )                                                                         $75,000 institutional programs may receive awards up to $75,000. Grants for
                                                                                       Faculty Humanities Workshops support local and regional professional
Oracle Help Us Help           The Website                 The ability to use technology to learn and succeed in the 21st century
Foundation                                                 has been                    has become a "new basic" for all students. To meet this educational
                                                           disabled. No                challenge, every school needs innovative content and technically savvy
                                                           further                     teachers. Unfortunately, these are the very resources that many schools
Pew Charitable Trust        Proposals                   The partners of the Trusts' Education program tend to be state and
                                                           are accepted                national child advocacy organizations with a focus on preschool for all 3-
                                                           throughout                  and 4-year-olds; We welcome inquiries from potential partners who
                                                           the year.                   share our desire to ensure that all 3- and 4- year-olds have access to
Public Service Electric        No letter of                high-quality prekindergarten education.
                                                                                       Include pre-collegiate education, environmental education, job
& Gas, Co.                nity/funding.jsp                 intent or                   readiness and urban revitalization
Raytheon Company      How do I                      Raytheon Company is committed to improving math and science
                          ut/contributions/applicant/ind   apply? To                     education, increasing access and opportunity for minorities, women, the
                          ex.html                          apply for a                   physically disabled and economically disadvantaged, and improving the
                                                           Raytheon                      environment on an ecosystem basis.
                                                           grant please
                                                           use our
                                                           simple online
Symbol Technologies      Letter of           Varied    Through Partners in Education, Symbol Technologies supports a
Inc                       /overview/overview_communi       Intent                        number of educational institutions locally and nationally, but is
                          ty_affairs.html                  required                      particularly eager to assist students pursuing technical careers. Symbol
                                                                                         prides itself upon its scientific and entrepreneurial innovations;
Organization            URL                            Preliminary Final                 Amount Info

Tech Museum Awards Each year,                                   The Tech Museum Awards honor innovators and visionaries from
                        /about.cfm                    candidates                                   around the world who are applying technology to profoundly improve the
                                                      are                                          human condition in the categories of education, equality, environment,
                                                      nominated                                    health, and economic development.
                                                      and then
Tell Labs      Required        Applicants must   $10,000 The Tellabs Foundation, created by telecommunications provider
                        foundation.shtml              Letter of       be invited by the or more Tellabs Inc., supports local and national education programs with a
                                                      Inquiry         Foundation Board          particular focus on curricula for engineering, science, mathematics, and
                                                                      to send a full            technology.
The Bristol-Myers                                            There focus is on Health issues
Squibb Foundation       thropy/data/index.html

The Camille and Henry                                                Various
Dreyfus Foundation,   shtml
The Dodge Foundation        New                                            Our giving in Education focuses on the professional development of
                                                    applicants                                     educators and the continuous improvement of public education at the
                                                    should                                         pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 levels. We seek to support
                                                    submit a one-                                  customized schools and program options that address the varied
                                                    page letter of                                 talents, interests, and needs of educators, children, and families in New
                                                    inquiry to                                     Jersey
                                                    determine if
                                                    a project falls
                                                    within our
                                                    Letters of
                                                    inquiry may
                                                    be submitted
                                                    the year.
Organization           URL                           Preliminary Final                Amount Info

The Milken Foundation Letter of                                     Strengthening the profession by recognizing and rewarding outstanding
                      ut.taf?page=funding          Intent can be                                 educators. Attracting, retaining and motivating the best talent to the
                                                   submitted at                                  teaching profession. Stimulating creativity and productivity among
                                                   any time                                      educators and students of all ages. Fostering the involvement of both
                                                                                                 the family and the community in schools. Building vibrant communities
                                                                                                 by involving young people in school-based programs that contribute to
                                                                                                 the revitalization of their community and to the well-being of its
The Toshiba America   Applications                        Small The Toshiba America Foundation awards grants for programs and
Foundation                                           accepted                           Grants activities that improve the classroom teaching of science, mathematics,
                                                     year round                        Program and technology for middle and high school students. Public and private
                                                     for grants                        grants of schools, local educational agencies, and youth organizations across the
                                                     under                               up to   United States may apply. Projects should provide direct benefits to
                                                     $5,000.                           $5,000. students and should include teacher-led, classroom-based experiences
                                                                                      The Large
                                                                                       grants of
                                                                                      more than

*The NEC Foundation                          Deadline:
of America Grants                                                   September 1 and
                                                                       March 1.
*The Smart Family
Organization           URL                              Preliminary Final                   Amount Info

The Toshiba America      Applications                        Small       The Toshiba America Foundation awards grants for programs and
Foundation                                              accepted                            Grants      activities that improve the classroom teaching of science, mathematics,
                                                        year round                          Program     and technology for middle and high school students. Public and private
                                                        for grants                          grants of   schools, local educational agencies, and youth organizations across the
                                                        under                               up to       United States may apply. Projects should provide direct benefits to
                                                        $5,000.                             $5,000.     students and should include teacher-led, classroom-based experiences
                                                        Applications                        The Large
                                                        are due                             Grants
                                                        February 1st                        Program
                                                        and August                          awards
                                                        1st for grants                      grants of
                                                        over $5,000                         more than

Toshiba Large Grants                      Deadline: August
                       ml                                                1 and February1.

Turrell Fund                                                     Its principal interest lies in support of organizations that help youth, with
                       er/turrell/                                                                      special emphasis on the needy youngster.
Verizon Foundation                                                   Our philanthropic mission is to foster relationships and partnerships that
                       04002.shtml                                                                      address social and economic needs in America's diverse communities.
                                                                                                        We invest in and partner with organizations that focus on literacy and
                                                                                                        education initiatives, technology and work force development programs,
                                                                                                        and domestic violence solutions.
Organization          URL                           Preliminary Final   Amount Info

Victoria Foundation   http://www.victoriafoundation. Proposals                 Strengthen Newark's public school system through support for school
                      org/                           are accepted              reform initiatives and professional development opportunities for
                                                     throughout                teachers. Support innovative curriculum development and academic
                                                     the year.                 enrichment programs for Newark's children. Work with a core group of
                                                     However,                  independent schools that serve Newark students and show promise of
                                                     applications              developing and demonstrating innovations. Encourage parent
                                                     for Board                 involvement with children's education as a means of fostering student
                                                     decision in               achievement and creating a climate in which schools are welcoming
                                                     June must                 places - accountable to parents for each child's success.
                                                     be submitted
                                                     1, and
                                                     for Board
                                                     decision in
                                                     must be
                                                     AUGUST 1.
Organization   URL                           Preliminary Final                Amount Info

Westinghouse   http://www.westinghousenucl               Proposals can be    Award      Emphasis is given to elementary, secondary, and high school
                                 submitted any       amounts educational programs that emphasize math and science, although
                                                         time. Grant         will be    consideration will be given to other relevant, non-fine arts programs.
                                                         proposals will be   $5,000
                                                         evaluated and       and
                                                         awards will be      under. In
                                                         made on a           addition,
                                                         quarterly basis.    only two
                                                                             can be
                                                                             to an
                                                                             on over a

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