Discharge Instructions Following Angioplasty or Stent by kzk85286


									                                                           Lifestyle changes                                          Nitroclycerine/lsordil is a medication used to relieve
                                                                                                                      chest pain. It works by dilating the coronary arteries,
                                                          You have coronary artery disease. Medications,              thereby improving the blood supply to your heart
                                                          stents or angioplasty will help control the symptoms        muscle. It comes in either tablets or spray and is
                                                          and prevent damage to the heart muscle, but the only        taken under the tongue. Allow the tablets to dissolve
Discharge Instructions Following                          way to halt progression of the disease and in some          under the tongue (do not chew or swallow them). A
Angioplasty or Stent                                      cases reverse the disease, is to make permanent             headache commonly occurs after taking
                                                          lifestyle changes:                                          nitroglycerin. Keep the nitroglycerin tablets stored
Care of your Groin site                                                                                               in the original container and carry it with you at all
                                                          • If you smoke: quit!!                                      times. Once opened, it needs to be replaced every 6
It is important to check your groin site after you go                                                                 months.
home. Some pinkness and mild bruising is normal.          • Enjoy a diet low in fat and cholesterol, avoid
However, if you notice redness, swelling, or drainage     animal fat and saturated fatty acids generally
at the puncture site, or any numbness, tingling or pain   meaning fat that is solid at room temperature such as       If Chest Pain Occurs, sit down and try to relax. If it
in that leg, you should contact your doctor as soon as    butter, margarine, shortening.                              does not go away within a few minutes, place the
possible.                                                                                                             nitroglycerin tablet (or spray) under your tongue. If
                                                          • Lose excess weight, and keep it off.                      the pain isn’t gone in 5 minutes, take a second dose
Keep the puncture site clean and dry and do not rub it                                                                in the same manner and wait 5 more minutes. You
excessively. You may wash it with soap and warm           • Exercise regularly (consult with your doctor first)       may then take a 3 dose, and if the pain is not relieved
water, but take only showers for a week (no hot baths).                                                               within 5 minutes after the 3 tablet, have someone
If any bleeding occurs at the puncture site apply         • Keep your blood pressure under control                    drive you to the emergency room.
pressure till it stops, then cover it with a bandage.
Notify your physician if any bleeding should occur.       You can do this on your own, however many people
                                                          benefit from a structured cardiac rehabilitation
                                                          program. If you are interested in such a program,
Activity                                                  contact your doctor or nurse for more information.
Take it easy for the first couple of days with gentle                                                                                Follow-up Appointment
walking and climbing of stairs, rest after meals.
Slowly increase your activity until you reach normal                                                                             Date: Time:
activity levels, no heavy housework for 7-10 days. Do                                                                            Doctor: Place:
not lift anything heavier than 5 Kilograms for one                                                                               OR
week after the procedure.                                                                                                        Call Dr. Tel #
                                                                                                                                 To schedule an appointment in......weeks
If you are in a physically demanding job, please ask      Plavix (clopidogrel) is a medication that will help
for a work restriction order for the first week.          prevent your stent from closing off. You may be
Otherwise, you may returh to work on                      required to take it for 3 months or longer, and it is ok
                                                          to take it with aspirin or any of your other
                                                          medications. Be sure that you finish taking the entire
                                                          prescription of Plavix.                                                    Copy Right @Clemenceau Medical Center.
                                                                                                                                     All Right Reserved.

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