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									Post Graduate Fellowships

  Public Interest Law Career Services
What is a Post-Grad Fellowship?
   Many types including:
       Project Based
       Firm Sponsored
       Organization Based
       Government Sponsored
       Teaching/Research Oriented
Fellowship Term

   Typically, fellowships are term-limited
    (one to two years) designed to give a recent
    law graduate or junior attorney experience
    in public interest practice.
Project Based Fellowships
   Funded by a third-party organization, allowing the fellow
    to work – usually on a specific project – with a host
   Example: A graduating law student may want to open a
    legal clinic for low-income, single mothers facing
    evictions. The legal services organization may want to
    host the student to run this project, but not have the
    necessary resources. With the legal service organization’s
    cooperation, the law student would apply to a fellowship to
    fund this project.
   Project based fellowships include: Equal Justice Works
    and the Skadden Fellowship Foundation.
Organization Based Fellowship
   Typically, funded by the organization where the fellow
    will be working. Though some organizations receive
    outside funding to fund the fellow’s work.
   If the organization employing the fellow is funding the
    fellowship, it’s seen as a “normal" job where the employer
    is paying the employee's salary, benefits, etc.
   Example: The Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights in San
    Francisco offers the Thurgood Marshall fellowship, which
    funds a fellow to work for one-year with the organization
    on particular issues.
Benefits of a Fellowship
   Utilize legal skills to effect positive change.
   Receive top-rate training and supervision.
   A point of entry to continued employment.
   An impressive accomplishment due to
    competitive nature of fellowships.
Sources for Fellowships
   SCU Law Jobs
   PILCS Website
   Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest
   Yale Law School Guide to Postgraduate
   Postgraduate International Fellowships
    Guide – Columbia University
Application Process
   Many of the applications are due in the late summer, early fall
    for the following year. Start early and know the deadlines.
   Consult with your law school public interest career
    counselor (even if you have already graduated) and, if possible,
    alumni of the fellowship programs you are interested in.
   Read the application carefully and provide the information
   Consult with individuals who have prepared and reviewed
    applications in the past for tips, help with organization, and to
    edit your application.
   Make your application well-organized and have someone else
    review it for mistakes, typos, etc., before you send it in.
Application Process-Project Based
   Build a strong, trusting relationship with your would-be
    host organization before the fellowship application
   It reflects very strongly if you have worked with the
    would-be host. BUT this is NOT necessary to apply.
   Search PSLawNet for opportunities to connect with would-
    be host organizations. Enter "Fellowship-Sponsor" in the
    Job Type field.
   Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines
September 2009
   9/1/09: 2009-10 Abe Fellowship Program - Social Science Research Council
   9/1/09: 2010-12 Fellowship Sponsor - Housing and Economic Rights Advocates
   9/1/09: 2010-11 Fellowship Sponsor - Children's Rights, Inc. (CRI)
   9/1/09: 2010-12 Fellowship in Law Librarianship - University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of
   9/8/09: 2009-10 Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace Senior Fellowship - United States
   Institute of Peace
   9/17/09: 2010-12 Equal Justice Works Fellowship Grants - Equal Justice Works (EJW)
   9/18/09: Attorney General's Office Fellowship Program - Massachusetts Attorney General's Office
   9/18/09: 2010-12 Fellowship Sponsor - National Center for Law and Economic Justice
   9/25/09: 2010-11 Finberg Fellowship In International Human Rights - Human Rights Watch (HRW - NY)
   9/30/09: 2010-11 Public Interest Law Fellowship Grant - Independence Foundation
   9/30/09: 2010 -13 Postdoctoral Fellowships - Michigan Society of Fellows
   9/30/09: Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa Program - Women's Law and Public Policy
   Fellowship Program
Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines
October 2009
    10/1/09: 2010 Honors Attorney Fellowship - U.S. Environment Protection Agency (Region IX - CA)
    10/1/09: 2010-11 Berlin Prize Fellowship - American Academy in Berlin
    10/1/09: 2010-11 Radcliffe Institute Fellowship - Harvard University - Radcliffe Institute for
    Advanced Study
    10/1/09: 2010-11 Fellowship - Woodrow Wilson International center for Scholars
    10/5/09: 2010-12 Zubrow Fellowship in Children's Law - Juvenile Law Center
    10/5/09: 2010-12 Skadden Fellowship Grants - Skadden Fellowship Foundation
    10/10/09: 2010-11 Murnaghan Appellate Advocacy Fellowship - Public Justice Center
    10/10/09: 2010-12 Honors Attorney Fellowship - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( Region I -
    MA (New England))
    10/14/09: 2010-12 Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowship - Open Society Institute (OSI)
    10/15/09: 2010 Law Fellows - California Rural Legal Assistance
    10/15/09: 2010-12 Presidential Management Fellowship Program - Presidential Management Fellows
    Program (PMF)
      Upcoming Fellowship Deadlines
October 2009 Cont.
    10/15/09: Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship - The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program
    10/15/09: 2010-11 Bristow Fellowship - U.S. Department of Justice - Office of the Solicitor General
    10/15/09: Fall 2009/Spring/Summer 2010 Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship - Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace
    10/16/09: 2010-11 Fellowship Grant - Reprieve
    10/16/09: 2010 BPI Polikoff-Gautreaux Fellowship - Business & Professional People for Public Interest
    10/19/09: 2010-11 Fulbright Grants for Graduate Study Abroad - Institute of International Education (IIE)
    10/20/09: 2010-12 Charles Koob Environmental Litigation Fellowship - Natural Resources Defense Council
    10/26/09: Ruth Chance Fellowship - Equal Rights Advocates
    10/31/09: 2010-11 German Chancellor Scholarship - Alexander von Humboldt -- U.S. Liaison Office
How PILCS Can Help
   Come by during office hours to review your
    resume, application or just talk about next steps.

   Attend the Public Interest Career &
    Information Fair: Oct. 1st 11:30-1:30 in Mission
    Room in Benson Center.

   Prepare early for Public Interest/ Public Sector
    Day: Feb. 6, 2010.

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