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 TradeKing’s Hallmark: Low fees, top-notch tools, killer service

At TradeKing, we’ve pioneered a new breed of online brokerage firm dedicated to
empowering the independent, self-directed investor. What’s our secret behind your
success? It’s a combination of a groundbreaking flat-fee structure with absolutely no
hidden fees or account minimums, the industry’s friendliest and most knowledgeable
client service people, and innovative social networking features to help you hone your
skills, find fresh trading ideas, and get your questions answered.

Getting the basics right

      Low, flat fees with no minimums and no hidden fees
        $4.95 per trade plus $.65 per options contract

      Individual online brokerage accounts for:
        Options trading
        Equities and ETFs
        Mutual funds
        Fixed-income

      User-friendly navigation with:
        Customized settings for tracking balances, orders, holdings, alerts
        Sorting of transactions by symbol, duration, security, date, status
          and price
        Transparency into overall account records
        Advanced tools, research, analysis and educational information
        Innovative social media and networking capabilities that connect
          like-minded traders for information sharing

Free investor tools that let you trade like the pros

      Options Calculator with advanced volatility calculations
      Profit + Loss Calculator to study potential gains/losses or track
      Probability Calculator for historical or implied volatility to calculate the
       probability of success for a specific option strategy
      Options Scanner to screen more than 150,000 option contracts to find
       optimal trades
      Strategy Scanner to screen the options universe for specific strategies
       that meet certain criteria
      Stock Screener to find the stocks to suit a certain strategy
      Mutual Fund Screener to find the right mutual funds for specific
      Streaming Quotes for access to streaming and real time investment data
      Advanced Orders to give self-directed investors more automated trading
Cover-all-the-bases market research tools

     Market snapshots of exchange activity, quotes, news headlines and
      industry commentary; in-depth research on company profiles and
      performance, investment ratings, growth rates and other key measures
     Fundamental & Technical Analysis tools include an options chain
      with strategic guidance on specific strategies; volatility charts for an
      underlying stock or index; comprehensive Earnings Center; a robust set
      of technical analysis tools powered by RecogniaTM that feature chart
      pattern recognition and price forecasting; and an expert quantitative
      fundamental analysis tool from MarketGraderTM that analyzes 5,600
      U.S. exchange-listed companies.

Industry-leading social networking capabilities

     A wide variety of blogs following industry happenings, trends and
      newsworthy tips
     Certified Trades allow investors to publish their trading history for
      greater transparency
     Trade Notes, which are micro blogs that let investors share their
      thinking and rationale on any given trade
     Groups and Forums where traders can host discussions, post
      comments or ask questions of TradeKing and fellow traders
     The TradeKing Leaderboard, which enables investors to easily see
      those investors who are posting big gains in all market conditions,
      interact with them, and even subscribe to see their public trade activity
      as it happens
     Advanced Searching to help find other members who adhere to
      similar research or trading styles and follow similar investment

Down-to-earth education that makes you a better, savvier

     TradeKing’s Learning Center includes regular Intelligence Reports, a
      dedicated Options Guy blog, definitions of common trading strategies,
      glossary of trading terms, as well as recommended books, software
      and other informational websites
     The “All-Star Trades” Blog offering "color commentary" and daily
      insights from TradeKing and other experts on actual client trades, as
      they happen
     Free TK All-Star Webinars to help investors of all levels improve their
      trading skills and understand how to diversify their investment
     The Options Playbook to help investors determine the options plays
      that are just right for them, all spelled out in an engaging, play-by-play
Just when you thought we had it all covered...there’s

      TradeKing’s Enhanced Tax Reporting Capabilities uses sophisticated
       real-time, tax-based investment decision support from Scivantage Maxit™
       to help both options and equities traders minimize tax liabilities and
       increase after-tax performance at no additional charge
      Electronic funds transfers
      Account sharing with trusted family and friends
      Industry-Leading Account Log-in Security featuring the brokerage
       industry’s first use of “multi-factor authentication” to provide an
       unprecedented line of defense against hackers, phishers and other online


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details on trade commissions for low priced stock, bonds, mutual funds and other securities).

TradeKing provides self-directed investors with discount brokerage services, and does not
make recommendations or offer investment, financial, legal or tax advice.

Online trading system response and access times may vary due to market conditions, system
performance, and other factors.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.
Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options available at

TradeKing is a member FINRA/SIPC.

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