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									                                                                             AUTHORISATION FORM
                                                                                          FOR CHINESE VISA
                                                                             To be completed by each applicant

 Name:                                                                                                                                                      Date of birth:


 Chinese cities to be visited:

 Date of entry to China:                                                                                      Date of departure from China:

 Speed of service applied for:                         8 working days                      2 working days - Scottish & NI residents only
                                                       (please note – processing times do not include the day we receive your application)
 Type of visa applied for:                             Tourist single entry    Tourist double entry    Business single entry                           Business double entry
                                                       Business 6 month multiple entry    Business 12 month multiple entry
                                                                                            Payment method – cheque      Online payment   Cash                                        Postal Order
 Amount Paid:                                          £ _______ . ____                     Cheque number, or online payment reference number -

 Latest date for delivery of visa (if other than 1 day prior to date of entry):
 Note: please make sure you have confirmed the fee payable for this delivery date. If in doubt: phone us
 How did you hear of                            Word of mouth      Internet    Yellow Pages     Other ____________________
                                                                   Price    Satisfaction with previous service      Website
 Why did you choose
                                                                   Phone/e-mail advice/support     Other (please state) - ……………………………..

Visa application form
Authorisation form
Pre-paid special delivery return addressed envelope
One passport photograph (placed on application form)
Official letter of invitation (Business visas only) – Issued by Chinese company / contact with an official stamp / chop
Payment – Either cheque, cash, or P.O., or paid online in advance (write reference no. above)

I authorise to act on my behalf to obtain a visa for entry to China. I have read and accept the terms and conditions below.
 Signature                                                                                                                                     Date:

                                                                                Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions
  Unless the context otherwise provides, the following definitions shall have the meanings set against them respectively:
  ‘The Company’ is a trading name of Travel Direct (UK) Ltd. Company No. SC336927
  The agreement between the Company and the Customer for the Company to provide the Service, constituted by these terms and conditions and any other written documents or verbal agreements between the parties.
  The customer of the Company for whom the Service is being provided.
  ‘Service’ or ‘Services’
  The service or services, without any limitation, which the Company has undertaken for the Customer pursuant to the Contract.
  ‘Visa’ or ‘Visas’
  Entry visa(s) for China of any type, the procurement of which is a part of the Company’s Services. This definition also includes the Customer’s passport if also provided for the Company’s use as part of the Visa
  procurement Service.
  ‘Third Party’ or ‘Third Parties’
  Any person or organisation not being the Company or the Customer.
  2. Payment.
  (a) The Customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any amount properly payable under the Contract on account of any disputed claim by the Customer in respect of other goods or services provided by the
  Company or any alleged breach of the Contract, or any other Contract between The Company and the Customer. The Customer shall not be entitled to set-off or otherwise deduct from any amount properly payable to
  The Company any monies which are allegedly due from the Company to the Customer.
  3. Delivery
  (a) While the Company endeavours to ensure the delivery of Visas on the date which the Customer has requested, it cannot be held responsible for any loss, direct or otherwise, accruing to the Customer as a result of
  error or delay by Third Parties, or error (including failure to supply full information on the Visa Application Form) on the part of the Customer. If the loss or delay is due to error by the Company, the Company will:
  i) refund the monies already paid by the Customer for the Service; and
  ii) pay the cost of replacement of the Customer’s passport, if such loss can be reasonably proven by the Customer.
  (b) The Company cannot be held responsible for the decisions, errors or any other actions of Third Parties involved in the process of rendering the Service or Services provided by the Company. The Customer agrees
  to indemnify the Company against any consequential loss incurred to the Customer due to errors, omissions or any other actions of the Company, the Customer or Third Parties.
  (c) When a postal service has been requested by the Customer, the Company will send Visas to the Customer by Royal Mail Special Delivery, which guarantees delivery (upon signature) the next working day. The
  Company will not be held liable in the case of default by the Royal Mail. Royal Mail terms and conditions apply.
  4. Miscellaneous
  (a) The Company cannot be held responsible for any problems, loss, injury or otherwise occurring as a result of omission, error, or oversight by the Customer.
  (b) No liability can be accepted by the Company for any loss, injury or otherwise resulting from natural disasters, war, rioting, strikes, or any other circumstance beyond the Company’s control.
  (c) The company cannot be held responsible for any problems arising, or costs incurred, because of governmental and/or consular decisions or actions.
  (d) The company reserves the right to refuse applications.
  5. Governing Law
  The Contract shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with Scottish law in force.

                                                                                       All details correct at time of going to print.
                                      , 21-23 Hill Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3JP

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