Types of Information Technology Careers

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					Information Technology
IT Career Description
• The salary of mechanical engineer is 60,000 to 75,000 a
• Mechanical engineers works on vehicles such as trucks,
  cars, airplanes, boats, and etc.
• Mechanical engineer is a type of engineering that uses
  heat and mechanical power to design machines and

    Interesting Facts about this IT
• There are many types of jobs in the automotive
  career they are:
             design engineer
            electrical engineer
             quality engineer
            software engineer
             repair technician
              vehicle testing
           production engineer
           aerospace engineer
            nautical engineer
      Skills Required for this IT Career
      • Skills required for mechanical engineering are
             –    math and physical science,
             –   interested in computers and design,
             –   strong mechanical skills,
             –   able to think of ideas/ creativity,
             –   good team player,
             –   good written and communication skills,
             –   and pays attention to detail.
       Education Required for this IT
       • The education required for a mechanical engineering
         is an application of scientific and mathematics out of a
         four year college degree.

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