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					Job Search Letters

  Topics Covered
       Written Tools That Attract a Company‟s Attention ......................... Pg. 66
       Cover Letters ................................................................................. Pg. 67
       Approach/Self Marketing Letters ................................................... Pg. 68
       What Employers Look For ............................................................. Pg. 69
       Steps to Developing Highly Effective Letters ................................. Pg. 70
       Request for Salary Expectation ..................................................... Pg. 73
       Proposals ....................................................................................... Pg. 73
       Other Job Search Letters ............................................................... Pg. 75
                  Thank You Letters
       Accepting an offer .......................................................................... Pg. 77
       Declining an offer ........................................................................... Pg. 77
       Additional Resources ..................................................................... Pg. 78
       Sample Letters ............................................................................... Pg. 79
                  Cover letters for postings
                  Approach letters (based on Company research and a networking lead)
                  Proposals
                  Thank you Letters
                  Accepting or Declining an Offer Letters
       What‟s Wrong With This Cover Letter ........................................... Pg. 96
       Job Description Verbs .................................................................... Pg. 97
Written Tools that Attract a Company’s Attention
“Cover letters”, ”approach letters” as well as “proposals” are used to attract a recruiter‟s attention and make the
company want to find out more about you. When the job market was less competitive, it was common practice
that job seekers only wrote cover letters. However, since over 80% of the positions available are not posted or
advertised, it is necessary for students to utilize more proactive approaches to gain access to opportunities that
are more tailor-made for their specific career goals.

Each of these documents are used in different situations so, the following summary will help you to decide which
tool is appropriate in each situation:

Cover letter
The main purpose of a cover letter is to summarize your suitability to an already existing specific position.
After reading your cover letter, the recruiter decides whether or not to continue by viewing your resume and will
then consider if it‟s worthwhile to meet with you. In Canada, 60% of professional recruiters will not review the
resume if the cover letter does not attract their attention.

The cover letter is a good tool to demonstrate both your written and problem
solving skills. It demonstrates that you understand the COMPANY‟s needs
in filling a specific position and that you are able to match your skills and the
company‟s needs all in a one page document. Unfortunately, when applying
to specific postings through COOL or the company‟s web site, the cover
letter leaves the action step on the part of the recruiter. It is now up to the     A cover letter is in response
company to decide whether or not to call you back.                                     to an already existing,
                                                                                         advertised position
In the US, cover letters are often brief; literally only used to introduce your           within a company
attached resume. There is less emphasis on matching your skill-set and
demonstrating your writing abilities. If you are targeting recruiters in the                   whereas
United States, keep your cover letter brief and to the point.
                                                                                    An approach letter is written
Approach letter                                                                     when there are no advertised
                                                                                    positions, with the hopes of
Approach letters are used when there are no advertised openings with the             generating interest for an
company but when the combination of your previous background, industry               interview to discuss your
knowledge and newly acquired academic skills might be relevant to the                 match with a company.
company. The purpose of the approach letter is to trigger the reader‟s
attention, show that you are interested in and keen about their company
and generate enough interest so that they will review your resume and
agree to meet with you for either an informational or more formal interview.

Similar to cover letters, approach letters should demonstrate your writing
skills and knowledge about the company and the industry. Approach letters
are good tools to reach the 80% of opportunities that are not currently
advertised in papers or posted online. An approach letter also requires a
closing that is proactive and requires you to take care of the follow up. It is
your tool to start a conversation with a company.

                                              Job Search Le tters
                                                      P a g e 66
Proposals ~ discussion documents
Proposals are used as a follow up document after an informational
interview. It summarizes the problems that companies are experiencing and
demonstrates your ability to solve those issues. Even more to your benefit,
if the company is experiencing problems in the area in which you have
previous experience, it becomes the most effective way of getting your foot
in the door. Some informational interviews will never progress to a proposal
stage since proposal letters should only follow up a meeting where both
parties felt connected.

Similar to a cover letter, a proposal letter also requires a follow up from its

Cover Letters –                     used for applying to advertised positions

Cover Letters are used when applying to an advertised job posting. Few employers seriously consider a
resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter; so a dynamically written letter needs to be part of your job -
search strategy. A cover letter is a crucial component of a job application because it creates an employer‟s first
impression of you – and you generally have less than 20 seconds to do that!

A well-written cover letter will help you get an interview if it highlights how your skills, experience and training
match and benefit the job that has been advertised. It is imperative to integrate your skills with their needs,
as this demonstrates to the employer how you have interpreted their job description.
A cover letter is persuasive in nature. Your aim is to show the employer
                                                                                             Discuss your
that you have the skills and experience they are seeking. Your letter
                                                                                          skills & experience
should be written to reflect your personality, encouraging the reader to want
                                                                                              RELATED to
to know you better through reading your resume and conducting a personal
                                                                                       the position to which you
                                                                                             are applying.
You also need to show them how you can contribute to their organization.
You do this by highlighting the relevant details of your resume related
to the specific position you are applying for.

When emailing cover letters used for applying to
job postings:
Try to shorten your cover letter to three paragraphs so that it is no longer than one page. Use the subject line to
identify the name of the job. Send email in plain text – black font, normal size and typeface (10 point, Arial,
Helvetica, Times Roman) – on a white background. Unless requested, do not send as an attachment.

If you are sending it as an attachment, attach your cover letter saved as an ASCII (*.txt) or RTF (.rtf) file. In the
content of the email, be sure to write a brief message referring the recruiter to your attached file.

                                             Job Search Le tters
                                                     P a g e 67
Approach/Self Marketing Letters –
used for non-advertised positions

It is estimated that over 80% of positions are non-advertised. To take a more proactive approach to your job
search, you may wish to directly contact a company you are interested in working for, better known as

By writing an approach letter you demonstrate initiative and show your specific interest in this particular
organization. At the end of your letter you are expected to be more proactive and initiate the next step. This can
be a statement that you will follow up with the company by calling back at specific date to discuss about
opportunities or request for an informational interview. Approach letters that leave the action to the hands of the
reader are less effective. There are three methods of approach:

    1. Company and Industry Research
         To effectively attract the employer‟s interest, ensure your letter
         explains how your skills and experience match their needs.
         Base your rationale on your company and industry research and                      Company research assists
         your analysis of how you add-value to the company.                                     you in explaining
                                                                                              you are interested in
    2. Networking Lead / Mutual Contact                                                     working for that company
         Networking leads are one of the best means to opening the door to                               &
         an interview. In your approach letter, explain that a mutual contact                          HOW
         suggested you contact the employer.                                               your skills & experience are
                                                                                             relevant to their needs.
    3. Proposals
         Consider writing a proposal to do a project for a company. Do your
         company and industry research to assess where and how you could
         add value to the organization. Explain in your proposal letter how
         your project could assist with increasing the efficiency of their
         operation and how your skill set is relevant to the organization. You
         might propose to research an operational problem, analyze industry
         trends, provide competitive analysis, or introduce e-commerce
         strategies into their organization.

When emailing approach letters:
In the “subject” line reference your networking contact, i.e. “RE:
conversation with Sam Black”, or note the area of the company you are
targeting, i.e. “RE: Corporate Finance Opportunities”. Write a brief cover
letter (limit text to 65 characters per line) and attach your resume as an
ASCII (*.txt) or RTF (.rtf) file.

                                                Job Search Le tters
                                                         P a g e 68
What Employers Look For
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Whether it‟s a cover or approach letter, or a proposal, a well-written letter speaks about the benefits you bring to
the job - your expertise, your mastery of technology, your personal attributes, and how the company will benefit
from hiring you. Your letter should illustrate:

      1. Skills and experience you have which match the employer‟s
         needs.                                                                                                                      Employers examine your
                                                                                                                                     documents to assess:
             For example, if the job posting says you are required to:
                                                                                                                                      Do you have the skills &
                                                                                                                                       experience we require?
                          “analyze policies and procedures to
                          enhance inventory efficiency.”                                                                              Are you very interested
                                                                                                                                       in working for our firm?

             Your letter should highlight your related experience and skills:                                                         Do you have a good
                                                                                                                                       knowledge of the
                                                                                                                                       industry and our firm?

                          “My transportation and logistics class                                                                      How strong are your
                          projects involved analyzing inventory                                                                        communication skills?
                          control systems and recommending
                          changes to existing procedures to                                                                           Are there any spelling or
                          increase efficiency.”                                                                                        grammar errors?

      2. Keen interest in working with their company shown by your
         research and your ability to identify where you can add value in the

      3. Knowledge of the industry and that particular career area.

      4. Strong written communication skills: able to clearly express
         yourself in a concise and to-the-point manner.

      5. Attention to detail – no spelling or grammatical errors, and cover
         or approach letter is signed.

                                                                      Job Search Le tters
                                                                                  P a g e 69
Steps to Developing Highly Effective Letters
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

After examining a job posting, and/or researching a career area you need to answer the following:

            What qualifications are necessary?

             Most job postings will list required skills, education and experience.

            Do I have the skills, education and experience required to
             meet the employer‟s needs?                                                                                          ANALYZE THE JOB
             Rule of thumb: If you have at least 60% of the skills and
             qualifications requested by an employer, apply for the position.                                                     What are the qualifications
             Note: employers do not hire based solely on your education. They
             are also interested in your previous work and volunteer experience,                                                  Ask yourself, “Where have
             and transferable skills.                                                                                              I developed these
            Am I interested in the company, the industry and this line
             of work?                                                                                                                      -consider your paid
                                                                                                                                           and volunteer work,
             Employers can quickly assess if a potential candidate is interested                                                           your activities and
             in working for them, or just blanketing the market with resumes in                                                            class projects.
             an attempt to get a job. Make your cover letter stand out by
             explaining why you are interested in working for their company.                                                      Tailor your cover letter to
                                                                                                                                   match these qualifications.
Company research is essential when developing cover letters that stand
out. For information on how to research companies, refer to the “Company
Research” career guide.

With the above information identified, develop an “Approach” or “Cover”
letter which clearly answers these questions:

       WHAT skills and experience do I offer which match the company‟s
        needs? (Choose your top three skills.)

       WHY do I want to work for that company? (Based on your company

       HOW will I add value to the company?

                                                                      Job Search Le tters
                                                                                  P a g e 70

Recruiters have requested that your one-page letter include:

    1. Your Letterhead: include your name, address, postal code, phone
       number, e-mail address and web page (if applicable and
       professional). Your letterhead should be used on all job search
       tools, i.e. resume, references, cover and thank you letters.

    2. Date
                                                                                 Recruiters strongly
    3. Contact Name and Title
                                                                               ONE PAGE cover letters
    4. Company Address

    5. Dear__________ (contact person – use Mr. or Ms.). NEVER USE
       “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madame”. Show that
       you are resourceful and find the correct person to whom you should
       address the letter to.                                                 In North American culture, when
                                                                              using „Mr‟ or „Ms‟, NEVER use the
    6. Subject Line (optional) to indicate which competition or position      first name in conjunction with it.
       you are applying for. (i.e. Marketing Assistant, Job Ref. # 12345)
                                                                               Incorrect: Dear Mr. Joe Smith,
                                                                               Correct: Dear Mr. Smith,
    7. Intro paragraph stating why you are writing and explaining why
       you are interested in them or that position.
                                                                              AVOID using „Dear Sir or Madame‟
    8. Body of your letter: normally 3 to 4 paragraphs showing how your         or „To Whom It May Concern‟
       skills match their needs and how you will add benefit.
                                                                               Incorrect: Dear Sir or Madame,
    9. Closing line: use “Sincerely”, “Regards” or “Yours truly “.             Correct: Dear Hiring Manager,

    10. Your Signature – on hardcopy, signed; on soft copy version,
        scanned or type script font style.

    11. Full name typed out

    12. Notation of an Enclosure – indicates to the recipient that there is
        another document enclosed (usually a resume) (i.e. Enclosure:
        Resume, Writing Sample, Transcripts)

                                                                                      Even ONE
       NO spelling or grammatical errors                                     spelling or grammar error
       Single-spaced                                                             can result in your
       One page only, minimum 0.75-1” margins                                       application
       Font size 10-11                                                             being rejected.
       Standard light coloured, plain bond 8.5 x 11 paper (matching
        resume and other documents)
       Written in full sentences and/or include bulleted points
       Concise and to-the-point, eliminate unnecessary words
       Easy to read, single style font throughout

                                            Job Search Le tters
                                                    P a g e 71
Step 3 ~          ATTRACTING               THE        EMPLOYER‟S
  1. Contact Information:
        Address your letter to a specific person if at all possible.
        Ensure their name and title are correctly spelled.
        Research or call the company to find out who is the key person
         in charge of the department that might hire you.
        As a last resort, use “Dear Hiring Manager”.

  2. Introduction – Why I am writing (first paragraph):
        State the specific position you are applying for.
        Spark the reader‟s interest by noting:
            you have been referred by a mutual contact
            your research into their company (product
             knowledge, recent news, mission statement)
            how you can add value to their company
        Explain why you are interested in „their‟ company or the
         particular project.
  3. Body of Letter – How I am qualified and Why I am right for this
     job (second & third paragraphs):

     In the body of the letter you must clearly identify that you have the
     specific skills the employer requires.

        Highlight your qualifications, which are related to that job.         Stress accomplishments
         Choose your top three matches. It is not necessary to address           and achievements to
         all the requirements of the job. You want to quickly grab the         demonstrate that you will
         reader‟s attention to entice them to read your resume for further     add value to the company
        Give specific examples of your skills. This provides proof for
         the employer.
        State or illustrate specific product, company and industry
        Use action verbs when summarizing your experience, skills,
         and qualifications (see Job Description Verbs on page 97).
        Limit the use of the word “I”. You are focusing on meeting the
         employer‟s needs, not your own.
        Eliminate unnecessary words; be concise.                             Be sure to use the technical
        Avoid any negative language. (ie: “While I don‟t have xyz…”)                  language
                                                                                of the career / industry
        Avoid focusing on what you want; be employer-centered.                    you are targeting.
         Employers are not concerned with how this job will help you
         develop a certain set of skills that will help advance you in your
         career path. Focus on how the company will benefit by hiring
         and having you as a member of their team.

                                          Job Search Le tters
                                                  P a g e 72
    4. Ending of Letter – What steps will I take to make sure we talk
       further about my qualifications (last paragraph):

                Reaffirm your interest in working with that company. Ask           Some employers will wait to
                 for an interview.                                                 see if you follow through with
                                                                                      when you said you would
                Summarize key categories of skills.                                follow up. If you don‟t, you
                                                                                     risk losing an opportunity.
                Tell the employer you will make contact within a specific
                 period of time (such as a week or 10 days) if
                 appropriate…then DO IT.

                If follow-up is not possible or appropriate, be sure to let the
                 reader know how they can contact you during business

                State your appreciation to the reader for reviewing you

Request for Salary Expectation

Some job postings ask you to provide your salary expectations. Before
                                                                                    Typical BBA salary info is
answering, consider that a good applicant is rarely denied an interview
                                                                                    available in the “Interview
based on omitting salary expectation.
                                                                                         Strategies” and
Keep in mind that the phrase “negotiable” has become somewhat annoying               “Negotiating Salaries”
to recruiters but again, is not likely grounds for refusing an interview. If you          career guide.
choose to indicate your salary expectation, do your industry research, and
don‟t restrict yourself to one figure – give an appropriate salary range. The
bottom figure should not be less than the amount that you would not accept
the job for. For example, “I believe based on my research, education, and
experience, an appropriate range might be between _____ and _____.”

Proposals –                 used for follow up to a meeting

A proposal is a specific tool that can be very effective when following up with target companies when you wish to
initiate a short term project (ie: 4 month Co-op, summer work, or 6 month full-time post graduate contract). It is
unsolicited by the company and is usually based on a prior meeting(s) you have had with an employer in which
you identified some challenges that the company is facing where you think you could add value.

                                              Job Search Le tters
                                                       P a g e 73
What is a Proposal?
A proposal is a document in which you are proposing a solution to a
business problem that a company is facing. It is used as a tool to help                Proposals identify a
identify for the company areas of needs and challenges that they are facing        company‟s areas of needs or
and then prioritizes it for them. From your perspective/benefit, it is a tool to   challenges and allow you to
“close a deal” where a prior conversation or meeting has not resulted in a          propose a solution to those
tangible opportunity or offer.                                                              problems.

Writing a Proposal – the basics
Writing a proposal to do a project for a company requires thorough
company and industry research to assess where and how you can add
value to the organization. Monitor current changes in the market place and
pay attention to news releases (ie: the local „Business in Vancouver‟              Read business publications
weekly publication). These can offer suggestions into areas where you may          to keep yourself abreast of
be able to add value.                                                               current market trends and
                                                                                    important press releases.
Keep it short. It should only be one to two pages in length. If it requires
that it be longer (ie: it‟s an in-depth project that needs a fair amount of
explaining) then you will need to attach to the front page an executive
summary – a short synopsis of the key points.

A proposal should always be submitted after you have met with the
company or had several interactions. It should be presented shortly after
the meeting (2 weeks max) either by email or, ideally, through a second
meeting (although this may not always be an option given their schedule).

Structure of a Proposal
Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

    1. Reminder of previous meeting

    2. Needs assessment/analysis – propose to do any of the following as
       a project: research an operational problem, analyze industry
       trends, provide competitive analysis, or introduce e-commerce
       strategies into their organization.

        If you are from another culture, investigate market expansion
        alternatives     for     Canadian      companies       as       your
        background/knowledge in that particular culture would definitely add
        value to the organization. Approach companies looking to expand
        or ones where you see an opportunity for them to expand.
                                                                                   For other Asian connection
        Asia Pacific Foundation ( is an excellent               resources, refer to the “Job
        resource for information on the developing relationship between            Search Strategies” handout.
        Canada and Asia. They publish press releases twice per week and
        the sign up is free on their website.

                                              Job Search Le tters
                                                      P a g e 74
    3. Credibility statement – qualify how your experience & skill set is
       relevant to the company.

    4. Return on Investment – indicate how your project can increase the
       efficiency of their operations and offer them a return on their

    5. A project time line (ie: for internships maximum of late May – early

Follow up
It is imperative that YOU follow up with the company (within 2 weeks of
submission). Remember, you have taken the initiative to propose the
project so, it is up to you to follow up with them.

“I am following up to see what you thought of my proposal and to see if
there is any opportunity to either proceed or explore further options.”

Other Job Search Letters

Thank You Letters

When Should You Send One?
As discussed in the Interview Strategies handout, it is vitally important to
send a thank you letter after an employment interview. Even if you do not                  ALWAYS
receive an offer, you will present a much better image to the company by           send a thank you letter
following up with a thank you letter. You should also send a thank you after      after an interview, to each
an informational interview or when someone has gone out of their way to do              person that has
something for you or give you information.
                                                                                       interviewed you.
The sending of “Thank you‟s” is actually more rare than we would think.
Even though it is known that you should send one, not everyone does this.

Types of Thank You Documents
Should it be a typed letter or handwritten card? It can be either. Take some clues from the person interviewing
you. If you developed a more “personal” rapport with the interviewer, a handwritten card might be preferred.

                                            Job Search Le tters
                                                   P a g e 75
Benefits of a card format:
    When an employer receives a card in the mail, it impresses them
        that you took the time to handwrite a note for them.
    When we open „cards‟, the most natural place for them to go, is on
        our desk to be displayed. They are not thrown away immediately.
        This is a great form of advertising for you! Each time they see it,
        they‟re reminded of who else, but you!

Should you send an email thank you? If much of your correspondence has
been by email (applying for the job, setting up the interview), it is quite            We have heard of
acceptable. Email offers a fast solution if you know the company will be           employers hiring based on
making a fast hiring decision.                                                     who sent in the first thank
                                                                                     you email if they were
                                                                                   unable to decide between
                                                                                        to candidates!
The following is a guideline to use when deciding how long to wait before
sending a thank you:

       Interviews – send it as soon as you can following the interview to
        no more than 24 hours later. You never know what they are basing
        their decision on so, it is always recommended you send it as soon
        as possible.
       Informational interviews and others – send it by 72 hours from
        the time of assistance.                                                     Employers will compare
                                                                                    thank you notes!

                                                                                    Be sure to:
                                                                                      Tailor each one
Sending Multiple Thank You‟s
                                                                                         you send
If writing to more than one interviewer, we recommend you make sure the
                                                                                      Send only 1 note
letters are tailored to each. If you are going to write only one letter, address
                                                                                         addressed to all
it to everyone who interviewed you, thus avoiding each individual getting a
„form‟ letter.                                                                           recipients

Between equal candidates, a thank you letter can be what secures the offer.

Your thank you letter should be short, professional, without any grammatical
or spelling errors and can include the following elements:

       Start by thanking the interviewer for taking the time to talk with you.
        Include the date of the interview and something of interest that you

                                              Job Search Le tters
                                                      P a g e 76
       Reaffirm your interest in the company by pointing out particular
        issues discussed during the interview that appeal to you.                    THANK YOU LETTERS
                                                                                        can reinforce your
                                                                                    candidacy by expressing
       This is also a perfect opportunity to revisit your key skills or               your interest in the
        background that match the position that you either did or didn‟t get       position. It also gives you
        a chance to discuss during the interview.                                  an opportunity to highlight
                                                                                   a strength or skill that you
                                                                                    deem appropriate to the
       If needed, dispel any concerns which you felt the interviewer had              job description, but
        about you.                                                                      perhaps forgot to
                                                                                     emphasize during the
       Close the letter with another word of appreciation, and that you
        look forward to hearing from them.

Accepting an Offer
Congratulations, you‟ve landed a job! Even though you have accepted the
position over the telephone, it is important to confirm your acceptance in
writing to confirm the details and formally accept the job. Include in your
letter your understanding of the terms of your employment: job title, start
date, starting salary, benefits and any other pertinent information.               Confirming a job offer in
                                                                                    writing can clarify any
If you are being considered for positions with other companies, it is              misunderstanding of the
important to let them know that you have accepted another offer.                             job.

Declining an Offer
If a company has extended a job offer and you have decided not to accept,
you need to advise the company both over the phone and then confirm in
writing. Normally, the reason will be acceptance of another job; or you may
                                                                                       Be professional and
have decided that the job is simply not a good fit for you.
                                                                                   sensitive when you decline
                                                                                      an offer. Vancouver is
Your declining letter should thank the employer for the opportunity and
                                                                                    especially a tight network
briefly cite the reason for the decline (i.e. acceptance of another offer, etc.)
                                                                                   and you don‟t want to risk
                                                                                    burning your bridges with
Maintain your professionalism both over the phone, and in your letter and
                                                                                     other organizations that
avoid any negativity. Remember this employer may be a contact for you
                                                                                     you may have interest in
sometime in the future.
                                                                                          down the road.

                                              Job Search Le tters
                                                      P a g e 77
Proofread each letter a minimum of 3 times to ensure all spelling and grammatical errors have been identified.

The majority of employers will eliminate applications based on just ONE spelling or grammatical error. Why
take that chance!

One Last Check
Before you send out your cover letter, ask yourself:

       Did I use the correct spelling of all names and addresses?                       Always perform
                                                                                         one last check!!!
       Have I proofread my letter for spelling and grammatical errors?

       Does my letter clearly show I have the skills needed for this

       Have I indicated clearly what position I am applying for?

       Have I indicated how I can be contacted (phone, email)?

       Is my letter one page long?

       Did I sign my letter?

Additional Resources
           Check the on-line “Dynamic Letters Tutorial” at

           Refer to these books (your Career Centre may have these available in hard copy in their library).
                   Winning Cover Letters
                    by Robin Ryan
                   Cover Letters that Knock ‘em Dead
                    by Martin Yate
                   Best KeyWords for Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews
                    by Wendy S. Enelow, CPRW,JCTC,CCM

           Book yourself in for a coaching appointment with one of our career
            coaches. We are happy to assist with any areas related to job

                                             Job Search Le tters
                                                       P a g e 78
Sample Letters
The following pages contain:

          samples of cover and approach letters used when:
               applying for a job posting ...............................    Pg. 81 – 83
               following up on company research .................            Pg. 84, 85
               following up on a networking lead ...................         Pg. 86 – 88
               presenting a proposal .....................................   Pg. 89 – 91

          samples of other job search letters including:
               thank you letters ............................................. Pg. 92, 93
               job acceptance letters .................................... Pg. 94
               job declining letters ........................................ Pg. 95

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, do not copy these letters. Keep in mind that other classmates may do the
same and employers have questioned in the past as to why several of the cover letters appeared the same in
context and had similar wording. A unique cover letter is one way that you can distinguish yourself from

                                                 Job Search Le tters
                                                          P a g e 79
Sample Job Posting – matching cover letters found on next 2 pages
Refer to the job posting below. On the following page you will see an example of an ineffective cover letter
written in response to this opportunity. On page 82 you will see an example of a much more effective cover
letter based on the individual having done some company research and tailoring the letter to the job posting.

   JOB TITLE: Project Delivery Assistant


   COMPANY INFO: We are an employee-owned, multinational firm providing engineering, construction,
   operations, communications, security, environmental, and related services to public and private clients in
   numerous industries on six continents. CH2M HILL offers integrated services that help our clients take
   an infrastructure project from concept to reality.

   DESCRIPTION: We are currently looking for a student to:
     Maintain project budget
     Prepare work load forecast
     Prepare financial reports
     Ensure complete project set up
     Attend project meetings
     Prepare project documents, schedules, charts, etc.
     Prepare completion estimates
     Query project financial data
     Work with accounting contract management representatives
     Assist with project status verification, procurement and procedural compliance
     Follow up on invoice issues
     Set up and maintain project records
     Maintain document files/data bases
     Coordinate production and delivery of project deliverables, documents, drawings, specs, etc.
     Respond to billing and invoicing questions and processing.

   SPECIALIZED SKILLS: Advanced administrative clerical skills and knowledge. Advanced personal
   computer and software experience including Word and Excel. Good knowledge of project delivery tools,
   procedures and practices.

   TO APPLY: Submit cover letter and resume by Wednesday, April 26, 200X at 12 Noon sharp.
   Applications submitted after 12 noon will not be accepted!

   Cover Letters can be addressed to:
   Ms. Marion Dickson
   Human Resources Coordinator
   CH2M HILL Canada Ltd.
   123 Homer Street
   Vancouver, B.C. V8V 1Z6

                                           Job Search Le tters
                                                   P a g e 80
Ineffective Cover Letter Sample – based on previous page‟s posting

  Kelly V. Lee                 #123 – 456 88th Ave.        Vancouver, B.C. V6V 8Z8

                                                                                         October 1, 200X
  Attn: HR Manager

  I would like to submit my application for the Project Delivery Assistant position advertised in the
  Vancouver Sun with CH2M HILL Canada Ltd. My resume is enclosed.

  As a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate of the Sauder School of Business, I majored in the areas of
  accounting, finance and marketing. My goal is to find a position that utilizes my accounting skills as well
  as my organizational abilities and my team-based attitude.

  During my time at UBC, I worked part-time and during the summers at Andlauer Transportation
  Services, a local trucking company where I carried out data entry of POD‟s (Proof of Deliveries),
  reception, and other tasks. Prior to that I was employed at a local restaurant as expediter, and worked
  during the summers as a camp counsellor.

  My work experience as well as my academic career demonstrates several of the qualities listed in your
  career advertisement: interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage projects.

  In addition, I am willing learn new skills, and I would be happy to attend an interview at your
  convenience. I have enclosed the names of three references.

  Thank you.


  Kelly V. Lee

                                           Job Search Le tters
                                                  P a g e 81
Effective Cover Letter Sample – based on previous page‟s posting

                                                    Kelly V. Lee
  123 – 456 88 Avenue                                                                                  (604) 777-8881
  Vancouver, BC V6V 8Z8                                                                      

  Ms. Marion Dickson                                                                                  October 1, 2005
  Human Resources Coordinator
  CH2M HILL Canada Ltd.
  123 Homer Street                                                       Note: Do NOT copy this
  Vancouver, B.C. V8V 1Z6
                                                                         sample word-for-word.
  Dear Ms. Dickson,

  RE: Project Deliver Assistant position

  I was impressed to find that you are a technical consultant for British Columbia‟s $3B Gateway program, which will
  improve road and bridge infrastructure leading to Vancouver from Langley. I was also impressed by your company‟s
  work in constructing temporary housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Clearly, the work environment at CH2M
  HILL must be fast-paced and extremely varied as new projects are won and begin to gear up. I thrive in busy
  environments where tight deadlines are the norm and would like to submit my application for the Project Delivery
  Assistant position advertised in the Vancouver Sun.

  As a recent Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from the SFU Faculty of Business, I majored in the areas
  of accounting, finance and marketing. My goal is to find a position where I can contribute my accounting skills as
  well as my organizational abilities and team-based attitude. Areas of your company where I could make an
  immediate contribution include:

     Project Financial Management – My recently completed course in Project Appraisal and Management
      focused on techniques for evaluating investment projects, initially on private sector discounted cash flow
      analysis. The course also covered techniques for quantitative assessment of public projects including multi -
      criteria methods, planning balance sheets and environmental impact assessment. The basics of project
      management were also included, as well as some material on project financing and work load forecasting.

     Maintenance of document files/data bases – At Andlauer Transportation Services, I was responsible not only
      for data entry, but also for checking other employees‟ work for accuracy, backing up the database each day,
      and working with the database designer to improve the efficiency of the database.

     Interpersonal Skills – As an expediter at Bridge‟s, I was responsible for providing courteous customer service
      and for ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of meals to clients. As a camp counsellor, I worked with various
      age groups (7-13yrs) where I ensured that every camper had a good experience.

  I am willing to learn new skills, and would be happy to attend an interview at your convenience. I will follow up with
  you next week to inquire about the status of my application. I appreciate the time you took to consider me as a
  competitive applicant.


  Kelly Lee

  Kelly Lee
  BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
  SFU, Faculty of Business

  Enclosure: resume

                                               Job Search Le tters
                                                       P a g e 82
Sample Cover Letter – based on a job posting

                                  JASMINDER SAMI
   2654 West 12 Avenue                                                    (604) 777-7777
   Vancouver, BC V6V 6V6                             

   Nov. 13, 200X
                                                             Note: Do NOT copy this
                                                             sample word-for-word.
   Ms. Marie Fisher
   Marketing Director
   Ceaport Software Inc.
   468 West Georgia, Suite 1401
   Vancouver, BC V5H 4R1

   Dear Ms. Fisher:

   Re: Part-time Marketing Assistant

   Ceaport Software‟s success as a developer of innovative CRM solutions software is evident in recently
   landing a $3M CDN sale to a major US manufacturer. I am excited about the possibility of contributing
   my market research knowledge and enthusiasm to such a dynamic company.

   I am currently a third year student at Simon Fraser University majoring in marketing. My qualifications
   include a class project involving the development of marketing plans for a high tech business
   launching products into Latin America. Additionally, as a Corporate Marketing Representative for the
   Student Marketing Association, I promoted new corporate sponsorships to local organizations resulting
   in a 10% increase in donations. My achievement of strong customer satisfaction through excellent
   service has been consistently recognized by my managers.

   My marketing background and genuine desire to develop a marketing career in the high tech industry
   will make me a valuable employee to Ceaport Software and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss
   my potential fit with you in person.

   Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I look forward to the opportunity to meet
   with you and will contact you next week to set up a meeting to further discuss my qualifications.

   Yours truly,

   Jasminder Sami

   Jasminder Sami

   BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
   SFU Faculty of Business

   Enclosure: resume

                                         Job Search Le tters
                                                P a g e 83
Sample Approach Letter – based on company research

                                               STEVEN XU
  1116 S.W. Marine Drive                                                                  604.888.2222
  Vancouver, BC V7V 7V7                                                

  November 12, 200X

  Mr. John Sem                                               Note: Do NOT copy this
  Human Resources Manager                                    sample word-for-word.
  Summit Capital Asia
  888 Westley Drive
  Toronto, ON M5M N3N

  Dear Mr. Sem,

  Congratulations on your recent expansion into the Asian market with the opening of your offices in Hong
  Kong and Shanghai as recently reported in the “Globe and Mail”. As a highly motivated individual with a
  strong interest in the Asian investment banking industry, I am eager to contribute my analytical and
  personal communication skills in an Analyst role within your dynamic organization.

  Currently, I am pursuing a BBA degree at the SFU Faculty of Business and am in my fourth year of
  study majoring in Finance and minoring in International Business. Some of my qualifications which
  would be of value to Summit Capital Asia include:

       Industry knowledge/experience - Solid understanding and training in financial modeling,
        financial valuation, and risk management. Retail brokerage experience with RBC Dominion
        Securities sourcing clients and promoting services.
       Trading - Participation in TD Waterhouse Student Stock Shadowing Program involving on-line
        mock trading within the high tech and biotech industries.
       Academics - High academic achievement including Dean‟s List 2006, 2007; Golden Key Honors
        Society member awarded for academic excellence, top 15% campus wide.
       Specialized training - Expected completion of Canadian Securities Course in February 2008.

  Additionally, I speak Cantonese and Mandarin and am also eligible for Hong Kong citizenship. I would
  welcome an opportunity to discuss possible openings within your Hong Kong branch and will contact you
  next week to see if we can arrange a brief meeting at your convenience.

  Thank you for considering my request.


  Steven Xu

  Steven Xu
  BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
  SFU, Faculty of Business

  Enclosure: resume, transcripts

                                          Job Search Le tters
                                                P a g e 84
Sample Approach Letter – based on company research

                                              TINA SMITH
  2020 Marine Drive                                                                   Tel: 604.777.4141
  Vancouver, BC V6V 1B8                                      
  March 20 , 200X

  Ms. Petra Anzarut
  Vice President, Trust Administration
  Alderwoods Group
  4710 Kingsway
                                                                Note: Do NOT copy this
  Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2
                                                                sample word-for-word.

  Dear Ms. Anzarut,

  I am planning to pursue a future career in business consulting and am interested in the prospect of
  working for Alderwoods to enhance both the quality and process of delivering services to internal
  customers, specifically with regards to offering improved performance reporting. I have experience in
  project management involving aspects of marketing internal corporate services that I intend to
  strengthen by applying research and customer-focused applications taught at the Sauder School of
  Business, where I am currently pursuing a BCom degree.

  Having spent last summer at Telus working within the Corporate Services division, my direct
  responsibilities included either ownership of or contribution to several large-scale projects to capture
  process efficiencies and cost savings. I believe these competencies would be valuable for conducting
  a performance metrics analysis involving several stakeholders.

  I have spent time researching not only your company, but also the funeral home industry, and
  challenges confronting companies such as Alderwood‟s, SCI, and Carriage Services. I understand
  some of the issues confronting the industry, including industry fragmentation, need to reduce debt
  loads, scaling back of operations with the sale of funeral homes and cemetery properties, and the
  current trend to standardize product showrooms and other operating methods. Also, I understand that
  the new Interpretation No. 46 ("FIN No. 46R"), recently issued by the Financial Accounting Standards
  Board, is likely to have a strong impact on management of trust funds at Alderwoods.

  The complexities that are involved with working for such a multifaceted industry, involving the sale of
  both products and services, as well as the sale of financial services in the form of insurance, is very
  appealing to me. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this with you in greater detail, and will
  contact you by the end of the week in hopes of setting up a time to meet at your convenience.


  Tina Smith

  Tina Smith
  BCom Candidate, Class of 200X
  Sauder School of Business

  Enclosure: Resume

                                          Job Search Le tters
                                                  P a g e 85
Sample Approach Letter – based on networking lead

  Susan Smith
  333 Campus Road                                                                      (604) 888-8888
  Vancouver, BC V7V 7V7                                                

  November 12, 200X
                                                                    Note: Do NOT copy this
  Marcia Newhouse                                                   sample word-for-word.
  Manager, Marketing
  IXS Warehousing & Distribution Ltd.
  888 Queens Drive
  Calgary, AB T2P 2P2

  Dear Ms. Newhouse:

  While attending a SFU Transportation and Logistics Club event, I met your colleague, Mr. Myron
  Davies. He mentioned that you recently secured a major contract and as a result may have a need for
  a Transportation Analyst. As I am pursuing a career in distribution and will be graduating in May 200X
  with a Transportation and Logistics degree, Mr. Davies suggested that I contact you to explore
  possible opportunities with IXS.

  As part of my TLog training, I have actively participated in several class projects involving in-depth
  analysis and applying models to solve transportation and logistics problems. During my experience as
  a warehousing clerk at Canadian Widget Warehousing, I developed a strong understanding of the
  need for effective inventory control measures, and the importance of communication with all members
  of the supply chain. Additionally, I was selected by management to train warehousing clerks on the
  use of a newly implemented computerized inventory system, Xspeed.

  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience and
  education can contribute to your team and will contact you next week to see if we can arrange a brief
  meeting at your convenience.

  Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.


  Susan Smith

  Susan Smith
  BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
  SFU, Faculty of Business

  Enclosure: Resume

                                         Job Search Le tters
                                                 P a g e 86
Sample Approach Letter – based on a referral

                                                Nancy Cartwright
  2020 Marine Drive                                                                                 Tel: 604.123.4567
  Vancouver, BC V6V 1V1                                                      

  March 20th, 200X

  Ms. Pat Smith
                                                                        Note: Do NOT copy this
  Vice President, Sales & Business Development
  Pacific Central Vacations                                             sample word-for-word.
  100-1150 Station Street
  Vancouver, BC V6A 2X7

  Dear Ms. Smith,

  I am writing to you to propose a summer work experience with Pacific Central Vacations, and am contacting your
  company at the suggestion of Go2 marketing manager Ms. Susie Shier.
  As a current 3 year BCom student at the Sauder School of Business, I am focusing in the areas of strategy and
  marketing. The BCom program has allowed me to study various types of business cases and to develop
  approaches to analyzing cases within a limited timeframe. These practices have equipped me with the skills to
  develop business strategies and marketing plans, which can create a competitive advantage for companies.
  Through my Market Research studies, I have developed methods to systematically gather information that will
  allow me to make informed business decisions.

  My particular area of interest is the tourism, lifestyle and experience industries. Today, it is not easy to meet the
  needs of every customer, but we know that, more and more, people want rich, compelling and memorable
  experiences, not passive experiences but actively engaged experiences. I am especially interested in working for
  Pacific Central Vacations (PCV) because what your company is doing is all about creating this experience for
  each individual.

  PCV has achieved a great deal of success since it was founded in 1989 and has continuously generated
  innovative ideas to make unforgettable experiences for your guests. Your company is at an exciting growth phase
  with the vertical expanding to Gray Line sightseeing and charter-bus operations, diversified service portfolios to
  new destinations such as Whistler, more new rail opportunities across the country and the potential for expanding
  into surging tourist segments.

  Last year, 79,700 Chinese tourists visited BC from China, a 25% increase over 2003. The World Tourism
  Organization forecasts that by 2010 China will be the fourth-largest source of outbound travelers in the world.
  Chinese tourists traveling overseas grew at an average of 14% per year in the past decade and the number
  exceeded that of Japan for the first time in 2003. China recently announced it has recognized Canada as an
  approved tourism destination. This move is expected to result in a dramatic increase in the number of Chinese
  visitors to Canada. BC officials estimate the figure of Chinese tourists to BC will rise to 300,000 in a few years.

  One of the advantages of PCV is the large number of residents of Chinese origin in Vancouver - about 350,000
  people, most of whom maintain close relationships with relatives and friends in China. The promise of strong
  travel ties between Canada and China, such as expanding non-stop flights to China by Air Canada and Harmony
  Airways will trigger a huge rush in the coming years. The US, UK and Australia will continue to be PCV‟s most
  important markets. However, with the fast growing Chinese bourgeoisie and their rising purchasing power there is
  every reason to look in new places and prepare to think in a bigger space which will definitely be rewarded over
  the next few years.

                                                                                                           Page 1 of 2

                                               Job Search Le tters
                                                        P a g e 87
                                              Nancy Cartwright
2020 Marine Drive                                                                                Tel: 604.123.4567
Vancouver, BC V6V 1V1                                                     

Through preliminary research and my experience, I strongly believe convenient, innovative, educational, all -in-one
packages of pristine scenery, gourmet cooking, Canadian cultural background learning and modern rail tour
experience is what Chinese tourists are looking for in their overseas vacations. Chinese nationals are particularly
interested in cultural learning experiences. However, there is still a lot of work to do to create more aw areness of
what experiences PCV can offer them, especially with the obstacle of the unfamiliarity of the Rockies by Chinese

PCV needs time to properly prepare itself for an increase in volume of this non-traditional customer segment. The
first needed is marketing research. To obtain knowledge about Chinese visitors, we need to answer questions
such as what are their key motivators? What are their travel preferences? What kind of tour packages are they
looking for? How should PCV educate and attract this potential market? In short, it is a matter of marketing an
attractive image that will motivate the Chinese tourist to cross the Pacific, and once here, to purchase a PCV
vacation experience. I believe a detailed marketing plan should answer these questions and help to harvest the
Chinese tourist windfall in the near future.

My Marketing Plan will include the following elements:
   1. Executive Summary
   2. Situation Analysis: Target Markets, SWOT Analysis, Competition, Key to Success
   3. Marketing Strategy: Mission, Objectives, Marketing, Positioning,
   4. Financials, Budgets and Forecasts: Break-even Analysis, Sales and Expense Forecast
   5. Controls: Implementation Milestones, Contingency Planning

I believe the skills I would bring to you during the summer would be of great value to Pacific Central Vacations
         the education and skills to carry out market research and prepare a marketing plan
         my experience in the hospitality industry in China, ie, assisting in the financial and purchasing stages of
          opening a bar in Xi‟an
         an understanding of both cultures, having grown up in China and lived in Vancouver for more than two
         fluency in Mandarin and English
         enthusiasm, proactive nature and energy
         my strong desire to work in this industry

I will follow up with you next week to see about setting up a time where we could further discuss my proposal.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.

Yours Sincerely,

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright
BCom Candidate, Class of 200X
Sauder School of Business

Cc: Bob Jones, Vice President, Human Resources

Enclosure: Resume

                                                                                                         Page 2 of 2

                                             Job Search Le tters
                                                      P a g e 88
Sample Proposal –               a student was granted an interview based on a BCC posting opportunity and took
this proposal in to the interview. He won the position!

                                           JACK JACKSON
   111 Campus Road                                                                     Tel: 604.123.4567
   Vancouver, BC                                                                       Cell: 604.765.4321
   V1V 1V1                                                                

                                                                           Note: Do NOT copy this
   Tentative Project Implementation Schedule                               sample word-for-word.

   Phase 1: Project specification and planning (weeks 1,2,3 and 4)

   Objective of this phase is to research and analyze international markets to generate new business
   opportunities, propose diversification of existing product portfolio based on market need and demand,
   create a customer centric analysis strategy and develop case studies.

   1. Initial project specification

            Action: Define project boundaries and create realistic project goals and schedules.

            Resources: Meetings with the management team, online library and professor‟s advice.

   2. Office needs and stakeholder analysis

            Action: Analyze current program (business activities and processes, users, functions, inputs
             and outputs, related systems), identify problems with the present program and assess
             additional needs.

            Stakeholder analysis: Identify the groups and individuals to be consulted during the project,
             including internal and external customers.

            Resources: management team, relevant personnel, office data (financial statements, facility
             inventory data, strategic plans and customer files).

   3. Proposals for new business development and analysis

            Action: Based on the analysis, develop proposals for new business development keeping
             budget constraints in mind.

            Project structure: Schedule project activities, specific responsibilities and develop project

            Resources: MS Project, product managers and the management team.

                                                                                              Page 1 of 2

                                           Job Search Le tters
                                                  P a g e 89
                                       JACK JACKSON
111 Campus Road                                                                    Tel: 604.123.4567
Vancouver, BC                                                                      Cell: 604.765.4321
V1V 1V1                                                               

Phase 2: Data collection and analysis of desired program (weeks 5,6,7 and 8)

The objective of this phase is to present to the management team the feasible options which would
enhance its future growth.

4. Research for feasibility of internal development

        Action: Results obtained from phase 1 would be thoroughly analyzed and checked for its
         feasibility in the real world. New market development would be taken to the next level.

        Cost benefit analysis model would be formed and tested for new products, etc.

        Brand building campaign design would be formulated.

        Resources: internet, company resources, professor, etc.

5. Presentation to the Management Team

        Action: Detailed yet concise presentation would be put forward to management identifying
         the research findings to date and its potential benefits.

        The report would contain a brief executive summary of the project and the detailed
         implementation followed by recommendations.

        Resources: 2-3 days of workshops with the management team.

My contribution during the summer

Strong academic background, telecom sector experience and current BBA training. Based on these
skills I would contribute during the summer in the following areas:

        Marketing: Market research, analysis and good grasp of the technology industry

        Supply Chain Management: Analysis and development plan for supply chain such as
         inventory control, stock in and stock outs, etc.

        Relationship Management: Build solid and lasting relationships with all the company‟s
         clients. The cycle is not completed unless and until the client is satisfied and says “Yes! I
         would recommend your product to others”!

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                                       Job Search Le tters
                                              P a g e 90
Sample Proposal – based on a prior meeting with an employer

                                                 Treena Blake
     29292 Marsh Road                                                                      (604) 607-0515
     Abbotsford, BC V3M 1B8                                                  

      To:          Mr. John Smith, Director of Supply Chain Management, Honeywell
      Subject:     Summer Project Proposals
      Date:        28/02/200X

     Based on our meeting on February 21, 200X, I have compiled a list of some possible projects to address
     the issues that are currently affecting your department.

     1.   Procurement process review. While some part shortages are supplier related, the majority is
          caused by internal coordination. This project will identify the factors that contribute to part
          shortages and recommend a strategy to reduce the occurrence of shortages.

     2.   Aggregation of purchases. Purchasing agents currently procure parts as requested from the
          engineered bill of materials. Non-stock purchases are estimated to make-up about 30% of the parts
          purchased. There may be an opportunity to aggregate the requirements to leverage better prices
          from suppliers.

     3.   Investigation into the outsourcing of outbound logistics. Three employees currently handle the
          task of freighting large machines to international destinations in-house. Can Honeywell save costs
          by outsourcing the task?

     4.   Process review and identification of optimization opportunities within the spares department.
          The demand for spares differs greatly from the demand for Honeywell’s regular product line. To
          what extent should the fulfillment processes overlap or be combined? The current spares price list
          includes every item carried by Honeywell. Based on sales history and the likely need for failures,
          should the spares price list be trimmed down?

     5.   Coordinate interdepartmental study between engineering and procurement to determine
          suitable alternatives for high-cost items. Which items comprise the highest cost of producing
          Honeywell equipment? Without sacrificing quality, are alternate materials or parts available that
          have the same functional characteristics but are less expensive?

     6.   Performance benchmarking. This study will aim to identify and document core competencies
          within the department and evaluate and revise current performance metrics for suitability.

     7.   Expansion of the supplier-managed inventory program. Currently, four vendors automatically
          receive daily faxes that indicate desired receive dates and Honeywell stock levels. This program
          has proven successful. Should this program be extended to other suppliers?

                                                                            Note: Do NOT copy this
                                                                             sample word-for-word.

                                            Job Search Le tters
                                                    P a g e 91
Sample Thank You Letter – after a job interview

                                                       Ryan Wei
    5508 West 54th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V8N 4T0         Telephone: (604) 555-1077       email:

    October 28, 200X

    Ms. Maria Rosetti
    Manager, Human Resources                                                 Note: Do NOT copy this
    DKPE and Partners                                                        sample word-for-word.
    555 Dunsmuir Street
    Vancouver, BC V7X 1Z6

    Dear Ms. Rosetti:

    Thank you very much for providing the opportunity to interview with you for the CA articling position
    with your firm. I am impressed with the enthusiasm and interest that you demonstrated during our
    meeting, even though it was the end of a very long day for you.

    I am excited about the possibility of joining DKPE and am convinced that I possess many of the
    qualities that you described as desirable in a “new recruit”. My involvement in many on-campus
    student organizations has strengthened by ability to lead and participate in productive teams. In
    my role as “Master of Ceremonies” for the IGNITE event, I developed ongoing positive
    relationships with senior executives in the business community. This experience has prepared me
    to represent DKPE in a professional manner to its clients. The energy and commitment I have
    made to my education, part-time work and extra-curricular activities will continue as I launch my
    professional accounting career.

    Again, I truly appreciate the time you spent with me on Wednesday and I look forward to hearing
    from you after you have completed the rest of your on-campus interviews.

    Yours truly,

    Ryan Wei
    Ryan Wei

    BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
    SFU, Faculty of Business

                                                   Job Search Le tters
                                                         P a g e 92
Sample Thank You Letter – after a job interview

                                                    Carolyn Gump
  5555 Forest Avenue                                                                                     604-299-9999
  Vancouver, BC V9R 9A9                                                                    

  April 24, 200X

  Mr. Michael Gold
  VP – International Strategies                                               Note: Do NOT copy this
  Big and Bold Corporation                                                    sample word-for-word.
  3338 Global Road
  Vancouver, BC V1V 1V1

  Dear Mr. Gold,

  Thank you for interviewing and talking with me about the summer work experience opportunity with Big & Bold. I
  truly appreciate all the time and care you took in telling me about the project and learning more about me.

  I don‟t feel that I gave you a clear answer during the interview to the question of my work style. Here is the makeup.
  I am a target-oriented and efficient team player with good analytical and communication skills, who always thinks
  outside the box and enjoys solving problems. I sincerely hope I will get the chance to work with you.

  I'm so pleased that Bid & Bold is considering setting up a new diploma program in Human Resource Management,
  and treated me as a competitive candidate for the market research and feasibility study portion. I believe the
  knowledge and experience I've already cultivated makes me the best fit for your internship position. Also, I feel I
  could learn a great deal in this project and would certainly enjoy the opportunity of working with you. I am eager to
  bring my passion for people and human resource management, as well as skills in business development / market
  research to this position.

  I would very much look forward to working with Big & Bold this summer. Please feel free to contact me if you need
  further information.

  Thank you again for the exhilarating interview.


  Carolyn Gump
  Carolyn Gump
  BCom Candidate, Class of 200X
  Sauder School of Business

                                               Job Search Le tters
                                                       P a g e 93
Sample Job Acceptance Letter

                                              Suzanne Ducharme
   #302 – 1718 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC V8N 4T0 Telephone: (604) 555-9567            email:

   January 31, 200X
                                                                                 Note: Do NOT copy this
                                                                                 sample word-for-word.

   Mrs. Julie Nakamoto
   HR Manager
   ABC Financial Group
   500 Howe Street
   Vancouver, BC V7X 2J8

   Dear Ms. Nakamoto:

   Thank you for your letter offering me the Equity Analyst position with your Vancouver office. As we
   discussed on the phone this morning I am please to accept this offer and look forward to becoming
   part of the ABC Financial Group team.

   I understand the starting salary will be $38,000 per year and I will be starting on June 1, 200X. In
   the meantime, if you require any additional information from me, please let me know.

   Again, thank you for offering this exciting opportunity to start my career with your company.

   Yours truly,

   Suzanne Ducharme

   Suzanne Ducharme
   BBA Candidate, Class of 200X
   SFU, Faculty of Business

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                                                        P a g e 94
Sample Declining a Job Offer Letter

  Daniel Gill
  3445 Thunderbird Way                                                                     (604) 888-8888
  Vancouver, BC V7V 7V7                                                

  November 14, 200X

                                                                       Note: Do NOT copy this
                                                                       sample word-for-word.
  Mr. Harv Wright
  Product Manager
  Xcel Consumer Products
  13895 Viking Way
  Richmond, BC V5W 3M9

  Dear Mr. Wright,

  Thank you very much for your telephone call and letter offering me the position of Product Support
  Specialist. While this is a very exciting position within a well-respected organization, I have accepted a
  position with another company that more closely aligns with my career goals and interests. As I
  explained on the phone this morning, this was a very difficult decision, since both companies offered
  challenging and rewarding opportunities.

  I would like to extend once again my sincere appreciation for your interest and hospitality throughout the
  interview process and I wish you well in the future.


  Daniel Gill
  Daniel Gill

  BCom Candidate, Class of 200X
  Sauder School of Business

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                                                  P a g e 95
           What’s Wrong With This Cover Letter?
           The cover letter is your fist opportunity to make a favorable impression on a potential employer. It is an
           important tool that will pique a potential employer‟s interest and get you to the next stage…the interview. Even if
           your qualifications are excellent, your resume may never be read if your cover letter is weak. Find out if you are
           cover letter literate.

       Full names (not         Jimmy Jobless
             nickname)         1234 Unemployed Ave.                       Use proper mailing address, no postal
       should be used          Anywereville, BC                           code indicated

                               October 7, 2004                            Use standard Business Letter
                               GeneriCo Ltd.                              format (double space between
                               4321 Business St.                          new paragraphs and sections                  The letter should
                               Bigcity, BC                                                                             be limited to no
   Refer to specific job       V4V 3K3                                                                                 more than four
    title, as advertised                                                  Address your letter to a                     paragraphs
        by the company         To Whom It May Concern:
                                                                          specific contact name
    (include reference                                                                                                 This opening is
    number, if known)          Re: Assistant Position                                                                  boring. Use this first
                                                                                                                       paragraph to grab the
                               Please accept this letter and resume as an application for the position advertised. I   reader‟s attention
List & give evidence of        am confident that I can make a positive contribution to your company.
specific skills relevant
  to the position (name        I have many skills and abilities that could benefit your organization. I am computer
    software programs)         literate and have strong communication skills. I have the ability to asses problems
                               and provide effective solutions. My personal interests include computer                 Explain how personal
                               programming and web site design.                                                        interests are relevant
    Have someone else
 proofread – don‟t rely        While I lack formal wok experience as a receptionist, I have several years of
     on the computer‟s         experience in the construction industry. At my previous job, my duties included         Explain how unrelated
   spell check: “I have        organizing billing and estimates, and scheduling projects for customers.                past work experience is
   the ability to assess                                                                                               relevant (mention
           problems…”          Because of my strong self-motivated skills and my ability to work well with people, I   transferable skills)
                               feel that I would be an excellent addition to your company. In accordance with my
                               education and work experience, I would expect a starting salary of $10K, annually.
   Avoid using negative
phrases (“lack”, “weak”)                                                                                               Express an interest in
    Is it „work‟ or „wok‟?     Thank you for your time and consideration. I‟ll contact you next week to set up an
                               interview at your convenience.                                                          meeting with the
                                                                                                                       employer but avoid
  Never include salary                                                                                                 using pressuring
  expectations, unless         Thank you,
   requested to do so.
          Use a range.         (signature)
                                                                Contractions or slang should
                               Jimmy Jobless
                                                                never be used
  Use a formal closing         Encl.
(Yours truly, Sincerely)

                                         What is it that you are

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Job Description Verbs
Accomplished   Determined                   Invented         Rectified
Accumulated    Diagnosed                    Investigated     Reduced
Achieved       Directed                                      Referred
Acquired       Discussed                    Judged           Regulated
Activated                                   Justified        Released
Adapted        Edited                                        Renegotiated
Adjusted       Eliminated                   Launched         Renovated
Administered   Encouraged                   Learned          Rendered
Amended        Enforced                     Listened         Repaired
Analyzed       Ensured                                       Replayed
Appraised      Established                  Maintained       Reported
Approved       Estimated                    Managed          Researched
Arranged       Evaluated                    Manipulated      Resolved
Assembled      Exceeded                     Mediated         Responded
Assigned       Executed                     Merged           Reviewed
Attained       Expanded                     Modulated        Revised
Authorized     Expedited                    Molded
               Explained                    Monitored        Satisfied
Budgeted       Extracted                    Motivated        Scheduled
Built                                                        Selected
               Facilitated                  Negotiated       Serviced
Calculated     Finalized                                     Settled
Catalogued     Followed up                  Observed         Simplified
Classified     Forecasted                   Operated         Sold
Coached        Foresaw                      Organized        Sorted
Communicated   Formulated                                    Stimulated
Compared       Fostered                     Participated     Strengthened
Compiled                                    Perceived        Studied
Completed      Gathered                     Performed        Succeeded
Composed       Generated                    Persuaded        Summarized
Computed       Guided                       Planned          Supervised
Conceived                                   Prepared         Supported
Conducted      Headed                       Presented        Synthesized
Conferred      Hired                        Presided         Systematized
Consolidated                                Problem Solved
Constructed    Implemented                  Produced         Taught
Consulted      Improved                     Programmed       Tended
Controlled     Increased                    Projected        Trained
Convinced      Indexed                      Promoted         Transferred
Coordinated    Influenced                   Proposed         Transformed
Created        Informed                     Provided         Translated
               Initiated                    Purchased        Troubleshooting
Designed       Inspected
Developed      Installed                    Questioned       Unraveled
Debated        Instituted                                    Utilized
Defined        Instructed                   Recognized
Delegated      Interpreted                  Recommended      Verified
Delivered      Interviewed                  Reconciled       Viewed
Demonstrated   Introduced                   Recruited

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