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Position Title: Director – Procurement and Logistics

Reports to: Executive Vice President of Finance, Procurement and Human Resources

                                            POSITION SUMMARY

Leads, directs and manages a team responsible for all aspects of ordering and purchasing product,
coordinating and scheduling transportation logistics and optimizing inventory levels. Provides the insight
and guidance to ensure the Procurement / Logistics Team supports and partners with Sales, Marketing,
and Warehouse Operations to achieve mutual business goals.

                                        POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES

•    Lead, coach, mentor, train and develop the seven member Procurement / Logistics Team
•    Partner with Sales and Marketing to forecast demand and develop enhanced forecasting techniques
     and processes
•    Work closely with Marketing and suppliers to ensure proper pricing and maximization of discounts
     and payment terms on all orders
•    Prepare cost / benefit analysis to determine the optimal product order quantities based on pricing,
     lead-times, demand, warehouse capacity / utilization, delivery schedules and inventory carrying costs
•    Coordinate product delivery logistics with suppliers, importers, transportation companies and
     warehouse operations
•    Identify and help maintain optimal inventory levels to maximize inventory turns, reduce exposure of
     aged inventory, avoid out-of-stocks and reduce inventory carrying costs
•    Negotiate with service providers charges for freight and brokerage services
•    Ensure the accuracy of freight invoices, brokerage charges and import duty billings
•    Inspire the Procurement / Logistics Team to achieve their productivity, efficiency, accuracy and
     effectiveness goals
•    Research, identify, design and implement tools, systems and best practices to achieve continuous
     improvement goals
•    Broaden the scope of the Procurement / Logistics Team to include the purchasing of services

                                       KEY SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES

•    Integrity and trust
•    Ability to lead and develop direct reports and build effective cross-functional / cross-level teams
•    Sound judgment and decisiveness
•    Conflict management and negotiating
•    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; both verbal and written
•    Comfort interfacing with all levels of management and individual contributors
•    Stakeholder (customer) focus with ability to develop strong business relationships
•    Ability to identify, design and implement process improvements
•    Understanding and ability to perform business, cost /benefit and financial analysis
•    Technical and analytical understanding of forecasting, procurement, logistics and inventory systems
•    Very good computer skills relating to Microsoft Office products and the AS400 platform


•    Minimum of ten years experience in Purchasing and Logistics functions; demonstrating progressive
     increase in responsibilities
•    Minimum of four years direct leadership experience
•    Bachelor’s degree in Business or equivalent experience