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Federal Pell Grant Application by top10207


Federal Pell Grant Application document sample

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                                  FEDERAL PELL GRANT

If a Pell Grant is included on your award letter, the amount listed should be treated as an
estimate! The actual amount will be based on your enrollment status and your correct Federal
EFC. If your FAFSA was selected for verification, you must complete that process before your
Pell Grant can be finalized and applied to your account.


If an ACG grant is listed on your award letter, it should also be treated as an estimate! We will
need to evaluate your final high school transcript to determine if you qualify for this award.

                               NEW YORK STATE TAP AWARD

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is available to eligible full-time students who are New
York State residents. If it appears you may have TAP eligibility, we have provided you with an
estimate of your TAP award. The award amount is based on the information you provided on
your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The New York State Higher Education
Services Corporation (HESC) is the agency responsible for determining and awarding TAP on
behalf of the State of New York. You will have to complete a TAP Application and forward it to
HESC to receive your actual TAP award. The application will be generated by HESC, either
electronically or by mail. HESC will calculate the actual TAP award that you will be receiving for
the upcoming academic year. Check your email account (the one you listed on your FAFSA) for
notices from HESC, and track your application/award status by going to You
must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in order to receive TAP. For a more detailed
explanation of the TAP program, please go to the Saint Rose website, and
review the TAP Fact Sheet.


Withdrawing from a class during the semester, or repeating a previously passed course, could
have a negative impact on your future Federal, New York State, and institutional financial aid
eligibility! Contact the Office of Financial Aid BEFORE you make a decision to withdraw from a
class or to retake a class for which you have already received a passing grade!!


Each day that you attend your classes, you earn a bit more of your financial aid. If you withdraw
from all of your classes, we are required by Federal regulation to calculate the amount of
Federal aid that you are entitled to receive. You do not earn all of your Federal aid until you
have attended 61% of the semester. If you withdraw before the 61% date, we may have to
return some of your Federal grants and loans. Institutional aid (Saint Rose grants and
scholarships) may be prorated, and your TAP may be reduced. You may also end up with an
outstanding account balance.

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