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Financial Planner Career Presentation - PDF


Financial Planner Career Presentation document sample

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									The HKIB Outstanding Financial Planner Awards

 In view of the growing importance of financial planning and wealth management business both to the status
 of Hong Kong as an international financial centre and the well–being of individuals, The Hong Kong Institute
 of Bankers and Career Times are jointly organizing the HKIB Outstanding Financial Planner Awards 2006. The
 objectives of the awards are:
  -        To increase public awareness of the importance of financial planning
  -        To enhance the competitive edge of practitioners in the banking and financial sectors
  -        To emphasize the importance of ethical selling and product suitability for customers
  -        To recognize individuals who excel in the financial planning profession

Target Participants
 All financial planning practitioners in Hong Kong’s banking and financial sectors are welcome to participate.

 There are 6 categories of entries (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3) based on the number of years of financial planning
 experience of individual participant and the selected stage of customer’s life cycle. Participants may choose to
 submit a genuine financial plan, in written form for an existing customer, for Education or Personal Protection or

                   Group A:                                          Group B:
                   Financial Planners with                           Financial Planners with
                   up to 3 years of experience                       over 3 years of experience
                  The stages of customer’s life cycle               The stages of customer’s life cycle
                  A1                Single                           B1                Single
                  A2               Married                           B2              Married
                  A3       Married with Children                     B3      Married with Children

                 Education            or            Personal Protection           or            Retirement

 While there are various financial needs and goals for different stages of life cycle, the above mentioned goals are
 most common.
 All customers’ personal particulars in the submitted financial plan must NOT be disclosed by the participants under
 any circumstances.

 Assessment of the submission will be based on the candidates’ ability to demonstrate the following 5 key elements
 in the process of providing financial planning services for their customers:

                 T rusting relationship
                 R ecognize financial goals well
                 U nderstand financial status comprehensively
                 S tructure financial plan that meets the goals and status
                 T imely management of agreed financial plan
Three Rounds of Assessment
First Round: (Written Financial Plan)
- All candidates are required to submit a genuine WRITTEN financial plan based on a selected

Second Round: (Oral Presentation)
- The selected candidates of each category will be invited to give an ORAL presentation of their
  submitted financial plan ( visual aids are allowed ) and attend an interview with the judges.

Final Round: (Written and Oral Presentation)
- The selected candidates will be required to give a presentation based on a hypothetical case
   study (information will be released two weeks prior to the presentation).

Assessment for the written financial plan will be based on the following
5 key elements of financial planning:
  Trusting Relationship            - Able to gather customer data before the meeting
                                   - Prepare financial and market information relevant to the customer’s
  (10%)                              requirement before the meeting
                                   - Able to demonstrate credibility and create positive impression during
                                     the meeting

  R ecognize Financial             - Understand customer’s current and future financial goals in relation to
                                     respective financial needs
  Goals                            - Define customer’s risk tolerance level, liquidity concerns, budget and
  (20%)                              expectation of return

  U nderstand Financial            - Know customer’s current financial position well
  Status                           - Understand customer’s investment experience
  (30%)                            - Conduct financial gap analysis

  S tructure Financial Plan        - Anticipate hidden financial needs according to different stages of life cycle
  (30%)                            - Customize financial solutions according to the financial gap analysis,
                                     customer profile, market research information, regulatory environment
                                   - Introduce suitable investment products and financial services to meet
                                     customer’s financial goals
                                   - Ascertain customer’s understanding of the financial plan and the risks involved

  T imely Management               - Demonstrate the portfolio review mechanism with a view to achieving
                                     customer’s financial goals
                                   - Illustrate the availability of ongoing customer services mechanism to
                                     maintain a trusting relationship

Assessment for the oral presentation will be based on the following criteria:
  Attitude                         -   Able to impress the customer as a responsible, sincere and trustworthy
  (30%)                                financial planner

  Technical Competence -           -   Able to demonstrate to customers the relevant knowledge when explaining
  Financial Knowledge                  the features of financial markets and various financial products, regulatory
  (30%)                                environment, code of ethics and the risks involved

  Interpersonal and                -   Able to communicate with customers precisely and convincingly with
  Communication Skills                 respect to different background and personalities
  (40%)                            -   Able to gather customer’s information tactfully
                                   -   Able to resolve customer’s doubts and concerns relating to his/her financial
                                       planning needs
                                   -   Able to ensure customer’s understanding of proposed financial plan, risks
                                       involved and related product features
        Round                                           Awards                                        No. of Awards

          First                                 Certificate of Merit                                  To be confirmed

       Second                                          Trophy                                             18
                                                                                         (Top 3 Winners from each category)

         Final                             Outstanding Financial Planner                                 2
                                               Grand Award Trophy                          (1 Champion from each group)

  July 20                                  Information Session held at HKIB Training Centre
  July 31                                  Deadline for submission of Registration Form
  August 14                                Deadline for submission of Written Financial Plan for 1st Round Assessment
  September 8                              Announcement of 1st Round Winners
  September 22                             2nd Round Oral Presentation
  September 25                             Announcement of 2nd Round Winners
  October 13                               Final Round Assessment
  October 23                               Award Presentation Ceremony at Conrad Hotel

Organizing Committee
    Prof. Richard Ho
    Vice-President (Undergraduate Education),
    Professor (Chair) of Finance
    City University of Hong Kong

    Susan Au                                       Grace Cheung                       Simon Fan                Calvin Ho
    Senior Manager                                 Business Development Manager       Investment Consultant    Investment Consultant
    Wealth Management Training                     Bank of China                      DBS Bank                 Team Head
    Learning and Employee Development              (Hong Kong) Ltd.                   (Hong Kong) Limited      Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited
    Asia Pacific
    The Hongkong and Shanghai
    Banking Corporation Limited

    Neville Ko                                     Agnes Lam                          Allan Lau                Dr. Raymond Lee
    Senior Investment Counsellor                   Financial Planning                 Manager,                 Senior Consultant
    Standard Chartered Bank                        System Manager                     Agency Training          The Hong Kong
    (Hong Kong) Ltd.                               Bank of China                      The Prudential           Institute of Bankers
                                                   (Hong Kong) Ltd.                   Assurance Co Ltd.

    Candy Leung                                    Francis Lui                        W T Puk                  Ida Wong
    Manager, Customer                              Investment Sales Manager           Investment Consultant    Sales Project Manager
    Experience & Marketing                         Hang Seng Bank                     DBS Bank                 Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited
    Standard Chartered Bank                                                           (Hong Kong) Limited
    (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Novan Wong                                     Angus Yip                          Jondy Yiu
    Manager Quality Development                    Assistant Agency                   Manager, Regulated
    Personal Financial Services                    Development Manager                Investment Sales
    The Hongkong and Shanghai                      American International Assurance   Hang Seng Bank
    Banking Corporation Limited                    Company (Bermuda) Limited

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