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					Rethinking the North-South Relationship
            in the Americas

   Connexions Conference 2009. OCWC Regional Meeting
             Gary W. Matkin, Ph.D., UC Irvine
           Larry Cooperman, MA.Ed., UC Irvine
             Felipe Spinelli de Carvalho, FGV
        A Partnership Spanning
         Nations and Cultures

4/28/2009                        Slide 2
A Partnership        • Partnership for OCW and
Spanning Nations &
                       academic programs
                     • Sharing and republishing
                       of OCW content
                     • Translation and
                       “localizing” of content
                       developed in U.S.,
                       adapted to Brazilian
                     • Sharing of content from
                       Southern hemisphere to
                       Northern            Slide 3
A Partnership        • Innovation from Brazil
Spanning Nations &
                       which might be adopted
                       elsewhere to intensify
                       use of OCW
                     • Institutional benefits
                       gained from PR and
                       OCWC membership
                     • Benefits from OCW that
                       can accrue to academic
                       programs in terms of
                       exposure and traffic
 4/28/2009                                Slide 4
Decade Long Partnership

• Over 26,000 face-to-face   • Brazil’s largest non-
  students                     governmental provider of
• 4,000 online enrollments     distance learning
• Ranked 12th among the      • Nonprofit foundation
  nation’s best public       • 26,000 online students
  universities               • Public Administration,
                               Business, Economics,
FGV and UCI Before OCW
• The Beginning
  – FGV partner Strong Consultancy is UCI partner
    for English language programs
  – FGV Online integrated UCI Project
    Management program as MBA module
  – FGV Online translated and localized six UCI
    • Added content and cases
FGV and UCI Before OCW
• Working Together
  – FGV Online and UCI Distance Learning Center
    produce online courses that:
    • Contain multimedia elements
    • Are instructionally designed
       – Beyond syllabi and PowerPoints
    • Embed textual instructional narrative
  – Nonetheless, conversion is an extensive effort!
Our OCW Partnership
Huge Results

• 173,000+ visits to FGV       • 20,000 visits in 1st ten
  OCW site                       days of course “Live” date
• Over 18,000 students         • Of 20,000 visits to UCI
  have completed courses         OCW site
  and printed certificate of      – 16,000 from Brazil
  completion                      – 4,000 from United States
                                  – Over 45,000 visitors have
                                    come to the UCI from the
                                    FGV site
FGV Innovation
 • “Completion” certificate
   issued to learners who
   have registered and
   completed each of the
   course modules.
 • Over 18,000 users have
   made their way through
   an entire course and are
   not just “hits” or “unique

4/28/2009                       Slide 11
Certificate of Completion
 90,000                                                   Visited
 80,000                                                   Course
 50,000                                                   Completed
 40,000                                                   Form
 10,000                                                   Finished
     0                                                    Course &
           Science &    Diversity in  Human      Ethics   Certificate
          Technology        the      Resources

Based on course visitors on FGV site
Certificate of Completion

                                       Visited Course

                                       Completed Online

                                       Finished Course &
                                       Printed Certificate

Based on course visitors on FGV site
Mutually Beneficial Partnership
• Translation makes UCI courses available to
  Portuguese speakers
• Joint marketing, national and international
  media relations raises awareness globally
Implications & Lessons
• Institutional relationship took time, effort
• Translation and localization of content is critical
• Understand the differing educational conventions
  between countries
• Adoption of Creative Commons Licenses
• Exchange of technology
• Marketing and PR must be conducted both
  nationally and internationally

  4/28/2009                                     Slide 15
Implications & Lessons
• Provide a reason for self-learners to complete
  course and return to the site
• OCW can drive interest for degree or open-
  enrollment programs
• Developing international contracts

 4/28/2009                                    Slide 16
A Case Study for the Future?
• Commercial/Noncommercial dialectic
• “North-South”

 4/28/2009                             Slide 17
The Next Step with                         Created OCW

we can achieve the…

Create Intellectual   High Ed Effectiveness
                            High Costs
                        Best of Both
                        Lower Uniformity
Teacher Created
Teacher Created
Content Captured          Lower Costs

4/28/2009    Slide 19
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