How to use the Agfa Digital Camera

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					                  How to use the
                Agfa Digital Camera
                              1.   Use the Agfa Digital Camera to take your pictures.

                              2.   Once you have finished taking your pictures, go to the worksation
                                   that has the digital camera cable attached.

                              3.   Plug the digital camera cable into the serial port on the back of
                                   the digital camera.

Plug cable into serial port   4.   Turn the camera to play.

                              5.   Double click the Agfa Photowise icon on the desktop to start the
                                   download program.

                              6.   Click the button labelled View Pictures in camera.

                              7.   A sorter containing all of the pictures in the camera will appear.
8.   Click on the picture you want to download, or use the Shift-click
     method to select more than one picture.

9.   Once the pictures you want have been selected, click on Cam-
     era in the Menu bar, then select Get selected images from

10. Navigate to your personal drive space and then to the folder in
    which you want to save your image.

11. Click Open to proceed. You do not have any albums, so you do
    not need to worry about the Album Name.

12. When the confirmation window opens, click the Selected button
    to begin the download.

13. A progress indicator will appear indicating which pictures have
    been downloaded. Wait for all pictures to be saved. Note the
    pictures are saved as image numbers in a jpg format. You will be
    able to use these pictures on a Web page without conversion.
14. When all of the pictures are downloaded, click File on the Menu
    bar, then select Exit.

15. As a courtesy to others, erase all of the pictures in the camera.
    This will leave it ready to use for the next person.

16. Carefully disconnect the camera from the serial cable.

17. Return the camera to your teacher.

18. Log out of the workstation.

19. You can now work with your pictures at your own workstation.
    They can be treated like any other graphic image.