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					Fiscal Year 2009 Budget

   Finance & Operations
       March 11, 2008     1
•   General Reminders
•   Reallocation
•   Getting Started
•   Salary Budget
    – Salary Adjustment Codes
• Excel Spreadsheet Operating Budgets
• Wrapping It Up!

           General Reminders
• All funds in which revenue, expenditures
  and/or transfers will be recorded in FY 2009
  must be budgeted
• Fund number listing by department on the
  Budget Office web site
• VPFO deadline – Friday, March 28, 2008
  – Email Excel spreadsheet to Jackie Bergsnev
  – Email Peggy or Margaret when you have entered all
    adjustments in the Budget Application
• All reallocations require prior written approval
  from VPFO
• Utilize the Request to Reallocate form

           What is a reallocation?
•   Not allocating 5% increase to a vacant position
•   Reducing the base in a vacant position
•   Not allocating 5% increase to a pool position
•   Reducing the base in a pool position
•   Permanently moving $ from
    operating/equipment to salary or salary to
                 Getting Started

• Reconcile your starting Base
  – Appropriation and Local Fund Allocation
    notifications have “Starting Base for 2009 Budget”
  – Compare/reconcile:
     • FY 2008 Base Budget (Excel spreadsheet) to
     • Budget Application Base Amount to
     • Starting Base for 2009 Budget in the Appropriation and
       Local Fund Allocation notification
                  Salary Budget
• Budget Application – access through Budget Office
• Get access codes from Cindy Fetsch
• Budget information was downloaded February 25,
  – Changes after February 25th will not show up in the
    Budget Application
  – Changes that affect positions on or before June 30 for
    the current fiscal year should be included in the budget
    process – submit proper paperwork through Payroll
             Salary Budget (cont’d)
• Check box – “Evaluation on File”
  – No salary increase unless an evaluation is on file
  – No salary increase unless harassment training is
• No salary increase for positions still on probation
  through June 30, 2008
  – Provide $ for probationary increase in 2009 by
    budgeting in a pool
  – If proposing more than a 3% probationary increase in
    2009, must get specific approval
             Salary Budget (cont’d)
• Hourly rates – single occupant positions
  – Compare CFY Salary to NFY Salary rates
  – CFY Budget Base – NFY Salary Base – calculate hours X
• Increases to Pool position occupants
  – Submit Job Change Form effective July 1, 2008 to
  – Submit Separation Form if a termination
• Vacant position - no dollars budgeted
  – Inactivate position
           Salary Adjustment Codes
• Equity
  – Reduce or eliminate documented internal salary
    disparities which cannot be accounted for after an
    analysis and comparison of differences in the work
    assigned, individual qualifications, experience, years of
    service and work performance
  – Data confirmed by Human Resources
  – Include information in Comments section

           Salary Adjustment Codes
• Market
  – Address documented areas of competitiveness with
    national and regional salaries for recruitment of
    qualified faculty and staff
  – Market data provided by Human Resources
  – Include information in Comments section

          Salary Adjustment Codes
• Merit
  – Increases based upon work performance which is
    superior and consistently exceeds performance
    standards documented through Performance

           Salary Adjustment Codes
• Other
  – Workload – change in term length
  – Responsibility – documented expansion of the level of
    duties and responsibilities associated with a position
  – Internal reallocation – for decreases in pools or
    positions that were made to internally fund salary
    increases (requires VP prior approval)
• Offset
  – Call Peggy or Margaret if considering using
 Excel Spreadsheet Operating Budget:
• Base is reconciled
  – If you made temporary adjustments during the year,
    correct the base using column J
• Update only columns J, FY 2008 Adjust to Base,
  and L, FY 2009 Adjustments (don’t change any
  other amounts)

 Excel Spreadsheet Operating Budget:
• Enter salary adjustments from your Budget
  – Amounts from Department Fund Summary
• Adjust fringe benefits
  – Appropriated funds – zero out benefits using column J
  – Use Fringe Benefit calculator on Payroll web site to
    calculate fringes for each position

 Excel Spreadsheet Operating Budget:
• For other than appropriated funds
  – Budget revenue
  – Budget transfers in
     • Adjust Local Fund Allocation transfer amount
• No operating escalation for Appropriated or Local
  Fund Allocations

 Excel Spreadsheet Operating Budget:
• Increased costs to consider
  –   Postage
  –   Telephone lines
  –   Minimum wage increase
  –   Motor pool
  –   Credit card merchant fees

                  Wrapping It Up!
• FY 2009 Budget Process Review Checklist
  – Budgets are balanced
     • No deficits
     • If spending fund balance carryover, so note
  – Reallocations are all approved
  – FY 2009 Final Budget amounts equal Targets
• Email Excel spreadsheet to Jackie Bergsnev
• Notify Peggy or Margaret that you have entered all
  adjustments in the Budget Application
             Thanks for Coming!
• All information is available on the AVPFO website:


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