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									Asher Miller

   OBJECTIVE          A senior hardware tech-writing/information design position in the Boston Area

   San Francisco      B.A., Technical and Professional Writing (concentration in graphic design and production), 1997
   State University   Skills developed in technical editing, on-line documentation and presentations, technical documentation,
                      and desktop publishing
   Bentley College    Information Design Program
                      Additional coursework in structured documentation, XML, UNIX and NT system administration

   2005 - present     Technical Writer 3, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
                      Burlington, MA
                      Lead technical writer performing the following:
                      • Designing documentation sets, and leading a team of writers, illustrators, editors, and release
                         engineers in support of major new product releases
                      • Managing and syncing documentation schedules with product development cycles, including
                         technical and editorial reviews, localization, and key production handoffs
                      • Representing the writing team at the product development level
                      • Providing input to product bill of materials (BOM) and ship kit
                      • Reviewing system mechanical design and product service labels to improve usability
                      • Serving as liaison between local mechanical design team and remote technical illustrators
                      • Supporting updates and fixes to the existing product line, including ongoing improvements to
                         product/documentation usability and deployment model
                      • Developing long-term initiatives to streamline documentation of entire product line to make it
                         more user-friendly, more consistent, cheaper to deploy, and easier to maintain
   1999 - 2005        Technical Writer 2, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
                      Burlington, MA
                      Staff tech writer performing the following:
                      • Wrote documentation plans for new manuals
                      • Wrote internal white papers for emerging technologies
                      • Performed product and prototype teardowns, conceptualized service tasks and suggested
                          improvements to mechanical design, bundling, and deployment of spare parts
                      • Wrote and maintained hardware/software documentation for end-users and service personnel
                      • Generated specifications, templates, standards, and prototypes for illustrations
                      • Prepared final illustrations (including building 3D models, generating rendered output, and
                          building final illustrations for publication)
                      • Wrote scripts for instructional multimedia animations
                      • Served on internal technology task forces to transition to modular XML-based documentation
                      • Designed and facilitated usability tests

   February 1998      Technical Writer, Globalstar LP
   to July 1999       San Jose, CA
                      • Wrote, illustrated and edited software manuals for satellite and ground station applications
                      • Recommended software usability enhancements to developers
                      • Edited and managed the production of technical white papers
                      • Developed document plans, schedules and style guides for producing multi-book sets
                      • Edited multi-component test plans
                      • Performed final production tasks on document sets
August 1997            Technical Writer (intern), EDS at Siemens-Pyramid Information Systems, Inc.
to January 1998        San Jose, CA
                       • Revised and updated existing hardware and software manuals
                       • Wrote and distributed drafts for engineers' reviews
                       • Performed final production tasks on document sets
                       • Wrote internal procedures
                       • Trained and mentored a new junior intern

August 1996            Marketing Assistant, Don Todd Associates
to April 1997          San Francisco, CA
                       • Performed technical editing/coordination of proposals and resumes
                       • Created and maintained databases to track internal marketing information
                       • Edited and updated project status data, and generated tracking reports

February 1995          Proposal Coordinator/Field Technician/Administrative Assistant, Olivia Chen Consultants, Inc.
to July 1996           San Francisco, CA
                       • Wrote and updated statement of qualifications and engineers’ resumes for proposals
                       • Edited engineering reports
                       • Served as a crew member on sewer inspection team

Applications, tools                 Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Streamline;
and scripting/markup languages      ApplixWare; BlueSky RoboHelp; Corel WordPerfect; the GIMP; Microsoft Office;
                                    Quark Xpress; StarOffice; XV; Visio; HTML, JavaScript and XML
Operating systems                   Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS-X
and environments
Additional technical skills         PC hardware and software installation/configuration (both Windows and Linux), some
                                    TCP/IP, NFS and SMB networking, digital photography and image processing,
                                    illustration and storyboard prototyping

VOLUNTEER WORK                      Earn-A-Bike Instructor, Training Instructor, and Shop Mechanic, Bikes Not Bombs
                                    Process documentation for pedal-powered machines, Maya Pedal (ongoing)
                                    Volunteer consulting work for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
                                    Advisory Board Member, MaxPac Site Redevelopment Project, Somerville, MA
                                    Poet Laureate, Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership
                                    Member, Somerville Bicycle Committee, 2002-2004

INTERESTS                           Cycling; mechanics (bicycle and motorcycle), urban history, planning and design;
                                    transportation policy; history of industry, technology and professional design;
                                    industrial, graphic and product design; photography (film and digital); woodworking;
                                    metalwork (including rudimentary welding and fabrication); renewable technologies

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