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Contracts for Automobile Detailing Business


Contracts for Automobile Detailing Business document sample

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									                                                                                                    Business to Business 11/12/2009

                    Business to Business is a fully funded program in collaboration with:

                                                 Jackson Energy Authority


                                         Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce

MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                         Page 1 of 9
                                                                                                                  Business to Business 11/12/2009

                                                           Automotive Care

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Corey's Carwash & Detail (MBE)                  Corey Croom                                    Washing and Detailing of all motor vehicles
306 Lexington Ave.                              Phone: 731-444-0858
Jackson, TN 38301
Detail Doctor (MBE)                             James Prather                                  Automobile Detailing; wax, buff mirror
201 W. Main Street                              Phone: 731-730-0600                            glaze, showroom shines
Jackson, TN 38301
Executive Wash (MBE)                            Eugenia Williamson                             Full service vehicle interior and
P.O. Box 7092                                   Phone: 731-467-2067                            exterior cleaning, detailing, polishing,
Jackson, TN 38302                               Email:                and related services.
Malesus Auto Services (LSB)                     Terry Sims                                     Full service repair shop; Engine
588 Bolivar Hwy.                                Phone: 731-427-5005                            repairs; Engine performance;
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax:731-427-8588                               AC/heating; Drive train cars, trucks,
                                                Email:                     SUV's & imports
Mo Soundz (MBE)                                 Maurice Jones                                  Auto installing- radios, speakers,
454 E. College St.                              Phone: 731-422-2834                            alarms, rims, tires, etc.
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-422-2835

                                                     Beauty Salons & Products

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Eclipse Hair Salon (MBE) (WBE)                  Maurica Edwards                                Cosmetology Salon
603-F Vann Drive                                Phone: 731-664-7141
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-660-8854
JJ Colette Desings (MBE) (WBE)                  Lamona Sow                                     Invention - New Square Hair Roller
278-A Moize Cut Off                             Phone: 731-506-4215
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-506-6116
Phase II Styling Salon (MBE) (WBE)              Devonja Harris                                 Hair Styling and Cosmotology Salon
538 East Chester Street                         Phone: 731-928-9756
Jackson, TN 38301

                                                        Computers & Printing

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
B & P Express Service Center (MBE) (WBE)        Pat Williams                                   Copying, Mailing & Faxing Ctr.
3127 Riverside Dr.                              Phone: 731- 664-9575
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731- 988-9915
Connell Concepts (WBE)                          Susan Connell                                  Printing, Publishing, Graphics,
43 Gleneice Cove                                Phone: 731-423-0429                            Typesetting
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-423-9473
Connetus I.T. Solutions (DBE) (MBE) (UCA)       Donnie M. Bradford                             Design and development, repairs, training,
32 Weaver Cove                                  Phone: 731-394-8847                            technical support etc.
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 1-888-391-4537
Copies Plus Inc (LSB)                           Jimmy Price                                    Printing & Copying
1598 N. Parkway                                 Phone: 731-265-9545
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-265-9935
Dugger Printing (LSB)                           Ed Dugger                                      Business forms; printing; tags/labels;
232 State St.                                   Phone: 731-668-7667                            promotional products/apparel
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-664-5887
Golden Circle Printing (LSB)                    Joel Maners                                    Printing/ Manufacturing
2252 Dr. F. E. Wright Dr.                       Phone: 731-423-2895
Jackson, TN 38305

    MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                       Page 2 of 9
                                                                                                                  Business to Business 11/12/2009

Imagemaker (WBE)                               Karen Brummer                                  Promotional Products, Business Forms,
3606 Old Medina Road                           Phone: 731-424-1825                            Safety Products & Traffics control products.
Oakfield, TN 38362                             Fax: 731-424-1825
It's Printed (MBE)                             Camille Jacox                                  Printing
357-A N. Royal St.                             Phone: 731- 422-3342
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax: 731- 422-3502
Jackson Printers (WBE)                         Don Stephenson                                 Printing Services
228 W. Baltimore St.                           Phone: 731- 424-0521
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax: 731- 424-4978
Kingdom Computer Solutions (MBE)               Myk Robinson                                   Computer troubleshooting, repair, maintenance
128 Devonshire Square Suite E                  Phone: 731-616-5030                            & consulting
Jackson, TN 38305                    
Mike Hopper Promotions (LSB)                   Mike Hopper                                    Screen printing, promotional products,
255 Willowridge Circle                         Phone: 731-394-0126                            advertising specialties, signs,
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-668-6914                              banners, & printers.
Precision Printing (MBE)                       Michael Brooks                                 Printing, Promotional Products &
216 Airways Blvd.                              Phone: 731- 424-3302                           Office Supplies
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax: 731- 424-3391
Sir Speedy Printing Center (WBE)               Esther Vincent                                 Complete line of printing, copying and .
89 Federal Drive                               Phone: 731-664-2127                            related services
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-664-1680
Temple Technology (MBE)                        Andrea Temple                                  Website design, general computer
63 Meadowood Drive                             Phone: 731-660-7068                            support, training one on one.
Jackson, TN 38305                              Email:
The UPS Store (WBE)                            Mary Jackman/Daniel Jackman                    Self-Inking Stamps, Mailing Sup.
25 Stonebrook Place                            Phone: 731-668-9551                            Mailbox Services, Overnight Doc.
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-668-9553                              & Package Delivery, Packing &
                                               Email:               Office Supply, Fax Service

                                             General Contractors & Construction

Business Name/Address                          Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Anything Metal Distribution                    Kathy Laughlin/Tommy Gipson                    Metal Fabrication, Welding, distribution of
& Fabrication (LSB)                            Phone: 731-658-4550                            products used in water and waste
3975 Cloverport Rd.                            Fax: 731-658-2848                              water treatment plants.
Toone, TN 38381                                Email:
Atwater Concrete Works (MBE)                   Ron Atwater                                    Concrete Finishing
879 N. Royal St.                               Phone: 731- 425-9433
Jackson, TN 38301                              Email:
BP Demolition (MBE)                            Bobby Perry                                    Demolition,Trenching & Ditch Cleaning
197 Burton                                     Phone: 731-928-0008
Jackson, TN 38301
Cole Construction Company (MBE)                Jean Fisher                                    Asphalt Paving, Sealing & Grading
2024 Hollywood Drive                           Phone: 731-664-7562
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-660-0472
Dixon Services, Inc (MBE)                      James Rambo                                    General Contractor
1594 Twoplace                                  Phone: 731-427-9882
Memphis, TN 38116                              Fax: 731-427-9883
EarthCom LLC (MBE)                             Michael Cherry                                 Excavation, underground utilities burial.
906 Grayson Lane                               Phone: 731-661-0643
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-661-0643
Fisher Construction Company, Inc. (LSB)        John Fisher                                    General Contractor, Concrete Construction.
18 Brentshire Square                           Phone: 731-664-6009
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax:     731-686-1110

   MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                        Page 3 of 9
                                                                                                                  Business to Business 11/12/2009

Fowler Construction (LSB)                       Ronnie Fowler                                  Construction & Dirt work
63 Keelange Cove                                Phone: 731-664-6800
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-664-6083
Golden Circle Construction, Inc (WBE)           Gerry Helton                                   General Construction
P.O. Box 10116                                  Phone: 731-661-0363
Medina, TN 38308                                Fax: 731-661-0835
Hockett Construction Co. (MBE)                  Emerson Hockett                                General Construction, Trucking, Sand, Dirt,
871 Windy City Rd.                              Phone: 731-420-3505                            Gravel, Transport, Concrete Work, Demolition
Humboldt, TN 38343                              Fax: 731-784-7113
Howell Farms Dozer & Demolition (MBE)           Robert Howell                                  All kinds of dirt work & demolition;.
429 Tige Hopper Road                            Phone: 423-0546 Cell: 517-3200                 trackhoe; dozer; backhoe; & dump trucks
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 423-4703
J & L Construction (LSB)                        Jason or Leah Wooley                           Dozer and Excavating work
203 Casey Road                                  Phone: 343-9554 or 343-3624
Pinson, TN 38366                                Email:
King Bradley Dozer Services (LSB)               King Bradley                                   Excavation & Site Work
278 Cooper Anderson                             Phone: 731-668-0372
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-664-4582
Marshall Home Repair & Restoration (MBE)        Tommy L. Marshall                              Home Repair/Remolding-Residential
64 Southside Drive                              Phone: 731-616-5514                            Construction
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-935-7123
MG Construction (LSB)                           Michael Gardner                                General Contractors
2522 Bells Hwy.                                 Phone: 731-668-5613
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax:     731-668-8332
Mid-America Metal Roof & Siding, LLC (MBE)      Robert Clifford                                Provide labor & materials to install metal
879-B Airways Blvd                              Phone: 731-422-6051                            roofing & siding
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax:     731-422-6099
Phinnessee Earthmoving & Contractor (MBE)       Milton Phinnessee                              Construction Dirt Work, Earthmoving &
2480 State Route 18                             Phone: 731-427-1461                            Dozer Work
Medon, TN 38356                       
Reynolds Construction (LSB)                     Dwayne Reynolds                                Backhoe work, trackhoe, bobcat, dozer
212 Springview Drive                            Phone: 731-343-0564                            excavation.
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-935-2752
Tippett & Tippett Farms (LSB)                   Billy Tippett                                  Excavation & Hauling
7031 Mercer Road                                Phone: 731-467-0617
Jackson, TN 38012
Trussmark Inc. (WBE)                            John Mauney                                    Residential, commercial and industrial
141 Plainsfield Place                           Phone: 731-664-8438 / 731-225-8713             construction.
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax:     731-664-8438
West TN Construction Services, LLC (LSB)        Joel Haynes                                    General Contractor; Asphalt paving; joint
373 N. Cumberland St.                           Phone: 731 422-3321                            sealing; & seal coating.
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731 935-0076

                                                 Heating/Air, Plumbing, Electrical

Cantrell Services (LSB)                         Tommy Cantrell                                 Heating, Air conditioning, Electrical &
PO Box 9026                                     Phone: 731-616-5812                            Plumbing
Jackson, TN 38314                               Fax: 731-421-9050
Lighthouse Electric Co., Inc. (MBE)             Mary Jo Jordan                                 Electricians
419 Perry Switch Rd.                            Phone: 731-427-2434 Cell:731-343-3709
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-427-2815
Southern Electric and Controls LLC (WBE)        Charlotte Hatcher                              Electrical Contractor
44 Volunteer Blvd.                              Phone: 731-661-9641
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-427-6421

    MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                       Page 4 of 9
                                                                                                                   Business to Business 11/12/2009

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Benefit Consulting Services, Inc. (LSB)         Renee Bankston/Jeff Mitchell                   Employee Benefit Consultant
96 W University Parkway Suite C                 Phone: 731-668-1614
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax:    731-668-2279
Benefits Plus (WBE)                             Connie Hayes                                   Consulting, Insurance, Financial Planning
23 W. Wilson                                    Phone:731-614-9250
Lexington, TN 38351                             Fax: 731-967-9555
Ekohs, Inc. (MBE)                               Eugene Belcher                                 Business Process Improvement;
25-G Stonebrook Place                           Phone: 731-664-5280                            HR Consulting services and support., Short
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 901-339-0428                              and Long Term Contracts; Permanent
                                                Email:                      Placement; Managed Network Services:
Infinite Consulting Group, Inc. (LSB)           Tina Mercer                                    Consulting, training & business certifications.
P.O. Box 306                                    Phone: 731-410-8600
Jackson, TN 38302                               Fax: 731-410-8600
Reed & Associates Marketing (LSB) (WBE)         Mary S. Reed                                   General marketing services.
P.O. Box 3367                                   Phone: 731-968-7450
Jackson, TN 38303                               Fax:    731-968-1107
S.A. Occupational Consulting, LLC (MBE)         Shirley Collier                                Case management, Safety/Wellness
648 Bowman Rd. P.O. Box 219                     Phone: 731-421-8419 Cell: 731-695-4374         Training, CPR/FA AED Training, Disease
Medon, TN 38356-0219                            Fax: 731-424-9660                              Management; etc
Shipman HR Consulting, LLC (WBE)                Janice Shipman                                 HR Consulting services and support.
197 Summerfield Dr.                             Phone: 731-431-3092
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax:    731-668-9563
Speak Consulting (MBE)                          Marla Pruitte                                  Consulting,training, and development; Soft
16 Hulsey Drive                                 Phone: 731-512-3574                            Skills training to include interpersonal skills,
Jackson, TN 38305                               Email:           employee development, guiding skills, and
                                                                                               substance abuse training.

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
A-1 Chemical Products (LSB)                     Kyle Goethels                                  Chemical & Cleaning Supplies
1634 North Parkway St.                          Phone: 731- 424-1717
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-424-6826
A Plus Quality Service, LLC                     Cheryl D. Thorpe                               Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
206 E. Main St. Suite 201                       Phone: 901-652-7420
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-554-2504
A&J Janitorial (MBE)                            Jerry Stegall                                  Cleaning Services, Labor, Supervision,
2816 John Allen Gordon Rd.                      Phone: 731-772-4133                            and Equipment
Bells, TN 38006                                 Email:
B and P Janitorial (MBE)                        Obie Beard                                     Janitorial, Lawn & Pest Control Service
565 Cerro Gordo Road                            Phone: 731-225-5199
Jackson, TN 38301                               E-mail:
B & R Supply (LSB)                              Barry Reid                                     Chemical & Cleaning Supplies
2078 Hollywood Dr.                              Phone: 731- 660-2433
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-660-2719
Bob's Janitorial Services (MBE)                 Bob Williams                                   Janitorial Services/Contractor
137 Tucker St.                                  Phone: 731- 423-3590
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-988-5189
Bond Janitorial (MBE) (WBE)                     Barbara Bond                                   Janitorial
94 Derbyshire                                   Phone: 731-423-6216
Jackson, TN 38305
C.A.R.E. Janitorial (MBE)                       Dorothea Spates                                Janitorial Services & Construction Site
105-F Stonebrook Pl.                            Phone: 731-234-1375                            Clean-up-Residential and Commerical.
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-668-8554

    MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                         Page 5 of 9
                                                                                                                    Business to Business 11/12/2009

Cooper's Janitorial Service (MBE)               Evelyn Hilliard                                Full line of janitorial services.
57 Woodgrove Rd.                                Phone: 731-265-1213
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-660-0354
Dickerson Janitorial Services (MBE) (WBE)       Tameka Dickerson                               Residential, commercial, pressure washing
33 Carver Cove Apt. E-1                         Phone: 731-313-1733                            and industrial construction clean-up.
Jackson, TN 38301
Everclean Janitorial (MBE) (WBE)                Cheryl Bond                                    Janitorial, Commercial and residential
P.O. Box 3339                                   Phone: 731-4108298
Jackson, TN 38303                     
Houston's Home Improvement (MBE)                Virty Houston                                  Janitorial/Lawncare
35 Howlett Cove                                 Phone: 731-660-5283
Jackson, TN 38305                     
JC Janitorial (MBE)                             Joyce Conway                                   Janitorial services for Business,
65 Watson Road                                  Phone: 731-616-9924                            Schools and Construction. Clean
Jackson, TN 38305                               Email:                       Offices and Churches
J D Distributors (LSB)                          Brian Cruzen                                   Janitorial Distributorship
133 Airways Blvd.                               Phone: 731-988-7171/ Cell: 731-697-7538
Jackson TN 38301                                Fax: 731-988-7169
M & M Janitorial Services (MBE)                 Jackie Morrow                                  Cleaning-Pressure Washing Strip &
P.O. Box 7266                                   Phone: 731-424-7597 / Cell:731-928-2047        Wax Floors- Buffing
Jackson, TN 38302                               Fax: 731-660-8030
Mobile Lawn & Janitorial Service (MBE)          Gregory Allen                                  Residential and Commercial; Lawn Service,
P.O. Box 11234                                  Phone: 731-343-1879 or 731-660-4815            Janitorial Service & Pressure Washing
Jackson, TN 38305                               Email:
Transou's Personal Touch Service (MBE)          Parrish Transou                                Complete Janitorial Service
42 McDaniel Drive                               Phone: 731-499-3185 or 731-664-0837
Jackson, TN 38305

                                                      Lawn Care/Landscaping
Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Austin & Cooper Lawn Service (LSB)              Barry Austin                                   Full service lawn maintenance &
57 Woodgrove Rd.                                Phone: 731-217-7162 or 731-668-3795            landscaping
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-668-6795
Barken's Lawn Service (MBE)                     Will Barken                                    Complete lawn care; mulching, leaf clean-up
1713 Old Hwy 19                                 Phone: 731-298-1425                            flowers & shrub planting, parking lot cleaning &
Brownsville, TN 38012                           Fax: 731-772-1077                              hedge trimming
Four Seasons Nursery (LSB)                      Lee Bailey                                     Landscaping Material, Gardening Material &
2489 Hwy. 45 South                              Phone: 731-424-0736                            Work Clothes/Shoes
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-427-0606
Green w/Envy Lawn Care Service, LLC (LSB)       David B Weissenfluh                            Lawn Care - Mowing, Pruning, Mulching,
215 O'Conner                                    Phone: 731-267-4177                            Landscape installation, Fertilizing bare
Jackson, TN 38301                               Email:                   ground application, Bed Weed Control,
                                                                                               Tree Removal, Weed Control, and Irrigation
Jones Lawn Service (MBE)                        Earl Jones                                     Complete lawn care; landscaping; .
217 Moize Cut-Off Road                          Phone: 731-668-2856 / 225-3403                 maintenance; flowers; trees; shrubbery; etc
Jackson, TN 38305                               Email:
Landscapes By Dar (WBE)                         Darlene Walden                                 Commercial Landscaping & Irrigation;
183 Leighton Co. Line Rd.                       Phone: 731- 423-1256                           General Contractor for Small Business
Denmark, TN 38391                               Fax: 731- 423-0223                             and Residential
R&J Feed and Supply CO.                         Linda Stanford                                 Clothes, Pet foods; Fertalizer, Farms, Yards,
1030 S. Highland                                Phone: 731-427-3531                            Feed
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-427-1988
R. A. Lawn Service (MBE)                        Robert A. Allen                               Lawn Services
475 Rochelle Rd.                                Phone: 731-427-8766
Jackson, TN 38301
Terry's Lawn Care (MBE)                           Terry D. Dixson                             Cut Lawn; edge lawn; trim hedges; mulch
105 F Stonebrook Pl. Ste. 356                     Phone: 731-935-2353                         flower beds; haul away trash.
Jackson, TN 38305
Transou's Personal Touch Service (MBE)            Parrish Transou                             Complete Lawn Care Service
42 McDaniel Drive                                 Phone: 731-499-3185 or 731-664-0837
Jackson, TN 38305
    MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                 Page 6 of 9
                                                                                                                  Business to Business 11/12/2009

                                                     Office Supplies&Services

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Doxicom, LLC (MBE)                              Gene Belcher, Jr.                              Document Scanning and Recycling
256 Middleton Street                            Phone: 731-736-1291
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-664-8336
Fidelity Search Enterprises (LSB)               Jess June                                      Drug testing programs; background checks;
1029 Campbell St., Suite 105                    Phone: 731-422-9911                            alcohol awareness training; policy and
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax:     731-422-4527                          procedures.
H & H Services, Inc (MBE)                       David or Melissa Hunt                          Coffee Shop;Paramedical Insurance Exams,
1031 Greystone Park                             Phone: 731-423-1208                            Drug Testing & DNA Testing CopyStar
Jackson TN 38305-3581                           Fax: 731-422-0239                              Kyocera Dealership Copiers, Faxes,
                                                Email:                   Printers, Consumables
Office Link (WBE)                               Justin Wright                                  Office supplies, printer, fax, copies & toner,
708 N. Highland                                 Phone: 731-394-6919                            inkjets, ribbons, etc.
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax: 731-427-8297
Tennessee Service Company, Inc. (MBE)           Sidney Wilson                                  Service staffing; general maintenance;
384 Shadowridge                                 Phone: 731-664-8341                            courier; training; etc.
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-664-8336
Wise Staffing Svc., Inc. (WBE)                  Trista Hatfield                                Temporary staffing.
2762 North Highland                             Phone: 731-661-0007
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-661-9918

Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Ben's Traveling BBQ (MBE)                       Ronnie Dukes                                   BBQ & Sandwich Sales-Catering to public
88 Pennington Place                             Phone: 731-668-4650                            & private functions in various locations
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax:    731-410-8851                           (mobile capabilities).
Bowling & Skating Family Fun Center (MBE)       Andy Kim                                       Bowling, Skating, Mini-Golf,
59 Bowling Dr.                                  Phone: 731-668-2695                            Arcade
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-668-4002


Business Name/Address                           Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Carol Care Sitters                              Carolyn Ross                                   Sitting with the elderly and handicapped
813 Camden St.                                  Phone: 731-422-4559
Jackson,TN 38301                                Fax: 731-422-4559
Class "A" Painting (MBE)                        Arvell Winningham                              All painting procedures for residential and
514 Magnolia St.                                Phone: 731-422-4758                            commercial
Jackson TN 38301                                Fax: 731-803-1466
HCI Supply (LSB)                                Tommy Kelly                                    Retail and wholesale sales of hardware;
982 Lower Brownsville Rd.                       Phone: 731-427-7725                            industrial supplies; mill supplies; janitorial
Jackson, TN 38301                               Fax:    731-427-7041                           supplies; and material handling equipment.
iDesign Architectural Group (LSB)               Douglas Short                                  Architectural design
86-B North Star Drive                           Phone: 731-256-1604
Jackson, TN 38305                               Fax: 731-256-1605
Jackson Industrial Sales (MBE)                  Debbie Barnes                                  Industrial Supplies
224 State Street                                Phone: 731-424-9449
Jackson, TN 38301
KO Pest Control (MBE)                           Obie Beard                                     Pest Control
455 E. Chester                                  Phone: 731-402-1078
Jackson, TN 38301                               Email:

    MBE-Minority Business Enterprise, LSB- Local Small Business, WBE- Woman-owned Business Enterprise                                           Page 7 of 9
                                                                                                                 Business to Business 11/12/2009

Machine Tool & Supply Corp. (WBE)              Ramona W. Yates                                Distributor of General Line Industrial
117 Wright Industrial Cv.                      Phone: 731-424-3400                            Supplies (Line Card Available)
Jackson TN 38301                               Fax: 731-424-3430
Mary Weddle Rental Property Mgmt. (MBE)        Mary Weddle                                    Full service rental property
315 Lambuth Blvd                               Phone: 731-424-5729                            management and maintenance.
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax:     731-422-0931
Maxxguard, Inc (LSB)                           Frankie Lax                                    Security Guard Service
1445 N. Highland                               Phone: 731-427-7222
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax:     731-422-6049
Mitchell's Lock and Safe (LSB)                 Troy Mitchell                                  Locksmithing and installation of door
1990 North Highland Avenue                     Phone: 731-554-1899                            hardware for both residential and commercial,
Jackson TN 38305                               Fax:     731-554-3789                          automotive - foreign and domestic service.
Ms. Em's Custom Draperies (MBE)                Martha Chism                                   Custom draperies, fabric, blinds, shades,
115 Roosevelt Parkway                          Phone: 731-424-1130                            roman/balloon, pillows, table skirt, table
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax:     731-265-4252                          topper, rods, fringe, etc.
Nell Huntspon Flower Box (MBE) (WBE)           Nell Huntspon                                  Flowers & Wedding Catering
351 N. Royal St.                               Phone: 731- 422-3341
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax: 731-935-7069
Punctual Planning, LLC (MBE)                   Gwen Hill                                      Concierge Services, Event
P.O. Box 12557                                 Phone: 731-217-4776                            Planning
Jackson, TN 38308                              Fax: 731-668-0341
Sarah M. Chatman, DDS (MBE) (WBE)              Sarah Minor Chatman                            Complete dental services for adults and
504 N. Highland                                Phone: 731-424-8242                            children.
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax:     731-424-0063
Saver's Paint Company (LSB)                    Jimmy or Annette Springs                       Painting, Wallcovering & Special Coating
108 Miller Ave.                                Phone: 731-668-4528
Jackson, TN 38305                              Fax: 731-668-8010
Uniquely Design (MBE)                          Freddie Cashier                                Decorative Pillows and Keepsakes
128 Cardinal Street                            Phone: 731-783-0934
Humboldt, TN 38343                             Email:
Water Science Services Inc (WBE)               Beth Reed                                      Distributor of industrial supplies, chemicals,
P.O. Box 5000-364                              Phone: 731-660- 5353                           janitorial products-boiler & cooling tower.
Jackson, TN 38302                              Fax: 731- 660-4115                             treatment and services
West TN Cabinet Distributing Co. (MBE)         Deborah Hartigan                               Cabinet Distributors
P.O. Box 22                                    Phone: 731-723-8330
Milan, TN 38358                                Fax: 731-723-8930
Tennessee Recycling                            Pamela Paston                                  Recycling
Environmental Energy (WBE)                     Phone:731-787-7732
298 Jim Jackson Rd.
Humboldt, TN 38343


R U an Eagle Publishing (MBE) (WBE)            Brenda Scott                                   Complete customization of posters, website,
1165 Rock Springs Rd.                          Phone: 731-614-5944                            and marketing materials.
Wildersville, TN 38388                         Fax:     731-967-3423
West Tennessee Examiner (MBE)                  Bill Marable                                   Newspaper

P.O. Box 1603                                  Phone: 731-935-2222
Jackson, TN 38302                              Fax: 731-935-2490
Women's Journal (WBE)                          Grace Desnoyers                                Educational Paper for Women
P.O.Box 10296                                  Phone: 731-267-4002
Jackson, TN 38308                              Email:

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                                                                                                                Business to Business 11/12/2009


Business Name/Address                          Contact Info                                   Description of Service
Flourney Enterprises (MBE)                     Angela Flourney                                Distributor, Travel Agencies,
39 Lynwood Dr.                                 Phone: 731-422-1960                            Real Estate
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax: 731-422-1960
Ruth's Ultimate Travel (MBE)                   Ruth Womack                                    Cruises; Bus Tours(all sizes); Special
35 Mona Lisa Drive                             Phone: 731-427-3783                            Destinations; Etc.
Jackson, TN 38301                              Fax:    731-427-7415

                                                        Trucking/ Transport
Business Name/Address                          Contact Info                                   Description of Service
G. A. P. Transport (LSB)                       George A. Pearson                              Transport Passengers & Cargo
306 Huntersville-Denmark Rd.                   Phone: 731- 422-2415
Denmark, TN 38391                              Fax:    731- 423-5524
                                               Email: Unknown

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