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					                          Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                        06/28/07 7:00PM
                     Please silence all cell phones during Council Meetings
1    Consent Agenda 6:30PM
2    Call to Order
3    Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
              Invocation - Trinity United Methodist Church-Andy Lamon
              Posting of the Colors-Tybee Island Memorial Color Guard
              Pledge of Allegiance
4    Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
              Skate Park Location Committee- Recommendation on location-To be discussed at
              MaryAnn Miller-Tybee Beautification update and announcement Prom Saturday
              6/30/07 at the Legion
5    Visitors-There will be a 3 minute time limit on all visitors
              Sandy Major-Tybee Neighbors Update
6    Public Hearings-None
7    City Manager-Diane Schleicher
              Update on Arts Festival for July and August
              Georgia Power Lease Proposal-Sport Lighting for Jaycee Park Approved
              Action Items Create information packet for Planning Commission
8    Open Meeting for Business Legally Presented
9    New Business
              Council Minutes- June 14, 2007 Approved
              One day alcohol permit Memorial Park-Peruvian Cultural Association of Savannah-
              Iris De La Torre Ugarte-August 4th or 5th Approved
              One day alcohol permit-Savannah Chamber of Commerce-Pier-Taste of Tybee
              August 16, 2007 Approved
              Planning Commission Appointment David Postle
10   Old Business
11   City Officials and City Attorney
              Bubba Hughes
              Buckley Property Purchase Agreement Extended Approved
12   Executive Session
13   Announcements and Meetings
             Tybee Beautification Prom- June 30th-American Legion
             July 2, 2007 City Council Workshop 10-2 City Hall
             July 4th Holiday-Independence Day
             July 6, 2007 Open House at the Guard House-Ft. Screven 3-8
             Marine Science Center Tuesday's on Tybee- City Hall- July 3-10-24-31 7:00PM
             Planning Commission Agenda Meeting July 9th City Hall 7:00PM
             Water and Sewer Committee Meeting July 12th City Hall 5:30PM
             City Council Meeting July 12th City Hall 7:00PM
             Economic Development Committee- City Hall, July 16th 6:30PM
             Planning Commission Meeting July 17th City Hall 7:00PM
             City Council Meeting July 26th City Hall 7:00PM
b8cb371b-eefc-4aef-9052-a53644d24ce1.xls                                                        Agenda
                             Tybee Island City Council Agenda Synopsis
                                          06/28/07 7:00PM
14   Minutes from Board Meetings
            Friends of Tybee Theater 4-18-07 & 5-16-07
            Beach Task Force Minutes 5-17-07
            Audit Committee Minutes 6-11-07

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