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       SUMMER 2008
CEO SWAT Product Features and Price
Two Minute Drill

CEO SWAT is a business assessment tool for C Level managers.

CEO SWAT packages business analysis tools to determine a company’s
vulnerabilities and risks.

CEO SWAT conducts over 200 assessments reviewing products, clients, markets,
business departments and functions, critical success factors and macro-risks.

CEO SWAT requires departmental managers to focus on critical success factors to
assure that business departments are aligned and that future profitability and
growth is a shared concern of the company’s management team.

CEO SWAT requires that department managers outline and score action items that
address specific problems so the CEO can perceive all enterprise risk factors and
make informed executive decisions based on corporate priorities and expected
return on investments.
Concerns & Interests

Investors require a growth story and strategy that’s believable. The board wants
   corporate governance, risk and compliance concerns put to rest.
Questions concerning management team, talent development, preparation, resource and
   depth. Can I count on these people?
Time is valuable and the need to deliver tangible results is a pressing concern. Too many
   meetings, no time for friends and family. Constant vigilance is required to stay ahead
   and stay on top of present situations to manage change.
Should we stay the course or change? The need to assess continuous outside opinions
   (investors, legal, government, stakeholders, board, etc.) inhibit the desire to address
Managed growth requires a deep understanding of company’s markets. How can we
   keep competitive advantage? What is our competitive advantage? Who are our
   customers and how can we best serve them?
We have leadership and resource needs. How do we effectively allocate capital to
   address needs. What initiatives address our greatest risk and produce optimal return
   on investment?

CEO SWAT will: Develop thought-leadership and trust.
What Is It?

 Business Intelligence Tool
 Performance Measurement
 Builds Management Team
 Stops Capital Leakage
 Risk Management Program
 Product and Market Discovery
 Enhance Equity Valuation
 Manage Transparency
 Effective Corporate Governance
CEO Risk Review
Opportunity & Team Assessment
Template 1:     Market and Competitive Assessment
Template 2.1:   Product Service Grouping, Customers
Template 2.2:   Product Service Grouping, Suppliers
Template 2.3:   Product Service Grouping, Competition
Template 2.4:   Product Service Grouping, Market Dynamics
Template 3.1:   General Management
Template 3.2:   Sales/ Marketing Management
Template 3.3:   Operations and Production Management
Template 3.4:   Facilities Management
Template 3.5:   Financial Management
Template 3.6:   Planning and Information Management
Template 3.7:   People and Human Resource Management
Template 4:     Financial Ratios
Template 5:     Business and Financial Plan Assessment
Template 6:     Scoring Specific Critical Success Factors
Template 7:     Scoring Generic Critical Success Factors
Template 8:     SWOT Analysis
Template 9:     STEEPLE Analysis
Template 10:    Macroeconomic Event Risk
WEB 2.0

User Generated
Business Intelligence

    Demand Aggregation
    Capital & Credit
    Capacity Utilization
    Hedging
    Product Marketing
    Psychographics / IAO
Sum2 is dedicated to the commercial promotion of sound practices. Sum2’s objective is to
assist businesses to implement corporate sound practices that add exponential value for
shareholders, employees, clients and to the communities in which they operate and serve.

Sum2 identifies its core competency to be the creative application of sound practice
principles to the industries and businesses that we serve. Sum2’s SMB 360 is a clear
example of this creative application of sound practices to an industry need. Sum2 is
dedicated to corporate responsibility, ethical business practices, customer service
excellence and delivering to our clients a unique and essential value proposition. We
uphold these values in all our work and continually strive to deliver on the commitments
that we make to our clients.

All products marketed by Sum2 are focused on risk mitigation. We look to creatively
package and bundle solution suites that address targeted client and industry market
segment requirements. All product marketing activities and business development
initiatives are guided by and conform to a clearly identified industrial application of sound

We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you about our products and
how we can improve it.

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                          Oakland, New Jersey 07436
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