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       2008-09 SESSION
         JUNE 2009

            Prepared by
        Randall St. Godard
        Project Coordinator

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                                    2008-09 SESSION
                                 FINAL REPORT
                                         JUNE 2009
  Since first getting together in August, 2008, the majority of the group of Youth Leadership
  Project (YLP) delegates that started, managed to hang in the full 10 months until graduation,
  completing a series of workshops, orientations, mentoring, a couple of group projects, a
  number of varied outings and Toastmasters for those interested. Each delegate also committed
  his or her personal time pursuing the Bronze Level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

   By the end of the project, the YLP either met or exceeded all objectives and in doing so, the
   following accomplishments were realized:

          Eleven of the original fourteen registrants completed and graduated from the RCD-YLP
          in May, 2009

          More awards earned through participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program
          with 5 – 6 more Bronze Awards coming from this year in addition to 1 Gold and 2
          more Silver.

          All graduates kept busy over the year being more physically active, learning new
          interests or skills, providing community service in different ways at various venues,
          achieving a number of group and individual accomplishments and developing a better
          set of tools and knowledge to help many prepare individuals toward independent living.

   The accomplishments, success and popularity of the YLP continues to grow with each
   successive year, building on its past success and involving YLP post-graduates. The further
   evolution of the mentoring program with Peer Mentors and the growing participation in the bi-
   weekly Toastmasters all point to the need that exists in the community for these kinds of
   projects and services for young person’s with a disability. As the awareness of this program
   continues to grow, so does its ability to reach into the community and help improve their lives.

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   (See addendum for details on the workshops and project activities from Aug – Dec, 2008).
   By the time the group reached the Christmas break, they seemed ready for a break from tying
   up many of their weekends with the workshops and orientations that started in August.

   The project re-started in January slowly, with a Group Project Planning Meeting, picking up in
   February with a new workshop on Nutrition and a couple of career / workforce related events.
   The whole project accelerated in April that kept everyone active and busy til the beginning of
   June with expedition planning, training and actually doing it, the YLP Graduation ceremonies
   and the PMP Fundraiser. In addition to all of these activities in 2009, there was also time to
   squeeze in attending the World Wheelchair Curling Championships and a hockey game to the
   WHL’s Vancouver Giants and attending Toastmasters on a bi-weekly basis.

Key Project Objectives Achieved:
   • To recruit 15 youth with disabilities to attend the training course and learn skills and tools
      RESULT: 14 delegates initially registered = 11 graduates and 3 who did not complete the

   •   To continue the involvement of YLP post-graduates to further develop their leadership
       skills by either becoming a mentor, group leader or project assistant
       RESULT: 5 youth from previous YLP session involved as mentors in training, assisting
       with group projects and helping in the planning process of YLP activities and continued
       participation in the D.O.E. Award Program

   •   To engage youth from other youth agencies, leadership programs and the wider community
       to provide assistance in the planning and delivery of some components of the project.
       RESULT: 12 participants from the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM)
       group of youth leaders. This relationship continues to get stronger with each passing year
       and has become part of the YLM’s own program for grooming leaders. A father of one this
       year’s participants helped plan and implement the Nutrition workshop.

   •   To start a community dialogue to strategize for the provision of services to youth with
       RESULT: Continued attendance of Youth Support Network meetings held at the
       community level, sharing information about services and programs available in the
       community for youth, from the network of service providers.

   •   To develop a training-outreach model that can be replicable in other communities to benefit
       youth with or without disabilities.
       RESULT: The entire Youth leadership Project has become a model or template that can be
       replicated in other communities. The template developed is useful for both persons with
       and without a disability and in the future, could conceivably accommodate both types of
       consumers at the same time.

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January – May 2009
       Jan 19 - Group Project- II Planning Meeting
       Feb 3 - Vancouver Career Fair
       Feb 7 – Nutrition Workshop
       Feb 21 – World Wheelchair Curling Championships
       Feb 26 – Career Options Day
       Mar 13 – Vancouver Giants Hockey Game
       Apr 11 - Duke of Edinburgh’s (D.O.E.) – 1st training session for expedition
       Apr 25 - D.O.E. – 2nd training session for expedition
       Apr 25 – Bronze Award presentation to 5 recipients from 2007-98 YLP
       May 2 – D.O.E. - practice expedition day-hike
       May 15-18 – D.O.E. overnight expedition for Bronze, Silver and Gold
       May 30 – Youth Leadership Project Graduation Ceremonies
       Jun 6 – Group Project – II: The Peer Mentor Project Fundraiser

  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program
     The RCD’s involvement and success with the D.O.E. Award Program gets stronger with
     each passing year as indicated with this year’s results: one Gold, two Silver and eleven
     Bronze Expeditioners. Consistent with last year’s preparation and again with great support
     from the Youth Leadership Millennium group from S.U.C.C.E.S.S., two training sessions
     and a day hike in full gear preceded the Expedition that occurred at Stave Lake in the back
     hills behind Mission, returning to the site of the YLP’s very first expedition. The impact of
     the hydroelectric dam and power station at Stave Falls provided the focus for the Bronze
     and Silver expedition. Hiking trails, knot
     tying, compass reading, fun team-building
     games and working together with the cooking
     and cleaning duties all contribute to making
     the entire expedition a lively, learning,
     interactive experience, opening the eyes of
     many to do things they’ve never had the
     opportunity to do previously.

       Five of last year’s Bronze Award recipients
       attended the Award Ceremony held at the
       Ismaili Centre in Burnaby, with more, sure to
       come at future ceremonies. We will look forward to accompanying 1 – 2 recipients to
       Victoria to attend the next Silver Award ceremony and we are already ready for the next
       time a member of the Royal Family is in town to present Gold Award’s

     Consistent with the overall success of the YLP, this activity continues to expand and
     develop. Mentors-in-training have evolved into Peer Mentors, engaging participants from
     the last two years, enabling them to retain a connection to the YLP, and facilitating
     continued involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program. With the success of the
     PMP Fundraiser, the ground is laid for future activities that can include outings with YLP
     delegates, mentorship workshops and other mentoring related activities.

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New Workshop and Outings
  A nutrition workshop was introduced
  this year, with the father of one of our
  delegates, a qualified instructor,
  volunteering his time to teach everyone
  how to make fruit and Caesar salads.
  Two more outings in the new year also
  included free passes to both the
  Wheelchair Curling World
  championships and a regular season
  game for the Vancouver Giants of the
  WHL. Even though the Giants did not
  win the game, a good time was had by all who attended, a group of about 12 youths.

Group Projects
   This year we had two group projects, one that found us (“Penalty Killers”) and the other
   being the fundraiser that was decided on during a group discussion. The majority of the
   delegates decided that they wanted to raise funds and finally decided that the Peer Mentor
   Project was as good as any other cause out there, more so because they can directly enjoy
   the fruits of their own labor.

   I. “Penalty Killers” – a Swedish Hockey Musical
   We already described in the attached Interim Report

   II.     Peer Mentor Project Fundraiser
                                              The effort’s for this year’s main group project,
                                              focused on an event, one week after the YLP
                                              Graduation ceremonies. A Car Wash – Hot
                                              Dog Sale was held in the front and back parking
                                              lots of the RCD offices, manned by the YLP
                                              participants, their friends and families, peer
                                              mentors and other volunteers. All of this was
                                              complimented with a drum circle, the local
                                              Virgin Radio station promotion crew and a
                                              handful of highland pipers, creating a lot of fun
                                              and drawing attention to the RCD and the
   Youth Leadership Project. With the assistance of a BC Volunteer Grant that acknowledges
   and rewards the value of volunteers, funds were raised that will support future activities of
   Peer Mentors, Mentors and future YLP delegates.

“Career Forum” and “Career Options Day” Events
   A group of peer mentors accompanied current
   and previous YLP delegates to downtown
   Vancouver, attending the annual Career
   Forum, exploring future options to consider in
   the job market. The YLP was also active in
   the annual Career Options Day held at a local
   Richmond high school, manning a table
   promoting both the YLP and Duke of
   Edinburgh Award program. Previous YLP
   graduates currently in the workforce joined
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   with delegates and peer mentors for this event that is geared towards our delegates still in
   high school. Both events provide insight and to possible career choices, supporting the
   underlying concept of independent living.

RCD In-house Toastmasters Sessions
  This continues to a popular on-going activity, enjoyed by previous and recently graduated
  YLP delegates and welcome to others in the RCD network. Throughout the entire
  curriculum of the YLP, every 2nd Wednesday 12 – 16 individuals would get together to
  practice and improve their public speaking skills. Some are doing this for their D.O.E.
  skill, while others are doing it just for the camaraderie. All have fun taking turns on
  fulfilling the many different roles required to hold a regular Toastmasters meeting. Part of
  the enjoyment with this specific activity is seeing first-hand the improvement of many of
  the young speakers.

Individual Achievements
   First Aid –St. John Ambulance
      • 3 certified at the Emergency 1st Aid Enhanced Level
      • 6 receiving a certificate for taking the Life Saver course
   Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program–
      • Another 11 participants completed the Bronze Award Expedition
      • Two Silver Awards (pending)
      • One Gold Award (pending)

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RCD – Youth Leadership Project Graduation Ceremony May 30th, 2009

                                                                The 2008 RCD
                                                                – YLP

    From left to right include:
       Kathryn Pushee           Ever-Ready Smile Award
       Alvin Tam                Fun Smile Award
       (Behind Tony’s hand)
       Tony Tang                Energetic Smile Award
       David Swann              Genuine Smile Award
       Errol Hui                Happy Smile Award

    VIP Guest:
       John Yap                 MLA Elect, Richmond Steveston

       Hank Chang               Friendly Smile Award
       Jeremy Chan              Cool Dude Smile Award
       Joshua Koenig-Ottman     Winning Smile Award
       Jocelyn Nolasco          Mona Lisa Smile Award
       Melissa Germain          Sports Fan Smile Award
       Jacqueline Chow          Shy Smile Award
       (missing from picture)

    RCD Staff:
      Randall St. Godard        Project Coordinator

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  With three consecutive years of the program successfully under its belt, the message from
  RCD’s Youth Leadership Project seems clear – any youth with a disability participating in this
  program will have every opportunity to learn many new skills, make new friends and move a
  step or two closer to the idea of independent living.

  The YLP is consistently keeping the interest of its delegates for the 10-month curriculum
  through to graduation, providing them each with knowledge and skills that will prove useful in
  their lives. Each participant has their own unique challenge(s) that they overcome in
  succeeding in this project. The project continues to either meet or exceeded its objectives and
  lay the foundation for its ongoing growth and development.

  For as long as the project exists, it will generate a growing nucleus of graduates who want to
  stay involved by participating with the YLP activities such as pursuing the Silver and Gold
  Awards in the Duke of Edinburgh’s program, Peer Mentoring, Toastmasters sessions, and other
  interactive activities yet to be developed. All of these activities and relationships increase the
  positive influences and assets in each youth’s social network and contributes toward improved
  self-image, confidence and being better prepared to live their lives more fully.

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                                            ADDENDUM 1.1

                                                                    In support of independent living

YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROJECT - Interim Report, January 2009
Prepared by Randall St. Godard, Project Coordinator

  The Youth Leadership Project (YLP) reached the “mid-point” of the curriculum in early
  December, celebrating with a Christmas potluck luncheon before taking a break over the

   The group has kept very busy since coming together in mid August, participating in eight
   mandatory workshops and a variety of other mandatory and optional activities. In addition to
   the numerous meetings and workshops, they were also busy on their own personal time,
   fulfilling the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh’s (D.O.E.) Award Program – Young
   Canadian Challenge.

   Ranging in age from 16 – 32 years, our delegates have a diverse array of disabilities and
   challenges. As they have moved through the series of workshops, each at their own speed, our
   Mentors and Peer Mentors provided additional support and encouragement. Starting with
   fourteen participants, we expect to see the remaining eleven delegates actively engaged and
   attending the graduation ceremonies in May.

   The new year will start off planning for the upcoming Group Projects, attending a new YLP
   workshop on Nutrition and a couple of career fairs for those delegates looking at either
   entering or resetting their sights in the workforce. In addition to that, there will be training
   sessions for the upcoming overnight D.O.E. Expedition that will occur in May, including a
   day-hike in full gear leading up to it. Bi-weekly Toastmasters, ongoing engagement with the
   network of Mentors and Peer Mentors and other possible outings will all keep the group busy
   over the next five months.

August – December 2008: Workshops and Orientations

   I.   YLP and Duke of Edinburgh’s Program Orientation – August 15th
  II.   Volunteer Orientation – August 19th
 III.   Developmental Assets Workshop - August 22nd
 IV.    First-Aid Training Workshop - August 28-29th
  V.    Emergency Preparedness Workshop - September 13th
 VI.    Richmond Addiction Services Workshop – September 20th
VII.    Martial Arts: Self-Defense Workshops - October 18th
VIII.   Conflict Resolution Workshop - November 8th
 IX.    City Council Meetings Process Workshop - November 10th
  X.    RCMP Workshop – November 22nd
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January – May, 2009: Group Projects and Expedition
   •   Nutrition Workshop– Feb 7th
   •   Group Project (s)
          o Intergenerational project: Youth/Seniors Social Outing
          o Peer Mentor Project (PMP) - Fundraiser
   •   Duke of Edinburgh Award Program – 2 training and planning sessions, a ‘Practice
       Expedition’ day-hike and the over-night expedition on May 15th weekend at Stave Lake
   •   Participation with other activities
              Vancouver Career Fair – Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, Feb 3rd
              Career Options Day – Cambie School, Richmond, Feb 26th
   •   Graduation from the Leadership Program in May 30, 2009
   •   On-going Activities
       • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program requirements on one’s personal time, being more
          physically active, volunteering one’s time and learning something new
       • Mentoring and Peer Mentoring support
       • Toastmasters (in-house at RCD office) bi-weekly

Workshops and Activities

                                         This is a very good workshop to start the curriculum off
                                         with, setting an appropriate tone for the entire project.
                                         The presentation emphasizes how much a positive
                                         environment contributes towards the development of
                                         wholesome qualities and good attitudes. The participants
                                         are introduced to the concept that each and every one of
                                         them has the ability to have a positive influence on others
                                         and make a difference in their community.

                                         VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION
                                         Many of our delegates already are volunteering their time
                                         in various ways in the community prior to enlisting in the
                                         YLP. This orientation provides further insight on how to
                                         go about finding community service opportunities, the
                                         responsibilities that come with accepting these positions
                                         and the various ways in how people volunteer their time.

   Understanding how one person can make a difference is the underlying theme with this
   workshop, delivered by a long-standing member of Richmond Committee of Disability ‘s
   board, Francis Clark. This hands-on presentation involves role-playing to demonstrate how a
   resident can bring an issue to the local city council. Attending the actual city council meeting,
   giving the group an opportunity to meet city councillors see the real process live, immediately
   follows the workshop. Our group’s presence in council chambers is acknowledged and
   welcomed by the Richmond City Council at the outset of their meeting.

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                                                                       To date there has been
                                                                       varying levels of
                                                                       progress amongst the
                                                                       participants, in the three
                                                                       separate challenges of
                                                                       the Young Canadian
                                                                       Challenge program.
                                                                       The halfway point of
                                                                       the Leadership Project
                                                                       is a good time to
                                                                       reassess each
                                                                       individual’s progress in
this program and make sure each is on track to complete it successfully. The following five
months will provide a good opportunity to pay attention to where needed. These activities will
also help prepare members of the group for the Expedition they will undertake at Stave Lake.
This year we will have participants pursuing the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the award,
requiring them to stay one, two and three nights respectively.

                                                   Valuable life-saving skills are presented in
                                                   the “First on the Scene” level of training
                                                   offered through the St. John Ambulance
                                                   Training Centre, resulting in each
                                                   participant receiving a “Life Saver”
                                                   certificate. Four participants from this
                                                   year’s group took further training, passed
                                                   the standard examination and were
                                                   subsequently certified at the “Emergency
                                                   First Aid – Enhanced” Level.

Despite the negative connotations
associated with the name of the
workshop, every year the group is
surprised at how interesting this
session is. The topics cover the
use of both legal and illegal
substances and activities such as
drugs, alcohol, tobacco and
gambling, emphasizing the
differences between “self control”
and “no control”. The
“Continuum of Use” illustrates the
behavioural differences going
from “No Use” to “Addiction” with real life examples that everyone can relate to.

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This is always a very informative
session covering the broad range
of hazardous events that can
happen in the Richmond area
specifically and any urban setting
in general, whether it is from
natural causes or man-made
catastrophes such as earthquakes
and plane crashes.
The orientation covers the actions    Receiving a cheque from one of the project’s supporters, Telus
                                      Communications at a YLP workshop
of what should take place, before,
during and after such an event, emphasizing the importance of being properly prepared.

                                                             During this workshop, the group
                                                             learns about Richmond RCMP’s
                                                             trailblazing “Pro-active Policing
                                                             Program” that reaches out to the
                                                             youth in the community. The
                                                             session is effective in helping our
                                                             participants gain a better
                                                             understanding of the positive impact
                                                             a police force can have while
                                                             protecting citizens from the criminal
                                                             element in society. It was also a
                                                             good opportunity to explore and
discuss how best to deal with some of the challenges members of the group face in their own
lives such as bullying in school and other volatile situations.

This session puts the group through their
paces with a series of exercises emphasizing
the use martial arts for defending oneself.
This also provides a vigorous workout for
all participants, reinforcing the value of
being physically fit and counts as 1 hour of
physical activity in their D.O.E. record

Last year’s “Mentors-in-Training” evolved
into the Peer Mentors, with active participants from the two previous years of the project.
With a stable level of Mentor participation, this aspect of the YLP continues to grow and
become more established. This will all be reinforced with the establishment of the Peer
Mentor Project (PMP), the ultimate focus and benefactor of this one of this year’s Group
Projects. It’s future efforts will be supported by the fundraiser that will be held in May or
June, 2009.

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This workshop focuses on assertiveness
training, helping understand the difference
between passive, aggressive and assertive
actions while demonstrating effective
listening and questioning skills. Learning
how to listen better and knowing how and
when to assert one’s self should help this
group deal with some of the challenges
they may face in everyday-life situations.

This year, the group will be involved in 3 different projects, the first one having already
happened participating with an innovative Swedish hockey musical called “Penalty Killers”.
Their participation, along with
other groups of youth in the
community involved providing
individual thoughts and
comments, through an on-line
process, that will eventually be
converted into lyrics for the

The other two upcoming projects
will involve an Inter-
generational Project with seniors
through the Richmond Seniors
Centre as well as a fundraising
event for the Peer Mentoring Project (PMP), that will support future activities involving both
Mentors and Peer Mentors.

                                                          This has become a favourite activity
                                                          during the project – organizing a day
                                                          outing at the bird sanctuary in
                                                          Ladner. The group very much
                                                          enjoyed the experience of walking
                                                          through the extensive network of
                                                          trails, learning about the many
                                                          different birds that frequent the
                                                          sanctuary and of course feeding the
                                                          abundance of ducks who are always
                                                          keen to accommodate their
                                                          generosity. Armed with a brown-
                                                          bagged lunch (and rain gear if
                                                          necessary), it makes for a great half a
day on a Saturday.

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These bi-weekly in-house sessions have grown from 5-7 to 13-15 young participants attending
regularly to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. It provides a good forum for
individuals to gain more confidence speaking in front of others as well as learning how to
prepare properly for making presentations to larger audiences. In addition to learning various
speaking skills, the group generally has a lot of fun in the process.

Some of the other outings and activities that was enjoyed by this year’s group was going to the
ball game at Nat Bailey Stadium during the warmth of late summer, attending the annual Apple
Festival held at the University of British Columbia and participating in a series of “Walking
and Wheeling” sessions, walking and exploring different parts of Richmond during the late
summer months

                Ball game at Nat
                Bailey Stadium

                                                    Apple Festival at UBC

                  Wheeling and Walking

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The first four months of the project have kept the participants busy, learning many new things.
The various workshops and activities of this curriculum provide exposure to a variety of life
skills, practical knowledge and meaningful experiences. The combination of these sessions
reinforces the importance of healthy lifestyles, developing good habits, living safer and
learning how to make a difference in the community. These results are consistent with the
overall objectives of the Richmond Centre for Disability, providing each youth with
knowledge, training and confidence that will help with their continued personal growth and
development toward the eventual goal of independent living.

With the group now galvanized as “the group’, the remaining delegates, Peer Mentors and
Mentors will be able to focus and work together as a group, applying some of the knowledge
they have already learned, toward the successful completion of the YLP including the Group
Projects and the Duke of Edinburgh’s - Bronze Award. We are committed to continue working
towards that and look forward to their success and graduation in May 2009.

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