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									                                                         What & Why PHSR?
June 25, 2006
                                              •The study of financing, organization, infrastructure,
                                              workforce and capacity of governmental & non-
                                              governmental public health

   Building the Field of Public Health            –New research ground
          Systems Research                        –New Methodologies
  Tools for Strengthening the Public Health
                                                  –Public Health under attack
                                                  –Demand for research post Katrina

Debra Joy Pérez, PhD, MPA
Program Officer
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

        Need for Change                                Need for Change

•20-25 years behind
                                              250000                             •Number of Health care
•Less than 1% of NIH funding goes to                                             services research
                                              200000                             •243,943
public health
                                              150000                             •Number of Health
•Limitations of existing data sources         100000
                                                                                 services research
                                              50000                              •Number of Public Health
                                                                                 Systems Research

                                                 HCSR      HSR     PHSR

 What have we done lately?                       What’s in it for RWJF & you?

•Academy Health Interest Groups                •Open field
•NLM & University of Kentucky-Assist in        •Ability to make early contribution
identification of new datasets
                                               •Resolving critical questions for public
•HCFO special solicitation in PHSR             health practice
•PH Finance-publications, practice, policy     •Promoting evidence-based policy making
and methodology
•Typology of local public health


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