California English Language Development Test

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					California English Language
     Development Test
   Administration Training for

     Prepared by the Department of
       Research and Evaluation

•   The “Why?” of CELDT
•   ALPI Assessment
•   What does CELDT tell us?
•   Responsibilities of Test Site Coordinators
•   Types of Training
•   Test Security
•   Materials Received
•   Test Administration Procedures
•   Answer Documents
•   Return of Materials

New Research and Evaluation
   Test Coordinator questions can be
  answered at ext 75850 or 75851 and

                     Why CELDT?

• Identify new students who are English Learners
• Determine proficiency level in English
• Assess progress in acquiring the skills of listening,
  speaking, reading and writing in English each year
• NCLB requires English proficiency standards, English
  language proficiency assessments and defined annual
  measurable achievement objectives (AMAOs) for
  monitoring progress of English Learners

    What do the CELDT results tell us?

• The level of English language proficiency,
  NOT academic performance
• CELDT scale score (let’s take a look)
• Primary indicator for initial identification
  as an English Learner
• One of the criteria for reclassification

   Alternative Language Proficiency
            Instrument (ALPI)
Measuring receptive and expressive language K-12

     The Alternative to CELDT for SOME
        Special Education Students

                Students with Disabilities
• Students with disabilities must be allowed to take the CELDT with
  any accommodations or modifications specified in their IEP or
  Section 504 Plan.
• Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications Matrix
• Determine where these students will be tested.
• Special Education Teacher is responsible for offering the
  accommodations/ modifications and informing the Site CELDT
  Coordinator if they were used DURING TESTING
   – Accommodations/Modifications Usage Form
• Offering versus Using.
• Site CELDT Coordinator is responsible for marking the answer

       ALPI Training for Examiners &
        CELDT Testing Coordinators

• September 11th in Research and Evaluation
  (secondary folks ONLY)
• September 18th at Esqueda Elementary
• 3:00-4:30
• Training is required in order to administer the

  The Assessment and
Accountability Calendar

• Form will no longer be used to refer to the annual editions or to the

                       School Year      2008-2009

                       Test Edition   2008-09 Edition

                         Version       Version 1-11

Testing Administration

EL Department Support: Ana
  Landrian and Tillie Arias

      Responsibilities of CELDT Site Coordinators
•   Receive CELDT materials and placed them in a secure area.
•   Inventory CELDT materials & fax Inventory Verification Form to R& E within 48
•   Determine if additional materials are needed right away. Please email requests
    to Iduma Bermudez. We have some additional materials, but ordering takes 5-7
    days. Please e-mail requests!
•   Plan for testing location(s).
•   Make sure that each examiner & proctor has been trained on CELDT Security &
    the Annual Assessment administration.
•   Organize testers’ assignments.
•   Make sure that each examiner & proctor signs a security affidavit
•   Review the Test Coordinator’s Manual, Examiner’s Manuals, and Scoring
•   Maintain test security.
•   Proctor during testing and ensure administration is notified to proctor.

                            Types of Training
• Annual Assessment Training (to administer Listening & Speaking)
    – For teachers or staff assessing students on the Listening & Speaking portions of the
    – Provided by the Site CELDT Coordinator or District Training
    – Time: approximately 3 hours
• Annual Assessment Training (to administer Reading & Writing)
    – For teachers or staff assessing or proctoring students on the Reading & Writing
      portions of the CELDT
    – Provided by the Site CELDT Coordinator
    – Time: approximately 30 minutes
• CELDT Security Training
    – For all staff in contact with CELDT
    – Provided by the Site CELDT Coordinator
    – Time: approximately 20 minutes
                   Who needs what training?

                   Things to Remember

• Remember to save all boxes for return of materials
• Remember to bring a copy of the agenda from your CELDT
  Security & Annual Assessment training (for testers & proctors)
  when you return CELDT materials
• Remember to bring a copy of the sign in sheet from your CELDT
  Security & Annual Assessment training (for testers & proctors)
  when you return CELDT materials
• Remember to bring in a list of names of all examiners or proctors
  who will attend a district training & the dates that they attended.
• Remember to bring in the originals of all signed affidavits.
• Remember to proctor and have the administrator proctor during
  administration and observe that procedures are being upheld.

                    Test Security
• Anyone having access to the test materials must sign
  and submit a CELDT Security Affidavit to the test site
  coordinator before receiving access to any testing
  materials. These forms are to be turned in to R&E,
  with one copy kept at the site
• Inventory all materials within 48 hours of receipt
  using the Inventory Verification Form and contact R&E
  immediately if any materials are missing.

 Remember the CELDT Security Agreement you signed

            Test Security Cont’d
• All testing material must be stored in a secure, locked
   area at all times when they are not in use
• All materials must be accounted for BEFORE dismissing
   students and returned to test site coordinator during
   breaks or recess
• Report missing test materials to R&E immediately
• Report any irregularities to R&E

                    During Testing

• Monitor test administration
  – Test distribution (check in, check out)
  – Visit classrooms
     • Make sure all teachers are reading directions VERBATIM &
       following Administration protocol
  – Manage emergency situations
  – Ensure security is being maintained
  – Make sure evacuation procedures are posted

               Materials Received
• Each school’s box may contain Version 1-11 for each
  grade span, except K-1. K-1 materials only come in
  three versions; 3-5, so grades K-1 may be a different
  version than the rest of the grades.
• Inventory box 1 first. It contains the packing sheet.
• Remember to fax the Inventory Verification Form (for
  each school) back to R&E within 48 hours of receipt.

     Let’s Look at Table 4:
Test Administration Procedures

                      Answer Documents
•   We will submit a Pre-ID file mid-September.
•   The following sections need to be bubbled in:
    6B. BRAILLE (if applicable)
    V. Version
    12. Date Testing Completed
    18. Testing Irregularities (if applicable-CALL R&E)
    22. Test Variations (if applicable)
•   If a student does not have a Pre-ID label, all sections
    must be bubbled in except sections: 14, 17, 19 20, & 23
•   Let’s talk about section 14

                Pre-ID Labels

• Ordering of Pre-ID labels deadline is
  September 12th
• Pre-Id Order Form (secondary only)
• The issues and concerns
  – Kindergarten and CSIS

DataDirector Reporting

                             Return of Materials
•  Schools must save all boxes in which materials were delivered.
•  Separate scorable materials by grade level.
•  Place the scorable documents for each grade level in the white envelopes provided.
•  Make sure that all scorable materials for Students with Disabilities and Students
   with No Pre-ID are the only scorable documents placed in envelope one for each
   grade level.
• Complete the required information on the front of each envelope. Each grade
   should be separated by a Group Information Sheet (GIS). The GIS should be placed
   at the top of envelope one for each grade level.
• Please do not over-stuff the white envelopes. Use as many envelopes as necessary
   for each grade level. Mark each envelope with a unique number (for example, “1 of
   2” and
 “2 of 2”) per grade level.

                       Return of Materials
• Place the packaged answer documents in the boxes. Keep groups of
   documents for the same grade together as you pack.
• Indicate the number of boxes used (for example, “1 of 3,”
  “2 of 3,” and “3 of 3”) on each box containing materials for return to
   the district.
• The completed School/ Group List should be placed on top of the
   documents in box one of your return shipment.
• Plastic bins need to be returned to the Department of Research &
   Evaluation with all other CELDT materials
• CELDT testing materials must be returned during your scheduled
   appointment time unless testing is completed before October 31st. If
   testing is completed earlier, please contact Iduma Bermudez in
   Research & Evaluation to schedule an appointment.

       Questions or Issues
Call extension 75851 for Iduma Bermudez
       75850 for Michelle Le Patner
 Or 75850 for general testing questions