Effect of Level of Dietary Neutral Detergent Fiber on Ileal Amino Acid Soap

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					Effect of level of dietary neutral detergent fiber on ileal apparent digestibility and ileal
                                  nitrogen losses in pigs

H. Schulze, P. van Leeuwen, M. W. Verstegen, J. Huisman, W. B. Souffrant and F. Ahrens

                              J Anim Sci 1994. 72:2362-2368.

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       Effect of Level of Dietary Neutral Detergent Fiber on Ileal
         Apparent Digestibility and Ileal Nitrogen Losses in Pigs

             H. Schulze*J, P. van Leeuwenf, M.W.A. Verstegen", J. Huismant,
                            W. B. Souffkantt, and F. Ahrenss
          *Department of Animal Nutrition, Agricultural University, 6708 PM Wageningen,
      The Netherlands; ?Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (ILOB-TNO), Wageningen,
                 The Netherlands; *Research Institute for Biology of Farm Animals,
              Department of Nutritional Physiology 'Oskar Kellner,' Rostock, Germany;
                and PIS Forschungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Wahlstedt, Germany

ABSTRACT          A study was conducted with 20                    the diet. By increasing the amount of pNDF in the
barrows (average BW 25 kg) to determine the effect                 diets, apparent ileal digestibilities of dry matter
of various levels of neutral detergent fiber ( N D F ) in          (DM), nitrogen ( N ) , neutral detergent insoluble N
the diet on the apparent ileal nutrient digestibility              (NDF-N), and ash decreased linearly ( P < .05). The
and ileal diaminopimelic acid (DAPA) content, and                  DAPA content of the ileal digesta (g/d) was not
consequently on the amount of ileal endogenous                     affected by the percentage of pNDF in the diets.
nitrogen. The pigs were fitted with a post-valvular T-             Calculation of the ileal bacterial N excretion indicated
cecal cannula. They were fed .8 kg/d of a corn starch-
                                                                   that more than 50% of the ileal N was of bacterial
based semisynthetic diet formulated to contain equal
amounts of protein and starch and 0, 60, 120, or 180 g             origin. With increased percentage of dietary pNDF,
of purified NDFkg of diet, included at the expense of              both endogenous and exogenous N in ileal chyme were
glucose. The purified NDF (pNDF) was isolated from                 linearly increased ( P < .05). Thus, an increase in the
wheat bran using an incubation procedure with                      dietary fiber content leads t o a decreased apparent
pancreatin. Ileal digestibility of NDF was approxi-                ileal protein digestibility due to increased ileal losses
mately 17% and was independent of the pNDF level in                of both endogenous and exogenous protein.
             Key Words: Pigs, Fiber, Digestibility, Diaminopimelic Acid, Endogenous Protein

                                                                                           J. Anim. Sci. 1994. 72:2362-2368

                    Introduction                                   According to Sauer and Ozimek (19861, the level and
                                                                   source of dietary fiber are the two most important
   Dietary fiber is a heterogenous mixture of struc-               factors influencing the amount of endogenous nitrogen
tural (cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin) and non-              ( N ) and of amino acids present in the ileal digesta.
structural (gums, mucilages, and algal types) polysac-                Most natural fiber sources contain a large number
charides and lignin (Low, 1985a; Englyst, 1989;                    of different fibrous components. Each type of fiber has
Potkins et al., 1991). Several investigators (e.g., Low,           its own composition. This means that structural and
1982; Graham et al., 1986; Fernandez and Jorgensen,                physical characteristics are specific for each type. In
1986; Graham and &an, 1987a,b) reported that                       addition, each type of fiber can have its own specific
addition of fiber to the diet can lead to a lower                  interaction with other dietary components (Laplace et
apparent ileal digestibility of starch, crude protein,             al., 1989). In practical diets, it is therefore impossible
fat, and minerals. This can result from changes in the             to predict the contribution from each of the dietary
rate of absorption of the different nutrients (Vahony              fibers or fiber components on the amount of N passing
and Cassidy, 1985; Low, 1985b; Rerat, 1985) and(or)                the terminal ileum.
from differences in endogenous N excretion (Sauer et                  In the present investigation, an isolated complex of
al., 1977; Taverner et al., 1981; Green et al., 1987).             water-insoluble, neutral detergent fiber was prepared
                                                                   from wheat bran and further purified. The effect of
                                                                   different levels of this purified NDF in the diet on the
  lTo whom correspondence should be addressed.
                                                                   ileal passage of nutrients, including N (both en-
  Received September 21, 1993.                                     dogenous and exogenous N), was determined and
  Accepted May 12, 1994.                                           compared with a NDF-free diet.


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                                              NDF AND ILEAL N LOSSES IN PIGS                                                            2363
                 Materials and Methods                                     Leeuwen et al. (1991). The barrows were placed in
                                                                           individual cages. Following a 2-wk adaptation period,
   Preparation of Fiber. The purified NDF (pNDF)                           the barrows were weighed and were then assigned
was prepared using the following procedures (Mollee                        randomly to one of four treatments. The average
et al., personal communication): a ) wheat bran was                        initial BW of the barrows at assignment was 21.9 kg
ground through a 1.5-mm mesh screen (Urschel                               and the average final BW was 27.4 kg. All barrows
Cutting Mill, Fr. Urschel, Germany), b ) nylon bags                        received .8 kg/d of the experimental diet. The composi-
(50-cm x 50-cm; 200 pm mesh size) were filled with 1                       tion of the four experimental diets is given in Table 1.
kg of ground wheat bran, c ) wheat bran was washed                         All diets contained equal amounts of protein and
for 90 min (maximum 85°C) 45 min) using a                                  starch and contained 0, 60, 120, or 180 g of the pNDF/
commercial washing machine with addition of 100 g of                       kg of diet. The pNDF replaced glucose in the diets on a
soap (Teepol HB 7, Shell Nederland Chemie B.V.), d )                       dry matter basis. Water was freely available at all
after removing the soap by repeated rinsing (three                         times from a low-pressure drinking nipple.
times) with cold water and centrifugation, the re-                            Collection of Digesta Samples. After an adaptation
maining substrate (approximately .5 kg) was in-                            period of 6 d on the experimental diets, ileal digesta
cubated with 2.5 L of a 1.5% pancreatin solution                           were collected for 24 h on d 7, 9, and 11. Ileal digesta
(Merck No. 7133) for 24 h at 30°C in a sealed                              were collected directly into a bag fixed to the cannula.
container, e ) the substrate was washed with cold                          The plastic bags were removed every 30 min, weighed,
water and then the washing procedure of step c was                         and immediately stored at -20°C.
repeated, and f ) the washed and centrifuged pNDF                             Apparent Ileal Digestibility. The apparent ileal
was dried for 72 h at 70°C. The pNDF was stored at                         digestibility coefficients for DM, N, NDF, and ash
room temperature in a sealed container.                                    were determined by the chromic oxide ratio method.
   Animals and Diets. Twenty 10-wk-old barrows                             The ileal digestibility of N bound to neutral detergent
(Large White x Landrace) were fitted with a post-                          fiber (NDF-N) was calculated from the amount of
valvular T-cecal cannula ( PVTC) as described by Van                       daily ingested NDF-N bound to the pNDF and the

                Table 1. Composition and chemical analyses of the experimental diets (as-fed basis)

Item                                                      1                          2                     3                      4

Ingredient, g/kg
 Soy isolate                                            220.0                     220.0                   220.0                 220.0
 Cornstarch                                             493.5                     493.5                   493.5                 493.5
 Soybean oil                                             20.0                      20.0                    20.0                  20.0
 Glucosea                                               200.0                     140.0                    80.0                  20.0
 Purified NDF                                             -                        60.0                   120.0                 180.0
 Vitamidmineral mixture’                                100.0                     100.0                   100.0                 100.0
 CaC03                                                   13.5                      13.5                    13.5                  13.5
 CaHPOH20                                                21.0                      21.0                    21.0                  21.0
 NaCl                                                     5.0                       5.0                     5.0                   5.0
 KHCO3                                                    6.0                       6.0                     6.0                   6.0
 NaHC03                                                   4.0                       4.0                     4.0                   4.0
 DL-Methionine                                            2.0                       2.0                     2.0                   2.0
 L-Threonine                                              1.0                       1.0                     1.0                   1.0
 cr203                                                    4.0                       4.0                     4.0                   4.0
Dry matter, g k g of diet                               913.6                     918.8                   910.6                 913.2
Chemical composition a s analyzed, g k g
(DM basis)
 CP ( N x 6.25)                                         214.8                      223.5                  221.7                 221.1
 Crude fiber                                              5.7                       24.1                   34.0                  50.4
 Ash                                                     52.8                       55.0                   58.5                  59.8
 NDF                                                      3.3                       60.9                  120.8                 176.5
 ADF                                                      3.3                       21.9                   39.5                  63.5
 ADLC                                                      .9                        7.7                   13.2                  19.7
   aMeritose E F (monohydrate: 92% glucose and 8% water; Fr. CN Schmidt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
   ‘The vitamidmineral mix provided the following per kilogram of feed: 9,000 IU of vitamin A; 1,800 IU of vitamin D3; 40 mg of vitamin E;
1.36 mg of menadione as dimethyl-pyrimidinol bisulfite; 5 mg of riboflavin; 40 pg of cobalamine; 30 mg of niacin; 15 mg of d-pantothenic acid;
120 mg of choline chloride; 50 mg of ascorbic acid; 2 mg of thiamin; 3 mg of pyridoxine, .1mg of d-biotin; 1mg of folic acid; .38 mg of K (KI);
.525 mg of Co (CoSO4); .06 mg of Se (NazSe03); 80 mg of Fe (FeS04); 254 mg of Cu (CuSO4); 44 mg of Mn (MnO2); 72.8 mg of Zn
(ZnS04); and 40 mg of tylosin.
   CAcid detergent lignin.

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2364                                               SCHULZE ET AL.
daily excreted amount of NDF-N. The NDF-N in ileal                Thus, at least part of nitrogen passing the terminal
chyme was determined from one pooled (across                      ileum is NDF-N. This can also be derived from amino
barrows and days) sample of ileal digesta per                     acid analyses of NDF-N in ileal chyme. The amino
treatment group. The method for the determination of              acid composition was similar to that of feed NDF-N
NDF-N involved the isolation of the neutral detergent             (Schulze, 1994, unpublished data).
residue ( NDR) following the analytical procedure for                Analytical and Statistical Procedures. Prior to
NDF, except the final ashing step, followed by the                chemical analyses, digesta samples were freeze-dried
determination of the N content in the NDR.                        and ground through a l-mm mesh screen. Daily
   Ileal Bacterial Nitrogen. The amount of ileal                  samples of ileal digesta were pooled for each barrow
bacterial N was estimated by measuring the di-                    before chemical analysis. The analyses of DM, ash,
aminopimelic acid (DAPA) content in the ileal                     and N in feed and ileal digesta were carried out
digesta of the barrows fed different levels of pNDF in            according to AOAC procedures (1975, 1984). The
the diet. The ileal bacterial N content was calculated            crude fiber content in feed was analyzed as described
by using the value of 26.4 mg of DAPNg of bacterial N             by Standards of the Netherlands Normalization Insti-
according to Wiinsche et al. (1991).                              tute (1985). Crude fat and starch contents were
  Estimation of Ileal Endogenous and Exogenous                    estimated according to the procedure described by
Nitrogen. Glucose is highly digestible and was as-                Huisman (1990) and h a n and Hesselman (19841,
sumed to be completely absorbed at the end of the                 respectively. Analyses of the NDF and ADF contents
duodenum. Therefore, effects of glucose on the excre-             were carried out according to the methods described
tion of endogenous N losses are assumed to be                     by Huisman (1990), whereas acid detergent lignin
negligible. Because of the constant intake of N and               (ADL) was analyzed using the methods described by
DM from the basal diet it can be expected that the                Goering and Van Soest (1970). The chromic oxide
basal ileal endogenous and exogenous N secretion is               content was determined by the method described by
also rather constant. Therefore, changes in the ileal             Bosch et al. (1988). Diaminopimelic acid analysis was
excretion of N are assumed to be affected only by the             carried out according to Ahrens and Kaufman (1985).
incremental addition of pNDF in the diets. The                    All chemical analyses were performed in duplicate.
amount' of ileally excreted N (g/d) affected by the                  Statistical analysis of the data was performed using
added pNDF in the experimental diet groups (Diet 2
                                                                  the GLM procedures of SAS (1990). Linear, quad-
to 4 ) was calculated according to the following
                                                                  ratic, and cubic effects of dietary pNDF levels were
                                                                  evaluated with single degree of freedom comparisons
                                                                  appropriate for equally spaced treatments (orthogonal
                  NA = NI - NB                           [I1      polynomials) according to procedures outlined by
                                                                  Snedecor and Cochran ( 1989 1.
where NA = the additional N, NI = the N excretion of
the experimental diet groups (Diet 2 to 41, and NB =
the mean basal N excretion determined with the basal
diet group (Diet 1).The NA probably consists of both                                      Results
endogenous and exogenous N.
   The aim of the isolation procedure of the pNDF                    The Purified Neutral Detergent Fiber. The nutrient
from the wheat bran was to minimize enclosed                      concentrations in the wheat bran and the purified
nutrients without damaging the structure of the                   NDF are given in Table 2. The pNDF contained 910.9
fibrous material. However, these intact fibrous struc-            g of NDFkg of DM. This pNDF contains all major
tures in the cell wall may still enclose some cell                components (hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin) of
contents, consisting of starch, protein, and other                plant cell walls, except water-soluble components. The
nutrients. These components cannot be reached by                  concentrations of crude fiber and NDF were increased
enzymes and thus cannot be hydrolyzed or digested                 98 and 86%, respectively, in the pNDF compared with
(Graham and Aman, 1987a). Consequently, they form                 wheat bran. The concentrations of N and starch were
a source of exogenous losses at the end of the ileum.             reduced by 71 and 77%, respectively, in the pNDF
Thus, part of the NA passing the terminal ileum is                compared with the wheat bran, whereas the crude fat
NDF-N. The amount of additional non-NDF-N in ileal                content was approximately the same.
chyme ( NAE2 , therefore, was calculated by subtract-               Apparent Ileal Digestibilities. Increasing the pNDF
ing the determined NDF-N from NA as follows:                      concentration in semisynthetic diets linearly
                                                                  decreased ( P < .002) the apparent ileal digestibility of
               NAE = NA - NDF-N                          [2l      DM, N, NDF-N, and ash (Table 3). The ileal
                                                                  digestibility of NDF was not affected ( P = .8) by
According to the definition of NA and combining                   pNDF in the diet.
Equations [ l l and [21, NAE can be expressed as                     Content of Diaminopimelic Acid and Ileal Bacterial
follows:                                                          Nitrogen. The contents of ileal DAPA and bacterial N
                                                                  (mg/d and g/d, respectively) were not affected ( P >
          NAE = ( N I - NB) - NDF-N                      [3l      .30) by pNDF in the diet (Table 4). The ratio between

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                                              N D F AND ILEAL N LOSSES IN PIGS                                                    2365
  Table 2. Analyzed chemical composition (g/kg of                       and anions of mineral salts and also by increased
     DM) of wheat bran and the purified NDF                             water-binding capacity by fibrous compounds
                                                                        (Bergner, 1986). In addition, the cation exchange
                                    Wheat            Purified           capacity of the fiber may be a causative factor, as
Item                                bran              NDF               outlined by Van Soest et al. (1991).
                                                                           Our results show that almost 20% of the ingested

Dry matter, g/kg of product          888.2            917.0
Nitrogen                              29.0              8.4             NDF is digested before the end of the ileum. Because
Starch                               179.0             41.4             pigs do not possess enzymes to hydrolyze NDF, this
Crude fat                             42.8             50.2             observed digestion must be the result of bacterial
Ash                                   65.7             31.3             fermentation. Because NDF digestibility values were
Crude fiber                          130.6            258.5
                                     490.0            910.9
                                                                        observed to be independent of the NDF inclusion level,
ADF                                  150.0a           337.0             there seemed t o be sufficient bacterial activity in these
Acid detergent lignin                 30.0a            89.4             young barrows at all NDF levels used in this
   aTaken from United States-Canadian Table of Feed Composition
                                                                        experiment. Fermentation of NDF before the end of
(1982).                                                                 the ileum also has been observed by other researchers.
                                                                        Laplace et al. (1989) found that the ileal digestibility
                                                                        values of the NDF fraction in pigs fed diets sup-
the content of ileal DAPA and total N and the ratio                     plemented with soybean hulls, wheat bran, or a
between bacterial N and total N content passing the                     combination of both were 15%, 6%, and 9%, respec-
terminal ileum also were not affected ( P > .30) by the                 tively. Buraczewska et al. (1988) showed that the
dietary treatment (Table 4).                                            degree of fermentation of NDF in' the small intestine
   Additional Ileal Nitrogen Excretion. The amount of                   varied between 10% and 32%, depending on the source
ileally excreted N, NA, NDF-N, and NAE increased                        of NDF. According to Drochner (19841, Graham et al.
linearly ( P < .05) as the percentage of pNDF                           (1985), Longland et al. (1988), and Buraczewska et
increased in the diet (Table 5).                                        al. (1988), a considerable part of NDF, probably the
                                                                        hemicellulose fraction, may be fermented in the small
                                                                        intestine. Chesson et al. (1985) found cellulolytic
                                                                        activity in chyme of the small intestine of pigs.
                                                                          Purified Neutral Detergent Fiber and Ileal Nitrogen
                                                                        Losses. The effect of increasing amounts of pNDF in
  Purified Neutral Detergent Fiber and Ileal Apparent                   the diets on the increasing amount of N passing the
Digestion. The decrease in the ileal digestibility of DM                terminal ileum can be explained in various ways.
can be seen as a direct result of replacing a highly                    Protein in the pNDF is only partially digested because
digestible carbohydrate source (glucose) with one of                    the digestive enzymes have limited access to the cell
lower digestibility (pNDF). Sauer et al. (1991) found                   wall components as well as the cell contents enclosed
similar results on ileal digestibility of DM by replacing               by them (Shah et al., 1982; Bjergegaard et al., 1991).
corn starch with Alphafloc or straw. Such an effect of                  Our results of ileal digestibility of N in NDF agree
wheat bran diets was also demonstrated by Newton et                     with those of Graham et al. (1986). These authors
al. (1983).                                                             reported an apparent ileal digestibility of CP in wheat
   The increase of the ash content in the diets (Table                  bran of 63.3% in pigs. It also has been reported in
1 ) is associated with the ash content in the pNDF, as                  humans that the fecal N digestibility of various wheat
shown in Table 2. This high amount of ash in the                        brans ranges from 62.8% to 73.0% (Saunders, 1980).
pNDF and in the ileal digesta of the barrows fed                        From our results, we conclude that with increasing
increasing amounts of pNDF may be explained by the                      amounts of pNDF in the diet the passage of un-
binding of the dipole of the water molecule to cations                  digested N enclosed in or associated with N in fiber

 Table 3. Apparent ileal digestibility (%) of DM, N, NDF-N, NDF, and ash in cannulated barrows fed diets
                                      with different levels of purified NDF

                                       Purified NDF, g/kg                                                        P-value
Item                   0               60               120                180                   SEM      La               Qa
DM                    92.0            85.7              78.5               72.1                    .57    ,001             .968
N                     88.9            88.4              86.2               84.0                    59     .001             ,188
NDF-~b                 -              57.1              60.0               62.7                   1.03    ,002             ,910
NDF                    -              17.0              16.2               18.0                   2.78    ,801             ,707
Ash                   53.4            46.7              35.2               28.1                   1.65    ,001             ,921
   aL = linear effect; Q = quadratic effect.
   bNitrogen bound to the neutral detergent fiber.

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2366                                                    SCHULZE ET AL
  Table 4. The daily amount of diaminopimelic acid (DAPA) and bacterial N excretion, and their relation to
            the total amount of N per day in the ileal digesta of cannulated barrows fed on diets
                                    with various levels of purified NDF

                                               Purified NDF, g/kg                                                  P-value

Item                              0             60               120              180          SEM          La                Qa
DAPA, mg/d                      48.30         53.79            48.24            58.48          9.67        572                .so9
DAPNtotal Nb                      ,017          ,017             ,014             .014          ,003       ,330               .a53
Bacterial N, g/dc                1.830         2.037            1.827            2.215          ,366       .512               309
Bacterial N/total Nd              .655          .647             .514             .544          .lo4       .330               253
   "L = linear effect; Q = quadratic effect.
   bGrams of DAPNgram of ileal total N per day.
   CBacterial N contains 26.4 mg of DAPNgram of bacterial N.
   dGrams of bacterial N/gram of total ileal N per day.

increased. This, however, only partly explains the                      combination of an increased amount of endogenous N
additional total N excretion a t the end of the ileum                   and a decreased absorption of exogenous N. From
with increased levels of pNDF in the diet.                              determination of NDF-N in ileal chyme and the amino
   There also may be an increase in endogenous N                        acid composition (Schulze, 1994, unpublished data) it
passing the terminal ileum with increasing pNDF                         can be derived that at least part of the increased ileal
levels in the diet. Increased losses of endogenous N                    N is caused by the diet. The rest of the increase is due
can be explained by a ) an increased secretion, b ) a                   to additional exogenous and endogenous N. In the
decreased re-absorption, or c ) both. It has been                       studies of Sauer et al. (1977) and Taverner et al.
reported that endogenous N secretions, including                        ( 1981) the ileal endogenous protein output increased
pancreatic juice (Ikegami et al., 1990), bile (Portman                  with the dietary fiber level up t o approximately 100 g
et al., 19851, mucus (Low, 19891, and sloughed                          of NDF/kg of diet, and not with further increases.
epithelial cells (Shah et al., 1982), are expelled in                   Recent results by De Lange et al. (1989) and Furuya
larger amounts when experimental animals are fed                        and Kaji (1992) also showed that increases in levels
                                                                        of dietary fiber did not give additional ileal en-
purified diets supplemented with fiber. Langlois et al.
                                                                        dogenous flow of N. Some authors have used various
(1987) showed that the inclusion of 40% wheat bran
                                                                        amounts of purified fibrous constituents such as
in the diet of pigs increased the secretion of pancreatic               purified wood cellulose or pectins. De Lange et al.
juice and protein. Fiber may also absorb amino acids                    (1989), Furuya and Kaji (1992), and Leterme et al.
and peptides and withhold them from absorption                          (1992) clearly showed that with purified wood cellu-
(Bergner et al., 1975; Sauer et al., 1991). Moreover,                   lose as the dietary fiber source, no effects on the ileal
the water-binding capacity of the fiber was found t o                   endogenous N excretion in pigs were observed. How-
reduce the diffusion of the products of digestion                       ever, the addition of pectins t o the diet of pigs
toward the mucosal surface (Dierick et al., 1989).                      increased the endogenous N at the terminal ileum (De
   According t o these reported characteristics of fiber,               Lange et al., 1989; Mosenthin et al., 1989). Because
the observed increased N flow at the terminal ileum as                  we used purified NDF the effect of pectin was not a
a result of the increased pNDF in the diets may be a                    contributing factor.

Table 5. Differentiation of ileal N losses (g/d) into additional total N (NA), additional exogenous (NDF-N) and
                 additional non-NDF-N (NAE) excretion of N as affected by various levels of
                                      purified NDF in the diets of barrows

                                               Purified NDF, g k g                                                  P-value

Item                               0            60               120              180          SEM          La                Q"
Ileal N, g/d
 Total excretion                 2.787         3.041            3.563            4.129         .152         ,001              ,321
 N A ~                            -             ,255             ,776            1.342         ,169         ,001              ,916
 NDF-NC                           -             .198             ,369             .518         .010         .001              .441
 NAEd                             -             .056             ,407             .824         .162         .006              367
   aL = linear effect; Q = quadratic effect.
   bCalculated from the means per treatment according to Equation [ l ] (NA [extra total N excretion] = NI - NB).
   ?Nitrogen bound to the neutral detergent fiber.
   dCalculated according to Equation [3] (NAE = [NI - NB] - NDF-N).

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                                      NDF AND ILEAL N LOSSES IN PIGS                                                                2367

   Our data and the above-mentioned literature indi-             dependent on dietary fiber level and on the composi-
cate that NAE consists mostly of additional en-                  tion of the fiber fraction. Adding fiber to pigs’ diets
dogenous N. In explaining the additional ileal en-               may affect nitrogen utilization in the animal and
dogenous N with increased amounts of dietary NDF in              ammonia volatilization in the facilities. The results of
the present experiment, there are at least two                   the study here refer to wheat bran fiber because wheat
possibilities. The fibrous constituents, other than              is an important feedstuff.
cellulose, in the pNDF (e.g. hemicelluloses and[orl
lignins) have induced the increased endogenous N
secretion. Second, the intact fibrous structure of the                                    Literature Cited
pNDF may be responsible for an increased secretion
and a decreased reabsorption of endogenous N in the              Ahrens, F., and W. Kaufmann. 1985. Messungen zur Fermentation
                                                                       im Dickdarm am Model1 Miniaturschwein unter besonderer
small intestine.                                                       Beriicksichtigung der EiweiBumsetzungen. J . Anim. Physiol.
   In the present experiment, no effects of incremental                h i m . Nutr. 53:150.
addition of pNDF in the diets on ileal bacterial growth          k n a n , P., and K. Hesselman. 1984. Analysis of starch and other
were found. To measure the ileal flow of bacterial N,                  main constituents of cereal grains. J . Agric. Res. 14:135.
                                                                 AOAC. 1975. Oacial Methods of Analysis (12th Ed.). Association of
DAPA was used as a marker. The DAPA is present in
                                                                       Official Analytical Chemists, Washington, DC.
bacterial cell wall mucoprotein but is not found in              AOAC. 1984. Official Methods of Analysis (14th Ed.). Association of
plant or animal cells (Rowan et al., 1992). Its                        Official Analytical Chemists, Arlington, VA.
concentration, however, may vary considerably among              Bergner, H. 1986. Stickstoffumsetzungen im Dickdarm. In: J .
different species of bacteria (Czerkawski, 1974).                      Leibetseder, K. H. Menke, H. Meyer, and E. Pfeffer ( E d . )
                                                                       Ubersicht der Tierernahrung. 14. p 101. DLG Verlag, Frankfurt
Furthermore, Dufva et al. (1982) and Laplace et al.                    (Main), Germany.
(1985) concluded that bacterial N may change with                Bergner, H., 0. Simon, and M. Zimeer. 1975. Crude fibre content of
changes in microbial populations. The present data of                  the diet as affecting the process of amino acid absorption in
ileal DAPA are in agreement with those of Rowan et                     rats. Arch. Anim. Nutr. 25:95.
al. (1992), with pigs of similar body weight. However,           Bjergegaard, C., B. 0. Eggum, S. K. Jensen, and H. Sclrensen. 1991.
                                                                        Dietary fibres in oilseed rape: Physiological and antinutritional
the DAPA content was found to vary with the                             effects in rats of isolated IDF and SDF added to a standard
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that the ileal nitrogen excretion in pigs increases with                Heft 14.
increasing amounts of a purified neutral detergent               Dufva, G. S., E. E. Bartley, M. J. Arambel, T. G. Nagaraja, S. M.
fiber concentrate in the diet. This is partly of                        Dennis, S. J . Galitzer, and A. D. Dayton. 1982. Diaminopimelic
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