CV Form Zahra malek siahcheshm by mrg10873


									                       CV Form Zahra malek siahcheshm

Personal information:
Name: Zahra malek siahcheshm
Birthdate: 4/2/1961
Place of birth: Tehran
Country: Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Languages spoken: Persian & English

Contact information:
Postal address: NO. 80, Khamoshy Str, 10 narmak Sq, Tehran - Iran
Phone(s): 098-21-77209151 Or 09122203021
Fax: 098-21-88268037
E-Mail: zmaleksiahcheshm

BSc study: Laboratory sciences
Year graduated: 1986

Work experience:
Job Title: Responsible of Expert of Chemical Laboratory
Company: Department of the Environment From: 1987
Adress: Hemmat highway, Pardisan Eco Park, P.O.Box: 14155-7383 - Tehran – Iran
Tel: 098-21-88269921        Fax: 88268037
Skills List: Computer (Word, Access, Excel, Power point, Internet)
Language: English (usual)

           -   "Analyses of TOC in sediment of Persian Golf published in the Environment
               (Full text) Country: Iran
           -   Water and Diseases published in the Environment (Full text) Country: Iran

Training Course:
         - Field: Education of GPS Location: Iran
         - Field: Method of Sampling & Analyses of Air Pollution Location: Iran
           -   Field: Environment pollution by Biological indicators in Water Ecosystem
               Location: Iran
           -   Management Systems HSE
           -   Field: Basis, Structure & Documentation of General Requirements for the
               competence of testing and calibration laboratories in accordance with EN
               ISO/IEC 17025: 2000 Sponsored by: Tuv Academy Location: Iran Dates: 9-
               10 August 2005
           -   Field: Green Productivity Petrochemical Industries Sponsored by: DOE, PAC,
               NPC, APO Location: Iran Dates: 16-18 July. 2002
           -   Field: Training Workshop in Nutrient Analyses Sponsored by: ROPME
               Location: Iran Dates: 12-21 Nov. 2005
           -   Field: United Nations Environment Programme Regional Resource Center
               For Asia and The Pacific                       Dates: 13-17 Sep. 2003


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