GRCC Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey by mrg10873


									                       GRCC Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey
                Overall Mean Results – Spring 2004 (Excluding Responses)
Launch Date       04/15/2004 - 8:46AM

Close Date        05/18/2004 - 7:15AM

Email Invites     0

Visits            450

Partials          54

Completes         247
   The purpose of this survey is to measure the extent to which we are providing good customer service to each other. This information
   will be used by department staff to plan improvements. Please take a few minutes to provide the requested information. Thanks!

   Thank you.

   Directions: For the thirty one departments listed below, please rate the quality of the services they provide to their internal customers (other
   GRCC staff). If you don't have enough experience with a department to make a valid rating, please check option #6 or just leave the question

                                                   Scale used: 1 (Poor) – 5 (Excellent)

 Departments:                                                                                                                          Overall Mean
 Institutional Research & Planning
 Provost’s Office
 Registrar’s Office
 Applied Technology Center
 Training Solutions (Formally B&TT)
 Instructional Design and Learning Technologies
 Service Learning Center
 Center for Teaching and Learning
 Distance Learning Technologies
 Raider Learning Center
 Labor Relations
 Human Resources
 Information Technology
 Accounting and Budgeting
 Career Resource and Assessment Center                                                                                                      4.01
 Ford Fieldhouse
 Campus Police
 Printing Services
 Graphics (Design)
 Mailing Services
 Media Technologies
 Dean of Student Affairs Office
 Occupational and Disability Support Services
 Upward Bound and Student Support Services (TRIO Programs)
 Academic Support Services
 Student Activities Office
 Payroll and Benefits

 Note: Results for individual departments can be obtained from the department leader.

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