Roche Group early-stage development pipeline by vpo20543


									Roche Group early-stage development pipeline
                                        PHASE I (37 NMEs)                                                                                 PHASE II (15 NMEs)

ONCOLOGY 14 NMEs)                     INFLAMMATION (4 NMEs)            CNS (8 NMEs)                        ONCOLOGY (4 NMEs)                           INFLAMMATION (4 NMEs)
ABT-263/Bcl-2 (RG7433)                Anti-LT α (RG7416)               Anti-Aβ (RG7412)                    ABT-263/Bcl-2 (RG7433)                      huMAb OX40L (RG4930)
•  Solid tumors and hematologic       •  Rheumatoid arthritis          •  Alzheimer’s disease              •  Relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemia   •  Asthma
   malignancies                       huMAb IL-17 (RG4934)             Gantenerumab/Anti-Aβ                •  Relapsed lymphoid malignancies           Lebrikizumab/Anti-IL13 (RG3637)
Anti-EGFL7 (RG7414)                   •  Psoriatic arthritis              (RG1450)                         •  Small cell lung cancer                   •  Asthma
•  Solid tumors                       rhuMAb-β7 (RG7413)               •  Alzheimer’s disease              Avastin                                     Palovarotene (RG667)
Anti-NRP1 (RG7347)                    •  Ulcerative colitis            GABA-A Agonist (RG1662)             •  1L metastatic melanoma                   •  Emphysema
•  Solid tumors                       VAP-1 Antibody2                  •  Alzheimer’s disease              BRAF Inh/PLX4032 (RG7204)                   Rontalizumab/Anti-IFNα (RG7415)
Anti-PlGF (RG7334)                    •  Rheumatoid arthritis          NMDA Antagonist4                    •  2L & 3L metastatic melanoma              •  Systemic lupus erythematosus
•  Solid tumors                       •  Plaque psoriasis              •  Treatment Resistant              GA101/Anti-CD20 (RG7159)                    Xolair
CKI27 (RG7304)                                                            Depression                       •  Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia            •  Chronic idiopathic urticaria
•  Solid tumors                       VIROLOGY (2 NME)                 mGluR2 Antagonist (RG1578)          •  Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Dulanermin (RG3639)                   Nitazoxamide3                    •  Depression                       Hedgehog Pathway Inh/GDC-0449               VIROLOGY (3 NMEs)
•  Colorectal cancer                  •  Chronic hepatitis C           PEG IGF-1 (RG7010)                     (RG3616)                                 HPV16 (RG3484)
G-secretase Inh (RG4733)              Serine Palmitoyltransferase      •  Neurodegeneration                •  Advanced basal cell carcinoma            •  Cervical neoplasia
•  Solid tumors                          Inh/NA8083                       amyotrophic lateral sclerosis    •  1L metastatic colorectal cancer          Nucleoside Analogue Polymerase
huMAb EGFR/GA201 (RG7160)             •  Chronic hepatitis C           TAAR1 Part Agonist (RG7351)         •  Ovarian cancer                              Inh (RG7128)
•  Head and neck squamous cell                                         •  Depression                       MetMAb (RG3638)                             •  Chronic hepatitis C
   carcinoma                          METABOLIC (8 NMEs)               Triple Reuptake Inh (RG7166)        •  2L & 3L metastatic NSCLC                 Protease Inh (RG7227)
•  Non-small cell lung cancer         11 Beta HSD Inh (RG4929)         •  Depression                       Pertuzumab                                  •  Chronic hepatitis C
•  Solid tumors                       •  Type 2 diabetes                                                   •  Neoadjuvant HER2+ breast cancer
huMAb Glypican-3/GC331                11 Beta HSD Inh (RG7234)         OPHTHALMOLOGY (1 NME)               •  2L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer        METABOLIC (1 NMEs)
•  Hepatocellular (liver) carcinoma   •  Type 2 diabetes               Anti-Factor D (RG7417)              T-DM1 (RG3502)                              SGLT2 Inhibitor (RG7201)
MDM2 Antagonist (RG7112)              ABCA1 Inducer (RG7273)           •  Geographic atrophy               •  1L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer        •  Type 2 diabetes
•  Solid tumors and hematologic       •  Dyslipidemia                     associated with age-related      •  3L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer
   malignancies                       Anti-oxLDL (RG7418)                 macular degeneration             T-DM1 (RG3502) + pertuzumab                 CNS (3 NMEs)
MEK Inh/CIF (RG7167)                  •  Secondary prevention of                                              (RG1273)                                 GlyT1 Inh (RG1678)
•  Solid tumors                          cardiovascular events                                             •  HER2+ metastatic breast cancer           •  Schizophrenia
MEK Inh/GDC-0973 (RG7420)             BHT-3021 (RG7426)                                                    Topoisomerase I Inh/TP3001                  mGluR5 Antagonist (RG7090)
•  Solid tumors                       •  Type I diabetes                                                   •  Colorectal cancer                        •  Treatment Resistant Depression
NME (RG7440)                          C-Raf Inh/PLX5568                                                                                                •  Fragile X Syndrome
•  Solid tumors                          (RG7376)                                                                                                      Nicotinic α7 Agonist (RG3487)
PI3 Kinase Inh/GDC-0941               •  Polycystic kidney disease                                                                                     •  Alzheimer’s disease
   (RG7321)                           P-selectin huMAb (RG1512)                                                                                        Ocrelizumab (RG1594)
•  Metastatic breast cancer           •  Peripheral vascular disease                                                                                   •  Relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
•  Metastatic NSCLC                   Y2R Agonist Peptide
PI3K/mTOR Inh/GDC-0980                   (RG7089)
   (RG7422)                           •  Type 2 diabetes
•  Solid tumors and NHL

As of 15 April 2010
1 Opt-in opportunity from Chugai; 2 Opt-in opportunity from Biotie; 3 Participation through Chugai; 4 Buy-back opportunity from Evotec.                                                      1
Roche Group late-stage development pipeline
                                    PHASE III (8 NMEs)                                                  AWAITING REGULATORY APPROVAL (1 NMEs)
ONCOLOGY (4 NMEs)                                    INFLAMMATION (1 NME)                               ONCOLOGY
Avastin                                              Ocrelizumab (RG1594)                               •  Avastin for 1L HER2- metastatic breast cancer2
•  1L advanced gastric cancer1                       •  Rheumatoid arthritis                            •  MabThera/Rituxan for maintenance treatment of 1L advanced
•  1L HER2- metastatic breast cancer                 Rituxan                                               follicular lymphoma
•  1L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer                 •  ANCA-associated vasculitis                      •  Tarceva for 1L maintenance therapy for advanced NSCLC
•  2L HER2- metastatic breast cancer                 RoActemra/Actemra
•  Adjuvant colon cancer                             •  Early rheumatoid arthritis                      INFLAMMATION
•  Adjuvant HER2- breast cancer                      •  Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA)   •  Eldecalcitol/ED-714 for osteoporosis
•  Adjuvant HER2+ breast cancer                      Xolair                                             •  MabThera for rheumatoid arthritis MTX inadequate responders3
•  Adjuvant non-small cell lung cancer               •  Asthma                                          •  RoActemra/Actemra for PJD in rheumatoid arthritis
•  Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma                                                                        •  Xolair for pediatric asthma5
•  Front-line ovarian cancer                         METABOLIC (3 NMEs)
•  High risk carcinoid                               Aleglitazar (RG1439)                               VIROLOGY
•  Hormone refractory prostate cancer1               •  Type 2 diabetes (CV risk reduction)             •  Valcyte for prevention of CMV disease in high-risk kidney transplant
•  Newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme           Dalcetrapib (RG1658)                                  patients; extended dosing6
•  Relapsed platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer        •  Atherosclerosis (CV risk reduction)
Avastin +/- Tarceva                                  Taspoglutide (RG1583)                              OPHTHALMOLOGY
•  1L maintenance advanced NSCLC                     •  Type 2 diabetes                                 •  Lucentis for retinal vein occlusion6
BRAF Inh/PLX4032 (RG7204)
•  1L metastatic melanoma                            OTHERS                                             OTHERS
GA101/Anti-CD20 (RG7159)                             TNKase                                             •  EPOCH4 for chemo induced anaemia
•  Front-line chronic lymphocytic leukaemia          •  Central venous catheter clearance
Herceptin                                            •  Hemodialysis catheter clearance
•  Adjuvant HER2+ breast cancer (HERA 2-year)                                                           US FDA REGULATORY SUBMISSION PENDING
•  Subcutaneous formulation in HER2+ breast cancer   OPHTHALMOLOGY
Pertuzumab (RG1273)                                  Lucentis                                           ONCOLOGY
•  1L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer                 •  Diabetic macular edema                          •  Herceptin for HER2+ advanced gastric cancer7
Tarceva                                              •  High-dose in AMD                                •  Xeloda for adjuvant colon cancer; combo with oxaliplatin7
•  Adjuvant NSCLC
•  1L metastatic EGFR mutant+ NSCLC
Trastuzumab-DM1 (RG3502)                                                                                As of 15 April 2010
•  2L HER2+ metastatic breast cancer                                                                    Unless stated otherwise, regulatory submissions occurred in both US and
                                                                                                        EU. 1The Phase III trial did not meet its primary endpoint. Next steps under
                                                                                                        evaluation. 2RIBBON-1 and AVDO convert to full approval in the US; RIBBON-1
•  Adjuvant breast cancer                                                                               awaiting EMA approval. 3EMA submission. 4Participation through Chugai. 5We
                                                                                                        received a Complete Response Letter from the FDA in December 2009 and are
                                                                                                        currently evaluating our next steps. 6U.S. FDA submission. 7Approved in the EU.


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