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                                                                                      CENTRO text

     The CEO writes:

     technology, not targets
                                  While heads of state
                                  and government are
                                  thrashing out specific
                                  savings targets at the
                                  Copenhagen Climate
                                  Change Conference,
                                  the year 2015 – by
                                  when greenhouse
                                  emissions must be
                                  cut if global warming
     is realistically to be limited to 2 °C – draws
     ever closer. An international agreement is
     undoubtedly essential if climate change is
     genuinely to be tackled. But the danger is
     that any consensus reached will fall well short
     of what is actually needed, that the savings
     targeted will be much too soft and that even                Deutsche Bank chooses Wolf
     those targets will ultimately not be met, as
     happened with Kyoto. The key solution to                    energy-saving systems
     solving the climate problem is technologies
     for energy efficiency and renewable energies
                                                                 Logistical masterstroke:
     that, having demonstrated their ecological                  55 air conditioning units installed 160 m above ground
     advantages and superior economy, will gain
     unstoppable momentum to the benefit of the                  Those who think big use Wolf for their           collaboration between planners, plant
     global climate. The photovoltaic industry is                building and renovation projects. Deutsche       engineers and equipment suppliers,
     a prime example: within the next two to four                Bank is no exception: it is currently            the overall system being created is
     years, solar power will be able to compete                  installing the latest energy technology          outstandingly energy-efficient. The appli-
     with power generated by plants running on                   in the famous twin towers (40 and 38             ances have been optimised for energy
     fossil fuels and therefore emitting CO2.                    storeys tall) of its Frankfurt headquarters.     efficiency and heat recovery and satisfy
     Following a phase of development and sub-                   Wolf's head office relished the challenge        national and international standards
     sidies, it will then be in a position to progress           of taking on such a major installation           such as LEED (Leadership in Energy
     as an internationally successful sector, inde-              project and was awarded the contract             and Environmental Design) certification.
     pendently of state funding. Innovations in the
                                                                 in November 2008. 55 air conditioning            This ecological seal of quality defines
     field of heating and refrigeration are likewise
                                                                 units with air capacities of 5,000 –             standards for environmentally friendly,
     already helping to protect our climate.
                                                                 53,000 m3/h will have been delivered             resource-conserving, sustainable
                                                                 to Frankfurt in around 100 truck loads           building and renovating and assesses
                                                                 by the time the new system goes into             the ecological quality of buildings.
                                  Dr. Gert-Jan Huisman           operation in 2010. Thanks to successful

     Climate Systems                               Gas Flue Systems                        Med. Tech. & Eng. Plastics                    Solar Systems
 _Innovation: "Low Profile" air distribution   _Wolf/Ubbink: New integrated            _Centroplast: CENTRODAL MD/POM-MD             _CENTROSOLAR: Capital increase
  system                                        energy roof Soleja                     _bricon: Market entry into trauma surgery      successfully completed
 _Brink: Revolutionary ventilation concept                                                                                           _Centrosolar Glas: Full capacity reached
02    C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

Climate Systems

              Innovation: "Low Profile" air distribution system
              New easy-to-fit pipe system being marketed group-wide

              Through a systematic process of refinement we have                frame houses. In addition to these important selling points,
              come up with a new high-grade, flexible pipe system for           the pipe exhibits antistatic properties. This prevents deposits
              existing and new building projects. The system is ideally         from accumulating. Impressive system hygiene is a unique
              suitable for integration into existing structure and also         feature, because the inner surface has a permanent special
              minimises the installation height of the floor structure.         anti-bacterial coating. It exhibits high stability coupled with
                                                                                maximum flexibility in both planes. A very smooth inner surface
              The "Low Profile" pipe is only 50 mm high and 100 mm wide.        assures optimum flow characteristics.
              Ease of integration and routing is moreover a major consider-
              ation in houses with shallow installation heights and in timber   The "Low Profile" pipe is manufactured from hygienically safe
                                                                                new material. An easily realised, highly effective ventilation
                                                                                duct system reflecting generally accepted engineering practice
                                                                                can be created with just a small number of accessory items.
                                                                                The horizontal elbow, the vertical elbow and the click-on sleeve,
                                                                                each fitted with two rotating sealing and retaining elements,
                                                                                which means the plane in which the pipe is laid can be rotated
                                                                                through 180°. The connecting elements for ventilation valves or
                                                                                grilles are connected to the distributors using the "Low Profile"
                                                                                pipe, with the air flow reducing element allowing the volume
                                                                                to be regulated at the distributor connection. Due to its many
                                                                                advantages the pipe system is being marketed by almost all
                                                                                companies of the Climate Systems and Gas Flue segments.
                                                                                                C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009   03

                                                                                                                             Climate Systems

Largest solar thermal plant in the
United Arab Emirates completed
Abu Dhabi is experiencing a sustained construction boom, with sites peppering
the entire city. The biggest construction venture is the international exhibition
centre of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the "Abu Dhabi National Exhibition                  Other projects on the
Center" (ADNEC), which includes a 5-star hotel and a multi-storey car park.
                                                                                              Arabian peninsula
The local regulations in the Emirates require all new buildings to use environmentally
friendly energies. For the ADNEC, the developers therefore decided to install a thermal
solar system for water warming. Because European standards and German quality in
particular are very highly prized, Wolf was brought on board to supply the F3-1 high-
performance flat collectors. Wolf also took charge of all planning work for the solar
thermal plant, intermediate calorifier and water heating system, control technology and
statics of the collectors' support frames.

560 solar collectors with an area of 1,120 m2
The ADNEC's solar thermal plant comprises 560 collectors with a combined absorber
area of 1,120 m2 and is rated to supply 40,000 litres of hot water per day at 70 °C.
As well as the hotel's 410 double rooms, it also serves two restaurants, a hotel kitchen
and a swimming pool. It is installed on the flat roof of the 9-storey car park. Thanks to
the local insolation rates, the plant achieves an output of 900 kW. This is currently the
largest solar thermal plant anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Maximum availability even at peak-load times
Four horizontal intermediate calorifiers each with a capacity of 20,000 l were installed to   The thermal solar system on the ADNEC in Abu
store energy for night-time use and to cover the very rare eventuality of days with little    Dhabi was started up by Wolf and its partner,
sunlight. These calorifiers were developed by Wolf's Planning Department and equipped         the REA Group, on August 1, 2009, kicking off
with special layered baffle pipes and layered baffle plates. There are also four down-        a whole series of projects in that region.
stream stainless steel calorifiers each with a capacity of 2,000 l to cover peak loads.       The state planning authority in Abu Dhabi has
For maximum operating reliability of the entire system, it is governed by a modern web-       already commissioned Wolf and its partners
capable master control system. This ensures that any malfunctions can be immediately          with the task of planning thermal solar systems
detected and rectified as swiftly as possible.                                                for water heating and solar cooling for further
                                                                                              construction projects such as hotels, industrial
                                                                                              buildings, villa parks and residential districts.
                                                                                              Enquiries have also been received from neigh-
                                                                                              bouring emirates such as Bahrain, Dubai and
                                                                                              Qatar, as well as from Oman, Saudi Arabia
                                                                                              and Kuwait.
04    C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

Climate Systems

                   Wolf oil-fired condensing cascade system
                   ideal for swimming pools
                   Energy consumption for heating outdoor swimming pool cut by 40 %

                   A 4-boiler cascade system based on the 40 kW oil-fired condensing boiler
                   COB-40, the larger counterpart to the award-winning COB-2, was started up
                   in May 2009 at the outdoor swimming pool in Leibersdorf, Lower Bavaria.
                   The 160 kW system replaced an old oil-fired boiler from 1973.
                   Swimming pools are an ideal application for a condensing boiler. Thanks to
                   the lower system temperatures, the boiler permanently runs in the condensing
                   mode, consistently achieving an efficiency rating in excess of 100 % (based on
                   lower heating value). In the warm months of the year, the water in Leibersdorf
                   is additionally heated by 80 m2 swimming pool absorbers. The operators were
                   delighted to discover that energy consumption had already been cut by 40 %
                   during the heating-up phase at the start of the bathing season.

              Innosource fully integrated into Brink
              Climate Systems
              Innosource B.V. was taken over by Brink      response to rising demand for ventilation   Innoventus will therefore be marketed
              Climate Systems B.V. four years ago.         products, Innosource will be fully merged   and sold entirely under the umbrella of
              Production operations for Innosource         with Brink Climate Systems by January 1,    Brink Climate Systems. In incorporating
              products have now been moved from            2010. Innosource's demand-controlled,       the former Innosource products, Brink
              Lisse to the company's central location      noise-insulating ventilation systems        Climate Systems is strengthening its
              in Staphorst. To complete the ongoing        fit seamlessly into the Brink Climate       position further as a brand and full-
              process of integration and therefore         Systems product range. In future, the       service provider for modern ventilation
              come up with a more effective strategic      existing products such as Sonair and        systems.
                                                                                                          C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009    05

                                                                                                                                       Climate Systems

Revolutionary ventilation concept:
the "Breathing Window"

                                                                                  Preheated outside air
                                                                                              blown in
                                                                                                                                                   Stale air
                                                                                                                                                   to outside

                                                                                  Heat                                                                air from
                                                                             exchanger                                                                outside

                                                                            CO2 sensor                                            Particulate matter filter
                                                                                                                                  for supply air

                                                                                                                                  Outlet air filter

                                                                                                          Stale air led away

Two development experts who are               residential and office buildings, hotels       enables the "Breathing Window" to respond
highly renowned in the Netherlands,           and health care establishments). Thanks        to wind loads, temperature and the CO2
Professor Jon Kristinsson and                 to the absence of long ventilation ducts       concentration. The incorporation of two
Dr. Noor van Andel, have created              it also lends itself outstandingly to use in   DC fans installed in the wall aperture
and patented a fundamentally new              the refurbishment of older buildings. The      creates a compact-design ventilation unit
heat exchanger and control system.            compact facade ventilation unit achieves       with exceptionally low energy consumption
                                              a peak output of 75 m3/hour per room.          and noise. The "Breathing Window" is
Using this innovative technology, Brink                                                      consequently also ideal for use in facades
Climate Systems B.V. has developed a          The "Breathing Window" is a genuinely          exposed to high noise levels.
completely new, non-central system for        trailblazing concept that is based on a
facade ventilation with heat recovery.        unique HR heat exchanger with 15 km of         Ventilation losses in residential buildings
This system brings huge advantages for        fine-gauge copper wire. The USP of this        account for 20 to 30 % of the total
the building trade and its users; instead     exchanger and its thin copper wire is the      energy loss for the residential sector.
of necessitating suspended ceilings and       high heat conductance that means the           The "Breathing Window" means as much
thick ventilation ducts, it is a simple,      unit can generate heat from the excep-         as 90 % of those losses can be avoided.
intelligent, hygienic, energy-efficient and   tionally low temperature of just 25 °C,        The main advantage of the "Breathing
low-cost form of facade ventilation.          and cooling output from the exceptionally      Window" is that it can easily be installed
                                              high temperature of 15 °C. The "Breathing      in older buildings, thus making a con-
The uses of the "Breathing Window" are        Window" is equipped with a patented            siderable contribution towards realising
not limited to new buildings (such as         temperature balance control system. This       energy savings by existing buildings.
06    C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

Climate Systems

A new home for environmental
Dutch "zero emissions house" design project equipped with
Ned Air heat recovery system

                                                           The eye-catching "Eco Iglo" designed by the Dutch firm of architects Intact
                                                           Ecodesign is a prefabricated house for energy self-sufficient, modern living that
                                                           makes intelligent use of systems. Specially designed for the Netherlands, a
                                                           countryside criss-crossed by waterways, the "Eco Iglo" combines the aspiration
                                                           to absolute sustainability with the idea of "living with and on water".

                                                           The hemispherical "Eco Iglo" is mounted on a floating 20 x 20 m pontoon that rests
                                                           on the water's surface, is capsize-proof and unsinkable. A footbridge connects it to the
                                                           shore. The igloo home itself consists of a self-supporting structure made from steel
                                                           and heat-insulating glass, with a standard diameter of 10 m. For all its unconventional
                                                           appearance from the outside, it encloses 137 m2 of living space in total, spread over
                                                           two floors, with a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the surrounding countryside
                                                           into the bargain. All the construction materials used are certified as sustainable.

              “The Eco Iglo is a good example of how innovative architecture
              can promote sustainable living by adopting integrated system
              Ingrid Veenstra, Managing Director Ned Air

                                                           The "Eco Iglo" is not only an amazing place to live; above all, it is CO2-neutral. 35 m2
                                                           of solar cells that are integrated directly into the exterior glazed surface, on a level with
                                                           the ground floor's ceiling, supply solar power as a source of energy. Another 35 m2 of
                                                           solar modules are mounted on the exterior of the upper floor. These solar modules can
                                                                                                C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009   07

                                                                                                                             Climate Systems

                                                                     What houses can learn
                                                                     from cars
be adjusted radially to track the course of the sun as it moves                                                           Modern cars show
east to west throughout the day, in order to guarantee optimum                                                            how it can be done:
insolation rates. The house is also equipped with a small wind                                                            a push of a button is
power plant. 10 MW of power is generated each year to make                                                                all it takes for the
renewable energies available for private use.                                                                             system to regulate the
                                                                                                                          fresh-air supply and
Ventilation, heating and cooling for the "Eco Iglo" are provided                                                          temperature control,
by a Ned Air system with heat recovery installed at the tip of                                                            all in the background
the igloo. That system, with a capacity of 1500 m3/h, heats                                                               and without the driver
the incoming air on demand via a heat exchanger, maintaining                                                              needing to make any
a pleasant climate on each floor of the house. By way of addi-                                                            further adjustments
tional heating for the floor of the lower level, which is close to                                                        elsewhere.
the water, geothermal energy is tapped using a ground-source         That is often not yet the case in homes, where it is typical to find the
heat pump. The igloo home is in addition equipped with a solar       heating, air conditioning, ventilation and, more latterly, renewable energy
collector that provides hot water. To ensure that such a complex     systems all running independently. In other words, the heating, air con-
system operates optimally, all sources of power, heating and         ditioning, ventilation and solar thermal systems are activated individually
hot water are networked using advanced control technology.           and operate oblivious to what the other systems may be doing. These
                                                                     units need to operate as a team if the potential of modern installations
Modern zero emissions houses are more topical than ever,             and renewables is to be realised. Intelligent control engineering that in
a fact that has been fittingly reflected by coverage of the          effect makes the units talk to each other and coordinates their output is
"Eco Iglo" on the news on Dutch television.                          therefore essential. That is much to the benefit of a house's occupants,
                                                                     because it not only makes living in comfort cheaper and more sustainable,
                                                                     but also easier to achieve. Instead of multiple separate control circuits,
                                                                     there will soon be just the one. CENTROTEC brings together expertise in
                                                                     modern heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energies as
                                                                     well as modern control technology in developing such integrated units and
                                                                     systems and making them available as a solution for sustainable living.
08    C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

Gas Flue Systems

              The new, integrated energy roof Soleja
              from Wolf and Ubbink
              Photovoltaic, solar thermal and dummy modules have been combined to form a
              homogeneous surface, putting an end to the "patchwork" look of our energy roofs

              Solar technology has made big in-       by jowl with round gas flue and            Ubbink to join forces in developing a
              roads into the roofs of our houses.     ventilation pipes or sloping dormer        solar energy roof that satisfies both
              Photovoltaic modules (for power         windows, leaving unsightly gaps in         functional and aesthetic requirements.
              generation) and solar collectors (for   between.                                   The result is the new Soleja energy roof.
              water heating/heating backup) have
              been well received by homeowners        Consumer surveys have identified growing   The principal task of the joint project was
              in view of the revenue they generate    demand for aesthetically pleasing energy   to develop a new solar collector with the
              from the power that has been fed        roofs which combine solar heating and      size, thickness and colour of a typical
              into the grid or the heating costs      photovoltaics harmoniously and integrate   photovoltaic module. Dummy modules
              that have been saved. But our roofs     roof ducts and windows into a uniform      that look very similar to real, functioning
              have turned into patchwork quilts       surface. This problem inspired our solar   modules were also developed; these can
              where rectangular modules lie cheek     expert Wolf and our roofing specialist     be cut to size on site so that they fit
                                                                                                C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009   09

                                                                                                                            Gas Flue Systems

around roof windows or pipes and fill gaps in the surface. Finally, there is a sub-
structure that keeps the roof tight and anchors the overall system securely to the
roof structure.                                                                               Centrosolar supporting
                                                                                              solar project in West Africa
The results of this joint project are truly impressive to behold. The new Soleja is
not only aesthetically very appealing; it also brings an array of practical advantages.
Photovoltaic modules from a variety of manufacturers can now be integrated into
the system, any unevenness in the roof surface can be compensated for, and above
all the dummy modules can be cut to shape directly on site. The few such systems
available to date are all impractical and actually much more expensive. Soleja will
be launched in Germany in March 2010, after which it will be rolled out in other
European markets.

     “The Soleja concept was devised jointly by
     Wolf and Ubbink. We are now also going to
     market it jointly throughout Europe.”
     Maurits Boogaard, Vice President Technology CENTROTEC

                                                                                              Centrosolar regularly demonstrates its social
                                                                                              responsibility and is currently supporting a solar
                                                                                              project being masterminded by the German
                                     1                                                    2   Urbis Foundation in central Togo. The charitable
                                                                                              private foundation runs a pilot and training farm
                                                                                              that is dependent on solar power to keep the
                                                                                              water pump operating, the chicken farm heated
                                                                                              and the buildings lit. Centrosolar donated ten
                                                                                              thin-film and five crystalline solar modules for
                                                                                              the solar plant, and also provided practical
                                                                                              assistance with their installation in situ. At the
                                                                                              end of October the solar plant was officially
                                                                                              opened in the presence of Willi Ernst, Advisory
                                                                                              Council member of Centrosolar AG, and Geerling
                                                                                              Loois, Managing Director of Renusol GmbH,
                                                                                              and has since gained a reputation throughout
                   3                                                                          the country.
                                                           1. Dummy modules
                                                           2. Solar collectors
                                                           3. Photovoltaic modules
10    C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics

              CENTRODAL MD/POM-MD
              Detectable plastic for use in the food sector

                                                                                detectors that are routinely fitted to such machinery in the
                                                                                food industry pick up this magnetically detectable plastic
                                                                                even if the particles are just a few millimetres in size, and
                                                                                then extract them reliably from the produce.

                                                                                Compliance with foodstuff regulations to BfR/FDA
                                                                                The key operating properties are preserved, despite the
                                                                                material's modification. CENTRODAL MD satisfies the
                                                                                BfR/FDA legal requirements for direct contact with food.

                                                                                CENTRODAL MD is based on the engineering plastic poly-
                                                                                oxymethylene (POM). CENTRODAL MD can be supplied in
                                                                                the form of both round-section rods and slabs. Modification
                                                                                of other materials, such as PA 6 and PET, is possible.
              Components made from engineering plastics are becoming
              increasingly common in machinery used in the food industry.       Properties/advantages
              Such components may come into contact with food during            • Reduced costs thanks to use of cheaper plastic instead
              the production process, and parts of various sizes may              of expensive materials (e. g. stainless steel)
              contaminate the produce if they are damaged. The result is        • Low energy consumption by conveyor systems thanks
              damage to the health of the consumer.                               to lighter plastic parts
                                                                                • Compliance with foodstuff regulations to BfR/FDA
              This issue has prompted a requirement for all plastic parts       • Optimum machining properties
              that may come into contact with food to be detectable.            • Even small particles highly detectable
              CENTRODAL MD possesses precisely that property. The metal

              bricon: venture into market segment of trauma surgery
              Seriflex trauma/repo unveiled in October at the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Trauma
              Surgery in Berlin

                                                     Seriflex trauma/repo is a new, multi-         involves using the innovative, versatile
                                                     functional spinal implant from bricon         Seriflex plate with a special articulated
                                                     that can be used in the treatment of          carriage and cannulated pedicle screws.
                                                     fractured vertebrae. It can also be used      The basic instruments of the bricon
                                                     for correcting and straightening all kinds    Seriflex system are available for all
                                                     of vertebral displacement. In Seriflex        applications, in conjunction with a
                                                     trauma/repo, bricon now has a first           small number of special instruments
                                                     product in its range that is suitable for     on the Seriflex trauma/repo module.
                                                     use in both trauma surgery and ortho-         The corresponding special screws are
                                                     paedic treatments. The patented system        available in all customary dimensions
                                                     allows all degrees of freedom to be           and are easy to identify thanks to the
                                                     located with a single nut, something that     colour coding. The universal, modular
                                                     no competitor product achieves. Bone          system meets the high standards of
                                                     cement can moreover be introduced             both surgeons and surgical/sterilisation
                                                     through all screws (monoaxial and poly-       personnel, is easy to use and is clearly
                                                     axial), allowing osteoporotic bones like-     structured.
                                                     wise to be treated. Seriflex trauma/repo
                                                                                                                                            C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009   11

                                                                                                                                                                             Solar Systems

                                                                                                    Centrosolar Glas: full capacity of
                                                                                                    6 million m2/year reached
                                                                                                    Market-leading nanocoating process making inroads

                                                                                                                                                        Centrosolar Glas, the
                                                                                                                                                        solar glass specialist
                                                                                                                                                        within the CENTRO-
                                                                                                                                                        SOLAR Group, has
                                                                                                                                                        increased its annual
Capital increase successfully                                                                                                                           capacity to 6 million m2.
                                                                                                                                                        The acquisition of new
completed                                                                                                                                               customers in Europe,
                                                                                                                                                        North America and
CENTROSOLAR Group AG successfully completed a capital                                                                                                   Asia has prompted
increase in mid-November, placing 5.8 million new no par                                                                                                the company to double
value shares on the market. The new shares were offered                                                                                                 its production output
to shareholders with an existing investment from the end of                                                                                             over the past two years.
October and met with such high demand that no additional                                            The best-selling product is anti-reflective coated solar glass, which the
private placement took place.                                                                       company launched eight years ago and is now the market-leading product
                                                                                                    worldwide. A new feature is that the patented nanocoating can now also
CENTROSOLAR Group AG accrued gross issuing proceeds of                                              be applied on one side only, and across the entire surface, making the
around EUR 20 million as a result of this measure. The funds                                        production process for this internationally sought-after solar glass even
are to be used to reduce net debt and finance further growth,                                       more efficient. The new process is set to go into volume production now.
in particular through the expansion of Solar Integrated Systems
business outside Germany as well as business for anti-reflective                                    Centrosolar Glas is the world market leader for nanocoated anti-reflective
coated solar glass.                                                                                 solar glass, which boosts the annual output of a solar module fitted
                                                                                                    with it by between 3 and 7 %. In response to the steady rise in demand,
                                                                                                    EUR 10 million have been invested in expanding production capacity at
                                                                                                    Fürth over the past two years with the support of the parent company
                                                                                                    in Munich. Further plans for expansion to increase capacity are already
                                                                                                    in the pipeline.

   CENTROSOLAR: the tide has turned
   November 25, 2009                               sunlight through the glass and into the cell                           Successful end to year
   Yes, they do exist: niche solar business-       looked in better health. As well as its innova-                        Following a very weak first half, the niche
   es that can hold their ground in the face       tive products, this is also thanks to an                               player heralded in a change of fortunes at
   of aggressive competition from Asia.            efficient sales structure and a significantly                          operating level in the third quarter. Profits
   CENTROSOLAR is unquestionably one               superior approach to raw material sourcing.                            were a hitherto unprecedented 7 million
   such business. In operating terms, it           Because CENTROSOLAR decided against                                    euros, and 45 % up on the prior-year quarter.
   has now impressively turned the tide.           taking out long-term supply agreements in                              CENTROSOLAR boss Dr. Alexander Kirsch
   The technical analysis also speaks              recent years, the company is able to buy in                            told AKTIONÄR: "The third quarter was no
   volumes in favour of this investment.           materials more cheaply than its competitors                            flash in the pan. We expect CENTROSOLAR
                                                   now that prices of modules, cells and wafers                           to continue performing well in the fourth
   Yesterday, CENTROSOLAR reported that the        have dropped off this year.                                            quarter and next year, too."
   solar factory in Wismar that has been run-
   ning at full capacity since May now has its      Centrosolar Group                              WKN: 514850            Well positioned
   own solar energy plant. But its announce-                                   4.76
                                                                                                                          Everything is falling into place at CENTRO-
   ment on November 12 about the successful                                                                        4.00   SOLAR: its balance sheet looks comfortable
   capital increase was much more revealing.                                                                       3.50   (once more), it has a product range with
   With the gross issuing proceeds of around                                                                       3.00
                                                                                                                          USPs, and it has shown foresight in its raw
   EUR 20 million, it can now at last reduce its                                                                   2.50
                                                                                                                          material sourcing. Many factors in the
   debt and invest in growth.                                                                                      2.00   technical analysis point towards a continuing
   Never before has this specialist in solar                   1.83                                                       upward trend in this attractively priced solar
                                                     09   Feb Mar Apr   May   Jun     Jul   Aug   Sep Oct   Nov
   mounting systems and in a nanotech coating                                                                             investment. One to buy as a speculation!
                                                    1 Year                                          Currency EUR
   that transmits up to four percent more                                                                                 Florian Söllner
12        C E N T R O T E X T | Issue 15_December 2009

                                                                                                                   Germany · Brilon ·
                                                                                                                   Wolf GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Mainburg ·

                                                                                                                   Energietechnik Kuntschar + Schlüter GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Wolfhagen-Ippinghausen

                                                                                                                   Brink Climate Systems B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Staphorst ·

                                                                                                                   Golu B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Soest ·

                                                                                                                   Kempair B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Eindhoven ·

                                                                                                                   Deveko B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Deventer ·

                                                                                                                   Ned Air B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Kampen ·

                                                                                                                   EnEV-Air GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Ahaus ·

                                                                                                                   Brink-Innosource GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Freudenberg ·

                                                                                                                   Ubbink B.V.
                                                                                                                   Netherlands · Doesburg ·
                                                         Dear colleagues, shareholders and
                                                         business partners,                                        Ubbink NV
                                                                                                                   Belgium · Mariakerke/Gent ·

                                                                                                                   Ubbink UK Ltd.
                                                         Christmas is the festival of love and a time to think     United Kingdom · Brackley ·

                                                         particularly about those less fortunate than ourselves.   Ubbink France SAS
                                                                                                                   France · La Chapelle sur Erdre/Cedex ·
                                                         In that spirit, this year we would once again like to
                                                         do something for people and creatures in need of          Centrotherm Systemtechnik GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Brilon ·
                                                         particular support. We will therefore be donating the
                                                                                                                   Centrotherm Gas Flue Technologies Italy S.R.L.
Solar modules                                            sum we have previously spent on Christmas cards and       Italy · Arbizzano/Verona ·

                                                         gifts to the "Klasse 2000" project (
"Made in Kenya" –                                        and the "Reintroduction Station for Birds of Prey and
                                                                                                                   Centrotec JI Asia Pte. Ltd.
                                                                                                                   Singapore · Singapore ·

where the sun                                            Owls" ( in our region.           Bond-Laminates GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Brilon ·
                                                         We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas
almost always shines                                     and good start to a successful New Year!
                                                                                                                   Centrotec Composites GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Brilon ·

Joint venture to start production                                                                                  medimondi AG
                                                                                                                   Germany · Munich ·
in Q3/2010
                                                                                                                   Möller Medical GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Fulda ·
Ubbink B.V. is planning to erect a
                                                                                                                   bricon ag
module manufacturing plant in Kenya                                                                                Switzerland · Dietikon ·

together with the African company                                                                                  Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany · Marsberg ·
Chloride Exide, of Largo. Chloride
Exide is already the market leader                                                                                 Centroplast UK Ltd.
                                                                                                                   United Kingdom · Stafford ·
in Kenya for solar home systems and
                                                                                                                   Rolf Schmidt INDUSTRI PLAST A/S
the accompanying battery systems,                                                                                  Denmark · Kolding ·

and one of the top three suppliers in
the neighbouring countries of Uganda
and Tanzania. The production plant
will be located in Naivasha, about                                                                                 Germany • Munich •
80 km from Nairobi; this district of
lakes is also renowned for its large                                                                               Centrosolar AG
population of giraffes, zebras, flamingos                                                                          Germany • Hamburg •
                                                                                                                   Germany • Paderborn •
                                                                                                                   Germany • Durach •
and hippos. The joint venture Ubbink East Africa Ltd. will concentrate on the manufacture of small to
medium solar modules of the type typically used for 12 volt solar power supplies for the operator's own            Centrosolar Sonnenstromfabrik GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany • Wismar •
consumption. The crystalline modules are based on fragments of polycrystalline solar cells that are laser-
                                                                                                                   Centrosolar Glas GmbH & Co. KG
cut locally into utilisable microcells. This starting material is supplied jointly by Centrosolar and Solland.     Germany • Fürth •

As one of the first local module manufacturers in Africa, Ubbink East Africa Ltd. aims to act as a catalyst        Renusol GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany • Cologne •
for a rapid spread of environment-friendly solar technology on the African continent. The intention is that
low-cost all-in packaged solar systems will help poorer people, too, gain access to a profitable invest-           Solarsquare AG
                                                                                                                   Switzerland • Bern •
ment. For that reason, the project has also already been given official support by the Dutch government.
                                                                                                                   Centroplan GmbH
                                                                                                                   Germany • Geilenkirchen •

                                                                                                                   France • Centrosolar France SARL
Imprint                                                                                                            Netherlands • Centrosolar Benelux B.V.
                                                                                                                   Greece • Centrosolar Hellas MEPE
Responsible: CENTROTEC Sustainable AG, Michaele Mülder Production: MetaCom Corporate Communications GmbH           Spain • Centrosolar Fotovoltaico España S.L.
                                                                                                                   Italy • Centrosolar Italia S.r.l.
A detailed list of all addresses can be found on our website                                      USA • Centrosolar America Inc.

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