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					                         ALOE VERA
               Nature’s Miracle Plant

Most     know      the    healing      most beneficial. The outside of the       of mannose (called glucomannans)
                                       leaf is smooth and rubbery to touch       which is another of the simple
properties of Aloe Vera as a           and inside is the Aloe Vera “gel” that    sugars.
                                       is so highly regarded.         The gel    These particular molecules are
fabulous external smoother             appears to contain a “wound               handled in the body in very unusual
for sun burns and wounds.              hormone” that accelerates the rates of    ways compared to other sugars. It
                                       healing of injured surfaces. Scientists   is important to note that one
But there is a lot more to             have found that the Aloe Vera “gel”       common polysaccharide used is
                                       is a diverse mixture of antibiotic,       starch. Starch consists of simple
know about nature’s miracle            astringent, coagulating agent, pain       glucose molecules, linked together
                                       inhibitor, cell growth stimulator and     in such a way that our digestive
plant.                                 scar inhibitor. Although scientists       enzymes can break them down into
The power of Aloes was known to        have not yet discovered all the secrets   the simple glucose molecules which
the Greeks as early as the fourth      of why Aloe Vera works, they do           we then absorb.
century BC. A legend tells how the     realise that it is the specific mixture
great Aristotle requested that his     of the ingredients in Aloe Vera that is   Many ancient records describe its
pupil, Alexander the Great, conquer    responsible for giving the plant its      use as a skin care product, where it
the Aloes-producing islands of         wide range of medicinal properties.       is protective again sun, wind and
Socotra. In the tenth century, Aloe    Recent scientific studies reveal that     fire or cold, as well as offering
was being imported into Europe via     Germanium is believed to be the           relief to small wounds where it
the Red Sea and Alexandria. It is      active element in Aloe Vera.              helps prevent infection and relieve
claimed Cleopatra attributed her       Germanium is thought to have a            the irritation of bites and stings.
great beauty to her use of the Aloe    unique effect in enriching the oxygen     Further to this, it is useful for
Vera gel. East India Company           supply to the body and boosting the       scratches, bruises, cuts, abrasions,
records from the early 1600s show      immune system. The properties of          blemishes, ulcerated skin lesions,
that Aloes were being imported into    Aloe Vera gel, applied externally or      eczema,      psoriasis   and    any
Britain and by 1693 were being         taken internally, have been described     otherwise damaged skin externally.
sold by London druggists. Today,       in numerous scientific journals and       In more recent history, it was the
many ancient tales of the healing      reveals that Aloe Vera contains more      use of x-ray and the atom bomb
powers of Aloe Vera are factual as     than 70 essential ingredients,            which focussed attention back on
modern medicine unlocks the            including most vitamins, minerals,        this plant as Aloe Vera was found
secrets contained within the leaves.   enzymes, protein (amino acids)            to be effective for relieving
                                       polysaccharide glucomannan, organic       radiation burns and prevention of
The Aloe Vera plant, a member of       acids and steroids; bradykininase (a      skin ulceration.
the lily family, is a succulent that   protease inhibitor, which tends to
closely resembles a cactus. There      relieve swellings, pain, redness of the   Taken internally, some reports state
are more than 200 species of Aloe      skin), magnesium lactate and an           that Aloe Vera gel has offered relief
Vera, but some are more nutritious     antiprostaglandin (which reduces          to many ailments, including
and more effective medicinally than    inflammation          of       wounds).   gastric/digestive ulceration and
others     and      “Aloe       Vera   Polysaccharides are an unusual            inflammation – ulcers, heartburn,
Barbadensis” is the species that is    consistency of glucose and molecules      haemorrhoids, irritable bowel
disease,     Crohn’s      disease,      One of the major benefits of Aloe is        Aloe Juice is at its best when:
ulcerative colitis (short-chain         the fact that it contains Magnesium         • Non-pasteurised.         It uses the
sugars called glucomannans seem         lactate, a material which lowers               original “cold-pressed” Aloe
to be partly responsible, since         stomach acidity.        Mechanically,          Vera so that it retains the full
they form a protective coating          polysaccharides offer protection and           impact of synergistic benefits in
along the length of the gut).           anyone who has a problem, either               its original plants.
Other benefits include certain          chronically or occasionally with the        •  Organically grown, contains no
viral diseases, various types of        gastrointestinal tract, will find that         thickeners,       colours,          or
detrimental bacteria (including         Aloe is extremely soothing and offers          preservatives andwithout the use
staphylococcus             aureus,      considerable relief.                           of       chemicals,        fertilisers,
streptococcus, etc.) and fungi                                                         pesticides,       insecticides      or
(including candida albicans),           The next area is that of liver function.       fungicides.
conditions of lowered immunity,         Toxins are formed in the body, most
bone fractures and osteoarthritis.      of which occur in the digestive tract       •    Contains micronised pulp.
                                        as a result of bacterial action on food
                                                                                    •    Certified by Quality Control Analysis
Dr Ivan Danhof is an                    material. These materials are drained
internationally           renowned      into the portal blood, and at the end       •    Contains filleted gel (aloin removed)
communicator        of      medical     of the portal vein is the liver, the        •    Aloe Barbadensis Miller (type).
knowledge, holding a Bachelor’s         chief function of which is
Degree in Science, a Master’s           detoxification.       Adequate renal
Degree in Microbiology, a               function is also essential because the      Good quality Aloe Vera contains
Master’s Degree in Nutrition and        liver then takes these potential toxins     over 200 active ingredients in
a Ph.D in Physiology. Over the          and changes them into less injurious        nature’s most bioavailable form,
years he has developed an intense       forms which are in turn excreted by         including
interest in herbal medicine,            the kidney.                                 • Polysaccharides,
extracting and evaluating active                                                        Glucomannans including
ingredients obtained from plants        So, in summary, our simple                      Acemannan
with long anecdotal histories of                                                    • 20 out of 22 Amino Acids
                                        polysaccharides found in Aloe Vera:
medical uses. His research in this                                                  • 8 Enzymes
area led to his study of Aloe Vera,     •   Are an effective anti-                  • Vitamins including A, C, E, B6,
and today Dr. Ivan Danhof is                                                            B12, and Folic Acid
known by his many colleagues as             inflammatory in arthritis.
                                                                                    • Minerals including Calcium,
‘the father of Aloe Vera”.              •   They seem to reverse liver disease         Copper, Chromium,
                                                                                       Magnesium, Zinc, Iron
From an extract taken from an           •   They help bones heal faster                Potassium, Sodium,
interview with Dr. Ivan Danhof:         •   They are effective along the               Manganese and Germanium.
“One of the major benefits from
drinking Aloe juice daily is to             gastro-intestinal tract (the juice is   Aloe is a “miracle plant” in that it can
inhibit the inflammation of                 useful for healing any abrasion or      affect all three functions.        Aloe
arthritis, and it works not only in                                                 assists digestion, and as a neutral
wear and tear osteoarthritis but,           ulceration to the sensitive mucous      delivery system provides a direct
because of its anti-inflammatory            membrane lining of the stomach          route for the polysaccharides,
activity, it also works in                                                          vitamins, minerals, enzymes and
rheumatoid arthritis.       It takes        and gut); and                           other phytonutrients to enter the cells
about three weeks to get the            •   They stimulate, support and             and work directly.
maximum           anti-inflammatory
benefit and, once the pain and              modulate the immune function of         Good quality Aloe Vera can create
inflammation       is     controlled,       the body.                               a remarkable difference to general
should intake of Aloe cease, it                                                     wellbeing, energy levels and
will take about three weeks for it      No wonder it is called a miracle            digestion, enhancing quality of life.
to revert to the original painful       plant!
                                        Aloe Vera in non toxic – it is
There are many people who               not intended to replace an y                Pro-Ma System (NZ) Ltd.
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