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									Hiring Internationals at IU

Presented by:

                Charles Bankart
                Assistant Director for Scholar Services

                Rendy Schrader
                Associate Director, Office for International Services
   Letters A-V, end date, restrictions
     B-1/B-2, F-1/F-2, J-1/J-2 are common

   Non-immigrant work visas:
    – F-1 Practical Training
    – J -1 Academic Training
    – J -1 Faculty or Researcher
    – J -2 Spouse or Child
    – H-1 Specialty Occupation
    – O-1 Extraordinary
    – TN (Treaty NAFTA --Canada/Mexico
           Knowing your options….
   Short-term Visitors
    – Visa waivers for business & tourist purposes
    – Tourist and business visas (B-1 and B-2)
    – J-1 Visa for short-term visits (6 mths or less)

   Longer-term Visitors and International Hires
    – Visiting visas for professors & researchers (J-1)
    – Employment-based visas (H-1B)

   When a Visa Isn’t an IU Issue or Necessary
    – Canadians, asylees, permanent residents, & those
      here under sponsorship from another program
                     University HR


Departmental Needs

       Pre-Grad Visa Properties
Visa       Hrs/week       Requirements
F-1        20 or less     No permission needed
F-1        More than 20   Permission needed
J-1 Stud   Any            Check with OIS
J-1 Scho   Any            Check with OIS
   SAAs vs.Hourlies
 SAAs                Hourlies

Contract       Hours = hours

   Post Grad + Visa Properties
F-1, on OPT          1 yr., related to study

J-1 student, on AT   18-36 mo., total

J-1 Scholar, on AT   Very specific timing

J-2 dependent        Tied to J-1 timing

TN (Canadians &      1 year, but specific
Mexicans)            professions only
J-1 Researcher       3 yrs., defined purpose
      IU Roles for Hiring Purposes
              (Post Grad)
Visa          OIS Roles      Dept. Role
F-1           None           Collect EAD

J-1 student   Dep. on        Verify w/OIS
J-1 scholar   Process DS-    Work w/OIS
J-2           None           Collect EAD

TN            Assist w/doc   Specific
              prep           guidelines
      H-1B Characteristics
3  years, renewable to 6 years max
 Job specific

 Job must require Bachelors

 Salary must be competitive

 Allow processing time
     Labor Condition Application

   Establishes salary conditions with the
    Department of Labor (NOT USCIS) for
    H-1B visa.

   Has no relationship to Labor Certification
    (LC) and permanent residence application.
   H-1B Visa Petition (USCIS)
 Document     that position requires a
 Document that foreign national
  fulfills position requirements.
 Submit application with approved

**May apply up to 6 months in
 advance of start date
              H-1B Fees
 $185   application fee

 $500   anti-fraud detection fee
     Permanent Residency
 Many  different employment-based
  routes to PR
 PERM provides new guidelines

 Allow long processing times
 New:  electronic labor certification
 filing procedure, effective March 28.

 Time   limits for recruitment:
  – Regular, within 180 days of submitting
  – Teaching, within 18 months of offer

 Processing   within 60 days?
–No re-advertising

–Can hire best qualified, not just

–Normally no salary issue

–Extensive advertising requirements
 beyond initial ad

–No experience/qualifications count if
 gained in the position

–Only minimum requirements

–Salary requirements
  Steps to Permanent Residence:
  Employment-Based Immigration
 1: Labor Certification
 2: I-140 petition

 3: Form I-485 for Permanent Residence

     (Green Card),
 1. I-140 based on Outstanding,

     Extraordinary, National Interest
 2. Form I-485 for Permanent Residence

     (Green Card).
    Scholar Check-in with OIS
 J-1

 Weekly Scholar Orientation (Fridays @
 9), Franklin Hall 306 (Scholar

 H-1B   Employee Guidebook.

 Short-term   visitors on a tourist or
       PeopleSoft Connections
1. Dept. initiates E-doc      4. PS generates ID and
 (Add or proceed to Hire)        confirms with department

2. Dept. sends supporting
docs to OIS

                              5. OIS processes immigration
                                 documents if needed

3. OIS approves, files docs
    A note on Social Security

 Job   Offer letter required
  – On letterhead
  – Include title
  – Signed by employer
 LettingOIS know of all international
 scholar departures (Js, Hs).

 Maintaining     contact.

 Possibilityof establishing institutional

 Future    visits.
                     The Role of OIS
   Departmental Advisor
    – Help construct job ads for employees
    – Guide departments through forms & processes
    – Advise on most appropriate visa options

   Scholar Advisor
    –   Extensions of stay
    –   Changes of status
    –   Visa options
    –   Travel and work permission
    –   Orientation
    –   Individual Tax ID Number Applications
    –   Referral agent (immigration lawyers, income tax)

   State and Federal Government Liaison
   Good times to contact OIS:
 Considering  hiring an international
  professor or researcher.
 Hosting an international visitor.
 Placing a job ad for a position.
 Extending a scholar’s stay at IU
 Helping scholars move from one visa
  class to another.
 When a scholar arrives on campus.
 When a scholar leaves campus.
         Contact Info, Resources, and
   Charlie Bankart – 856-1223,
    Assistant Director for Scholar Services

   Martha Wailes – 855-9086,
    Senior Immigration Advisor

   Noemi Sarrion-Cortes – 855-9086, Scholar Services Office Assistant

   Jennifer Bowen – 855-9086,
    Assistant Director for Student Services

   Web URL:
       The Value of International
       Collaboration and Exchange

 We must maintain a concern for the
 development and needs of the world
 beyond our borders…great
 universities such as Indiana
 University offer the most promising
 possibility for putting this concern
 into action.                    (Herman
 B. Wells, 1958)

Quoted by President Herbert on October 6, 2004 in a hearing
   before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
              Some of the facts:
   International students from 130 countries are
    in IU classrooms & adding their unique
    perspectives to discussions.

   3,300 international students at IUB, 4,600
    students overall.

   IU has over 400 formal affiliations and
    exchanges with institutions abroad.

   452 J-1 Scholars (up 21%!) and 126 new H-1B
    Employees last year alone.
      The Office of International
Franklin Hall 306, Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Office Hours: Monday – Friday
9 am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm

Phone: (812) 855-9086
Fax: (812) 855-4418
             Services Provided
 Advise and assist students & scholars with emergency
  situations of all kinds
 Answer questions and handle concerns about visa
  documents and regulations
 Issue visa documents for travel and to a student’s or
  scholar’s stay in the United States
 Assist with visa documents for dependent family
 Provide assistance with applications to change visa status
 Supply information on travel to Canada, Mexico and
  other countries
 Assist with paperwork to withdraw from all classes
   Certify a student’s enrollment at Indiana University
   Provide financial budgeting and planning advice and
   Provide short term loans
   Assist with mandatory student health insurance program
   Write letters to sponsors and home governments
   Advise and assist students and scholars with personal
    concerns at IU
      Leo R. Dowling International

111 S. Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47405
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9 am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm
Phone: (812) 855-7133
Fax: (812) 855-7111
         Programs & Services
 Host weekly Friday afternoon International Coffee Hours
 Host weekly Language coffee/tea hours various
 Host Friday lunch-time concerts
 Welcome visitors who would like to know about the
  cultures of the world
 Provide US income tax advising through the VITA
 Make information available about international student
  groups on campus
 Plan and run New International Student Orientation
 Work with international student groups to put on and publicize
 Host information sessions on employment and more…
 Provide referrals to BWF Host Friendship Family Program
 Serve as home for the BWF Loan Closet
 Rooms are available for meetings and events! See our web page
 or call 855-7133 for details.

Sandy Britton
Assistant Director

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