Recruit Process

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					Recruit Process
  Human Resources 2005
          Need to fill a position
   Determine funding
    – Regular
        Allocation Available
        Salary Budget
    – Restricted
        Grant
        Salary Budget
   Receive internal approvals to fill the
        New or Existing Position

   NEW                           Existing
    – Complete a P112              – Update P112

    – Refer to “Position
      Description Training

      Be sure to receive internal approvals on all
      position descriptions
          People Admin

What documents do you need to get

– P112 -PD
– Organizational Chart
Using People Admin
 Hiring Manager User Guide
Human Resources has implemented this system in order to
automate many of the paper-driven aspects of the
employment application process.

You will use People Admin (PA)     PA will benefit you by
  to:                                facilitating:

   Create and submit postings        Faster processing of
                                       employment information
   View applicants to your
                                      Up-to-date access to
                                       information regarding all of
   Notify Human Resources or          your postings
    EO of your decisions
    regarding the status of each
    applicant                         More detailed screening of
                                       applicants’ qualifications –
                                       before they reach the
                                       interview stage
                    Beginning Tips
   The site requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

   Please use the navigational buttons within the site. Your browser’s
    "Back", "Forward" or "Refresh" buttons do not work.

   The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

   To ensure the security of the data provided by applicants, the
    system will automatically log you out after 60 minutes if it
    detects no activity.

   Screen resolutions
   1280 by 1024 pixels
   800 by 600 pixels
                    Getting Started
   Enter URL: or

   After entering the URL, the
    “login screen” for the system
    will appear and should be
    similar to the following screen:

   Log in to the system with your
    Virginia Tech PID and
        No Current User Account

   Click the “Create User Account” link on the left.

   Fill in all the information, click continue and confirm.

   You will receive an email when your account has been
            User Types
 Department Admin
 Hiring Manager
 Department Head
 Sr. Management
 HR
 Administrator
                       Creating a Posting
                Click the link under the header “Create Posting”.


        From Template         (where several
               fields are predefined)
        – Classified templates are
          available. These are from
          existing inventory. They may
          be customized for the job.
        – If no template is available
          choose the “Generic”


       From Previous
        – Entering Posting Information
Notes about Posting screen:
   Fields with an Asterisk (*) are required

   If you are unable to complete the entire porcess be sure to save at the
    bottom of each page

   If you have entered partial information that you want to save but have not
    completed all REQUIRED fields, you will need to type something into the
    required fields (any character will do) so that the system will allow you to
    go to the next or end screen and save your work.

   You can skip sections by clicking in the boxes below the posting title.

   Field names in black indicate those fields that will be shown to the

   Field names in maroon will not be visible to the applicant.
          Questions and Points
   There are only a very few previously approved
    classified positions using questions

   You must receive approval from HR to use the
    question & points section

   One of our next projects will be to develop a
    bank of questions

   Stay tuned……….
                   Hiring Steps
   Used to track applicant

   The settings are pre-set
    and can not be changed
    by the hiring manager.

   If changes are needed
    call Human Resources
    (classified) or EO
Guest Users
         Used by supervisors & search
          committee members who need
          to have access to view
          applications for a specific

         Only able to view active
          applicants for that specific

         When the posting is filled, the
          guest user name and
          password are automatically

         Guest User Manual is available
          on our web site.
Guest User Account
            To set up a guest user
             account, click the "Activate
             Guest User" link.

            The system automatically
             assigns a User Name for this

            You will need to enter a
             password, which must be
             between 6 and 20 characters.
Attaching Documents
            Attaching Documents
   Upload the document by
    clicking the Browse button.

   Locate document, then click
    the Attach button.

   Click the Confirm button.

   Attach additional documents.

   Once finished attaching click
    the Continue to Next Page
    button. This takes you to
    submitting the posting.
          Submitting the Posting
   The last step is to select the appropriate approval step
    and click Continue.

   Click the Confirm button to complete this step.

   The details of your posting are NOT SAVED until
    you complete this step.
         Posting Approval Flow
1. Dept Admin User or Hiring Manager creates posting
   and routes to Dept Head.

2. Dept Head approves and routes to Sr Mgmt.

3. Sr. Mgmt approves and routes to Human Resources
   (EO for faculty or Research)

4. Human Resources (or EO for faculty) will approve the
   job and it will begin advertising.

Note: Email notification is sent to Dept Head users and Sr
  Mgmt users when they have something to approve.
              Requisition received by
                Human Resources
   Review P112
   Classification
     – Classify if new
     – Review classification of existing position
     – Complete audit report
   Banner review
     – Set-up if new
     – Review role and SOC for accuracy
 Ensure Allocations
 Identify positions with affirmative action goals
     – Assist department with diversity resources
     – Ad placement and contacts
   Review ad content
     – Make adjustments and review changes with department as necessary

   The department will enter a tentative advertising cycle.
     – Once the position has been approved by Human
       Resources, HR will open the position

   All positions must advertise a minimum of 5 business
              Close/Review Date
           Position closes (or reaches the review date)

Once close/review date occurs HR will
– review the position for AA goals
– contact department to discuss those goals
– then release for screening

 If a close date has been scheduled PA will automatically remove the
                       position from the web site
            Screening Options
   HR assist with screening

   Department screening with HR review

    – If departments want to do all or portions of
      screening, they must contact their HR Analyst
      for guidance/training

   People Admin screening grid
            Screening on PA

   Review individual applications/documents

   Review multiples applications/documents
    Interviewing Group Selected
   Interviewing group determined by dept
    – Dept contact HR prior to contacting
       Review top group
       Approval

   Interviewing group determined by HR
    – HR contact Dept
       Review top group
Dispositioning Applicants

   Applicant Status & Reason
App Status                      Definition
                                Application was received after the final review date, application was not reviewed. (Used mostly with
Application received too late   positions that use review dates)

                                Applicant has two active applications. (Usually happens if the applicant has created two accounts in
Duplicate Application           People Admin). Use the application with the most recent submission date.

                                Applications in this status are not available for department to view. The position work flow would
Under review by Hr              require HR and the department to have a discussion prior to the department seeing the application

                                Applications in this status are active and can be viewed by the department. (This status can be used
                                during the advertising and/or screening process. Applicants not in the "interviewing" or "short list"
Under review by Department      group can be left in this status during the interviewing process

                                Applications in this status are active and can be viewed by the department. (This status is typically used
                                for applicants not being interviewed but are considered to be in the next skill level and could be
Short List                      interviewed if interviewing group does not work out).
                                Applicants in this status are considered the most qualified group from the applicant pool and are being
Interviewing                    offered an interview

Not Hired/Interviewed           Applicant was offered an interview but was not hired

Hired                           Applicant was interviewed, offered the position and accepted the offer

Not Referred/Not Interviewed    Application was reviewed but not selected for interview

Application Withdrawn           Applicant withdrew his/her application independently through People Admin
                                Used predominately in pools to remove applicants from a pool once their application has passed the
Expired from Pool               pre-approved active status.
Voided                          Position will not be filled from this pool
Reason                                        Definition

Status - Not Hired / Interviewed

                                              Applicant was interviewed but found not to meet the minimum qualifications for the
Doesn't meet minimum qualifications           position

Job-related knowledge/skills/abilities
insufficient or not as strong as selected     Applicant was interviewed but their job related KSA were insufficient for the needs of the
candidate                                     position or were not as strong as selected candidate.

Interpersonal or communications skills not    Applicant was interviewed but their interpersonal or communication skills were
as strong                                     insufficient for the needs of the position or were not as strong as the selected candidate.

Declined Interview                            When contacted to schedule an interview the applicant declined or withdrew

                                              Applicant was offered the position but declined the offer and did not give the reason as
Declined Offer                                lack of partner opportunity or salary offer not competitive.
                                              Applicant was offered the position but declined the offer based on the lack of opportunity
Declined Offer, lack of partner opportunity   for his/her partner

Declined Offer, not competitive               Applicant was offered the position but declined the offer because it was not competitive.
Did not show for interview                    Applicant did not show for the scheduled interview
                                              Applicant was either interviewed or offered an interview but was unable to accept or
Unable to accept work conditions/schedule     meet the work conditions or schedule

                                              After two attempts (one of which was outside of normal business hours) the applicant
Unable to contact                             was unable to be contacted

                                              **MUST HAVE HR REP APPROVAL PRIOR TO SELECTING THIS CODE** Open ended text
Other                                         box that requires a reason for not hiring the applicant if the above categories do not fit.

Status - Not Referred / Not Interviewed

                                              Based on the application submitted by the applicant he/she did not meet the minimum
Doesn't meet minimum qualifications           qualifications as described in the requirements section of the advertisement

                                              Based on the application submitted by the applicant he/she met the minimum
Job-related knowledge/skills/abilities        qualification as described in the requirement section of the job advertisement but his/her
insufficient or not as strong as selected     job related KSAs were insufficient for the needs of the position or were not as strong as
candidate                                     the candidates that were selected for interview.
     Interviewing Information

  – Checklist
  – P107 (Applicant Interview Record)
  – ADA Guidelines
  – Benefits Summary (salary positions only)
  – Sample Letters
  – Background Check Release Form
          Interview Applicants

   HR offers “Introductory Interviewing
    Skills for New Supervisors”

   Contact your HR Analyst to schedule
       Interviews Completed
 Conduct reference checks
 Select top candidate
 Determine appropriate salary offer

  Hiring and Salary Approvals
Approval must be received from

  – Your department/senior management
    (depending on internal guidelines)

  – HR (we can also offer salary data for internal
    and external markets)
            Making the Offer
   Verbal vs. Written

   Salary negotiations

   Contingent offer based on background
    check results
                 Final Paperwork
   Returned to HR
    –   P3A (with appropriate salary justification)
    –   Signed application of selected applicant
    –   P107 (Applicant interview record)
    –   Copies of letters (offer & rejection)
    –   Interview Questions
   Maintained by department (3 years)
    – Interview notes
    – Reference check notes
    – Copies for departmental personnel file as necessary
        Getting the person paid
   Salary
    – HR will
        P3A, offer letter, signed application, background
         check must be received
        schedule orientation
        establish the person in Banner

   Wage
    – Department will
        establish person in Banner
               After the hire
 Return all required paperwork
 Within 30 days – Performance Plan
    – Begin training and coaching
   6 month – Performance Review
    – Continue training and coaching
   12 month – Performance Review
Questions ?