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									    Hiring International Students
    Information for Employers

Why hire an international student from                              NOTE: International students enrolled in a Co-op
                                                                    program must obtain a Co-op Work Permit through Co-
the University of Waterloo?
                                                                    operative Education & Career Services. The Off-
Employers may have a misconception that hiring                      Campus Work Permit is not valid for co-op students to
international students is difficult due to immigration              use for their credited work term.
limitations. However, Citizenship & Immigration Canada
(CIC) has in fact enhanced their foreign employment                 Hiring Students Upon Graduation
programs to make it easier to hire international students.
                                                                    Upon graduation from the University of Waterloo,
Take advantage of the offerings a University of Waterloo            students are eligible to work for up to 2 years in a job
international student can bring to your workplace;                  related to their field of study. Employment in the greater
adaptability, diversified experience, intercultural                 Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver area will be limited to 1
awareness and communication skills, and eagerness to                year. No assessment by HRSDC is required from the
contribute to the Canadian workforce!                               employer in order for the student to obtain a Post-
                                                                    Graduate Work Permit.
Hiring Students On-Campus
                                                                    To qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, students
Any office or business located on the University of                 must submit their application form, along with evidence
Waterloo campus may hire an international student who               of graduation and a job offer letter, within 90 days of
has a valid Study Permit and is registered in full-time             receiving written confirmation from the University that
studies at the University. International students may               their degree requirements have been met.
work up to 20 hours per week while they are registered
                                                                    Job Offer Letter
students, and full-time during study breaks. The later
usually applies to undergraduate students who normally              To hire a foreign graduate, employers must provide a
study for 8 months and take 4 months off. Graduate                  written offer of employment on company letterhead
students are required to maintain continuous                        including the following information:
                                                                    •    Job title and job description
Hiring Students Off-Campus                                          •    Education, skills, and experience requirements
                                                                    •    Start date and expected end date of employment
International students holding an Off-Campus Work
                                                                    •    Salary and other benefits
Permit are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week
                                                                    •    Address of employment location
during regular academic sessions, and full time during
scheduled breaks such as winter or summer holidays
and reading week. No documentation or assessment by
                                                                    Additional Information
Human Resources and Social Development Canada
                                                                    •    Work Permits for students:
(HRSDC) is required from the employer in order for the
student to obtain an Off-Campus Work Permit.                        www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work.asp

A valid Off-Campus Work Permit also provides a bridge               •    Retaining foreign graduates after the Post-Graduate
between studies and post-graduation employment by                        Work Permit expiration:
enabling students to work full-time for 90 days after the            www.hrsdc.gc.ca/en/workplaceskills/foreign_workers/
completion of their program of study. During this 90 day            index.shtml
period, students can submit their application for a Post-           www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/fw/fw02e.pdf
Graduate Work Permit.

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