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                                                                                                           Amanda Howard Associates Ltd
                                                                                                                     21 Berwick Street
                                                                                                                     London W1F 0PZ
                                                                                                                    Tel: 020 7287 9277
                                                                                                                    Fax: 020 7287 7785



Casualty                                         BBC                                                   Alan Grint
Benidorm                                         Tiger Aspect                                          Sandy Johnson
Law & Order                                      Kudos                                                 Mark Everest
Heartbeat                                        YTV                                                   Jonas Grimas
A Touch of Frost                                 ITV                                                   Paul Harrison
Casualty                                         BBC                                                   Ian Barnes
Coronation Street                                Granada Television                                    T Prescott
                                                                                                       T Dyddgen-Jones
                                                                                                       A Wareing
                                                                                                       M Kerrigan
The Chase                                        Rollem                                                Jamie Payne
                                                                                                       Jennifer Perrot
Pickles                                          Impossible Pictures                                   Gavin Millar
Hustle                                           Kudos                                                 Otto Bathurst
Johnny and the Bomb                              Childsplay                                            Dermot Boyd
Judge John Deed                                  BBC                                                   Adam Trottman
Golden Hour                                      Talkback Thames                                       Tim Leandro
Foyles War                                       Greenlit Productions                                  Gavin Millar
Brief Encounters: Ted                            BBC                                                   Vanessa Francis
Dead Man Wed’s                                   Red Productions                                       Sarah Smith
New Tricks                                       Wall to Wall                                          Jon East
Where The Heart Is                               United / Anglia Television                            Various
Midsommer Murders: The                           Bentley Productions                                   Sarah Hellings
Straw Woman
England Expects                                  BBC                                                   Tony Smith
Clocking Off                                     Red Productions                                       Brain Percival
NCS: Manhunt                                     BBC                                                   Michael Whyte
Plain Jane                                       Carlton Television                                    John Woods
Take Me                                          Coastal Television                                    Alex Pillai
Big Bad World II                                 Carlton Television                                    Philippa Landgale
                                                                                                       Susan Tully
Madame Bovary                                    BBC                                                   Tim Fywell
Police 20:20                                     Granada Television                                    David Richards
Close Relations                                  BBC Television                                        Michael Whyte
The Round Tower                                  Festival Films & Television                           Alan Grint

Amanda Fitzalan Howard • Kate Haldane • Mark Price • Darren Rugg • Kirsten Wright
Registered Office: Lion House Red Lion Street London WC1R 4GB Registered in England No: 3188697 VAT No: 677 7620 87
Dalziel and Pascoe           BBC                      Ed Bennett
Drovers Gold                 BBC
Gobble                       Hat Trick Productions    Jimmy Mulville
Scene – A Man of Letters     BBC                      Jo Johnson
A Case of Coincidence        Blue Heaven Television   Gavin Millar
Take Me Home                 BBC                      Jane Howell


Snappers                     Cage TV                  Philip Middlemass
In Memoriam                  Film Council             Nasir Butt
La Passione                  Warner Bros              John B Hobbs
Con Man                      MGM                      Francis Megahy
At The Earth’s Core          AIP                      Kevin Connor
Voyage of The Damned         ITC                      Stuart Rosenberg
The Land That Time Forgot    AIP                      Kevin Connor
Nothing But The Night        Rank Films               Peter Sasdy


Accents:        Northern, West Country & Cornwall

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