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Date: January 15, 2009

Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a wonderful relaxed holiday season.

Monday, January 19
There will be NO rehearsal on Monday, January 19 due to Martin Luther
King’s Day. (This is listed on our Master Calendar; this is just a reminder.)

Chocolate Fest
As you know, our main fundraiser of the year, Chocolate Fest, will be held
on Saturday, January 31 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the Park Ave. Club in
Madison. The Park Ave. Club is a new venue for us, and is a beautiful
larger space.

You have received, via e-mail, several notices on ways that you can help.
First, please forward the flier attachment you received to everyone in your
address book. We would love to have an even better crowd than last year.

There are four components to the Festival. All day, there will be vendors
selling products such as chocolate (of course!), jewelry, Tuscan tableware,
and other items. All day, the Silent Auction will be available for bids. This
is the second area where you can help. We need baskets of all sizes, shapes
and interests! You could donate individually, or consider teaming up with
another chorus family (or families) to create a basket. Baskets, or items,
from past years have included: a Wii, Guitar Hero, I-pod, wine and wine
glasses, Bath and Body Works basket, webkins, pasta basket, dinners at
restaurants, theater tickets, sports tickets, overnight and breakfast at
Peddler’s Village, weekend at West Point, etc. (Think great Tricky Tray
ideas!). Please be sure to contact Alice McManus with any questions, as
well as with your Silent Auction donation form.

There will be several demonstrators during the day as well. Finally the
Advanced Chorus, Intermediate Chorus, and Young Men’s Ensemble will
perform. Right now, the Advanced Chorus time is scheduled for
approximately 1:30 PM.

Your generous donation to the Silent Auction, as well as ‘getting the word
out’ to family and friends, will be a great support to NJYC.
Hosting the Bach Children’s Choir
As you know, we will be hosting the Bach Children’s Choir, from Toronto,
Canada, on Friday, April 17. Please read about them at I
recently heard from their manager, and they have requested a two-night stay.
They would arrive in our area at approximately 7:00 PM on Thursday, April
16, having already eaten dinner. They would stay with their host family that
evening, and the host family will bring them to a designated place (either
Xavier, or a close town to Madison) on Friday morning. Their choir will
meet there, and go off as a group to sing at a local school, and do some
touring. After school on Friday, BCC and NJYC will meet together, do a
joint rehearsal, enjoy a pot-luck dinner provided by NJYC parents, and do a
joint concert Friday evening. NJYC families will host them on Friday, and
on Saturday morning, bring them back to the designated location. BCC will
then continue on their tour.

BCC will be traveling with 24 choristers, ages 10 to 15; 8 boys and 16 girls.
The choristers are paired in groups of two per home, so I will need 12 NJYC
families to host. As is standard procedure in hosting, each chorister needs to
have a separate bed/pull-out couch, etc. If you are interested in hosting,
please contact Mary Merten as soon as possible. Also, please indicate if you
have pets.

Information will be sent shortly concerning the pot-luck dinner.

Summer Tour
After much thought and consideration, it has been decided, with Board
support, that we will not be touring to San Francisco this year. Many factors
went into this decision (which was not an easy one), including number of
choristers available to tour, balance of voices, economic considerations, etc.
I’m sure this is very disappointing to some of you, but I feel it is the right
decision for us at this time.

However, I would still like to do something that would end our year, and
would, hopefully, include many, or all, of our choristers. The cost would be
much less than the tour. I am looking at the days right after the public
schools are dismissed for the summer; around the last weekend in June.
This seems to be the best time for us to tour, before everyone is scattered in
many different directions. It may include hiring a clinician to work with us,
and hopefully, another choir or two. There are some other thoughts, as well,
that I am working on.     I will keep posted as soon as I have further

 January 31, 1:30 PM. Chocolate Fest. Park Ave. Club, Madison.
 April 17, 7:30 PM. Joint Concert with the Bach Children’s Choir.
 May 16. State Theater Gala. Afternoon rehearsal, evening performance
 May 17, 4:00 PM. NJYC Annual Spring Concert. College of St.
 June 12 FRIDAY – Chorus America National Convention. All day.

You MUST review the material covered in the last two rehearsals. For those
who have not done Las Amarillas, the pronunciation guide is on the inside
cover. You can put the pronunciation in your music. Please be prepared to
move forward at our next rehearsal; not to re-learn music that has been