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									Chapter Programming Ideas                                      28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Chapter board LTI Camping Trip – McDUSY board members camped out
 for one night sharing experiences, completing board challenges, making
 tents and preparing our own food, and bonding.
   2. Opening McDUSY BBQ – 30-plus USYers came to the beach for our
 Opening BBQ beach party for food, Frisbee, volley ball and swimming.
   3. McDUSY and BEANS go to Comedy Sportz – Over 20 freshmen joined us
 as McDUSY and BEANS USY went to Comedy Sportz Improv in Chicago.
   4. Sukkah Hop – USY and Kadima "hopped" to homes around the
 neighborhood, helping Moriah members put up and decorate their Sukkot.
    5. Israeli Culture through Music/Kumzits Lounge night – Bonfire and
 singing with Israeli food, d'vrei torah, Israel stories and memories and
 Hebrew songs.
    6. Carlebach Shabbat – USY led Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv in all
 Carlebach tunes, and had Seudah Shlisheet singing on Saturday evening.
    7. Hippie Lounge Night – USYers made tie-dye, hemp necklaces, and
 bandanas and we watched a documentary about Jimi Hendrix and listened to
 Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.
    8. Visit To Claremont – USYers went to Claremont Rehab and Living facility
 the day after Thanksgiving to visit with the residents and join them for their
 Shabbat service.
    9. Ikea Scavenger Hunt/Murder Mystery Lock-in – USYers planned a very
 creative scavenger hunt at IKEA followed by a Murder Mystery at Moriah.
   10. Iron Chef Hanukkah Party – USYers spiced up our usual Hanukkah
 Party with Latke baking competition.
   11. McDUSY In The City Ice Skating – Ice Skating at Millenium Park.
   12. Moriah Art Fair Coat Check – Every other year Moriah Hosts an All
 Judaic Art Fair with artists from around the world. USY provides the coat-
 check with all proceeds and tips going to T.O.
   13. Hamentaschen Baking – Every year USY bakes and sells Hamentaschen
 from which all proceeds go to T.O.
   14. Midwest Express Part 2 – McDUSY traveled to St. Paul, MN for a
 Shabbaton with our fellow mid-westerners.
 15. Bootleg McDUSY Live In Deerfield: Volume 2; CHUSY EDITION –
Evening of live music and performance at Moriah. Over 80 USYers attended.
 16. Maot Chitim Box Packing – Social Action project packing Maot Chitim
boxes for those less fortunate at Pesach time.
 17. CUBS Game – McDUSY went to Wrigley field to see the Cubs beat the
Pirates at our end of the year event.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                    28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Rick Recht Concert – As a membership incentive, we had popular Jewish
 musician Rick Recht performed at Beth El for more than 400 kids including
 more than 100 teens.
   2. Ski/Snowboard Trip – We joined with our Kadimaniks for a great day of
 skiing and snowboarding at nearby Ski Liberty.
   3. CFL Sale – We sold fluorescent light bulbs in the synagogue lobby
 during Sunday Religious School and donated one CFL to a needy family for
 every light bulb we sold.
   4. Teen Shabbat Service – We held a monthly Teen Shabbat Service with a
 very special deli Kiddish lunch after each service.
    5. Dinner at NIH Children's Inn – We served dinner at the National
 Institute's of Health Children's Inn where terminally ill children stay with
 their families while receiving experimental treatment.
    6. Whitewater Rafting and Elections – We went whitewater rafting on the
 Shenandoah River and held our elections over lunch after we were done our
    7. Win an ITouch – The new USYer who came to the most activities
 through the year won an ITouch.
    8. Israeli Beach Party – We held a mock Israeli Beach Party at a nearby
 lake where we had Israeli music, dancing, food, and games.
    9. Pearls, Poker, and Pizza – We spent a Sunday afternoon making
 jewelry, playing Texas Hold'em and eating pizza.
   10. Rake 'em Up – The USYers spread out among 4 different congregants
 homes of senior citizens on a Sunday morning in early November and raked
 and bags leaves for them.
   11. USY Comedy Night – We went to an Improv Comedy show.
   12. Monthly Shabbat Dinners – A different USY Board member each month
 would host a Shabbat dinner for the chapter at their house.
   13. Movie and S'mores Night – The chapter went to one of our Board
 member's houses and watched a movie outside while cooking s'mores over a
 fire pit.
   14. Super Bowl Party – We joined with our Kadimaniks for a Super Bowl
 Party. The admission was at least one can of food which went to a food
 15. Sunday Bagel Sales – Almost every Sunday, a USYer or two would sell
bagels in the lobby of the synagogue during Religious School and all of the
money was put towards our Tikun Olam donation.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                      28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Relaxation Night – a massage therapist and a yoga instructor helped
 the chapter relax after midterm exams.
   2. Chocolate Seder – a Passover seder was conducted using chocolate and
 candy in place of all the traditional foods.
   3. Purim Carnival – USY/Kadima set-up and ran this huge fundraiser for
 our temple that elementary school kids go to every year.
   4. Sock Wrestling – every "fight" costs a quarter, to be donated to SA/TO,
 and participants "wrestle" each other in the attempt to remove their
 opponent's socks.
    5. Movie Night – we watched movies with Jewish actors in them.
    6. Visiting Cantor Jam Session – our temple's visiting cantor led a singing
 and instrumental Jewish music "jam sesh."
    7. Israel Cookie Making – we used sugar cookies and icing to illustrate the
 geography of Israel in a delicious way.
    8. Ruach Program – before a regional event, the upperclassmen taught the
 underclassmen ruach songs.
    9. Baby Blanket Making – a representative from the local Jewish federation
 came to enlist us for help in making fleece baby blankets for a hospital in
   10. Limo Sukkah Hop – we had a progressive dinner in three different
 sukkahs in our city, (appetizers at one, dinner at the next, and finally
 dessert to finish) and we arrived in style at each sukkah in a Hummer Limo.
   11. Six Flags – our chapter, the Buffalo chapter, and our eighth graders go
 to Six Flags for our last event of the year, combined with elections for the
 following year.
   12. Opening Barbeque – games, ice breakers, and food abound at our
 traditional opening event each year.
   13. Israel Parade – we participated in the Rochester parade for Israel's
 60th and stayed for the free Idan Raichel street concert afterwards. You're
   14. Game Night – we made our own pizza bagels, played board games, and
 hung out at this social event.
  15. Israeli Food Night – we made falafel, pita, hummus, and then we ate it.
It was awesome.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                      28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Genizah Burial – USYers gathered at the synagogues genizah to bury
 the papers with the specific service to teach the purpose of a genizah, and to
 perform a mitzvah that is rarely accomplished.
   2. Homelessness in Orlando – USYers are split into groups, given a
 scenario of a homeless person and a phonebook, and are told to find their
 basic needs (shelter, food, clothes, job, school, etc.) to teach what homeless
 people need to go through to survive.
   3. Media Bias in Israel – USYers are split into groups to discuss examples
 of media bias against Israel, and learn ways to help prevent future bias,
 such as letter writing to different media outlets.
   4. USY and Kadima Game Show Night – USY and Kadima join together for
 a night of Jewpardy, Ohevo, and Are You Smarter Than a Kadimanick? to
 promote the communication and bonding of the two groups.
   5. Hama's Haunted House – At the synagogues annual Purim Carnival,
 COSUSY creates a haunted house in the religious school wing of the building,
 in an effort to give back to the synagogue that gives the chapter so much.
   6. Sweet Tomatoes Fundraiser Night – Once a month, all members of the
 synagogue are invited to the local Sweet Tomatoes restaurant for a
 �funraiser� where a percentage of the money spent on dinner goes to
   7. COSUSY Board Overnight – the Executive Board for COSUSY meets
 once a year, preferably the night before the Opening Program, at the
 Downtown Orlando Marriott for a night of board bonding, leadership training,
 and fun!
   8. JJC Overnight – the USYers of the Jacksonville Jewish Center joined
 COSUSY for an overnight before Yom Disney (when the whole region meets
 at a theme park) where the USYers thoroughly enjoyed each other�s
    9. Big Brother/Sister Program – each year the Mem/Kad VP assigns each
 USYer an 8th grader to call during the second semester (when 8th graders
 are allowed to come to the COSUSY events) to promote interaction between
 USY and Kadima.
   10. COSUSY Beach Day – This opening program brought COSUSYers back
 together from their summer separation to reunite for a day at the beach.
 11. Israeli Movie Night – USYers watched a popular Israeli film about the
ultra-Orthodox Jews of Israel, and learned about the current situation of
these Jews through a group discussion.
 12. Kabbalat and Kibbutz – Every other month, USYers meet at a USY
members house for Friday Night Services, Shabbat dinner, Ruach, and
 13. COSUSY Shabbaton – USYers meet at a local camp for their own
convention – style weekend, full of prayers, discussion groups, learning,
bonding, food, and (of course) fun!
 14. Hanukkah Havdalah Hangout – In December, the ninth – grade
representative(s) plans an overnight where USYers meet at the synagogue,
and continue to different USYers houses for a regressive dinner and
Hanukkah-oriented programs.
 15. Youth Shabbat – USYers and Kadimaniks lead all parts of both Friday
night and Saturday services, includintorah/haftorah readings, and the
sermon/d�var torah.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                      28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Jukebox Kareoke was a fantastic Tikun Olam program (raising about
 $250) but certainly was a memory maker and enabled us to laugh at
 ourselves and one another in good spirit.
   2. Our Sukkot Ushpizim – Becoming a Global Citizen Program enabled OJC
 USY (40 strong that night) to expose and educate our members on seven
 different organizations including Jawonio, Helping Hands, and the Agahozo
 Shalom Youth Village, that make a difference and that the USYers can get
 involved in for community service right now.
   3. Disney Scene It was our opening social program and it was a huge
 success in that it taught the new board how to work together to create a
 successful program by cooperating, taking on responsibility and making sure
 that the day of the event that everyone "spreading out" for the mixers can
 and will make a difference.
   4. The Israel Nite program was one of the best educational programs
 written by a USYer ever at OJC encompassing a mixer, Israeli trivia, a
 guided discussion on "Shirat Hasticker", a hands on create your own sticker,
 and awesome Israeli smores; therefore, the participants learned, laughed,
 and created in entire evening.
   5. The Hanukkah Youth Service – God, Grub, and Games was our first
 attempt to run a Friday Night Service and have programming after and it
 met with such success that we had much difficulty ending the very popular
 dreidle game when it was time to Oneg and then leave.
   6. The Army Hockey Game at West Point was a terrific, very affordable,
 and exciting addition to our calendar this year that had been missing the
 "sports spectator" element.
   7. Our Make the World a Better Place program was a wonderful follow up
 to our Ushpizim Global Citizen intro earlier in the year in that on this night
 we did the actual social action component and cooked and prepared for
 overnight homeless guests and made gifts for orphaned children in a new
 Rwandan village.
   8. This year's annual Purim Carnival and Silent Auction was the most
 successful yet, involving over 60 Kadima and USYers, raising over $800 for
 our synagogue and Israeli charities, and elevated two non-board co-chairs
that were in charge of the day to new heights as they then became active
general board members.
   9. Our J-Serve Teen Mitzvah Day Spin-A-Thon for Kfar Ahava was a
creative, innovative compromise that evolved from long range planning to
try to do an outdoor Bike-a-thon that was squashed yet the coordinated
effort involved board and many non-board members, the sale of Livestrong
Bracelets, Sponsorsheets and advertising, prizes, water bottles, sweat
towels and a wonderful feeling when we were all done invigorating 25 youth
and raising over $500 for the village in northern Israel.
  10. This innovative evening entitled Spin the Bottle – Relationships with a
Jewish Spin was both enlightening and very fun for all participant since we
took an old teenage "game" and ran an educational discussion based
program that was exceedingly well received.
  11. Our Sukkot Basket Assembly was a wonderful social action/tikun olam
program early in the year to set the tone for the OJC USY obligation to be
connected to the synagogue itself, the chaggim, to help raise money for
tikun olam in the process.
  12. Youth Shabbat at the OJC is a "beautiful thing" in that it involves youth
of all ages and programming from 9 a.m. until Havdalah that is coordinated
and completely USY led.
  13. The OJC Rocks the House program was a way to take what is popular
now and make it into a fundraising program for our new Torah that was
being written for the OJC since we had Guitar Hero and Rockband
competitions for charity.
  14. The Na'aseh Intro … Welcome the 7th Graders was our best fun
programs in one night written and run by our USY board to introduce and
welcome the incoming 8th graders into our Na'aseh/USY programming in
that we used two new mixers and revisited our awesome dreidle game from
Chanukkah Friday Nite Live.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                       28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Kicking off the year, USY members picked up in-coming freshman in
 style – Hummer limos – for a night of party fun topped off with a brilliant
 sunrise at the lake and breakfast at the synagogue.
   2. The new Board Installation was an inspiring ceremony where old and
 new members lit candles in turn, symbolizing the transfer of responsibilities
 and traditions in the SOONER chapter.
   3. During High Holidays, several USYers entertained the younger children
 during services with four station (services, arts & crafts, games and stories)
 educational holiday -themed activities.
    4. An Italian-style Shabbat dinner, served by USY volunteers raised money
 for Tikkun Olam by the bunches.
    5. The Hanukkah Party, hosted by a SOONER Chapter Board member and
 open to kadimaniks featured plenty of latkes, ping pong, video games, and
    6. Classic, yet kosher Mexican tacos and burritos were stuffed and served
 at Fiesta Night, concluding after Family Friday Night services.
    7. To conclude a suppressing week of school and tests, the chapter met for
 Havdallah, then hit up the local bowling alley for some seriously intense
 rounds of bowling.
    8. Bring a Buddy Broom Hockey shook it up a bit, surprising everyone,
 parents, Kadimaniks, and USY members or not, with just how thrilling -and
 slippery- this chilly sport is.
    9. The chapter took a trip down to Dallas for the weekend, arriving in
 plenty of time to attend Friday night and Saturday morning services, then
 joining with the local Dallas/Ft. Worth chapters for a sensational Havdallah
 and activities all night and into the morning at Group Dynamix.
   10. After a fantastic launching of Purim festivities at the synagogue, the
 youth gathered and split into two teams for a Purim Scavenger Hunt – with
 limos of course-, ambitiously hunting for anything from a picture in front of
 the baseball stadium, to an old Bar Mitzvah Kippah.
   11. A huge community Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration was held, where the
 youth from both USY and NFTY jointly operated and oversaw booths and
 activities, such as camel rides and delicious food, for the explosion of
 festivities for the entire Jewish community.
  12. Chinese New Year inspired a delicious array of Chinese food for another
meal after the Hebrew school's Friday night services, satisfying the appetite
of everyone there, with homemade, creative fortune cookies.
  13. Strawberry-Banana Pancake night, where members are swept away in
order to enjoy the delectable taste of strawberries and banana in fluffy
pancakes from IHOP, has sprung a new tradition for the SOONER chapter.
  14. Our annual Pilgrimage Dinner accelerated with a slideshow of fun-filled
pictures from past pilgrimages, a silent auction with generous donations
from local businesses, and remarkable Israeli dancing and food.
  15. In a whirlwind conclusion for a wonderful year, the chapter came flying
together for Scrapbooking Night, reminiscing and reviewing crazy photos,
silly friends, and an overall enriching Jewish experience.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                     28/08/09 9:09 AM


    1. Human Games Night was the second event of the year, and a great way
 to break the ice with games like triple twister and the human knot.
    2. Apple Picking was an event soon after that where we were able to pick
 apples, eat caramel apples, and enjoy some delicious cider at an orchard not
 far from the synagogue.
    3. Oldie's Night was an event in mid-November when we played games
 like Bingo and Mah Jongg.
    4. The Beach Party was a fun break in the winter when the chapter
 dressed in t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits and played games like beach
 volleyball and match the shell.
    5. Laser Tag was an event mid year when the chapter got together for a
 fun night of arcade games and an intense game of laser tag.
    6. Movie Night was a nice start to the week and a break in the mid-year
 action when the chapter got to sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie that won
 the most T.O. money in a silent T.O. minute.
    7. The Friday Night Service was held in the middle of the year and gave
 the opportunity for USYers and Kadimaniks to lead Kabbalat Shabbat and
 Ma'ariv and show the congregation how much fun USY-style davening can
    8. Not-So-Casino Night was an opportunity to come together, dress up,
 and play casino games without gambling, although there was the chance to
 pay five dollars to T.O. to participate in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament.
    9. One of the next events was a dinner with Jesse Olitzky where chapter
 members and there families enjoyed pizza while learning about why drinking
 on Purim is not a mitzvah after all.
   10. Woodstock Night was next and a great chance to re-live the '60's while
 tie-dying and listening to Simon and Garfunkel.
   11. Self Defense Night was an event towards the end of the year when our
 advisor brought in one of his friends, who is a black belt in Tai Kwon Do, to
 teach us some basic moves in order to defend ourselves.
   12. The Baseball Game in May was another chance to incorporate Kadima
 into one of our events when we went to a nearby minor league baseball
 game on Jewish heritage night for a night of fun, baseball, and Cracker
  13. Elections were a crucial part to winding down the year; we ordered
Kosher Chinese and settled in to a night of clever speeches and good food.
  14. Closing Dance was our last regional event of the year, but our chapter
hosted and put a lot of work into making decorations and thinking of ideas
for T.O.; it was a great way to say good bye to our regional friends.
  15. Our last chapter event of the year was the barbeque where we invited
eighth graders to join us for a night of hamburgers, hot dogs, and roasted
marshmallows, and campfire traditions.
Chapter Programming Ideas                                     28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Canobie Lake Park (September) – 35 Providence USY went to Canobie
 Lake Amusement Park, and enjoyed a great day, going on rides and meeting
 new USYers through different ice breakers done before leaving, and on the
   2. Rosh Hashanah Messiah Discussion (September) – On Rosh Hashanah,
 30 teens came together for the first "Teen High Holiday Discussion Group",
 where they learned about the Jewish views of the Messiah, led by 2 USY
   3. Sukkah Hop (September) – On Shabbat Hol Hamoed Sukkot, 20
 Providence USYers went to shul, sang zemirot as we do, and then walked to
 three separate sukkot of USY families, where we ate some more, played
 games, sang some more, and enjoyed one another's company.
    4. "Pizza in The Hut" Lounge (October) – A favorite annual event, during
 the intermediate days of Sukkot, we had our "Pizza in the Hut" lounge in our
 Temple's Sukkah, where we ate pizza, our Religion/ Education vice president
 gave a D'var Torah on the different components of the lulav, we enjoyed an
 incredibly fun game of sock wrestling, and an intense game of Gaga. 33 kids
    5. Family Shabbat Services and Dinner (November) – Kadimanicks, Jr.
 USYers, Sr. USYers and their families gathered for this annual event, which
 is totally led by the USY board, and where the USYers lead Friday night
 services, organize ice breakers for kids and parents separately, games for
 kids, parents have a learning session with the Rabbi, and the USY board
 ends the night with a great ruach session. 135 total participants.
    6. Improv Show and Ice Cream Social (November) – After the regional
 Freshmen Kinnus, which Providence hosted, Providence USY and the
 Freshmen Kinnus sent a total of 70 kids (30 kids from Providence, and 10
 kids from another chapter that we invited) to an Improv show in downtown
 Providence, and then came back to the Temple for ice cream.
    7. Israel Hanukkah Lounge (December) – This year at our Hanukkah
 lounge, our community Israeli Shlichim led programs in which all 35 USYers
 had a competition to make a human menorah and sufganeyot-eating
 contests; we also had a warm clothing drive that night, where we collected 8
large garbage bags of coats, sweaters, etc and later donated them to a
community clothing pantry.
  8. Super Bowl Party (February) – We invited two other chapters to watch
the big game with us, as we relaxed, played ping pong, feasted on ever so
popular kosher Buffalo wings, and raised money through betting pools for
Tikkun Olam. 25 Prov. USYers attended.
  9. Freylach Friday Night (February) – On this night we joined our
community for a spirited Friday night service, which was followed by a
dinner, where 26 USYers acted as waiters and waitresses; afterwards we led
ruach and birkat hamazon and the next week, the dinner attendees were
sent letters asking for donations for Tikkun Olam in honor of our waiters and
waitresses, and we made over $350.
  10. Purim Carnival (March) – Every year Providence USY runs the Purim
carnival for the community, which also includes a raffle and a BBQ lunch, is
organized by the USY Purim Carnival Committee and consists of a lot of
different booths and games, all run by Kadimanicks, Jr. USYers, and Sr.
USYers. Approximately 80 kids help work, and hundreds of people attend.
  11. So you think you can Israeli Dance? Lounge (March) – At this Israeli
dance lounge, we had piping hot falafel, one of our Israeli USYers talked
about her experiences with dancing and Purim in Israel, and then for the
main section of our event, all 30 USYers went upstairs with one of our
member's mother, who taught all of the kids three new Israeli dances.
  12. Chocolate Seder (April) – 25 USYers came to the Temple for Providence
USY's rendition of a chocolate Seder, where our Rel/Ed VP gave a D'var
Torah, and we asked the four chocolate questions, learned about the four
chocolate sons, learned about fair trade chocolate, drank four cups of
chocolate milk, had a chocolate afikoman scavenger hunt, and watched clips
from Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments and compared those scenes
to the Torah.
  13. Mac 'n' cheese Lounge (April) – 32 USYers came to this lounge and saw
nothing but Mac 'n cheese all night! There were five stations set up around
the temple, led by board members and thematically related to their
positions; the USYers were split up into teams and each team raced to be
the first team to go to each station, do the macaroni activity and then come
back, where they found Macaroni and cheese awaiting them in the lounge-by
far, one of our most creative events!
 14. Progressive Dinner (May) – On Friday night, all 28 USYers began the
night at one of the USYers houses, where we davened Mincha, Kabbalat
Shabbat, and Ma'ariv and ate appetizers, then we went to a different USYers
house, where we ate dinner and then we went to a different USYers house,
where we finished the night off with dessert, ruach (of course) and birkat
 15. End-of-Year BBQ and Recognition Night – A favorite family dinner
event, attended by 115 people, marked the end of our programming year,
and was a multi-faceted program. The board wrote and sang original parody
songs which incorporated the groups of kids who got recognized for their
contributions to USY over the year, a special tribute was given to the
outgoing Sr. USY board, staff were recognized, and it culminated in a very
teary Good-bye speech given to the graduating seniors by our Youth
28/08/09 9:09 AM
                                                             28/08/09 9:09 AM


   1. Bedouin Shabbat Dinner – We themed a Shabbat dinner around Israel
and the Bedouins and ate dinner in a Bedouin tent.
   2. Skinnus – During MHUSYs annual ski chapter convention, we went to
Eldora ski area and went skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.
   3. Youth-Led Services – This is a congregational Shabbat morning service
planned by the Rel/Ed and led and lained completely by USYers.
   4. Homosexuality in Judaism – In this Selichot program, we discussed the
issues posed by homosexuality in Orthodox Judaism and how it is treated.
   5. Mystery Bus Ride – Imagine the chapter’s surprise when their mystery
bus ride pulled up at a Denver Nuggets game!
  6. Jewshi USY Night – Largest Attended USY Night, we made vegetarian
sushi and origami, in addition to lounge night.
  7. Boy/Girl Night Out – The boys had a guy’s night out that consisted of
cards and pizza and a movie, while the girls did some acrobatic sports and
went to dinner.
  8. Hunger Banquet – USYers gathered to learn about differences in hunger
around the world, in conjunction with community service organization B’nei
  9. Shoe Drive – In this SA/TO Drive, USYers collected over 50 pairs of new
and gently used shoes to donate to various organizations around Denver.
 10. Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – A traditional community Italian dinner
that raised over $1,000 for Tikkun Olam.
 11. CLUE USY Night – The board dressed up for a classic game of CLUE,
while USYers guessed who was the killer.
 12. Goldberger Youth Center Opening Celebration- – USYers volunteered
their time in conjunction with the annual synagogue picnic, to help dedicate
our brand new Youth Center in honor of Rabbi Daniel Goldberger.
 13. Paint Fight – An end of the year favorite we had a barbeque, played
some basketball and then threw paint at each other in this colorful event.
 14. Buy the Board Karaoke Night – Auctioning off board members for dog
walking etc. with a little karaoke on the side, raised over $100 for Hadassah
Hospital in Israel.
 15. Break into the GYC Night – The Senior Rabbi, Bruce Dollin, punked
some USYers as they thought they had the building to themselves.
28/08/09 9:09 AM
                                                             28/08/09 9:09 AM


  1. Lassert – We played laser tag and then had dessert.
  2. Bowlin� and Binos – Went to Rubinos (a local pizza place) and then
Cosmic Bowling.
  3. Freshman/ Senior Hangout – We met at the mall and paired everyone
off with a buddy and then our Seniors helped freshmen get acquainted with
high school and feel welcome to USY.
  4. SATO Dance – We held a SATO weekend where we collected items for
the Columbus Public Schools, enjoyed Shabbat together and concluded with
a dance for the entire CRUSY region.
   5. International Buffet and Silent Auction – We helped serve food at the
International Buffet where all proceeds went to help the International
   6. . Pancake Breakfast – We prepared pancakes for everyone in the
Tifereth Israel High School and we promoted USY.
   7. Paint a Pot or Paint your Friend – USYers had an option to go to
Paintball or paint a pot and everyone spent the afternoon painting.
   8. Murder Mystery/ Panic at the Prom – USYers were given a part to act
out and then role play the Panic at the Prom and we also included a
progressive dinner through the evening.
   9. Chocolate Pretzels/ Hanukkah Bags and Fun – USY made chocolate
pretzels and also put together 200 Hanukkah bags to give to all of the
students in our Sunday School and afterwards, we had a gift exchange and
lit the Hanukkah candles.
  10. Hazak Hanukah Dinner with USY – USY joined Hazak to celebrate
Hanukkah and sing karaoke.
  11. Rel…Edible Lounge Night – We made kugel and matzah ball soup and
hung in our youth lounge.
  12. Cookie Bake-Off – We made a lot of cookies in teams and then took
them to the Ronald McDonald House.
  13. Wii Play Mahj Lounge Night – We ate Chinese for dinner and then
USYers were able to learn how to play mahj jong or play Wii in the youth
  14. Road Rules Challenge – We went around Columbus completing unique
and fun tasks.
 15. Ben Yehudah Street – We recreated Ben Yehudah Street where we sold
candy, shirts and falafel and also collected over $500 in tzedakah that went
straight to Israel!
28/08/09 9:09 AM
28/08/09 9:09 AM

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