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The Press Release Services Industry is undergoing a major change in how
it structures their web architecture. They are now creating "Niche"
sites that are heavily search engine optimized. is the
largest Free Press release Site that targets Day Traders and Investors of
Stocks, Forex, Futures, Commodities, Bonds, and other Financial

To date they boast over 24 thousand subscribers and around 250
authors. Anyone can become an author and release press releases related
to the Day Trading and Investing Niche. Unlike many PR sites, Authors on are allowed to embed "Do Follow" links within their press
release articles. has a brand new easy to use interface using Wordpress
Technology along with custom plugins the company has developed. One
plugin they use allows viewers to actively and willingly "share" or
"repost" authors articles and get paid for it. This plugin creates a
viral effect for authors and creates income for individuals sharing a
press release.

Releasing free press releases are a great traffic boosting technique used
by webmasters and small businesses all over the world. It is also a
great way to build links; the mothers milk of the internet.

So if your website or small business is seeking to target Day Traders and
Active Investors, why not release some press for

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