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                                How To Manage One-to-One
                                     Campaign Databases
                                                                              By Phil Rose
                                                                              The key to success when deploying any one-to-one commu-
                                                                              nications campaign is proper database management. It may
                                                                              seem like a foreign subject to many print providers new
                                                                              to variable data printing (VDP) or cross media, but it can
                                                                              make or break any campaign.

                                                                              We have all, at one time or another, received personalized
                                                                              direct mail or e-mail messages with a name misspelled
                                                                              or an irrelevant offer. Not only are these communications
                                                                              ineffective, but they can damage the reputation of the
                                                                              organization sending the communication. In this article, I
                                                                              will highlight the ways you can prevent data mishaps and
                                                                              ensure your client’s database is campaign ready.

                                                                              A Clean Database Is a Happy Database
                                                                              A clean database ensures the right message with the high-
                                                                              est relevance reaches recipients. It also means fewer errors
                                                                              and returns on print and e-mail messages, reducing wasted
                                                                              resources. Though it is usually the client’s responsibility to
                                                                              supply good, clean campaign data, providing a data cleans-
                                                                              ing service may be a great opportunity for your operation
                                                                              to expand into a new service-based offering and generate
                         Special Report:                                      additional revenue.

         Web-to-Print Solutions                                               When cleaning a database, it is good to avoid duplication
                                                                              of effort and do as much as you can at once. If you are in
By Marion Williams-Bennett            Clearly, there is opportunity in        the database cleaning up addresses and phone numbers,
The industry continues to buzz        adopting Web-to-print solutions.        make sure other data meets standards as well. For example,
about business opportunities          An e-enablement study done              are names all upper case when you prefer mixed case? Or
that open up for printers when        by InfoTrends indicated that 60         are there extra spaces in text fields or unwanted characters,
they establish a Web to-print solu-   percent of print service providers      such as percent or pound signs floating around? Handling
tion, but how do printers realize     surveyed stated that Web-enabled        any potential problems at one time will take slightly longer,
these benefits?                                     continued on page 7       but the effort will pay off greatly in the long run.
                                                                                                                          continued on page 6

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multiple data sources for a single job.     Web-to-Print                                   problems can enable you to achieve some
Using our cell phone company example,       continued from page 1                          great results. Here are some of the success
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