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                                                                         MIDWEST                                  NORTHEAST
                                                                      WAUKEGAN, IL – MAY 24: An                   BOSTON, MA – MAY 11: Damage was estimat-
                                                                    intentional fire gutted a home and             ed at $250,000 after a fire in a ninth-floor unit
                                                                 killed one man. The fully involved                in a 12-floor condominium building. The
                                                                  house and hundreds of rounds of                  building housed the state Land Court as well
                                                                  ammunition going off prevented                   as offices of the Boston Celtics, which were
                                                              firefighter from making entry for two
                                                                    ghters                                         not damaged. The automatic sprinkler system
                                                            hours. Six de
                                                                        departments assisted.                      activated and damage was water related.

 WEST                                                                                                             WEST OCEAN CITY, MD – MAY 15: A four-
                                                    SOUTH                                                          alarm fire at a professional center led to an
 LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 20: Two children                                                                            evacuation and traffic detour.
                                                    JEFFERSON, GA – MAY 8: An early-morning
  suffered minor smoke inhalation when a              fire at a chemical plant forced the evacua-
  school bus carrying 23 children, teachers                                                                       COLEBROOK, NH – MAY 15: Multiple explo-
                                                      tion of nearby homes.                                        sions at a gun and ammunition manufac-
  and parent chaperones caught fire during
  a school trip.                                                                                                   turing plant killed two people and forced
                                                    WILMINGTON, NC – MAY 25: A fire sparked                        the evacuation of about 40 homes. The fire
                                                     by an electrical malfunction at the wall re-                  burned for hours.
                                                     ceptacle behind a book shelf in the living
 SOUTHWEST                                           room claimed the life of an 83-year-old
                                                     woman.                                                       EAST BALTIMORE, MD – MAY 20: Three fire-
                                                                                                                   fighters were injured in a fire at a vacant
 SAN ANTONIO, TX – MAY 5: An 18-wheeler                                                                            two-story brick building. One firefighter fell
  truck being loaded with fuel at a refinery        OCALA, FL – MAY 29: Crews responded to a
                                                     tanker-truck fire carrying 8,800 gallons of                   through the roof and another injured a foot
  exploded, setting off a chain reaction of                                                                        when plywood fell on it. The third suffered
  smaller explosions and severely burning            gasoline. Traffic was closed in both direc-
                                                     tions of the interstate for three hours. Thou-                facial injuries.
  one man, a driver.
                                                     sands of gallons of foam were used.
                                                                                                                  CHESHIRE, CT – MAY 31: A fire started in a
                                                                                                                   dryer in a home’s electrical room and caused
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