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     Reaction to the proposed legislation has been mixed.      amend the Building Code Act, 1992; the Capital Invest-
On the one hand, Elyse Allan, President and CEO of General     ment Plan Act, 1993; the Green Energy Act, 2009; and the
Electric Canada, and others have applauded the province’s      Ontario Water Resources Act, 1990, should ensure consid-
efforts to reduce business costs by streamlining regulations   erations for water conservation through the establishment
and harmonizing them with other jurisdictions, where pos-      of stricter mandates; the assignment of water efficiency
sible. On the other hand, three leading environmental          targets for inefficient appliances and products; and the
groups — the Canadian Environmental Law Association, the       financing of technologies for the treatment and manage-
Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, and       ment of water.
Ecojustice — have condemned the proposed Act, stating
that Ontarians would lose fundamental legal rights estab-
lished under the Environmental Bill of Rights by removing
the opportunity for public notice and comment for certain
industrial activities subject to the new environmental                                Quebec
approvals process, and leaving citizens without the right to
seek leave to appeal approval of these activities to the       Legislation to Broaden GHG Reporting
Environmental Review Tribunal.                                 Requirements Proposed
                                                                    Quebec has made available for 60-day public consul-
                                                               tation, amendments to the Regulation Respecting
Building Excellence in the Business of                         Mandatory Reporting of Certain Emissions of Contami-
Water                                                          nants into the Atmosphere, which seek to harmonize that
                                                               regulation with policies that have been adopted by the
     This article was written by Dianne Saxe, of Dianne        members of the Western Climate Initiative.
Saxe Professional Corporation, Barristers and Solicitors.
Reprinted with permission from the Saxe EnviroNews blog            The proposed amendments, announced on June 2,
at © Dianne Saxe, Ph.D. in Law, Certi-    would lower the current greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
fied Specialist in Environmental Law.                          reporting threshold from 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide
                                                               equivalent per year to 10,000 tonnes or more, and would
     Bill 72, the Water Opportunities and Water Conserva-      prescribe the methods to be
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